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For people in Dunedin – a chance to meet up this Saturday (18th) from about 1 O’Clock at the bandstand in the Botanic Gardens. Bring your enthusiasm and whatever else you feel will be useful. The weather, it seems, may not be the kindest. But since we are not made of sugar…

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9 comments on “Off The Pages – reminder”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Looking forward to it. Thanks Bill.

  2. r0b 2

    Apologies, will be in Auckland.

    • lprent 2.1

      r0b: Catch up if you have the time?

      My apologies as well. I will also be in Auckland.

      I literally whistled past Dunedin after xmas. Someone else’s car

  3. Rosie 3

    Good organising Bill. It’s a great opportunity for Dunedin commenters, authors and readers to discuss ideas in a sociable way and forge more solid connections. You can also speak freely, away from the prying eyes and flapping ears of our silent electronic overlords.

    If appropriate, it would be good to have a brief report of the “off the pages” event.

    • Corokia 3.1

      Since they will be reading this blog, the electronic overlords will probably send someone along, it might be fun trying to spot them. If someone tries to get you guys to lob a grenade at Michael Woodhouse’s office (and offers to supply the grenade) that will be the SIS infiltrator.

      • Bill 3.1.1

        No shit, Sherlock! 😉

      • Colonial Viper 3.1.2

        And as a reminder to those who think that’s a joke – the FBI runs multiple entrapment operations targeting intellectually disabled, poor and vulnerable Muslim or Black youth as so-called terrorists.

        Terrorist plots where the FBI provided

        – The leadership contacts
        – The plans
        – The money
        – The weapons

        to carry out the “terrorist” activity. And at the last moment, swoop in and ‘successfully disrupt a terrorist attack’ (which they organised) to the hand clapping acclaim of the MSM and justification for ever increasing Homeland Security budgets.

        • Murray Olsen

          The Secret Service has a long history of setting up counterfeit money rings as well. I suppose that work on the basis that no honest person could be convinced to make easy money with all the equipment and contacts they supply.

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Off the page meeting underway 🙂

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