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NRT: 32,000 out of work under National

Written By: - Date published: 3:21 pm, August 6th, 2014 - 54 comments
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The latest Household Labour Force Survey was released today, showing a drop in unemployment. But while its an improvement, there are still 32,000 more people out of work than there were when National took office. And Treasury doesn’t expect unemployment to return to pre-National levels until 2018, another entire election cycle away.

This is the government’s biggest failure: they have abandoned people to the market. They protected the big end of town from the financial crisis with bailouts and pork, but left ordinary kiwis to suffer. If we want that approach to change, we need to change the government.

54 comments on “NRT: 32,000 out of work under National”

  1. Puckish Rogue 1

    Well done to National for marshalling NZ through some of the worst conditions NZs had to face

  2. The Real Matthew 2

    I saw Trevor Mallard was also peddling some numbers the other day.

    Some people will try to pin anything on the government.

    Believe it or not John Key was not the cause of the GFC.

    One of the proudest moments for me as a New Zealand was how this government navigated through the treacherous waters. Now we are reaping the benefits with an economy which has the western world jealous with envy.

    These are good times to be a New Zealander. The last thing we need is a change of government.

    • shorts 2.1

      Key might not have been the cause of the GFC but he and his Merrill Lynch mates were a major contributor

      • Gosman 2.1.1

        Key worked in foreign excchange markets. How did those contribute to the GFC?

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Isn’t there some chain of evidence that connects him to a London based outfit, which he managed, designing ‘exciting new investment opportunities’ or somesuch, that turned out to be CDOs?

          In any case he was a good citizen of the banking cabal while they blithered and blathered and had no friggin’ clue what to do with all the power they’d bribed Congress to give them, so hey, fuck him to Hawaii.

          • Gosman

            CDO’s are most definitely not a foreign exchange financial instrument and have their origins in the US debt markets of the late 1980’s so it is unlikely there is such a link to Key.

        • tricledrown

          Gosman all the futures were sold through Merrill Lynches Foreign exchange headquarters New York of which Key was in charge up till 2001 approx.
          predatory lending insider trading lib or leveraged lending Merrill lynch were found to be printing 38US dollars for every US$ on deposit by the SEC. this was all part of the Shadow Banking system well before the GFC.
          Merrill Lynchs culture has been corrupt for along time google Merrill Lynch and corruption going right back to its founding Look it up
          Merrill Lynch in Ireland the Branch Dodgy John Key claims to have set up was found to have defrauded Ireland through insider trading billions of dollars and was the main reason the Irish economy collapsed so badly.
          Key got out before the shit hit the fan.
          remember one his broken promises about making New zealand the Ireland of the south Pacific using New Zealand as a financial hub no mention since Ireland collapsed because of Merrill Lynch.
          All the other companies Dodgy John Key has worked for in Foreign exchange have gone Bankrupt including Merrill Lynch and BT funds.

          • Gosman

            Ireland did not collapse and has in fact recovered well since the GFC as has the British economy. The economies that are still struggling are the ones like France that follow a far more Statist approach to dealing with economic problems.

            • tricledrown

              Your a bigger goose than ever what utter BullShit the Irish economy was deemed to be in depression by 2009 if thats not a collapse ! even the recovery is seen as a pure public relations exercise !
              Facts don’t interest you as for the UK its independent currency and continued massive stimulus package ie Keynesian economics is the reason for the rebound in the UK however govt debt has soared as a result!

        • tricledrown

          goosy I thought you said you were financially literate all futures are traded on the international market and the money exchanged goes through the foreign exchangers like Merril Lynch who were caught predatory selling inflated rates taking massive profits out of Dodgy subprime futures traders . (last time you tried to bullshit me saying these futures were insurance against price fluctuations they weren’t it was pure fraud on many levels aye goosteppr) .
          The foreign exchangers were an integral part of this world wide Ponzi scheme of which only a few selected scapegoats have been prosecuted because they weren’t in the Right Wing Elite Club of which Merrill And Lynch were founding members of this secretive elite club ‘
          Our own Dodgy John Key is a member of this elite club of the worlds richest people but he has only enough money to be a foot soldier!
          Aye gossy and you are just the door mat Sad but funny that!

          • Gosman

            You are obviously not financially literate because CDO’s are not futures. Futures are just a name for a group of derivative products where the participants agree to buy or see items at a set price in the future.

    • Mike 2.2

      Well said!

    • miravox 2.3

      “One of the proudest moments for me as a New Zealand was how this government navigated through the treacherous waters.”

      What?? Our two largest trading partners never even went into recession with the GFC and NZ is an export-led economy. After all this time NZ still doesn’t resemble a functioning economy and you’re proud of that!

      You need to get out more TRM.

  3. disturbed 3

    Key isn’t finished yet, milking this country.

    He will scheme to push the dollar down again with his high flying mate Kruger at Merrill Lynch over in NY.

    They will set up another big sell down of the kiwi dollar with Key’s money also with Kruger’s and when the dollar reaches rock bottom they will buy big in the NZ Dollar and cream another $40 million bucks between them to cash in doing another country over the same way.

    Wait and see.

