Now, that’s better

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19 comments on “Now, that’s better”

  1. principessa 1

    What are the commercial rates on all these billboards?- i’ve spotted 3 in the central city (auckland). maybe we could do a nationwide billboard hunt and start calculating the campaign spend.

  2. Matthew Pilott 2

    maybe we could do a nationwide billboard hunt and start calculating the campaign spend.

    And add it to the ‘wastewatch’ total? Coz they’re garbage…

    I think 6-10k a month, depeding on location. The Free Speech Coalition website might be of use, they were scrounging round for donations and listed rates.

  3. randal 3

    thats much more betterer than anything they have done so far.”ISN’T IT”. THEY ARE ARE REALLY TRYING HARD AREN’T THEY. but they are still nincompoops, arent they and they will still lose wont they. absolutely betterer!

  4. If you haven’t seen it yet, lets you make your own rather too easily. None of the new health-themed backgrounds yet, though 🙁

    I’d like to know how they’re going to get more doctors and nurses, too. The Market will provide?

  5. Janet 5

    I can see now why the National P is so keen to force literacy testing on primary school kids, in contravention of all educational advice and best practice. The right always seems to assume that they and their experiences are the norm. As adults they are literacy-deficient so they assume today’s little kids must be too.

  6. Pascal's bookie 6

    Janet, I don’t get that either. For all the bleating there’s been about how NCEA is made of suck, it looks like they want to extend it down to primary school kids.

    Or, it’s not about testing kids at all, it’s about ‘no child left behind’ and schools are to be tested. With incentives (via funding) to follow in the second term.

  7. Janet 7

    The Green Party billboard of the child and the Vote for Me slogan is very effective. By the way is anyone going to report on the Drinking Liberally event with Russell Norman?

  8. Gooner 8

    Steve, the word is ‘bestest’ not betterer.

  9. Bad England: That should read “fewer” bureaucrats, not “less.”

    Although since the Tories don’t plan to cut the number of bureaucrats, just “cap” them at the same level (while introducing new departments like their beloved EPA, so Galt knows how they’ll actually do that), then perhaps the sign should read “all the old bureaucrats back again.”

  10. Dom 10

    And it’s spelled Educashun!

    I wonder if National will blame Labour’s policies their own bad grammar?

  11. Dom 11

    Sorry – that should be “I wonder if National will blame Labour?s policies FOR their own bad grammar?”

    Irony – not lost on me!

    (Edit function hates me today…)

  12. ghostwhowalks 12

    maybe we can now stop ‘misunderestimating’ John Key.

  13. Jeeves 13

    I think the mistake was deliberate guys. That would be the whole point of the ad, surely? It’s just also kinda patronising towards people who have bad grammar. I think i’ll just throw the towel in and vote ACT.

  14. Short Shriveled and Slightly to the Left 14

    I cant believe it
    I’m actually confident National won’t win the election
    I had forgotten what hope felt like
    I guess hope will be gone again when the tax cuts are announced
    enough people will probably vote out of their own pockets

  15. Anita 15


    I guess hope will be gone again when the tax cuts are announced enough people will probably vote out of their own pockets

    I reckon both Labour and National have a series of election bribes for late in the campaign. The question will be who’s picked the best ones, in terms of both resonance within the community and financial win for swing voters.

  16. Short Shriveled and Slightly to the Left 16

    Good point Anita
    bribes from both parties

  17. Anita 17


    What I can’t figure out about the National tax cut bribe is how they can balance their ideological aims (flattening tax == highest cuts for the richest) with their political requirements (influencing swing voters, who are unlikely to be the richest).

  18. johndoe 18

    So you guys seem really disappointed that the Nats haven’t tried to polarise the nation with their billboards. And in response, you’re trying to do that?

  19. Anita 19

    National’s billboards have now reached the level of grammatical plague. I just caught myself saying

    Now that’s not in the cupboard there’s room for much more things

    I shall now hold the National campaign team for all screw up related to count and non-count nouns.

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