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With Barack Obama doing so well in the Democrat primaries and being seen as the candidate of change, National wants to paint John Key as the kiwi Obama. And some in the media have lapped it up pointing to such amazing similarities as: ‘they were both born in 1961!’, ‘they both have two children!’, ‘they’re both running against a woman!’, and ‘neither is a known practitioner of voodoo’. How about some more substantive comparisons? 



18 comments on “Obama vs Key”

  1. the sprout 1

    a Bush/Key comparison would find lots of similarities though.

    both have lots of money and very little political experience.
    both are talented in some ways but schmucks thinking on their feet.
    both have a limited grasp of English grammar.
    both readily lie like flatfish.
    both rode on change for change’s sake.
    both are neo-liberal puppets.

  2. mike 2

    Seeing you are lowering the debate how about a Clark/Mugabee comp…

  3. Alex Freeman 3

    And both their middle names are Hussein.

    [classic, SP]

  4. Steve Pierson 4

    mike. how is exposing the fallicious nature of such comparisons ‘lowering the debate’? you’re the one who wants to lower the debate by only wanting to talk about appearances

    obviously, any honest comparison between clark and mugabe would also show no similarities – but you’re welcome to make one

  5. gobsmacked 5

    Obama has been tested in zillions of tough, lengthy debates with Clinton and other candidates, and his policies – indeed, his every word – have been subject to intense scrutiny by the press.

    Whereas Key prefers to chat with breakfast DJs, and run away from everyone else.

  6. higherstandard 7

    No real news today ?

  7. dave 8

    ..and they`ll both be leaders of their respective countries at the end of the year.
    You missed that one out. That was the obvious one.

  8. higherstandard 9

    Dave although I can hear the wailing from the Standard now – I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see McCain win through if Obama and Clinton keep fighting for the Democratic nomination thereby alienating a large proportion of the swinging Democratic vote across to someone who is perceived as a moderate Republican.

  9. Pablo 10

    Steve, Mike is clearly too dumb to get the point:

    Comparisons to Obama are supposed to be flattering to Key, however they don’t wash.

    Comparisons to Mugabe are supposed to be insulting to Clark, however they too don’t wash.

  10. Chris S 11

    gobsmacked – whats the caption?

    I vote, for the second one, “Try the dead rat, it’s delicious”

  11. r0b 12

    although I can hear the wailing from the Standard now

    Wail! Wail! An all too plausible scenario.

    No real news today ?

    Some people are never happy. I was just going to complement The Standard on a seemingly non stop barrage of interesting posts on a wide range of topics. I can’t keep up!

  12. Snelly Boy 13

    I note Farrar’s site appears to have been down for the past hour or so.

    Perhaps his master Key didn’t appreciate his little photo caption nonsense and ordered it down.

  13. Matthew Pilott 14

    Yeah HS I’m not disagreeing – the republicans must be enjoying the dems’ stouch (is that a word..?) going on at present, what you say could happen. However after the Democratic candidate is nominated, the candidacy fight may be forgotten – it probably depends on how rough they play.

    Chris S – if he’s anything like bush, I wonder if he’s holding the toy the right way up. I don’t think so – the sprog looks pretty confused.

  14. Dancer 15

    hey i DO have an achievement – changing the National caucus position to support therepeal of Cl 59 (using force against children). I know it was not a popular move with his own caucus, and that some were upset with the decision. But i’m glad he did it.

  15. smithers 16

    Here’s something else tthey might have in common wise words on Tibet and free trade.

    Perhaps Helen Clark could say something as forthright


  16. Matthew Pilott 17

    Perhaps Helen Clark could say something as forthright

    I don’t suppose you’ve read the link you posted, an unusual move to say the least…

    Key (emphasis added): I join with the Government in voicing concern at the violence and loss of life in Tibet over recent days

  17. Dan 18

    SP, well done! Bullet proof. Key looked quite lost on the news tonight. His confidence levels are declining. He clearly does not enjoy the hot seat. Roger Douglas is wooing the neanaderthal Nats. Where has Key got to go?
    Miskey, or even risk key?
    I like the stability and sense from Cullen and Clark. And don’t you enjoy Cullen’s humour. The guy is quite at ease, particularly when this is the best McCully and English can throw at him.
    Go Labour. They probably have a bit to do with compliance issues with small business, and health, and roads, and education. But otherwise, they are bolters!

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