    • Gosman 3.1

      I thought you lefties wanted to see the dollar fall. Guess there is no pleasing some people.

  4. infused 4

    A lot of you act like the GFC never happened. Not sure if retarded, or just plain stupid.

    • felix 4.1

      A lot of you act like National didn’t get into govt and immediately start sacking thousands of workers.

      • Gosman 4.1.1

        Where’s the evidence thousands of workers were sacked by the newly elected government in 2008?

        • felix

          Where’s the evidence that you’re not a bot and deserve a response?

          • Gosman

            So you don’t have any evidence then?

            • felix

              Evidence that you’re not a bot? Nope, not a shred.


              • Gosman

                Thought not.

                • felix

                  See, a human syntax would be more like “I have no thought”.

                  But point taken.

                • Paul

                  Any chance you could outline National’s policies to tackle systemic poverty in New Zealand?
                  Your leader doesn’t seem to want to discuss policy, so wondered if you could help out.

                  • felix

                    But Gosman hasn’t seen any evidence that systemic poverty exists.

                    • Paul

                      Nats can’t and won’t discuss policies.
                      They don’t dare let New Zealanders see their real policies, so they bluff on about personality and polls.

            • tricledrown

              Goosy the story doesn,t end their Dodgy John Key is probably New Zealands biggest welfare recipient, after Merrill Lynches bankruptcy dodgy John Keys shares were worthless along came the US govt and bailed them out US$66 billion was given to the bank of America to buy and keep Merrill Lynch going so Dodgy John shares were now worth $5 million not a bad welfare cheque aye
              but the story dosen’t end their Merrill Lynches corrupt culture carried over after the $66 billion welfare cheque another US14 billion futures trade embezzlement this time the govt wasn’t going to help Bank of America gave Dodgy John another handout!
              Merrill Lynch the most corrupt business on earth!

        • tricledrown

          GOOstepper the sinking lid policy National has always used the cut jobs in the public sector so National can afford to hire its mates such as Jenny Shipley at $ 450,000 a year for 12 meetings.
          The amount national has spent on consultants has risen sharply since 2008 up round the $ 400 million per year last time I looked no savings just looking after private sector mates and national party donors hacks and retired like-minded MP.s Shane Jones Michael Cullen.
          Neo Liberals!

    • Craig Glen Eden 4.2

      ” Not sure if retarded, or just plain stupid.” sure we had the GFC but what have National done? National are the ones who are claiming credit for a drop in employment but what have they done ? More people are on benefits than we they took office more people are unemployed, more NZers are struggling. They pretty much have stuffed up every single thing they have touched, take a look at the assets sales they stuffed that up, spent the money three times over and we have more National debt than ever, seriously Key is the greatest con job since Rob Muldoon.Increased GST stuff up, teachers pay stuff up, GCSB DotCom stuff up, the list goes on and on. Key is nothing but PR he couldnt run a bloody corner Diary. Oh and who can forget raising tax’s on paper boys and girls, cos they just werent paying their way aye?

      • Gosman 4.2.1

        The rise in debt was predicted to occur regardless of who was in government. Given the public pronouncement s from Labour MP’S it is likely it would have got worse if Labour had won as well.

        • Craig Glen Eden

          Public pronouncements by Labour MP’s? Is that the best you have got Gosman. Bloody hell.

        • tricledrown

          Gooseman Over the short-term only slightly but the contributions to the Cullen Fund would have continued so aschually overall New Zealands debt would have been approximately $10 to$12 billion less!

        • Paul

          Is there anything this government does that you question?
          You appear to be quite the ideologue.

    • Paul 4.3

      Any chance you could outline National’s policies to tackle systemic poverty in New Zealand?
      Your leader doesn’t seem to want to discuss policy, so wondered if you could help out.

  5. SPC 5

    Half the new jobs are in Christchurch, the rest of the country still has unemployment over 6%.

  6. fisiani 6

    In the real world in 2008 there was a Global Financial Crisis and major earthquakes in Christchurch. Look at the stunning figures released today about the trend. Unemployment is just 5.6 % and falling. The Lochinver sellers want to use the proceeds of the sale to employ up to 8000 people in south Drury. Labour wants to block the sale and thus prevent 8,000 people getting a job. Stevenson Group chief executive Mark Franklin said the South Drury project could employ up to 8000 people. The Greens want to sack West Coast forestry workers, millers, drivers, furniture makers and carpenters who will soon be hard at work earning money for DOC and growing the West Coast economy.Only National is working for New Zealand

    • Paul 6.1

      Yes…and trickle down works.
      Scratched. Record.

      Oh, and while you’re discussing things, can you please outline National’s policies to tackle systemic poverty in New Zealand?
      Your leader doesn’t seem to want to discuss policy, so wondered if you could help out.

      • fisiani 6.1.1

        Trickle down is not an economic theory FFS. Strawman argument. The term has been attributed to humorist Will Rogers, who said during the Great Depression that “money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy.” Labour and The Greens are the anti-jobs parties. National have made huge improvements in the lives of the poor. They are truly the Hand Up Party.
        15,000 jobs from the 90 day chance to prove yourself law which Labour have vowed to abolish

        There are about 328,000 working age people currently receiving a benefit in New Zealand – that’s more than 12% of the working age population.

