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Northland Fishing Competition

Written By: - Date published: 2:25 pm, February 11th, 2016 - 35 comments
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Since losing the Northland by-election to a resurgent Winston Peters, the National Party has struggled to understand why their vote collapsed. Rather than focus on their own failings, they’ve reverted to type; they’ve chosen to smear the new MP. In the last few weeks of 2015, the Nat’s dirty politics team started rumours in the north that Peters was taking the seat for granted and not carrying out his duties as an electorate MP.

In simple terms, they’ve been saying that Winston never visits the north.

That’s bollocks. Winston actually lives in his electorate. He spends more time there than, say, John Key does in Helensville. Since being elected as the local MP, Winston has hired electorate staff and opened offices around the region. He has regular clinics in the electorate and has regularly been seen in the many towns that are doing it tough up north.

However, Winston hasn’t wasted his time sucking up to the wealthy nobs of Keri Keri who run both the local council and the local National Party organisation. That’s probably upset them almost as much as losing such a blue ribbon seat. They’re used to their local MP doing as he’s told.

The latest smear from National is that Winston only visits the north to go fishing. John Key made the extraordinairy claim in Parliament, where his lies go unchecked. He prefaced that remark by echoing the dirty politics line about Peter’s workload in the north:

“I dare say that Minister [Steven] Joyce now knows more about Northland than the member does. In actually having been there once this year, he has probably been there more than the member has.”

That’s exactly the line the Nats have been trying to sow for months. Ok, it’s not true, but that’s not the point when it comes to pig fucking stories.

But Winston is no mug. He has a challenge for the Nats.

Provide evidence that he has gone fishing and he’ll donate $100k to charity.

“I challenge the Prime Minister and I will pay to his favourite charity, not himself, $100,000, if he can find one witness that has seen me out on my fishing boat, fishing, since the Northland byelection.” says the NZ First leader.

He’s further challenged serial liar John Key to stump up the same amount if no proof is forthcoming. Sensibly, Winston’s not holding his breath:

“He won’t, of course, which is why he should apologise, pay $100,000 to a Northland charity of my choosing, and stop wasting Parliament’s Question Time with such blatant untruths.”

Yep. However, the PM has been wasting Parliament’s time for 7 years already so it’s probably unlikely he’ll stop now.

There is a serious side to this nasty smear.

Firstly, it’s further confirmation that National have not abandoned dirty politics.

Secondly, it’s yet another indicator that NZ First will not be helping the Tories form the next Government. The more the right try and knife Peters, the more likely it is he will look to his left when he makes his decisions about coalitions and confidence and supply. That’s a good thing, obviously.

Clearly, National have not learned the lessons of the Northland by-election.

Today, the Nats have banned Winston from riding on a school bus. No, really.

The MP wanted to check for himself the state of the school bus service, specifically those buses forced to use gravel roads and the many one lane bridges National still haven’t got around to replacing despite the promises made during the by-election.

By all means, keep attacking Winston, National. You’re doing a great job of burning off your electoral support with mad schemes such as the TPPA and the pointless flag referendum. You may as well finish the job by ruining any chance of having NZ First as a coalition partner after the next election.

After the Ratana celebrations, it’s clear that the Maori Party are far less likely to be part of the blue team next time around, too.

So that just leaves a haircut and a hologram.

Good luck with that, John. Perhaps you’d be better off fishing?






35 comments on “Northland Fishing Competition”

  1. McFlock 1


    If he hardly ever turns up to his electorate, why do they have to keep him off the bus?

  2. weka 2

    If Key goes before the next election, what is to stop Peters choosing National if they offer the right baubles?

    • Expat 2.1

      Weka, you appear to share the same concerns of integrity regarding Winston, history is record of the past.

    • Craig H 2.2

      IMO Peters will not go back to National – the beliefs are too far apart.

      • weka 2.2.1

        Maybe, and everyone has their opinions about what Peters will or won’t do. But that’s not the point. The point is that despite our opinions, Peters is a wild card, he won’t tell us his intentions and there is no predicting what he will do.

  3. weka 3

    as an aside, what’s happened to the court case of a certain prominent NZer?

    • Not sure where that’s at, weka. I assume it’s awaiting a trial date. But, of course, that’s completely off-topic and nothing to do with National and their many problems in Northland.

      • Jenny Kirk 3.1.1

        Not totally off topic TRP – that’s where the Nats’ troubles started in Northland.

        • rhinocrates

          Possibly TRP was being a wee bit ironic, Jenny, but of course that is only my personal interpretation and should not in any way be seen to – even obliquely by the slightest, highly ambiguous suggestion that National is shit scared of too much scrutiny falling on actions by a certain prominent or perhaps very obscure New Zealander (or possibly fairly well-known Ecuadorian or indeed a fashionable citizen of Luxembourg) to even imply that the merest thought had even begun to contemplate the possibility of crossing my mind that… um, yeah.

