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55 comments on “Open Mike 05/11/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    November 5th.
    This action by the U.S. is certain to cause fireworks.
    Iran won’t lie down quietly on this one.

    Iran braces for fresh US sanctions including oil embargo

    Iranians are bracing for the full force of US sanctions due to hit on Monday as the Trump administration reimposes an embargo on oil, the most stringent set of punitive measures since Washington withdrew from the 2015 landmark nuclear deal, known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

    The new sanctions, which also aim to cut off Iran’s banking sector from the global market, are timed to coincide with the anniversary of the 1979 storming by Iranian revolutionaries of the US embassy in Tehran, when angry students took 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days.

    Iran has remained defiant, saying it is confident it can weather the impacts, and that the US will fail to bring down Iranian oil imports to zero. But ordinary people, wary of the fluctuations of the currency and the rising prices of goods, are anxious.

    On Sunday, a state-organised rally took place in front of the former US embassy compound in central Tehran to mark the anniversary. The crowd held placards reading “Down with USA”, and “Down with Israel”, while others set US and Israeli flags on fire.

    • Adrian Thornton 1.1

      Unfortunately for the World the US not only has the halfwit Trump it has someone far more dangerous, the cold war neocon nutcase John Bolton…

      “Meet Neocon John Bolton, the Most Hawkish National Security Adviser Imaginable”

      Here is The real News unpacking his sordid history..

  2. Cinny 2

    Another tape……timing…. surprise simon, just in time for your monday morning media appearances.

    Secret recordings of a conversation involving Jami-Lee Ross, Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett have been leaked to The AM Show.

    The comments on the tape suggest the National leadership team was trying to cover up the wrongdoing by Mr Ross. They discuss what reasons they will give for his leave – medical or family. Ms Bennett says medical leave would be better, as it would reduce media interest.

    More to come apparently……

    • Ross 2.1

      Bridges must be gone – he says that if JLR behaves in a way that Bridges wants him to behave, then Bridges won’t “bad mouth” him. Is that what happens when you disagree with Bridges – you run the risk of being bad mouthed? Isn’t the word for that blackmail?

      I have no doubt that National will try to use the new waka jumping law to oust JLR from Parliament.

      • Chris T 2.1.1

        The more I have thought about it the more I think they won’t actually

        I don’t see what it would achieve, that would cancel out the flack they would get

        Could be totally wrong though.

    • AB 2.2

      Heard the tape on RNZ and thought the content was pretty unexceptional. Exactly how any business or organisation would talk behind closed doors to minimise public fallout. Nothing much of interest really. The three of them did sound like some dysfunctional, trashy family that you might see on reality tv, but that’s not surprising either.

      • Cinny 2.2.1

        Do as national says and we will make the harassment allegations go away.

      • Pat 2.2.2

        youre right….none of it is surprising (to most) however what is damaging is the patently obvious dishonesty when trying to explain it away…..this wont make any difference ultimately as he was already a dead man walking.

  3. WeTheBleeple 3

    Bridges: “You (JLR) can get through it if your attitude, um, after the time out, is good and positive; and you can be promoted again.”

    Time out.

    Go and sit in the naughty corner you bad MP!

    Timing is everything in comedy. This is gold.

  4. Adrian Thornton 4

    Watch the film the US Israel lobby didn’t want you to see….

    “The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States”

    • Adrian 4.1

      This was done a few years ago by a NY journalist in a book descibing how a huge amount of the money voted to Israel by the US Senate is funneled back to politicians in the US for campaign funding. Sorry can’t remember the name of it but do remember that the author was Jewish which blunted the criticism that it was a political spin job.

    • Bill 4.2

      Thank you. I’d been keeping half an eye out for that having only seen snippets from the one on Israeli interference in the UK.

  5. A 5

    This is a cool idea – payroll software that allows workers to get an advance for work already done, with a flat fee of $3.

    This will take millions out of the payday loan shark hands 😀

    • Sabine 5.1

      Why cant’ the company that one works be able to provide an advanced payment if need be for no fee?

      While working in euope – germany/holland/france, this was always an option to go to HR, fill out a form and be able to be paid early if need be. No fees applied. The amount was always dependent on income per month and how many hours worked, and some companies may have a limit as to how much you can have advance pay but it was easy as.

      • patricia bremner 5.1.1

        Sounds good. Works there, should work here.

        • Sabine

          i know, i have the option on the software we use. And no i don’t see the need to charge a staff who needs some cash upfront a fee to getting access to what she has earned.

          • A

            Don’t suppose you could give us the name of that software Sabine? Sounds wonderful.

