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Just a quick plug from your local Labour candidate…

It’s almost your last chance to get in and order the No Dinner Dinner and help support our democratic process – which relies on public donations.  We need your help to mount the best campaign we can…

Although this post should be covered by the opinion section of electoral law and shouldn’t need authorisation, here’s mine anyway, just to be safe:
Authorised by Ben Clark, 54 Aramoana Ave, Devonport

10 comments on “No Dinner Dinner”

  1. Afewknowthetruth 1

    All the comments below refer to Andrew Little.

    Several weeks ago I emailed Andrew to raise the crucial issues of our times -peak oil. abrupt climate change and collapse of the fiat currencies.

    He did not reply.

    A week or so later I tracked him down and pointed out his failure to respond. He said that he was just in the process of formulatimg a response and would sent it the following week.

    I am still waiting.

    However, we did commence a series of discussions (every Wednesday) which gave me the impression Andrew might be different from other politicians and candidates I had previously encountered in that he seemed to be interested in becoming infomred about the crucial issues of the times. Needless to say I gave my time free of charge.

    Last week I arrived for our appointment. Andrew told me he was busy and could not see me, but wanted to continue our discussion. I had gone out of my way to see him and provide him with information which needed discussion urgently, since it related to the election campiagn

    Today I arrived at the time of our appointment.

    Andrew was not even there.

    Anyone see a pattern here? Failure to do what he says he will do. Lack of respect for people.

    He did apologise for for his failure … that must be fourth apology I have heard from him. But he then went on give give me a partonising speech about all the time he had given ME. That is rather a cheek I think, in view of the fact that I was providing all the information.

    Sorry Andrew it doesn’t work that way.

    As it happens I have been in contact with another person who had discussed a crucial issue with Andrew.

    On that matter also Andrew has failed to do what he said he would do.

    Those of us who are sick of the out-of-touch dinosuars Goff, King, Parker etc. were hoping for some young blood with passion and integrity to reinvigorate Labour. We are sadly disappointed.

    If Andrew cannot be relied upon to do simple things like repy to emails, keep appointments, and keep promises when he is a candidate and needs votes, what hope is there he would be reliable and do what he said if he were elected?

    It has all been an eye-opener. One failure. Okay. Two failures. Hmm. Three failures. Not a good look at all. Four failures. Time to move on.

    I certainly cannot vote for Andrew after this succession of failures.

    • The Voice of Reason 1.1

      When you were talking at him, did you notice him look at his watch a lot, or pretend his phone was ringing, or maybe press a little button under his desk … that sort of thing?
      Just wondering if Little responded to you in person the way most people respond to you here at the Standard.

      • alex 1.1.1

        TVOR- Oh snap.

      • Afewknowthetruth 1.1.2

        Quite interesting. It started off with drawing the various graphs and explaining why they were so and where things are headed…….initially quite a lot of intelligent discussion (as opposed to the glazed look of incomprehension one usually experienes when attempting to talk with politicians).

        It was too good to last, I suppose.

        Flag waving is so much easier than intelligent discussion for most people. I personally find flag waving very difficult.

        • Maynard J

          AFKTT – I genuinely believe that the job we all have to do, to improve things and minimise damage from climate change and peak oil, are made more difficult because of people like you.

          You’re as bad as the most zealous fundamental evangelical right-winger I’ve ever come across – equally obtuse, equally implacable.

          Given your attitude here, I’m not surprised you got that response. If I was to take the same course of action as you have above becase I KNEW the flying Spahgetti Monster was on his way to eat earth, and I was equally obnoxious in my insitence that I was right and everyone else can GGF, I’d get treated with equal disdain, and fair enough.

          I’m aware that the example is rather facetious, given peak oil and AGW are much more likely than the impending consumption of earth by the Flying Spahgetti Monster, but the disdain with which you treat everyone else is inexcusable, insufferable, and makes it a hell of a lot harder for anyone looking to get action on this issue.

          Your mix of the irrational with the rational tarrs the reasoning of the likely with the fantasy of your more extreme claims.

          • Afewknowthetruth

            Maynard J

            If people like you are quite happy to be led stright off the cliff by the uninformed, spineless ideologues you support, people who prove themselves to be unreliable and not men of their word, if you and are quite happy to see the omnicide being carried out by the industrial system continue until it has wiped most species and rendered the planet uninhabitable for humns by mid-century there really is not much more to be said. You are obviously a good slave to the system and will be rewarded by having your shackels tightened, followed by a good whippping.

