NRT: That empty void again

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A bit over a week ago, I complained about the empty void at the heart of the election: Nationals refusal to release policy. And it has struck again today, in the form of Nationals fiscal “plan”. After weeks of teasing about tax cuts, people were expecting specifics: numbers, thresholds, dates, calculators, how many blocks of cheese. Instead, all National has is a vague promise that they might cut taxes right before the next election. No details, no specifics, nothing.

Like most kiwis, I don’t actually want tax cuts – I’d rather have properly funded schools, hospitals and public transport instead. But if there was one thing you’d expect National to be specific on, it was this. Instead, they’re just blowing smoke. We actually have a government seeking re-election while offering no specifics about what it intends to do in office. But don’t they have a lovely picture of John Key?

8 comments on “NRT: That empty void again”

  1. Tracey 1

    there is a smidge of detail…

    Top earners will get more than lowest earners…

  2. Tracey 2

    The Prime Minister believes middle New Zealand feels it is owed a reduced tax burden. For once, his antenna seems awry. A new Reid Research poll indicates that 52 per cent of voters do not want tax cuts, while 44 per cent do. Of National supporters, 59 per cent do not support cuts, while just 38 per cent do. In response, Mr Key has offered a vague criticism of how the poll question was framed.”

  3. Ross 3

    By 2017, there would hypothetically be tax cuts of $1 billion. That is underwhelming. It’s difficult to imagine that National – if elected – will do nothing re the economy. I mean, what are the odds that GST will be left untouched?

  4. blue leopard 4

    Two reasons why it is good thing that National have a dearth of policies:

    a. that way Mr Key cannot be attacked for getting the details of them wrong.
    b.they wouldn’t be any good anyway.

  5. Descendant Of Sssmith 5

    Presumably paid for by selling off State Housing as a start. This has been obvious for a number of years – lots of empty houses, increased dividends to the state, the cancellation of new building eg Epsom, the removal of the higher paying renters, the separation of provision and assessment……

    Remember those post it notes a few weeks ago saying if Phil Heatley didn’t sell the houses he had to go.

    By having no policy if National was re-elected no doubt this would be proof (at least to them) that they have a mandate to do whatever they wanted.

    Just like Labour in the 80’s, just like the energy companies and so on the dismantling of the state continues unabated.

    Sell it cheap, close it and bulldoze it, reduce government revenue, increase government debt.

    In short make it very expensive to get stuff back.

  6. distubed 6

    Garner was very critical of the NatZ on this on radio live this morning, warning the voters to remember that their kids will be lumbered all these debts, we couldn’t believe it.

    I heard on the radio also that the Cops and public service has all been Hacked including all emails to Ede/Slater P/M. wow if they have destroyed the evidence someone around the world has a copy.

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