            • Sabine

              Kwikpay, but in saying that it will run out when the new payday filing comes out in april. That will become compulsory in March/April.

  6. SaveNZ 6

    Interesting details on Zhang Yikun and his relationship with the People’s Republic of China’s United Front programs and his networking with major politicians in NZ. He was involved in the $100k non declared ‘donation’ to the National party, but also apparently involved in bankrolling Phil Goff’s Mayoral campaign.

    “Although he has been in New Zealand for nearly 20 years and is still unable to speak English, it has not affected him networking with politicians. Gary Tong, the mayor of Southland, who is currently travelling with Zhang in China, said that Zhang is well known in central government and has close links to high level ministers and MPs. They include National Party leader Simon Bridges, former PM John Key, party president Peter Goodfellow, Deputy Leader Paula Bennett, Auckland Mayor and former Labour leader Phil Goff , current Justice Minister and former Labour Party leader Andrew Little and other senior politicians.

    Among them, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, who was in Hong Kong on 4 June 1989, and saw the massacre on live broadcast TV. The experience had moved him and he has showed sympathy for activists in the past. For example, when Wei Jingsheng, a famous Chinese democracy activist visited New Zealand, Goff invited him to lunch at Parliament. Times have changed, and though Goff is still particularly fond of China, his favour now seems to rest with interests associated with the CCP.”

  7. greywarshark 7

    Interested in backing and supporting a local real news medium?

  8. WeTheBleeple 8

    In a metservice weather report on scoop

    “Week one looks very cold and wet but week two looks warm and dry. Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.”


  9. This is the best type of person to be a citizen. Such a contrast to the attitude of scarcity, meanmindedness and ladder-pulling-up displayed by some.

    Afife Harris has never forgotten what it was like to have to flee her home to escape the ravages of war.

    The 65-year-old Dunedin woman remembers only too well the day her father gathered up the family and drove for hours to take refuge in a small village well away from Beirut, Lebanon, when fighting broke out in civil war…

    Over the last three years she has been a friend and supporter to more than 500 Syrian refugees who have made Dunedin their home.

    “When they arrive at the airport I am there to meet them. I tell them I am your friend, I am your neighbour, I speak your language,” she says. “I help them find jobs, help them with English; they are coming to a strange place and it takes time for them to adjust to a new culture.”

  10. esoteric pineapples 11

    Interesting. Now with a right wing military leader, this provides an excellent opportunity for the US to indirectly attack Venezuela whereas invading itself directly would be a bit impractical. Trump has already previously asked why America just doesn’t invade it. The claim by the US Treasury Department that Venezuela and Nicaragua are “threats to the world’s financial systems” are ludicrous, so can only be interpreted as a prelude to attacking them.

    • WeTheBleeple 11.1

      Ridiculous claims and oil deposits. Sounds familiar.

      Fingers crossed for the midterms: their Guv’nor needs governing.

  11. esoteric pineapples 12

    Columbia joining Nato should be seen as hugely significant, and not in a good way

    • esoteric pineapples 12.1

      Given that the US seems to be trying to build an alliance around Venezuela to squeeze it to death, it is probably not a surprise that Russia is one of its few friends

      “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has thanked Russia for its support to his country during the political crisis.

      “Thank you for your support and demonstration of solidarity in this difficult situation Venezuela has been facing in the recent months,” he said at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.”

    • Antoine 12.2

      > Columbia joining Nato

      How bizarre. I never heard of these ‘NATO partners’ before


  12. Carolyn_Nth 13

    The government is currently seeking public views to the welfare advisory group on how to improve our welfare system by 9 November. Crucial that as many people as possible submit.

    Welfare advisory group web site.

    Submissions page.

    Green Party policy on this.

    Here’s what the Green Party is calling for:

    1. Increase baseline benefits
    Our social support system shouldn’t leave the most vulnerable people living in poverty. No matter who you are in New Zealand, you should have enough to live with dignity.

    2. Remove sanctions
    Sanctions punish people for being poor. Kiwis know it’s about time we offered support for those trying to find work, rather than making things harder for them.

    3. Change the benefit reduction threshold
    Right now, benefit reduction thresholds are so low that people are often put a worse financial position than if they didn’t work at all. We want to increase this threshold, so no one is worse off for finding casual or part-time work.

    4. Combine the In Work Tax Credit & the Family Tax Credit
    Every child deserves a great start in life, but the In-Work Tax Credit only goes to some families – punishing people who can’t work. Let’s combine it with the Family Tax Credit, so all children benefit.

