NRT: Paula Bennett giggles at child poverty

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Paula Bennett giggles at child poverty

Paula Bennett, the Minister of Social Development, giggles at child poverty. Don’t believe me? Watch the video [from 5:28]:

Asked how the government knows it is reducing child poverty, she says that it depend son how it is measured. Asked how it is measured, she is eventually forced to confess that it is not – something she finds hilariously funny.

But its not funny. Child poverty is a blight on our society, which ruins lives, both those of children and of the adults they grow up into. Its immediate and ongoign effects are estimated to cost us $8.8 billion a year. And (and this cannot be stressed enough) it is entirely a matter of government choice.

Our government chooses to have 270,000 kids grow up in poverty. It chooses to waste their lives, and inflict on the rest of us the social cost of doing so.And it finds that funny.

The Children’s Commissioner is right: the government needs a plan, and it needs measures and targets, so we can hold them accountable for their performance in this area. And then we’ll see who’s fucking laughing.

17 comments on “NRT: Paula Bennett giggles at child poverty”

  1. karol 1

    Disgraceful. There is so much nasty stuff coming from this government, at the moment, it’s hard to keep up.

    Keep on the case, Jacinda.

  2. tracey 2

    You only have to ask yourself why in the new child support legislation the best interests of the child were not placed as the pivotal principle. The idea that the penalties are a dissincentive is in total contradiction of their law and order and welfare stances and surely you only ibcur penalties when you dont pay whats owing. I am not saying the system didnt need rweaking, but this is like the amnesty on tax dodgers a while back. Reward bad behaviour, unless your are on welfare or charged with a crime. Depriving your child ought to be a crime, in all its forms.

  3. jim 3

    Like it or not,if you are a solo parent and have a child while on a benefit you are penalized for being human.Hitler and his regime where vilified for their eugenic practices, as should this present regime.

  4. Tanz 5

    she is just doing her job, isn’t she. That was just a nervous giggle, I thought.

  5. Mary 6

    It shows just what our government thinks of the future, NOT…. the child poverty today is tomorrows standards…… sub standard, the policy of hit the poor and let the rich go isnt funny but she obviously thinks it is time for her to go and for someone who cares for our kids, our future and our country to stand up and be counted

  6. Marianne Hepple 7

    I imagine it was a nervous giggle – however NOT acceptable in someone with such responsibilities and discussing serious matter. Just proves again that PB is not up to the job

    • framu 7.1

      nervous giggle? seriously?

      to me it doesnt have a trace of nervousness to it – Shes laughing because she thinks the question is stupid – its a “well duh” situation from bennet

  7. Grant 8

    More biased umpiring from David Carter. Awful to watch.

  8. I cut the clip down to the really offensive bit and I did not think this was possible but Bennett went down in my estimation today.

  9. Tanz 10

    but I do feel sorry for her, she is in the wrong party, if Labour would have her?

    • peterlepaysan 10.1

      I am sure that many in the LP caucus would be quite happy to have her on board.

  10. Venezia 11

    After that display I have to say that Paula Bennett is a disgrace and should resign.

  11. Shenaz 12

    by god, I was thinking what a fucking circus and then Peter Dunne stands up with a bowtie on and starts complaining feebly about the sound system

  12. Morrissey 13

    Bennett should know that every time she says something mean, she puts on an extra kilo.

  13. Brian 14

    Odious woman. I feel slightly sickened every time she opens her mouth.

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