NRT: And so its come to this…

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No Right Turn on the plight of democracy in Greece.

And so its come to this…

Having screwed years of austerity out of the Greek government, the Germans are now openly discussing removing its democracy:

There were signs a group of triple A-rated governments, including Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, were hardening their stance towards Athens. During a conference call among eurozone finance ministers, the three countries suggested they may want additional letters from other smaller Greek parties and openly discussed the possibility of postponing Greek elections.

Ahead of the call, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, said in a radio interview Greece might delay its polls and install a technocratic government that does not include politicians like Mr Venizelos and Mr Samaras, similar to the model currently in place in Italy.

And so the EU reaches its ultimate perversion. Once it was an organisation which established democracy across Europe. Now its advocating its removal, so that a people can be squeezed even harder in order to repay unpayable debts to German banks.

But while they call them “technocrats”, unelected rulers imposed for the purpose of plunder have another name: tyrants. Or, more provacatively, Gauleiters. If they are lucky, they end up fleeing into exile. If they are unlucky, they end up swinging from lamp-posts.

16 comments on “NRT: And so its come to this…”

  1. Kevin Welsh 1

    Personally, I do not think it will be that far in the future when those lamp-posts get a good workout.

    I have a brother in London and friends in Ireland who all say the same thing, life is getting very desperate for a lot of people.

  2. johnm 2

    having grown up in a EU country the UK, many of us hoped for a new golden age of economic cooperation and cultural renaissance and so it seemed to happen. The EU is now ruined having embraced the U$$$ Milton Friedman NeoLiberal claptrap our own Privatize at any cost idiots here are doing. The Irish too have been royally screwed by their own incompetent/criminally involved Government in the great housing bubble created there. The U$$$ is fascist and so is the EU.

    Refer link:

    “The Greek People Have Been Sacrificed to the Capitalist Gods of Speculation
    In Europe, capitalism has persuaded the world that capitalism is the world”

    “In essence, this crisis is a failure of the EU states to show solidarity in the face of an onslaught from the financial markets. At first glance this seems to be a very simple fight. In one corner you have nation states, which have the wellbeing of their citizens as their raison d’être; in the other you have global capitalism as represented by the financial markets, which has the wealth of a tiny few as its raison d’être. But the nation state has, for a considerable time, identified itself with those same markets. States have agreed to see themselves as economies rather than societies. More recently we have been led to believe that the market alone can provide everything the citizen needs and much more efficiently than the structures that the citizens normally rely on and which they have, over generations, erected as protections against the revenge of the market.

    This is the triumph of capitalism, that it has persuaded the world that capitalism is the world.”

  3. Fuck NRT,

    You only caught on to this now? Here is the next step. And for New Zealand here is he next step. AS I PREDICTED oh, about four, five years ago.

    And for those of you wanting to know why:

    Money masters

    Money as debt

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      Yeah, Max Keiser has been railing about the loss of Greek democracy to the banksters for a couple of years now, and has predicted this end game for the last 12 months – and has made trips to Greece urging the local populace to actively participate in GIABO…the Global Insurrection Against Bankster Occupation.

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Germans benefitted from 1953 International Debt Relief

    Ironic that Germany is now the country impoverishing Greece by refusing the necessary creditor haircuts needed to save the Greek people.

    • Kevin Welsh 4.1

      This time its an economic fascist blitzkreig.

      Why invade a country when you can take them down on computer screen.

      • Foreign Waka 4.1.1

        No, World bank want’s to have the pie this time.

      • Lanthanide 4.1.2

        Yep, that’s what I was thinking. Germany in particular benefited from the lower value of the euro compared to the DM as it made their exports even more profitable. Why bother with a war if you can just use straight out economic hegemony and convince everyone else that it’s in their best interests?

        • Populuxe1

          Racist stereotypes, much? Unlike the US, however, those benefits are at least going to benefit the German economy and German citizens – God forbid New Zealand should do something like that.

    • Herodotus 4.2

      And we play our silly micro political games National vs Labour. When both have the same ending.
      Instead of protecting our boarders and keeping our sovereignty we are having had our automony urserped by foreign powers like the UN, World Bank e.g. This propsed Food bill, FTA’s and the potential of gifting multi nationals legal universial rights
      I wonder when the day will come when a sovereign country gives the bankers and other faceless men the bird and nationalises its core industries.

  5. grumpy 5

    Having spent the past few weeks in Europe, I was amazed at the strong feelings against Germany. The Germans I met seem resigned to again being the “baddies”of Europe.

  6. grumpy 6

    Nothing like NZ’s finest (albeit now ex NZ) brain to explain things….

    Now you know everything!!!!

  7. johnm 7

    Banker occupied New Zealand by the charming, smiling asset stripper
    For us what’s happening to Europe and the U$$

    “Banker Occupied Europe and America
    Money power rules. Across Europe and America, governments follow banker diktats. They demand economies and people suffer to assure they’re paid.

    Money power in private hands and democracy can’t co-exist. It buys what it wants at the expense of government of, by and for the people. It never was and isn’t now.

    At issue is banking giants controlling money, credit and debt for private enrichment. Used lawlessly, they bribe politicians to pass business friendly laws and turn a blind eye to massive fraud, abuse, and grand theft.

    Greece is the epicenter of Europe’s crisis. It’s being strip-mined of all material wealth. It’s life force is being drained to pay bankers. Its citizens face destitution and neoserfdom with no rights. Democracy’s just a figure of speech. In its birthplace, it no longer exists.

    Class war rages. Western society futures face high unemployment, poverty, less government help, low pay for employed workers, few if any benefits, and higher prices for basic services like food, healthcare, transportation, electricity, heating oil, and water.”
    Refer link: By Stephen Lendman

    ******Money power in private hands and democracy can’t co-exist. It buys what it wants at the expense of government of, by and for the people. It never was and isn’t now.******

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