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27 comments on “Open mike 03/06/2010”

  1. Jenny 1

    Hone Harawira, Northland Age, June 1

    Anyway, the other night I thought I’d try to build some bridges for the future by road-testing a possible coalition between the Maori Party and Labour. So I invited Parekura to come out to dinner with me and one of our old workmates, the extremely mysterious Ben Dalton

    And on line here.

    And here on a more serious note in a speech opposing the ‘Three Strikes Law’.

    Mr Speaker, the Maori Party opposes this Bill with all its heart, and we will work with whomever it takes, to develop intelligent policy over kneejerk idiocy, and rehabilitation over degradation.

    • Tigger 1.1

      And yet he continues to prop up this government…

      • pollywog 1.1.1

        To be fair though. Hone’s deal breaker was and is always likely to be the forshore and seabed issue.

        He’s not gonna walk away from that table till all the places are set and the buffet is open for business.

        He is Nga Puhi after all, and they got a hua of a lot of coastline and treaty settlement to negotiate so he’s better of working from the inside for the mo’.

      • Jenny 1.1.2

        And why do you think that is Tigger?

  2. Any bets on John Key throwing his toys out of the cot and not standing for PM at the 2011 elections?
    After-all he has achieved his goal of being PM and i suspect from his change in demeanor that he is getting sick of the hassle.

  3. Do any of the Pasifikan politicians have anything worth saying in parliament ?

    It’s just that, for peoples from a culture of oral traditions they don’t seem to say much. Why is that ?

  4. gingercrush 4

    ^ Wow ass.

    Anyway. Why the hell do both the NZ Herald and Stuff have a technology section. Its just a face for advertorial bullshit.

    Oh and why is the government supporting the wine industry? And before anyone screams conflict of interest. Um yeah shut up. The wine industry will end up becoming one huge glut market like a dozen wine markets elsewhere. Personally, I find the taste of wine to be utterly disgusting. It smells like shit and tastes like it as well. They can talk value-added wine bullshit all they want. It will still lead to an eventual glut. Why increase the production of vineyards and wine anymore. Its not about producing more. Its about making use of what we already have. And many vineyards are well crap.

    We’d be far better going into specialty beers and premium spirits. And I’m not talking about that vodka company that the likes of Rod Oram spout off as a huge success. It was a business based off advertising gimmicks. Nothing to get excited about there. But there is great potential in this country for a future in very special beers and spirits.

    • pollywog 4.1

      So get amongst it gingerfluff, no ones stopping ya…

      …though i’d rather see us get into electric cars and solar panels, eco tourist vans and luxury train cars and but hey, alcohol is a winner too !

      • gingercrush 4.1.1

        I’d like us do a bunch of other things as well. (and on that matter none of those four things you mentioned would do much for our economy. We should grow weed. It’d do more for a Green economy than anything else) My main point really was this country talks so much about wine.The media love the stuff which is why it gets greater importance in this country than it actually deserves (compared to other industries wine really doesn’t cut it). One thing the world actually doesn’t need is more wine. It doesn’t need more beer or spirits either. But here they’re at a far lower base that it at least has the potential. More wine production is just going to cause problems in the future.

        • pollywog

          …and on that matter none of those four things you mentioned would do much for our economy.

          sure it would, if we set ourselves up to manufacture the stuff, and then theres the positive benefits to the environment.

          FWIW though, i’ve got a choice idea for an alcopop.

        • Name

          Wine is a great con-trick – like nondescript handbags, unremarkable trainers or ordinary wristwatches with a famous name the gullible can be fleeced into buying the name rather than the product. Hence wine that’s no different from the stuff at $3/liter in a box can be sold at $30 a liter in a bottle because of the label on it which some self-professed expert declares to be special. Fortunately New Zealand managed the con, which makes adds millions of dollars to the export value of an otherwise low value product.