            It has been my experience that those who know the least are the ones argue/criticise/ridicule the most. Check Bruno, Copernicus, Galileo, Semmelweiz:


            In every case the powers of the time did their best to suppress/ignore the truh, often persecuting those who spoke it. And the dumbed-down masses accepted the bullshit they were fed and suffered as a consequences.

            A man is dying of thirst so you say to him: “The well is over there.”

            His response? “I don’t need water and I am certainly not going over there.

            People are boarding the Titanic. you say:”Would you like an inflatable lifeboat.”

            Response? “Why would I need that. This ship is unsinkable!”

            There is one thing I have learned over the years: people are ignorant, stupid and stubborn. And many of them are greedy.

            Therefore, the habitability of the Earth is almost certain to be destroyed via the unstoppable forces of ignorance, stupidity, subborndess and greed.

            It is, of course, children (and coming generations, if there are any) who are going to pay the horrendous price for the smallmindedness of people like you who fail to see the big picture.

            • Maynard J

              There’s that absolute “I’m 100% right” critique again. You’re subscribing to every worst-case scenario out there. If they are all correct, then we are indeed doomed, so here’s a ‘shallow smug patronising comment (good on you Johnm for spouting a series of unrelated events and stiching them together as ‘an epochal demarcation point’ try some logic next time):

              If all these worst case scenarios are correct, we’re stuffed, and no amount of smug I-know-better-you-spineless-sheep comments from you will make a difference.

              If they are not all correct, some form of action can ameliorate the worse of it, but people like you make this harder to effect.

              So as I see it, either we’re stuffed, in which case you’re not helping, or we’re not completely stuffed but you’re making it worse.

              You’ve made your choice though, I just wanted to explain my rationale behind my frustration with you and your ilk.

              But hey, we both think the other is making things worse, and for the same reasons – at least I have the honesty and flexibility of views to realise that.

              Anyway – since we’re all stuffed, why don’t you get out there and enjoy these remnants of the capitalis era of waste. If the asteroid was coming towards earth, I’d be partying instead of running around telling everyone we’re all going to die, whether they believed the asteroid was coming or not.

  2. johnm 2

    Hi AFKTT
    What I think happens here with Andrew Little and most others in influential positions is that they see their roles and responsibilities much as a job description.The job description does not take into account Oil depletion and worsening climate instability. Despite the fact the global economy is reeling from their effects: U$$$$$ economy is collapsing. Euro zone in dire straits with huge unpayable debts and obligations. Worst flooding in 50 years in Thailand with 300 dead. We have now reached an epochal demarcation point : Growth has ended and decline is set to happen permanently because Oil has topped out and is in supply decline plus minerals and other resources. Refer Heinberg’s “Peak Everything”.

    AFKTT This is all to much for Mr Little perhaps an appropriate name for the man. These real events require a certain heroic engagement including telling the Public who don’t want to know.We thought we now lived permanently in the age of safety, the age of struggle and heroes in the distant past,except on the Rugby field.

    I think your critics above are pathetic in their shallow smug patronising comments.

    This S*I*’S real and is happening right now. Mike Ruppert calls these deniers Zombies.Keep up the good work Afktt!

  3. johnm 3

    Collapse is a theory right!? No! It’s a fact read the following:

    “If you want to know what the early stages of an economic collapse look like, just walk around some of the downtown areas of our major cities. Today, nearly all large U.S. cities are either flat broke or they are on the way to being flat broke. Yes, New York City and Washington D.C. (and a few others) are still doing fairly well, but for most U.S. cities economic reality is catching up with them very quickly. Right now, there are a number of major cities that are so broke that they cannot keep the street lights operating. Down in St. Louis, parents in some areas are carrying golf clubs with them as they walk their kids to school in order to fend off roving packs of wild dogs. In other major U.S. cities, open-air drug markets conduct business without fear. All over the United States, cities that used to be clean and prosperous and full of hope are now being transformed into post-industrial wastelands. We are certainly not in “Mad Max” territory yet, but it doesn’t take too much imagination to see where all of this is headed”
    The U$$$ is collapsing:
    Refer link:

  4. Afewknowthetruth 4


    Spot on. ‘These real events require a certain heroic engagement including telling the Public who don’t want to know.’ That is one of the many reasons I am working with the local awareness group. They are awake and are learning more every day, unlike most of the uninformed deadbeats who present themselves as candidates for political parties. We had a great days on Tuesday and yesterday. Undoubtedly the establishement clobbering machine will resort to violence at some stage: it always does (whether National or Labour are in power.

    Collapse is underway but the political dinosuars and cowards who keep running from the truth, keep pretending they are going to ‘save us’ by giving us more of the same bullshit we’ve had for decades (centuries).

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