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Another 1,000 Kiwi jobs at risk – this future… it’s too bright
New right Reform NZ Party forms – will big names join?
Old man Douglas thinks Parliament rises at 9pm – It’s 10pm
Nats preparing to legislate away more workers’ rights
$2 petrol now – wait until the Northern summer

The IHC workers story is going to be big. Looks like the Nats really are dumb enough to try to rip off people who care for the disabled in election year with a heavy-handed law change. Crying poverty won’t fly until Key and his mates give back their tax cuts and pay raises.

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  1. mcflock 1

    Reform NZ online poll question on the day of their media launch: “If an election were held tomorrow who would get your party vote?”.

    Result: 9 votes.

    Greens 56% (5 votes) Maori Party 22% (2 votes)
    National 11% (1 vote)
    Reform New Zealand 11% (1 vote)
    Act /Labour /New Zealand First /Progressives / United Future 0% (0 votes)

    For those who are exceptionally bored and have never read “I’ve Been Thinking”:

  2. kultur 2

    Key would sell his own grandmother if he thought he could profit from it.

    There have been amoeba who have shown more humanity than this elitist smug piece of scum.

    Ever wondered why neither of his cossetted privileged kids attend state schools? Because fuckface Key BELIEVES that state schools cant produce a standard of education worth a jot …. and thats the measure of his confidence in that old tired tart tolley and her National Standards. So he thinks fuck the rest of you – me and my rich mates can afford it – and you cant – and thats right where we want you ….

    Fuck you Mr Key – and fuck your BMW as well.

    You could have opted for a cheap fleet of fairmonts or bog standard commodores … all of them have climate air – no vibrating seats – but im certain we could rig up something charged off the battery that could tickle your fancy – or Gerry Brownlees (the one man landslide) … it could be called the “anal intruder” and cobbled together from powertools ex china sourced from Bunnings. Might burn out after 10 hours running – but hell – the smell of scorched and lightly ‘mashed’ neo liberal asshole would be worth the exercise. I’d say to Key put your money where your mouth is – but his orifices are much one and the same.

    Depending on how much of a prick(or prick-ess) National Cabinet ministers were in – car – the chauffeur could have a nice little rheostat control to dial the level of pain upward as it was warranted.

    [lprent: Too far. The problem with a comment like is that it starts rather boring flamewars. You can say exactly the same thing without the excessively inflammatory language. Read the policy about what I do to people who start flamewars. ]

  3. kultur 3

    Frightening thought is – Judith Collins might actually enjoy it

    • Chris73 3.1

      Sooooo tempting to mention some Labour MPs that might enjoy it as well but no I’ll resist 🙂

  4. Neoleftie 4

    The trouble with this country is that we let the elite dictate and subtly change societal constructs.
    Once universities were the hotbed of revolutionary thought and action now nothing more that factory’s to churn out ‘drone like thinking’. The interesting thing is the working class person in the 30’s had more understanding of basic economic concepts and the implications at a marco level than do our new economic majors of today. Roll on the class war that is coming i say.
    Go the right wing nats – roll the dice on privatisation of core assets and we might see the red blood of labour flow some more.

    • ZeeBop 4.1

      Think of the three top drivers of the economy, young skilled motivated, wealthy executives and technical experts. The NZ economy exports all three. Its more than just drone thinking, its the use of mass propaganda in our media networks. The disjointed nature of stories that sound balanced but turn out to be two voices, full frontal lying made to look okay by a consenting yet unconvincing oppositional alternative. Universities used to provide this heaving machine of counter ideas and challenging reason – individuals who would go on to be central to power . But nowadays ‘fair and balanced’ means tax cut to the wealthy (to attempt to keep them here haha) paid for by GST and higher burden on lower tax bands. The only bright side is it turns out bland fat lazy greed was a result of forced relaxing of societal checks and balances due to cheap oil via cheap financial deregulation. The debt crisis, the remnant of the neo-liberal party, debris to be cleaned away by party goers still hungover. The demand for change, for new idealists requires the party is declared over, the participants sleep it off, and the adults come back both figuratively and physiologically to face the challenge. But of course we’re not there yet, we’re just have the first shock of change, the collapse, the second shock is coming where all those bright new idealists have staked their bets, cornered where they think the future is and are ready to profit in the new economy. A economy of sideways since we cannot go back – we’re starve and we cannot continue on – there isn’t the oil. So yeah, the right are looking for some bolt holds for the lazy stupid greedy to control core low risk yet profitable parts of the economy heavily built up by taxpayers money with taxpayers underwriting the business because the assets are too crucial to the economy to let fail. Its nothing short of scandalous and Key in my opinion is a sell out of the lowest order.

      • neoleftie 4.1.1

        nice addition Zeebob – but with the breakdown of the societal construct into a more individualised state our best and brightest soon realise that everyhting is about wealth generation and the ‘I want the most’. At various levels society is out of balance. We have a growing class structure again where the rich generate more wealth and keep it whilst those bottom 30% have to rely on state assistance. The present left or right ‘idea’s’ system is clearly not working cause sure as apples both still lead to inequality of a good proportion of the community.
        Look to the rehashed ‘Third or New Way’ perhaps to generate some policies that incorporate economic influencers from both Left and Right that are both sound and practiced.
        Instead of selling strategic and productive assets that return 7.25-9% profit level p.a, create a framework that allows these SOE etc to diversify, expand or seek out new opportunities.
        In the mid 90’s some of our SOE that are both extremely mean and lean as measured by standrds and poors, expanded globally, taking over smaller startegic partners business in other countries such as australia to great success. Unfortunately Govt policy and direction soon put paid to the state companies expanding.

  5. kultur 5

    Its nothing to do with sexual or orificical preference … more to do with appropriate punishment for people who should be serving the people – who have to suffer for their decisions… there are probably truckloads of people who would love and buy the “anal intruder” bolt-on for their car and happily enjoy many happy hours of tittilating motoring. However my application – was simply designed to allow chauffeurs to deliver justice on behalf of voters (bribes could be offered). Mildly irritating electric shocks to sensitive body parts would probably also do the trick – but the good old “intruder” would have been more immediate and enacted much better results.

    Warning about flame wars duly noted lprent – it took me a while to understand what a flamewar was – but i got there in the end …

    [lprent: try wikipedia or this ]

  6. millsy 6

    About time the Right put their money where their mouths were and formed a Tea Party equivalent.

    Now its time for Matt and Sue to start pulling themselves together…

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