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Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn writes:


The police have “re-investigated” former National MP’s alleged unlawful recording of his staff members, and confirmed their decision not to lay charges. So far, so unsurprising. But this bit is surprising:

While we recognise the strong interest in this matter, the foundation of any decision to seek warrants or to prosecute is always the evidence available to us.

Speculation, hearsay and third party information does not in itself constitute such evidence.

The legal barrier for issuing a warrant is “reasonable grounds to suspect” that an offence has been committed. In most cases that barrier is met by someone telling the police something – AKA “hearsay and third party information” – or by the police speculating that someone who did something similar will have done this thing too. That’s exactly how they got the warrant to search Nicky Hager’s house in a desperate effort to uncover his sources and punish him for publishing Dirty Politics. But apparently the rules are different when a politician is involved. So what are we to conclude? Either Barclay is getting special treatment from police on account of his status, or they’ve just admitted that the vast bulk of their ordinary work fails to meet basic standards. Either way, its not good, and it doesn’t provide us with any reason to believe that the law will be upheld fairly for all in future.

19 comments on “NRT: Police Discretion”

  1. opium 1

    But there is no corruption in NZ…. sarc

  2. mpledger 2

    All that we learn is that we should never talk to the police.

  3. Treetop 3

    The police result stinks.

  4. Muttonbird 4

    For the cops to go further would risk exposing the involvement of Key and English and their use of taxpayer money to buy off the complainant.

    This is why ‘police discretion’ has once again falling on the side of the powerful.

  5. Police discretion?

    Or outright bloody corruption by the police to protect a National MP?

    It seems to be more the latter when you consider the other places they’ve gotten warrants to prosecute ordinary people. Does any of the WINZ prosecutions meet such criteria as the police have suddenly discovered here?

  6. riffer 7

    On the plus side, at least we can be sure that NZF/G/L politicians have free rein to be as corrupt as they like this parliamentary turn. Surely it works like that, does it?

  7. greywarshark 8

    Thanks riffer we get a bit sensitive and need to know we aren’t being needled.

    By the way who sets the standards and operating procedures for the police? Or is it one of these conventions that the govt set the entity their targets and they work out how to carry them out. Supposedly in the best interests of the country. But are they beyond the people’s reach like Treasury. Treasures that we can only look at but never touch and besmirch their pure unsullied minds high above the rest of us sleazy lot.
    /sarc (in case anyone thought I was referring to him, her, or them.)

  8. Richard Christie 9

    And where was the sanctimonious lecture from police like the one Ambrose received ?

  9. Venezia 10

    Another reminder of how deceitful, how corrupt Bill English’s government has been.

  10. Dorothy Bulling 11

    On that basis we can get away with any crime we care to commit, refuse to speak to the police investigating said crime, and get away with it. Come on NZ Police, don’t take us all for fools.

  11. mosa 12

    Nicky Hagar and his treatment at the hands of the state is the real benchmark here.

    Barclay and English are exempt from the law.

    The law is an ass and the cops now pick and choose how they apply the law when it comes to National MPs.

    Another area of concern for Mr Little , Mr Nash and Attorney General Mr Parker.

    • Treetop 12.1

      When does Bush end his stint as police commissioner?

      About time that the right person gets the top police job.

  12. Michelle 13

    how much was paid out to the secretary this makes a mockery of our police and our justice system not too mention a damned waste of our taxes

  13. Graeme&Claire Stanley 14

    Did John Key and Bill English authorise hush money be paid to Glenys Dickson from John Keys Parliamentary Leaders Fund. ? Was this a legitimate use of taxpayers funds? Why is it a secret? Did The Speaker of The House have any say in this matter?

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