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12 comments on “Open mike 04/06/2010”

  1. just saying 1

    An udated version of ‘Stand down Margaret’ especially for her 80th birthday.

    We could use some protest music – especially if Key gets a second term. I can imagine a Pacific Reggae version ‘Stand down jonkey’…..

  2. vto 2

    I am still staggered that the Central Plains Water thieves have Requiring Authority status allowing them to compulsorily acquire private properties. (CPW got its resource consent Wednesday)

    This is a private organisation which will benefit its private owners. They are achieving that by forcibly taking land from other private people. It fucking stinks.

    I don’t know how they achieved the Requiring Authority (I think through the earlier involvement of local Councils). Whatever it was, it is surely one of the biggest rorts by farming business on private people in NZ’s history.

    There has to be a story in there somewhere for some budding investigative journalist type. Get stuck into how it came about and who now gets the benefit. And the scale of the benefit. And ask some hard questions of Alan Hubbard and that fulla Pye and local farmers.

    It is interesting how farmers have all but clammed up over the water debates in Canterbury. They are never heard from (except the ideologues at Fed Farmers). They are just sitting back and letting Smith, Hide and Key’s private investments do their dirty work for them.

    But if, however, it turns out that requiring authority status was justified then I look forward to applying for and attaining such status myself for my own private business interests. Everyone else should too.

    Fucken hell, being from farming and rural background like so many others I am surprised how mine own tide has turned against farmers so quickly recently. Maybe it is just Canterbury farming types. They act like bloody Fay and Richwhite. Farmers = finance company operators in many many ways.

  3. so gerrymonster has to apologise to iwi because he didn’t consult them about this deal to allow exploitation of our natural resources by this multinational oil company.

    gerry says it was an oversite and that he will ‘try’ to consult with iwi in the future

    gerrymonster has to go

  4. Gerry. “I Forgot” Yeah Right!

  5. I managed to catch some Parliament TV last night and was well impressed with Carmel Sepuloni’s speech ripping into Nikki Kaye, Paula Bennett and Peseta Sam Lotu -Iiga on behalf of Auckland constituents. She looks and sounds like she can and will go far in the Labour party and eventually gov’t.

    …and then theres the ongoing PEDA travesty best covered over at . Props goes out to Su’a Willam Sio for asking what we ‘d all like to know and hopefully, if he keeps asking, we might get a decent answer.

    So good to see Pasifikan politicians being seen and heard, though i still have no time for Peseta Sam ‘loves to linger’. He seems quite content to grunt and chortle in the background and make obsequieous supporting comments in favour of his National party overlords.

    I wonder if he realises that the Samoan sentiment of becoming a servant to your people being the mark of great leadership, means serving the interests of the wider peoples and not just serving his own interests as a reperesentative of the people. If he doesn’t, then i’m afraid he’s leading himself down the garden path to the long drop of irrelevence and political obscurity.

  6. prism 6

    From google (also see Wikipedia)
    Israel | Rachel Corrie
    HAIFA, Israel — Shortly before Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on March 16, 2003, she said in a video interview that she marveled …

    Now the relief ship Rachel Corrie sails into the sea on the way to Gaza where they will likely be exposed to the disgraceful aggressive and violent behaviour of the Israeli government and its armed forces. What a lying regime, talking about protecting themselves like innocent, peace-loving people while they wage a punitive and retributive campaign against the Palestinians inflicting disproportionately large damage for every rocket or action arising from Gaza.

    The USA flew supplies into surrounded Berlin in the 20th century taking a righteous and humanitarian stance to aid the people there. Apparently their high principles have the ‘leaky home’ syndrome, with hidden rot and toxic growths behind the facade.

  7. EminenceGrise 8

    How about bottling bad wine as “PM’s Plonk” and flogging it during the next election ?

    Nah, who would buy it ?

  8. I dreamed a dream 9

    Roy Morgan poll out. Not good 🙁

    • lprent 9.1

      Yeah. That GCR is annoying, that makes two of them it is up on.

      Oh well, be interesting seeing what it does after the budget effects sink in a bit. It appears to have been run from the immediate euphoria of the budget to now, so it really depends when the bulk was canvassed.

      It is only a moderate gain from the budget by the look of it.

      • ak 9.1.1

        It’s the Tuhoegate effect – and quite encouraging at a mere 4% compared to the almost guaranteed 20-odd% that Winnie, Brash and Lhaws garnered in recent years. Take into account the more recent Brolmar (negative Tuhoegate effect) and Vasectomy Boy’s latest screaming withdrawal from the limelight and I’d say the public mood (as measured daily by Farrarpoll) is in a state of extreme volatility: mirroring, as is its wont, the global macroeconomic flux.

        You read it here first: the piteous images of those poor, wretched, oiled pelicans mark the final, definitive tipping point of the world’s tolerance for unbridled corporate arrogance. It’s the Kim Phuc footage of this generation; but this time on top of a ruined and tottering western/global base. The cold, self-centred machinations of Key and his oleaginous ilk just met their inevitable historical destiny. One small, slithering step for the oligarchy; one giant leap for humanity.

      • gingercrush 9.1.2

        We’re about where the poll was at the start of the year with the GCR where it was back in March. And that GCR is still below the whole of 2009.

        TV 3’s poll is this week I believe.

        And this poll even though there are obvious differences. National being above 50%. Labour below 33% and Greens with a higher vote comfirms that TV One’s Colmar Brunton poll they just had, had fallen in line with Roy Morgan. Therefore had little to do with the poll but more in becoming a more rational poll. (I don’t think that makes any sense, oh well)

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