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16 comments on “Open mike 02/11/09”

  1. Prepare for another round of bennie bashing, sickness and invalids this time it seems. Several of the more persistent right wing bloggers appear to be in receipt of such state assistance, quite necessarily as evidenced by some of their posts. So also prepare for another outbreak of hypocrisy.

  2. prism 2

    Understanding the Growth in Invalid’s Benefit Receipt in New Zealand…/understanding-the-growth-29-pages127-145.html
    I am looking for info on invalid benefit payments in NZ as announcement that govt looking into them. Big rise around 1992 I think item said mirrored rising unemployment figures, which was similar to other countries at that time. It is quite hard being on invalid benefit so important that care and consideration are shown in policies.

    • starboard 2.1

      why are you so insistant that its the invalid benefit getting bashed…every time I see the left ranting on about it its ” the invalid bash “…maybe ..and about time…they are going to whack those parasitic slappers on the more ” I wana payrise..Im gona have another sprogg “. The sooner these ones are bashed into oblivion.. the better.

      • Roger 2.1.1

        Because the Herald reported that there was a a specific focus by Bill English on invalids beneficiaries.

      • BLiP 2.1.2

        Because “pick on the weak” is National Ltd®’s standard operating practise. You’re not really describing John Key’s mum as a parasitic slapper”, are you?

  3. SAL 3

    In response to the faked outrage in yesterday’s H.O.S editorial about Labour’s polling strategy:

    I note that a “Graeme Edgeler” has confirmed the “accuracy” of the anonymous poster’s revelation on The Standard… that National used the same polling techniques in 2002 – and beyond. You will find it in the comments section of a post by Andrew Geddis on the media blog, Pundit.

    I can also reveal that ACT adopted similar practices in the 90s at the very least. I was one of the 20 to 30 volunteers involved at that time. The phoning took place at an Auckland advertising firm’s premises, and we were instructed to use the name of a research company which, if my memory serves me correctly, was called “Ian Brown Associates”. I have no idea whether the company existed or not, but it is immaterial because the polling was run by ACT using members and supporters.

    It makes a mockery of the outrage towards Labour shown by the H.O.S and other media outlets!

    I stopped supporting ACT in 2000 for much the same reasons as your anonymous poster moved away from National.

  4. Armchair Critic 4
    Buy it for 10m in 2005, sell it for 25.5m in 2009, back to the original owners. Bet the ratepayers of Lubeck are stoked (not)!
    This is the kind of company that will be managing Auckland’s assets if NACT have their way. Be afraid – the “public assets are for making a profit, not for serving the people” brigade are knocking at the door.

    • So Bored 4.1

      You are onto it, forget Wodders little pecadillo with the attractive young squash lady, and consequent expenditure of our cash on his romantic global dalliances, thats all just a smokescreen for the big event….the privatisation of all public services, first in Auckland, and then through the rest of NZ.

      For the benefit of those thick skulled semi epsilon morons amongst the ratepayers of Auckland who dont quite get the picture heres the layout:
      * Greater Auckland councils have assetts equal to the whole NZX.
      * Rodders and the big money types in Auckland are slathering at the lips at the prospect of getting their grubby little mits on them (cut price of course, preferably massively discounted).
      * These assetts reflect local monopolies or duopolies for the supply of services to the people of Auckland, Which means private owners can rip shit and bust, charge hugely for their services, get their capital back poste haste then extort substantial profits whilst assett stripping and running down the parts of the services that dont make money.

      If thats what Aucklanders want to have happen so be it, but dont say we did not warn you.

  5. Armchair Critic 5

    She can vote, in the next two decades her kids can vote – there’s four votes to your one. You might vote National, but do you seriously think they will?

    • starboard 5.1


      [lprent: Idiot, and also a banned idiot. Adding you to the spam queue and sending all of your recent comments there to help ban you across akismet. ]

    • Armchair Critic 5.2

      Oh, okay, sorry, did I not make it clear enough? Within the next 18 years (and I’m hoping for quite a lot less than that), National will have been voted out. So they won’t be able to pass laws that stop the people you refer to from “hopping on the taxpayers titty”, as you so elegantly put it.
      I’m also hoping that whoever gets voted in after National refuses the opportunity to indulge in populist, punitive politics you advocate for, and actually does something to improve the lives of your example, and her children. To the point where they don’t need support of the taxpayer. Cutting their benefit won’t make anyone’s life any better.

  6. Eclipse 6

    Fun aside for the day: Michael Laws apparently thinks trolling a facebook group that dislikes him is a useful way to spend a Monday afternoon:

    Hope the people of Whanganui are happy with his performance.

  7. prism 7

    Females are all slappers at heart eh! Having sprogs all over the place. A bit more self-discipline and discretion needed. What about males? Getting drunk or into drugs, driving fast, breaking rules is the chosen approach of many in the child-forming age group. It’s just that women who also indulge in this male behaviour may also get pregnant. Many women on DPB have been married or in previous permanent relationships that haven’t worked out. Probably because of the aforementioned drugs and booze. If the government and/or the country accepted that bringing up children well takes know-how and much effort and helped all parents to get the know-how then the DPB would be seen as a type of educational support to those receiving, with better outcomes expected and achieved than at present.

  8. Thank you John A .At last somebody other than this writer is concerned at the interest Lord Michael Ashcroft is taking in Aoteroa.Just what is this very far Right Conservative;s interest . Im not fooled by his offers of reward monies regarding some criminal act. He want’s to get well thought of by the gullible NZ public for a reason
    As John A reports he’s the Chair of the Pacfic Democratic Union of which the powerfull ,rich Republican Party USA. is the controlling member.Destroying unions and anything left of Mussolini and Privatisation is its main aim. My suspicious mind tells me that the latter is Ashcrofts main interest in Aoteroa. Covert meetings with Key private meetings with prominant Nats and the revelations of one Nick Smith add up to ACC. take over .
    ‘More so when its realised that Ashcrofts interests are in the insurance business . Wake up NZ We all ready have one smilling
    “charming asssasin . Keep this one out of Aoteroa,

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