NRT: A coincidence, I’m sure

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A coincidence, I’m sure

Damning inquiry points finger at the Government, State Services Commissioner, Stuff, June 23, 2016:

The Government has rejected parts of a damning report into its handling of an inquiry into leaks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Ombudsman Ron Paterson has told the Government it should compensate a former top diplomat whose career ended in tatters after he was targeted by the inquiry, which was instigated by the State Services Commission.

He has also recommended a formal apology.


In a statement, Rennie said he did not agree with all elements of the Ombudsman’s findings, in particular that in making findings relating to the investigation being outside its terms of reference.

Ombudsman resigns: Professor Ron Paterson steps down two years early, New Zealand Herald, 27 June 2016:

One of the country’s two Ombudsmen has resigned and will leave the role two years before the end of his five-year term.

Professor Ron Paterson will leave the role on Thursday. He was appointed an Ombudsman in June 2013 for a five-year period.

Deputy Ombudsman Leo Donnelly will be appointed temporary Ombudsman for a 12-month period, which could be extended by another two years.

The timing of this really doesn’t look good. The SSC report was apparently hotly contested, and Rennie effectively refusing to accept its “recommendations” may have been a final straw.

12 comments on “NRT: A coincidence, I’m sure”

  1. Priss 1

    You’re right, this doesn’t look good. Not one bit. One doesn’t have to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist to recall that the Nats can be very, very unforgiving of anyone daring to criticise them. I recall Paula Bloody Bennett having a go at two solo-mums in 2009 (?) and John Key dragging Jon Stevenson’s and Nicky Hager’s reputations through the mud.

    Ron Paterson’s early departure soon after his damning report on Rebstock raises serious questions and I hope someone from Radio NZ looks into it (TV1 and TV3 too busy with reality-porn like “The Block”, “My Kitchen Rules”, and “The Batchelor”.)

  2. Greg 2

    Tories typically want to be cheered n applauded, especially when they open up a new poor house, for the undeserving peasantry, or open a factory employing children.

    But boo n jeer them, and they send in the mounted police, or send their goons to turn over your property, n fondle n sniff frilly underwear.

    When ranking public service civil servants get no respect like this government often shows, and when with public inquiries they do not parrot the words of the leader,
    just how effective does this make the government?

  3. tangled_up 3

    Well if it was the final straw Paterson isn’t letting on:

    “Auckland, academia and health sector beckon Ron Paterson back”,-academia-and-health-sector-beckon-ron-paterson-back.aspx (edit: link pay-walled)

    Ombudsman Ron Paterson is quitting his watchdog role to spend less time commuting and more time on health law.

    • dukeofurl 3.1

      Did he not know that when he took on a 5 year fixed term job ?
      beckon is not exactly the same as too good a chance to miss on another job.

      • dukeofurl 3.1.1

        Doesnt auger well for the Auditor generals report on McSaudi shambles. She too is ‘taking her time ‘

  4. ianmac 4

    If groups who help solo mums, or budgeting advice or Refuge speak out, then their funding gets cut.
    If a journalist writes a column which is critical of Government he gets attacked.
    If an Opposition MP makes a good point she gets rubbished.
    If a State servant offers free and frank advice, he gets sacked.
    If any of them offend this Government then the blog attack dogs are unleashed.
    If an Ombudsman writes a damning report he will be squashed out of office.

    If we want/deserve freedom of speech we better be prepared to fight for it.

  5. TC 5

    Wondered how long that would take after Ron dared to challenge Dame Paula’s view of events.

  6. Keith 6

    There has been some kind of change with OIA’s or it appears that way with a better flow of information. I note Nat ministers are simply refusing to front which further makes me think it’s a newish coping mechanism to counter the freer flow of information. But criticism from a more honest less stage managed enquiry may have been too much for National and this principaled individual felt it was pointless carrying on!

  7. One Anonymous Bloke 7

    The Appearance Of A Conflict Of Interest.

    A play in one act by OAB.

    Enter, stage right: Dame Paula Rebstock.


  8. Mosa 8

    It will all be forgotten and forgiven when 3 billion dollars of tax cuts is rolled out next year adding too the huge debt levels we have from the last spending spree 6 years ago.
    This latest fiasco won’t be covered with the attention it deserves and should be creating massive disquiet about the implications of the ombudsman’s resignation.
    Its just another day on planet Key.

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