NRT: Breach of contract

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When National set up charter schools, they promised that they would be more accountable, and that contracts were a better means of enforcing standards than the usual school system.

Only if they’re enforced:

“The Whangaruru contract online shows that the school must have a minimum of 70 per cent registered teachers. However, the staff record that our offices have shows that only one of the nine staff has a current practicing certificate.”

“The school’s students are being short changed by the National Government – a government that continues to pretend that it cares for our challenged students.

Sounds like this charter school is in breach of its contract. Which means that the government must enforce the penalty clauses in their contract – assuming there are any. If they can’t or won’t, then the school must be closed down. Otherwise their promises of “accountability” mean nothing.

Sadly, I think the chances of the government actually doing what is required here are nil – partly because it would be an admission of failure from the government, but mainly because the entire policy is about shovelling money at chosen cronies with no oversight. But I live in hope that politicians might actually do what they say they will do, rather than treating the public and our democracy with blatant contempt.

9 comments on “NRT: Breach of contract”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    “…the entire policy is about shovelling money at chosen cronies with no oversight…”

    A naive interpretation of a deliberate and relentless assault on collectivism and evidence-based education policy, motivated by sincerely held dogma, to the detriment of all.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Otherwise their promises of “accountability” mean nothing.

    Since when has the promises of this government for greater accountability ever meant anything?

    If they meant something then Collins wouldn’t be in parliament – she’d be in jail. Same goes for McCully. Key would have been stepped down because of his lies to the NZ public years ago. And there would be others that I can’t think of just off hand.

  3. Descendant Of Sssmith 3

    I’m sure the toolbox courses run by Parents Inc have been comprehensively reviewed and found to have reduced family violence significantly, I’m sure the beaches of contracts in the private prisons have resulted in their closures, I’m sure the religious schools are not taking more than their allotted non-religious students and would never accept people who are just obviously saying they are religous so theydon’t have to go to school with all those Maori kids,, I’m sure that when Wanganui Collegiate said they were broke and needed more government funding the millions of dollars of property they were found to have owned was sold off to repay the government, I’m sure bootcamps have resulted in those young people getting good long term employment and been closed down if their results are poor, I’m sure housing stock has been purchased/built in the areas where houses are needed…

  4. vto 4

    These schools will fail and come crying to the taxpayer for welfare.

    Evidence of this is provided by the failures outlined in this post. It is a sign of future failure.

    What do people expect? Novopay? Air NZ? NZ Rail? Leaky homes? Finance companies?

  5. tricledrowm 5

    Research has shown that Right Wingers don,t think very deeply.
    This is just another teacher bullying exercise along with novapay no wonder our education standards are slipping down the international ladder.
    From 4th in the OECD to as low as 18 th.

  6. Awww 6

    I feel for those innocent kids who have no idea their future is being compromised. That percentage isn’t even in the ballpark of the required rate.

  7. kiwigunner 7

    I am totally opposed to Charter Schools but what is most revealing here is just how little anyone cared about these children. Simply there was an ideology that had to be followed regardless of the fall out. It was rushed, poorly conceived and planned and all about what the national and act parties wanted. Not for their children of course or for the children of their ilk but for the children of others who quite simply they don’t really give a dam about.

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      Very telling, isn’t it. It’s the kind of madness of a society starting to undermine itself at it’s very own roots.

  8. Dumrse 8

    36Hrs, 1school, 8 comments. Says it all really.

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