        The benefit system now costs New Zealanders around $8 billion each year. On top of the financial cost is the very real social cost of benefit dependence. There are well established links between people receiving benefits and poverty, poor health, and many other poor social outcomes.

        The Government wants more people to find work and is succeeding massively.

        • Paul

          Did you see the Nigel Latta programme last week which highlighted the issue of the working poor? 40% of those below the poverty line now in paid employment. Finding loads of minimum wage jobs isn’t going to solve the systematic problems.

          You say National has helped the lives of the poor?
          Which policies have helped this?

          From what I see in reading GST has increased costs, privatising energy companies has had the same effect and the 90 day bill you mention has ensured pay rates stay as low as possible and don’t match productivity. Yes, jobs are being created, but these are not matching inflation.

          How do you plan to solve the problem.
          Specific policy please, not propaganda.

        • tricledrown

          Hey fishy what about all the people shoved off the benefit who are receiving no income they are joining gangs begging on streets prostituting selling drugs picking butts .
          while the real bludgers like Shipley get $450’000 for 12 meetings a year food and wine travel expenses for not doing their job properly ie Allowing a huge number of dodgy repairs to homes in Christchurch letting Insurance companies bully home owners!
          The numbers receiving benefits is the same as when National came into office!
          but the numbers of unemployed is higher.
          That money is not flowing back into the economy either that would explain lower tax take and lower retail sales!

    • tricledrown 6.2

      Fishy anal the west coast timber is a fizzer read your business news the cost of recovery is to expensive and the price of native timber is 2 to 3 times higher than pacific rimu no one wants it!
      8,000 jobs what a load of bollocks.
      Stick to the price fish ani you know diidly about rural economics this is just an election beat up like the 172,000 job Key and English promised in 2008 and 2011!

    • Paul 6.3

      Only National is working for the wealthy.

  7. karol 7

    Using just general employment and unemployment numbers does not show what is happening with the economy, or the ways the people registered as unemployed have changed.

    It’s also important to look at under-employment and wage levels.

    The CTU has a useful analysis.

    On top of the 137,000 unemployed are 104,500 looking for work but not officially classified as unemployed – up from 97,200 a year ago. The number of part-time workers wanting more hours has risen from 87,500 to 98,200 over the year.” Kelly said.
    The proportion of 20-24 year olds not in work, education or training is higher than in Sept last year, even after taking seasonal effects into account, and is still too high. There are still 71,000 young people not in employment, education or training,” Kelly said.
    “Wage growth has been appalling. Workers are not getting a fair share of the growth in the economy. It looks like growth is peaking, yet wages still have lots of catching up to do. The average wage, whose rise fell behind inflation in the last quarter, is only 1.4% higher than it was 5 years ago in June 2009 after taking account of price rises, and middle-income earners are falling behind even the average wage.
    The Household Incomes Report showed the half of households with the lowest incomes saw no increase in their incomes between 2009 and 2013, with housing a big contribution to poverty and inequality.” Kelly said.

  8. dale 8

    Yep, vote positive and find negotiate in everything else even if its realy good news.
    1 Less Kiwis leaving. Bad
    2 More Kiwis returning home. Bad
    3 Low interest rates. Bad
    4 Keeping working for families. Bad
    5 Fewer people on benefits. Bad
    6 More elective surgery. Bad
    7 5.6% unemployment. Bad
    The list could go on.
    This is what hard working swinging voters see. You want vote positive well thats why the nats are flying high in the polls.
    And Craig I spent a Winter in Glen Eden once, no wonder your so grumpy.

    • Paul 8.1

      While you’re discussing things, can you please outline National’s policies to tackle systemic poverty in New Zealand?
      Your leader doesn’t seem to want to discuss policy, so wondered if you could help out

    • Paul 8.2

      While you’re discussing things, can you please outline National’s policies to tackle systemic poverty in New Zealand?
      Your leader doesn’t seem to want to discuss policy, so wondered if you could help out

    • Sable 8.3

      -Less Kiwi’s leaving. Hardly. People are still leaving in droves. Often to uncertain futures but that’s a measure of how desperate people are. Certainly Australia’s economic recovery is still well ahead of NZ. Friends of ours left recently and said they would “never” come back.

      -Returning home. Mostly because their jobs overseas dried up in the global depression. The IMF just rated the US economy as as bad as it was during the Great Depression. So how does trying our fate to a defunct country via the TPPA help us exactly?

      -Fewer people on benefits meaning what? Supported by already struggling families? Suicide? Crime? Has anyone taken a look at what happens to these people? No.Unemployment figures are also doctored and fail to measure a range of people who are effectively “unemployed” such as spouses who have well paid partner and as such don’t qualify for the benefit.

      -As for working for families. Yeah I have a family and National have done “next to nothing” to help. By contrast the same friends in OZ found they are far better off as a family unit with all sorts of support at a State and Federal level.

      -As to medical care. NZ rates lower than Slovakia. Serious cancer is FIVE TIMES more survivable in Australia than NZ.

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