Obama comes up Trumps

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Watch Obama do Donald Trump like a dinner at the White House Correspondents’ party.

Trump didn’t like it. Crybaby.

16 comments on “Obama comes up Trumps”

  1. Armchair Critic 1


  2. M 2

    Obama, I can’t really salute you for anything but this – well done for socking it to Trump and Faux news, a direct hit to the solar plexus.

  3. felix 3


    So um, he’s a bit like John Key, amirite?

  4. Ed 4

    I liked the flower girl in the photo in the “Trump didn’t like it” link!

  5. ianmac 5

    I had seen some of Trump’s previous speeches and was appalled. Trump gets some of his own medicine. Imagine Trump as a President!!!!!

    • Bored 5.1

      Lets see, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy………Trump hmmmmm!!!!!!

  6. Lanthanide 6

    This was actually on TV1 news a couple of nights ago.

  7. nadis 8

    also very funny was the guest host seth meyers. Really ripped into the Donald……

  8. vto 9

    Trump has come out with some classics lately. Another goody went something like this…

    “The world think America today is a joke, we are not taken seriously. The world laughs at us. Well let me tell you, when I am President they will not be laughing”

    ha ha ha ha ah ha ha, that is the best laugh of the lot!

  9. Sean 10


  10. David Farrar made a comment that he thought Trump’s candidacy was a joke, although he didn’t say why.

    I had just watched http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-may-2-2011/big-deady and thought I would post on Kiwiblog a few points our David and Trump have in common – just like Trumpy, he got all snarly, accused me of personal abuse, and gave me enough demerits to get me sinbinned!

    I guess I should have posted the link as well, to make my point that it was just a joke, but my aim on blogs is to make a quick point and move on – an aim I don’t always fulfill, I admit.

    But, needless to say, my wife is overjoyed. She’s hoping for a longer ban if I dip my toes back into that nest of vipers. If I do, she’ll probably get her wish because once one knows how to needle a guy, it’s not hard to wind him up again.

    Anyway, since the Kiwiblog fraternity is always telling me (politely, of course, as they do) to engage in sexual activity and wander off to The Standard, I thought it would be interesting to post that little story here.

    And on a more serious note about Trump, the right is always telling us NZ should be run like a business, and one of the most successful businessmen in the US puts his hand up and gets dumped on by the very people who should be his cheer leaders!

    I remember the days when many wanted Ron Brierley to be our saviour, but they went quiet when his company posted the then single biggest loss in NZ history.

    Of course, Trump’s claim to business fame rests upon his unique ability to successfully negotiate the maze of bankruptcies of his permanently negatively-geared businesses.

    Maybe he really is what New Zealand needs!

  11. PETER 12

    Why can’t we have politicians of Obama’s calibre ? No matter which side of the political spectrum you reside in, you have to respect his ability. (expecially coming after G W Bush)

  12. Toby Keith 13

    That was amazing, that jackass Trump got what he deserved.

  13. North 14

    Delicious…….poetically delicious !

    Obama = Quality…….Trump = Crud.

    And to think I used to have nightmares about the Hockey Mom as President.

  14. I think Trump probably has a plethora of skeletons in his closet and he could never have run.

    Loved Obama’s birthing video!

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