No Bridges Bridges announces he will seek National leadership

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And then there were two.

Simon Bridges, famous for announcing ten bridges during the campaign period for the Northland by election, none of which were subsequently built, has announced that he will also be seeking the National Party leadership.

He is still the front runner.  English’s announcement yesterday has the feel of someone finally getting the numbers together. But Bridges’  announcement has a sense of being rushed and it may be that Collins has made him announce earlier than he had intended.

From Radio New Zealand:

Simon Bridges confirmed his own intention to run at a media conference at 11am.

He said some of his colleagues had asked him to run, but would not name names, saying it was “only natural”.

“We do need to renew and refresh.”

He said he had the highest regard for other contenders, who were all capable, and it would “absolutely” be a clean contest.

“I am focusing on Simon Bridges”, he said.

He said the next leader needed to be both a good opposition leader and an alternative Prime Minister.

While he could not say if he had the numbers to take the leadership, he felt he had a lot of support. He also said he could work with current deputy leader Paula Bennett.

Mr Bridges said he had some ideas for policy changes, but would not go into details today. There would be a focus on evolving the party and moving with the times to push for a National government in 2020.

He said he represented a generational change, which was even more important today with Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister.

He agreed with Judith Collins that the Labour government was guilty of “virtue signalling”.

Asked about his biggest weakness he said he was in danger of being a bit earnest.”

I would say that it is round one to Judith.


20 comments on “No Bridges Bridges announces he will seek National leadership”

  1. Keepcalmcarryon 1

    Headline should read: “Stocks in greasy hair products hit new high”

  2. McFlock 2

    Oh, it’s going to be a clean contest.

    And here’s me thinking Bishops blood was on the floor already lol

  3. mac1 3

    A serious attack on this ‘virtue-signalling meme’ needs to be made.

    It is a belittling of all that is good- empathy, fellowship, society, love. Pope Francis would be a serial virtue signaller, according to Simon Bridges.

    Heavens above, the Sermon on the Mount is ‘virtue signalling’.

    From the New Statesman, “The phrase “virtue signalling” is a slur and it is everywhere; it is part of the Trumpian scream. Empathy, fellowship, society, love? To the critic of the “virtue signaller”, they are all vanity, whether online, at a protest or at the ballot box. This is psychological projection……..”

    • McFlock 3.1

      “Virtue signalling” is a phrase used by the soulless to explain why normal people appear to be something other than totally selfish.

      • mac1 3.1.1

        Well written, McFlock.

        It means that the accusers of ‘virtue signallers’ claim deific powers to adduce the inner motivation of the ‘signaller’, rather than recognise the source is the accusers’ own internal morality, behaviour and motivation. Much prefer your version!

      • AB 3.1.2

        Nicely said.
        I also see the phrase as a direct attack on the idea that society is founded on ethics.

      • Carolyn_Nth 3.1.3

        People who criticise “virtue signalling” are not “compassionate conservatives” just the usual, common garden conservatives, including the smarmy neoliberals,

  4. Enough is Enough 4

    Two very successful lawyers who think that qualifies them to be PM.


    I would have been very happy to see Nikki stand and win. Unfortunately with these two at the helm it will be more of the same.

  5. cleangreen 5

    “No Bridges Bridges announces he will seek National leadership”

    yes mickey he will do nothing if he is elected as National leader also as he sent us a letter on rail and it was similarly all words and more confusion when he was Minister of Transport.

    Perhaps Simon Bridges should be “The minister of confusion & nothing”

  6. Wensleydale 6

    Awesome. Simon “anger mismanagement” Bridges, or Judith “toxic harpy” Collins. That’s like being asked to choose between being set on fire or being fed to sharks. Ah, National. You’ve a bright future ahead of you.

  7. Sparky 7

    Maybe they could simply merge with Labour and form one big TPP loving neo liberal party? Problem solved (for them at least).

  8. Whispering Kate 8

    Be careful of Simon Bridges, he is a canny lad, drives an electric car, he expounds the value of electric cars, so he is a progressive of sorts, if he is elected as leader he will be the first Maori leader of a main party and future PM and that will look to the electorate as being progressive. He may need to have the hair fudge removed from his hair, get some good tailoring, lose some weight and lessons on how to articulate better than he does, although I do grant he did have a speech impediment when he was a child. Most of all he needs some St John’s Wort to curb his anger and nastiness.

    To me personally I think the guy is a creep, but then I am not the electorate who will vote him in – guys will, some women will although heaven knows why they would. He is the perfect nuclear family with a wife and kids – god help us if Labour doesn’t deliver on its promises – with deep money from the Chinese and an electorate which loves red necks – Labour hasn’t a chance if they can’t at least get some traction on housing and clearing the roads of cars. So far all it has been is having reports done and talk fests. When is our Shane going to start planting all these bloody trees he went on about, he is not the most energetic of people – if they don’t get planted soon we will be really be a Government in inaction.

    • Monty 8.1

      How do you know he is a “creep” have you meet him have you spoken to him has he given you personal reason to believe this. If he has please enlighten us with you’re personal experience of why he is a creep.

      “lessons on how to articulate better than he does”.
      He has had speech issues and learnt to overcome it. So cut him some space on his disability.

      “Lose some weight” wow body shaming you should be ashamed.

      “With deep money from the Chinese” citation needed and racist.

      That post is mostly a personal attack based on looks racism and a disability.

  9. Tanz 9

    Let it be Judith, who always says what she thinks. She has substance and grit, unlike some. We don’t need a celebrity PM, just one who wants the best for NZ. Simon, nah, mangles his vowels, and wrong gender. Nice guy though, wrong timing. Collins is female, won’t be called out for being sexist against Ardern.

    • McFlock 9.1

      Oh god, yes please! She’d have the nats down to 30%

    • Exkiwiforces 9.2

      Oh yes please, just to see you whinge like a Pom (Sorry to all Poms here) within 12 to 18 mths when Jandals crush’s Collins like a crush car when No mates National doesn’t have any mates anymore.

      1 nil, 1nil, 1nil, stand up if you hate national, stand up if you hate national, stand up if you hate national, stand up if you hate national, clap your hands for Jandals, clap your hands for Jandals. clap your hands for Jandals and Winne is the 2nd coming.

  10. Tanz 10

    She will win it for them next time. Show up Ardern for the lightweight that she is, the debates will be awesome. Bill didn’t dare, Judith would though. Bring it on. Judy will also take it to Winston, who sits in the House and smart alecs National as much as he can.
    Committees and conversations Judy is not, nor endless virtue signalling. Just the real deal of depth, strength, brains and character.

    • Exkiwiforces 10.1

      Yeah right said the Tui ad and I’ll be singing 2nil to the cows come home

    • Delia 10.2

      Just clear something up for me, what exactly is virtue signalling, the latest fad phrase? Does it refer to those in our community who run the food kitchens, the op shops and the social programmes for the vulnerable?? In other words what we used to describe as those who do good works. If not, just what does it refer to. Thank you in advance.

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