          Beers and ales generally have not managed the con, and anyway people drink beers and ales in order to get drunk rather than to impress their friends, so exporting beers and ales is never going to have the added value of an expensive label.

  5. Janice 5

    This morning, once again, our glorious yellow, lily livered chicken PM has refused a request for an interview on NatRad. His 2IC also refused. They don’t want to talk about their plans for Kiwibank because they are still trying to work out how they can convince us it is a good thing and not another broken promise. Also he can’t be seen to smile and wave on radio.

    • Lanthanide 5.1

      Yeah, we just get his dopey voice and cringe-worthy accent.

      • WillieMaley 5.1.1

        Sean Plunkett confirmed that Key had been interveiwed three times this year on Morning Report.
        Two of those times were when he was overseas.
        Tells you it all really, smile and wave, smile and wave.

  6. I like this call.

    Teaching and learning maori history should be strengthened in our schools. How much maori history or history from a maori perspective did you learn? Maori history is OUR history and the sooner we recognise that and strengthen it within our learning institutions the better – IMO.

    In fact i’d go further

    Tax breaks when you can explain the history of the region you live in.

    • Bored 6.1

      I would like to see more history and geography taught full stop….not just Maori or NZ European but also a broad based world view from the viewpoint of the people affected by events (like Zinn on what it was like to be a sharecropper in 1920s Alabama), (or perhaps Braudel on civilisations and their geo cultural and historic continuities)…….cant see that the authorities however would be keen on the unsanitised non-triumphalist unorthodoxies that might inform the general populace of their real place.

    • Descendant Of Smith 6.2

      I sure learned more about New Zealand history after leaving school than I did at it.

      Part of what got me interested more deeply was going to NPBHS school centenary. Albert Wendt was an old boy and had been asked to write an article for the centennial magazine. He had previously been asked to do this for the 75th Jubilee and had written an article then about how he had to leave school to learn about Parihaka and how could this be when it was such an important part of NZ history – and so close to the school to boot.

      Twenty five years later nothing had changed and so he simply asked for the article to be repeated.

      A couple of years ago I met a teacher from the school and asked whether this was yet being taught, whether the school ever made the effort to visit Parihaka. Sadly Albert Wendt would have to repeat the article yet again.

      We could do so much better in this country with our own history. The really cool thing about it is that it is very well documented so it can be studied in some detail. Even reading some of the letters published in early Taranaki newspapers gives a far wider variance of view from New Zealanders about issues that might otherwise be expected.

      The lack of understanding about deliberate efforts to create an egalitarian country by many of those who settled here doesn’t help modern day citizens resist the plundering of the country by the rich – perhaps though that’s why at the end of the day we are not taught these things.

  7. I’d go further Marty, and study revisionist interpretations of wider pasifikan myths ands traditions like Maui ti’i ti’i a Talaga. For instance, how many people know Maui wasn’t Maori ?

    Perhaps then we might see closer economic/cultural ties and a single polynesian currency between Maori and other Pacific nations.

    White NZ isn’t interested in Maori history just as the colonial powers aren’t interested in a united Pasifikan peoples. From their perspecrtive, divide and conquer will always rule the day.

  8. As usual today, Garth McVictim is spewing more crap. Tell us Garth why you are more qualified to comment than a judge who sat through all the evidence?

    Also had on the radio his buddy from the new “Law and Order Party”, here’s hoping they get mr Emrey as thier spokesman for housing issues!

  9. Tigger 9

    Gordon Campbell makes a superb point about the MP’s request for an apology for Maori players excluded from tours of South Africa.

    • starboard 9.1 you are happy with that sentence of 2 years 10 months for murder ???

  10. lprent 10

    Routing problems have been a problem today. There is some lousy table in San Diego that has been blocking some of the local networks from accessing the server. Works fine from my iPhone thru vodafone. Orcon and ihug can’t see it.

    We’re looking for an ip that we can change the server to that bypasses the damaged router.

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