    5. Moving towards a just system of individual needs
    People are penalised for falling in love. We need to move towards a just system of entitlements based on individual need so that people can be in relationships of mutual support without fear of losing their financial independence.

    • Chris 13.1

      Also need to reintroduce the special benefit or something similar. At the moment there’s no discretionary help available for people in need but whose situations don’t fit within the existing rule-based benefits. Labour got rid of the special benefit under urgency in 2004. Changed the whole flavour of the Social Security Act. It needs to be put back.

    • Antoine 13.2

      #3 seems like a no-brainer (i.e. one that even a right-wing government would want to fix). The abatement curve seems incredibly steep


  13. Bad news imo – What is driving these prices up? Guess.

    “The average property value in Wellington has risen about 45 per cent, but the most affordable suburbs, such as Newlands and Tawa, have experienced the biggest increases.

    … “If you’ve got a home, it means you’re going to feel wealthier,” said Wellington mayor Justin Lester. “If you don’t have a home it means the prospects of getting one – you might have reduced confidence about it.”

  14. Obama’s still got it. Hope his influence gets the votes.

    “Former US President Barack Obama has labelled President Trump’s response to the migrant caravan a ‘political stunt.’ ‘They’re telling us the single most grave threat to America is a bunch of poor, impoverished, broke, hungry refugees a thousand miles away,’ Obama said during a rally for Democratic senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana.”

  15. OnceWasTim 16

    Just out of interest @ mm, do you think you could spell it out a bit more in words a 3 year old could understand, or even someone bordering on being admitted to the Dame Edna Everidge facility for the Bewildered.

    When I look at things around this nekminit neka the woods, it just shows that Newlands and Tawa (both areas btw I used to regard as Trumpinan-like ‘shitholes’ are the next areas for ticket clippers and marketeers to take advantage of.

    And let’s hope like Hell in the next local body elections there’s someone of more substance than a Lester to vote for, or I’ll be well and truly bewildered

    • gsays 17.1

      i gave that a skim read and a couple of things popped up for me.
      i have cooked and done residential building in my work life.

      what makes cooking harder now than ever is (apart from grey hairs), the costs involved in being ready for work and getting to work.
      uniform, jacket apron and trousers- clean for each shift and then parking.
      my boss has 4 secure car parks available but has explicitly said they are for management only. even though they are often not all used.

      the wages haven’t been going up to keep up with these costs.

      the art of cooking and building is deeply satisfying and rewarding, but it gets hard when you have listened to your employer crow about his brand new hilux ute.

      • In Vino 17.1.1

        Well written gsays. This reflects the bitter irony of all the huge benefits of what Rogernomics was supposed to do for us.

  16. Herodotus 18

    Why extend, ?? No matter how many enter the ballot there are only 10 houses available, so the govt wants give give people more time, more time for what to increase the no. of those who miss out ??
    I could understand should the no. of houses exceed those in the ballot, but that would indicate something else 🤫
    Government extends KiwiBuild ballot deadline in Wanaka after just 20 entries for 10 homes

  17. Macro 19

    A must read article:

    Nurse who treated Pittsburgh shooter: ‘I’m sure he had no idea I was Jewish’

    Ari Mahler cared for Robert Bowers who was shot by police after he killed 11 people and wounded six at a synagogue

    “To be honest,” he wrote, “I didn’t see evil when I looked into Robert Bowers’ eyes. All I saw was a clear lack of depth, intelligence, and palpable amounts of confusion.”
    He added, however, that he thought Bowers “probably had no friends, was easily influenced by propaganda, and wanted attention on a sociopathic level. He’s the kind of person that is easily manipulated by people with a microphone, a platform, and use fear for motivation.”

    “This was the same Robert Bowers that just committed mass homicide. The Robert Bowers who instilled panic in my heart worrying my parents were two of his 11 victims less than an hour before his arrival.
    “I’m sure he had no idea I was Jewish. Why thank a Jewish nurse, when 15 minutes beforehand, you’d shoot me in the head with no remorse?

    “I didn’t say a word to him about my religion. I chose not to say anything to him the entire time. I wanted him to feel compassion. I chose to show him empathy. I felt that the best way to honour his victims was for a Jew to prove him wrong. Besides, if he finds out I’m Jewish, does it really matter? The better question is, what does it mean to you?”

    In conclusion, Mahler wrote: “If my actions mean anything, love means everything.”

