Ngapuhi embarrassed by Harawira

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Check out this press release:

Maori Leader Rejects Harawira Apology as “Embarrassing” and issues his own apology
Ngapuhi Leader and senior relative to Hone Harawira, David Rankin, says he is embarrassed by the apology the MP has given.

“Harawira has disgraced our iwi with his gutter language, and has casued more racial division in New Zealand society than any other single person in a generation”, says Mr Rankin.

“As an MP, we expect certain standards, and instead, Mr Harawira has dragged down all of Ngapuhi to his level. I, and other kaunatua, are deeply ashamed, especially for the offence it has caused our Pakeha brothers”, says Mr. Rankin.

Mr Rankin, as the senior member of Mr. Harawira’s hapu, has today formally apologised to Parliament, Ngapuhi, and the people of New Zealand, for his relative’s outburst, and will be approaching him in the next few weeks to remind him that his priority as MP is to focus on his work in Parliament and the electorate, and not to be sidetracked by opportunities for personal gain.

Wow. Pretty major public slap in the face. Harawira has clearly burnt a lot of his mana amongst Ngapuhi.

Rightly so. Even if you somehow think Hone’s comments or actions are justified, and I certainly do not, they are incredibly politically stupid. He has damaged his own cause with his loud mouth.

Single-handedly, Harawira has brought racial division back to the fore in this country. For no good reason. Just to try to cover his arse for screwing around in Paris when he was meant to be working.

I don’t know what should happen to him now. The Maori Party probably needs to get rid of him for their own good. He’ll be better off out of their too. The Greens won’t touch him unless they’re completely braindead. Maybe he could strike out as an independent.

Labour should find a decent candidate for 2011 – Kelvin Davis has it in him. Could be a three way race.

18 comments on “Ngapuhi embarrassed by Harawira”

  1. Tammy Gordon 1

    Ditto the Wow.

  2. gitmo 2

    Any relation to this Dave Rankin …….. any axe to grind there y’reckon ?

    • Bright Red 2.1

      so are you defending harawira?

      Rankin is head of Ngapuhi. He’s also stood for another party. So what?

      Do you think that he went and made that statement on the behalf of Ngapuhi as its leader without getting the backing of the rest of the leadership first?

  3. Well done to David Rankin, he sums up Hone perfectly.

  4. Bright Red 4

    I don’t care that if you look at Hone’s exact words he was being metaphorical. It’s like when the nats were saying that ‘technically Brash didn’t say anything racist against Maori’ at Orewa.

    the true meaning is clear and is unacceptable.

    Goff was excellent on Breakfast this morning. A lot of Kiwis will be happy to hear him say that. It makes a contrast to Key’s blowing in the wind.

  5. burt 5

    Good time to get rid of the racist maori roll – look at the low quality of representation it delivers.

    • bill brown 5.1

      Good time to get rid of the vote for the people of Epsom look at the low quality of representation it delivers.

    • Bright Red 5.2

      remember, you hero Key sold out on that, burt so that he could get Hone’s vote. The maori seats are staying.

    • lprent 5.3

      And this is different from Epsom electing Rodney – how?

      • Tigger 5.3.1

        Yep, if we’re judging the electoral roll by the quality of the elected officials we might as well dump democracy altogether.

  6. Roger 6

    There is no doubt that Hone’s comments were offensive and racist. Phil Goff got this one spot on. The real issue now is how the Maori Party and the government respond. Is racism acceptable in the Maori Party or in a support partner for National? Will the PM ensure that racism among the government’s parliamentary supporters is not condoned? Will Hone be sidelined or shielded by the Maori Party?

  7. Zaphod Beeblebrox 7

    Key = waste of space when it comes to articulating leadership on these and other critical issues. Does he have an opinion? Does he have a vision for race relations? If everybody acted like HH, where would we be?

  8. Walter 8

    I don’t know if Mr Rankin reads The Standard, but I’d like to say:

    Kia Ora David, thank you for saying that, greatly appreciated. It’s good to know that Hone does not speak for all Maori.

  9. rangatiratanga 9

    Harawira should be reminded that he is playing with taxpayers money. It incurs certain obligations. These include open, honest, and ethical reporting on the uses it has been put to. Failure to do this incurs certain sanctions. It would appear that he has passed the threshold for their implementation. An inquiry by the Auditor General may be appropriate.

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