Old Masters on Election 2011

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Doing the rounds. If anyone knows the original source post in comments and we’ll link to it.

Update: From Brian Edwards in comments – these appeared first on his site, from an anonymous friend. Check it out – there are other examples.

11 comments on “Old Masters on Election 2011”

  1. Someone Else 2

    These are pretty good. Well done!

  2. ScottGN 3

    I got these emailed to me on 25 Nov from a friend in Auckland who works in the Fine Art area. I then put them up on my Facebook page. Not sure who the original source is.

  3. alwyn 4

    Brian Edwards had the first two, plus another of “The three graces”, on his website about a week ago.
    He may be able to tell you what the original source is.

  4. Ms X 5

    Excellent. I have to say that the second one is my favourite!

  5. prism 6

    The second one must have been the most demanding because of the number of heads and expressions. All great. I have sent it on to a dedicated National supporter. I am sure he will see the innocent humour in it.

  6. freedom 7

    i will definitely be printing a copy of #3 for the studio wall,
    and maybe a few postcards to friends overseas

  7. Most of these brilliant examples of the photoshopper’s art were originally published on our website. The artist is a friend and colleague who prefers to remain anonymous. Cheers!

  8. In Vino Veritas 9

    These are actually very funny!! I liked the mother on the dole one, I hear there’s good money in pole dancing.

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