    • Liberty4NZ 3.2

      Due to stand trial 4th April, last I heard

      • weka 3.2.1


        • rhinocrates

          This is of no relevance whatsoever, so of course I will not be pencilling it on my year planner and anyone who suggests that I am is indulging in malicious rumour-mongering and absolutely should not do the same themselves.

  4. Keith 4

    The National Party lying, say it isn’t so! Actually if we all just default to that positon you cannot go wrong!

    And they know damned well that the people of Northland know why their Nat MP resigned and that was one revolting piss take too far even for National voters.

  5. Richard Christie 5

    In the clip at 018s Key touches his nose while stating,” yes I do have, uh, confidence in Mr Joyce”..

    Touching the nose is a classic non verbal signal indicating that the speaker is lying.

  6. greywarshark 6

    Is Yek cowardly or rather a grown up schoolboy adept with dissembling and a mind good at creating low insults or repeating those of others’ creation? Watching him in the House is a clue to his character or lack of it. it’s usually below a Leader to jibe at the Opposition but his owners seemingly don’t believe they should own the dog but get some other breed to do the barking.

  7. savenz 7

    Another round of applause to Winston Peters!

  8. ianmac 8

    Funny that it is left to Winston to call Key on one of his many lies.

  9. Andre 9

    Isn’t Key’s “favourite charity” the National Party?

  10. alwyn 10

    I certainly wouldn’t let Winston on that school bus either.
    What is the driver supposed to do when Winston lights up a fag?
    The old sod can’t go 20 minutes without a cigarette. He would either light up or demand the driver stopped for a 5 minute cigarette stop.
    Think of the children.

    • Gangnam Style 10.1

      Stick to the day job, the stand up act is not working, ie: you are not funny.

      • Skinny 10.1.1

        I thought that was a quite amusing myself as I’m sure alwyn will get a laugh at this little number we mashed together JK being mocked by his old mate Winston. Enjoy!

        • alwyn

          I did enjoy it. He could give Andrew lessons couldn’t he?
          I have a couple of questions though. How many times did you have to clip the recording to get rid of Winston’s smoker’s cough? He can’t talk for that long without pausing usually.
          Who was he talking to?

      • alwyn 10.1.2

        “stand up act”? What do you mean. I was absolutely serious.

        Have you never met him? As the old saw says. He smokes like a chimney.
        I can see why he wants money for his favourite charity. His favourite charity is financing his own nicotine and malt whisky habits, and that costs quite a lot these days.

        Have a look at the photo in this story when you read it.
        When he talks about the cost to a poor maori he means himself.

        • Gangnam Style

          Yeah I have met him, & he smokes & drinks. BFD.

        • weston

          why the fuck are u banging on about winston peters smoking alwyn whats your point ?

          • You_Fool

            His minders have asked him to bag Winston today. I wonder what BM and the others will come up with?

          • alwyn

            Why not simply read what I said. Or can’t you read?

            • weston

              your pointless drivel was what i read get a life alwyn

              • alwyn

                There is no law that I am aware of that requires you to read anything I say, much less that requires you to respond to it.
                Why do you bother doing so, if you think it is such a waste of your precious time? Get a life you silly fellow.

  11. Gangnam Style 11

    Here is some actual comedy, http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ad38087bac/donald-trump-art-of-the-deal-movie?_cc=__d___&_ccid=6b3c68dd61eba89b A long lost telemovie written, directed & starring Donald Trump, thought to be lost & now found! Based on his autobiography ‘The Art of the Deal’.

    ; )

  12. KS 12

    Perhaps they’d both be better off donating their 100K to the buy-a-beach campaign?

  13. peterlepaysan 13

    Actually alternative transport had been arranged for the children. The bus was going to be filled with media and their tech crews.

    The bus is not big, the road is narrow.

    The trip was about the shitty roads causing grief for the locals, mostly from logging trucks.

    OBTW I drive a rural school bus (not small) on narrow country roads. While hazardous (like all roads) they a largely sealed. There is usually room enough on the verges to let opposing log trucks, tankers, stock trucks to get by.

    The narrow unsealed Northland roads are a rather different story.

    The ban had nothing to do with child safety or Winston’s smoking.

    Whoever ran the bus service would have had a contract with the Ministry of Education to run a bus service for the local school(s).

    Any political string pulling would depend on the wording of the contract.

    I doubt the Ministry owns the bus. As long as the children were delivered as per the contract, so what?

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