Oh Dear. Buster Perky hits the canvass again

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rodders250Hypocrisy is such a difficult tag to shake in NZ politics.

After blowing $50,000 of tax payer money on a trip with his girlfriend to visit her brother and wander around Disneyland, it seems like Rodney Hide has been caught yet again pilfering public funds to help with his romantic chances, this time another $10,000 for a trip for two to Hawaii.

You know they’re guilty when they pay it back.

8 comments on “Oh Dear. Buster Perky hits the canvass again”

  1. He’s going for the record get your copies of those cute Air NZ ads featuring Rodney and Hone as they are likely to not be around long. Air NZ is pushing it a bit though equating Hone’s level of perking to Rodneys extraordinary effort.

  2. stevo 3

    It’s a right wing conspiracy to get rid of MMP. Simply get Rodney of the 3.65% party to behave badly and it will be MMP’s fault in the minds of the populace thanks to the media hacks that sound bite the news or us (Paul Henry, leighton Smith, the e-spinners).

    A highish spot on the National list awaits……

  3. stevo – that’s right up there with UFO conspiracies!

    Once again, Hide’s first questioned trip didn’t cost $50,000, having the girlfriend with him is now quoted as just $12,000 extra and the Hawaii trip was paid back but was part of the 90% subsidy that older MP’s have as a contractual right.

    Perhaps The Standard could go back and look at the amount of holidays or even days off that Hide took pre-2009. You will be hard pressed to find anything and asking around advisors since 1996 all would without question state that the hardest part about working with Hide was that he never took any holidays or time away, leading to atrocious work-life balance.

    [lprent: ‘The Standard’ is a pretty dumb program running on server. It does nothing unless I code it and I can’t code that particular course of action.
    You should read the about to find out how this site operates and the policy under Rules about ascribing a mind to machine (which I consider is particularly dumb).
    Perhaps you should ask an author? ]

    • Pascal's bookie 4.1

      Dear me.

      It’s a Plethora Of Poon says Pope”

      Vatican City
      November 7 2009

      The Holy City seemed calm today in spite of the revelation that Pope Rortney had not only taken a wife, but maintained a harem of some thirty women.

      The pope was married in a civil ceremony last Wednesday, the papal secretary announced, to a thirty two year old native of Iran. Mrs Rortney, whose name has not been announced, is described in an official press release as a devout shi’ite muslim of impeccable standards, and a “direct descendant of the Prophet (saas)”.

      The harem, the existence of which has only just been discovered, is made up of mostly local women a papal official said. “They are here of their own free will, as flatmates of his holiness. They are free to leave or stay at their own pleasure. It is a relationship in the nature of marriage you might say, but you know, not a proper one. Obviously. Hah.”

      The mood amoungst the faithful in St Peters square was defensive. When asked how they felt about the days announcements given many long-standing, and it must be said, sincerely taught teachings of the Church, the typical response was that “Critics and mockers should just shut the fuck up ok? What he’s doing is perfectly legal and you guys are all doing it too, so just shut up. ok. It’s legal. He’s well within his rights, and he’s been years without a root. Years. And he works so hard. So shut up.”

  4. Cactus: pathetic. truly pathetic.

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