No love for workers, no quarter from National

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Protests are taking place around the country today against the National Government’s miserable 25 cent increase to the minimum wage.

From Unite:

The National Government have shown their contempt for low paid workers in New Zealand, by throwing 25 cents to those on the minimum wage. Half a million workers in NZ earn less than $15 an hour, and people simply can’t make ends meet on such low pay.

The day before Valentine’s Day, join your fellow workers in nationwide pickets of your local National Party MPs offices.

They have shown that they have no love for the workers – there is no quarter from National!

Some of the protests are already underway, but if you’re in Auckland head on down to Nicky Kaye’s office between 12.30 and 2.00 – 82 College Hill, Freemans Bay.

13 comments on “No love for workers, no quarter from National”

  1. randal 1

    gurantee she wont be there.
    she’ll be over at beenits place eating cake.

  2. Gooner 2

    It’s Nikki Kaye, not Nicky.

    If you can’t her name right there isn’t much hope the chanting will be in tune!

  3. Doug 3

    What is it with the Standard a whole post disappears?

    Open mike 13/02/2010

    [lprent: depends what you’re talking about. To me a post is what an author writes. But I suspect you’re talking about a comment.

    Just at present there is work going on to get the new site ready to go live. There are disruptions that I’m providing regularly.

    That is why the captcha has been off (and about to go back on). So we’re getting some spam appearing from spambots. Moderators are moving those to spam (but at present someone I haven’t identified is moving them to trash – which is daft – feed the anti-spam engine whoever it is!).

    It may be that you’re talking about a comment that has been moved to trash (like one from ‘butterfly’ which was clearly spam). Or ‘free baby products’ that akismet put directly into spam.

    It could also be that a moderator has taken offense at a comment and removed it. But usually unless the comment writer is banned, they will usually delete the offending parts and leave a note.

    You’re going to have to provide more info if you actually want an answer. If it is yourself, then there is no trace of a comment in pending, spam or trash. So I’d guess you screwed up.

    This is a polite way of saying; don’t be an idiot – be precise, and save me from writing these long explanations.

    Beside you should be doing off-topic stuff like this in OpenMike! ]

  4. vto 4

    Get the minimum wage up. Everybody benefits. Just don’t make it so it drastically affects the businesses – give them some assistance (time, etc) to adjust.

  5. todd 5

    Get the minimum wage up. Everybody benefits. Just don’t make it so it drastically affects the businesses give them some assistance (time, etc) to adjust.

    Please dont do this before I sell my business (iwe are off to Aust to join the kids)Maybe towards to end of the year would be good timing?.

    • The Voice of Reason 5.1

      And the Aussie minimum wage is a couple of bucks more than here. What’s your point?

  6. We seem to be boged down with this obsession to “catch up” with Australia .
    Can anyone explain just how we would be better off. After all higher wages higher costs. This is all a Tory con ,used to garner votes for the National Party.
    The real concern is the gap between the rich and poor. This is what we should be concerned about. Its diabolical that one person should be paid thousands of dollars for shifting paper around whilst an essential manual worker is on this digusting mininum wage ,

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