    • joe90 19.1

      Compare and contrast …

      Dr Paul Ryan Of Pulse Cardiology San Bernardino denied a patient medical care b/c she speaks Spanish—not English•Denied letting the patient’s daughter translate•Let em know what you think of his racism 9098817400 POC & White Allies: Record— Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@MuslimIQ) November 4, 2018

  18. Ankerrawshark 20

    Just wondering if anyone knows when the next poll is out? Think the Reid is due soon

  19. newsense 21

    Michael Woodhouse promises a 100% tax cut for anyone not a small business owner.

  20. eco maori 22

    Kia ora The Am Show Yes smoking is cars with children should be banned .
    Horse are cool & beautiful but I don’t get into gambling that’s all I will say on the Cup race.
    The idiot Muppet’s are still letting fireworks off now .
    Aged care is a good thing Carmen some of OUR elderly sit in there homes cold and lonely we need to include them more in our society and engage more with them .
    That’s the way Rhianna and Axial Rose stop the go oil party from using your music.
    Eugene its cool that we are investing $40 million in services for our tourist we need to prepare and provide good services for OUR Quest .
    There should be more advertising on the bad effects Alcohol has on people we see them all the time.
    Ka kite ano

  21. eco maori 23

    Eco Maori has been advocating for Ladies Equality Texas Ladies you need to get up and vote for O’Rourke the Democrat’s this the Man who will delver a good future for our children if you don’t vote thats a vote for the republicans who have a history of making a mess in America and around the WORLD this is a time for change.
    Mr O’Rourke, who hails from El Paso, and expressed his admiration for NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s divisive “take a knee” national anthem protest, regarded by some as unpatriotic and disrespectful but encouraged as a symbol of healthy debate by the candidate
    While Texas has traditionally been a dependable red state, Democrats believe they have a real shot at ousting incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz.
    Ka kite ano P.S All minority cultures need to show your power and vote. link below.

  22. eco maori 24

    Texas Ladies and minority cultures get up and use your power please and vote for
    Beto O’Rourke the Democrat person to be voted in and roll cruz out on his—–

    There’s a flood of women, minorities and first-time candidates running for office this year, which means Congress could become much more diverse after the 2018 midterms. Right now women make up only about a fifth of Congress, which is still mostly white and mostly male.links below ka kite ano

    NBC, Fox and Facebook all said Monday they were pulling an immigration-related ad from President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign that CNN had previously called “racist” and declined to run link below

    A staggering 36 million voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Day this year, setting the stage for much-higher-than-usual turnout for a midterm — and, potentially, big surprises on Tuesday night link below. ka kite ano

  23. eco maori 25

    Kia oar TeKaea Yes we are going to have a big influx of Guest we need to make them feel welcome and respect them by making sure we have the correct infrastructure.
    Yes Julia the justice system has no Aroha for maori some one was going on about Pakeha could be A raciest word know I say it just a name given to the settlers by Aotearoa tangata whenua the same as the settlers gave us the name Maori.
    Yes low income people are at risk to banks selling them products they can not afford one of my employees got given a credit card a few years back I shook my head he was always getting AV he thought it was christmas it did not end well. Ka kite ano

  24. eco maori 26

    Kia ora the threat from the 1080 protester’s in not on it show how dump some idiots are it make me think these people are supporters of the party that lost.
    It was a bit wet and the Cup horse race in Australia .
    trumexit is in full swing Mike save America & the world from the racist bigot Mike trump will be on a tour of France soon .
    Dairydack’s legacy .
    I see that the Dairy Farmers voted Leone back into power and roll out some old bigots fonterra has not dominated the world of dairy products. Thats hard to figure out why they have not delivered on there promises.
    There you go some idiot men about who get off on dominating ladies smashing her car window while she was in it is that in Australia.
    Adel has some photo’s of her being the Spice Girls fan’s that’s the way ladies kia kaha.
    Solar City and Sir Steven Tyndale 500.000 houses with solar panels is not to big a target I can’t wait to see that sight.
    Ka pai to those people who are disabled and biking around NZ to raise awareness to there cause war is shocking .
    That’s a cute Bear Cub climbing up and slipping back down that Ice hill .
    Ka kite ano.

  25. eco maori 27

    Kia ora The Crowd Goes Wild Mulls 7 James you guy I liked my cupper tea’s at the Bowling Green’s . The Newlin bowling club
    Wai was pouring down in Melbourne race today.
    Yes Coach some people just like to milk any story and not consider the consequences.
    Eddy is a straight up Ausse .
    Its good the eye in the League test has been pulled up come on that was years ago Jame’s how Lowe lol.
    Nice legs guys not sure about the Bowls tho .
    Storm thats a good speed rush on the race track I think you got your need for speed .
    Ka kite ano P.S money A

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