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Open mike 05/04/2012

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 5th, 2012 - 84 comments
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84 comments on “Open mike 05/04/2012 ”

  1. Jenny 1

    …..how do we stop it.

    The Green Party Mining Our Future Community Tour

    Green Party MPs Catherine Delahunty and Gareth Hughes invite you to a series of hui to discuss the Government’s broad “drill it, mine it” agenda for Aotearoa – what’s happening, what does it mean to our environment and communities and how do we stop it.

    These meetings are aimed at groups and individuals who are interested and engaged in working to protect Aotearoa from the destructive social and environmental impacts of mining.

    From coal (lignite and conventional), gold, iron sands and other mineral mining to fracking and deep sea oil drilling there is a broad agenda of resource extraction on the table. We would like to discuss with you your concerns and the impacts, risks and opportunities towards clean alternatives and a green economy.


    Auckland – Wednesday 11th April, 7 – 9pm
    Lecture Theatre B15, Library Basement, University of Auckland Campus, Auckland

    Hamilton – Monday 16th April, 7 – 9pm
    Trade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street, Hamilton

    Wellington – Tuesday 17th April, 7 – 8.30pm
    Mezzanine Room, Wellington Library, 65 Victoria Street, Wellington

    Christchurch – Thursday 19th April, 7 – 9pm
    Workers Educational Association, 59 Gloucester Street, Christchurch

    Dunedin – Monday 30th April, 7.30 – 9.30pm
    Practice Room, Clubs and Societies Building, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin

  2. The youth mental health initiatives announced yesterday – resulting from a report by Sir Peter Gluckman last year that highlighted the risks facing young New Zealanders – must be a positive attempt to address serious problems.

    Govt to spend $62m on youth mental health (Herald)

    …new online initiatives to tackle youth mental health problems including New Zealand’s woeful youth suicide rate.

    It will also put more nurses into low decile secondary schools and test out an initiative targeted at Maori and Pacific youth via the Whanau Ora programme.

    There have already been criticisms that other things should be addressed – of course they should but that shouldn’t be a negative on this.

    Youth Package big plus in fight against suicides – from UnitedFuture’s confidence and supply agreement with National.

    • muzza 2.1

      Strange Pete because there was no mention of UF future in any of these links




      But hold on here is what Dunne said in 2009

      You are trying to credit your pathetic party of one, leader who has been in minister for youth how many years, while the death count climbs of youth suiccides, noteably in young girls now too!


      Dunne is a shill for big pharma!

      • Pete George 2.1.1

        It’s not strange that media don’t mention UF, that’s normal. Quietly getting things done rather than making headlines.

        I’d like to acknowledge here the work of United Future leader Peter Dunne, who made Youth One Stop Shops part of his Confidence and Supply Agreement with the National Party.

        Peter is also busy driving work through in the youth suicide area and I am pleased to have his support for this package today.


        Acknowledgment where it’s due – but don’t expect that here from the hissy.

        • muzza

          Pete you do realise that you quoted support for the Dunny Brush , from a notorious lier John Key. This quote is nothing more than fellatio from JK in thanks for the support on asset sales!

          The same JK who is responsible for ensuring hardship for families for decades to come, which will result in more suicides at youth and adult ages. The same hardship that your party of one leader supports…FFS Pete you are off your head !

          Is that all you got!

        • KJT

          It does sound like a positive initiative in an area that has been underfunded and neglected for far to long.

          If so, All credit where it is due.

    • freedom 2.2

      i posted this question yesterday Pete,
      perhaps your concern for the subject was not authorised yet,
      maybe your email with the UF talking points was delayed ??

      “We already know the Nats love to mine. The PM recently signaled that as-yet undefined relationships with Google are going to be an ever-increasing part of the Government’s service provider policies. If we consider the proposed Cloud-mining, the recent steps by Facebook and Google to incorporate Suicide Hotline services, the massively intrusive nature of the amended Search & Surveillance Bill, the inflation only increases of Health budgets, the MSD nannystate paycards and the overall lack of human compassion expressed by this Government’s members you may understand how a person could be pressed to highlighting the fact there is a very large information void that begs the question:

      What exactly are the Government plans for dealing with mental health in NZ?”

    • Stephen Doyle 2.3

      Not new funding though, so somewhere else is missing out.

  3. Tiger Mountain 3

    That is the United Future that now supports state asset sales eh? after “fudging” ie bullshitting at election time. What a bunch of tory toadies.

    • Ben 3.1

      To be fair, I haven’t found any evidence that UF lied at election time.

      What’s really telling, I feel, is Peter Dunne’s letter which was read at the first Ohariu community meeting on asset sales. Dunne’s letter was solely focussed on one point: “I didn’t lie.” He didn’t make a case for or against asset sales, and he didn’t make any acknowledgement that people were against the idea. He also didn’t say anything in support of it. In fact I don’t think he mentioned it at all. (I don’t have a copy of the letter to post I’m afraid.)

      All he really cared about was himself and his reputation. He couldn’t care less about the concerns of his constituents – the baubles of office are far more important than what the proleteriat might think.

      Dunne will go down with John Key’s ship, and it’ll be bloody good riddance to both.

  4. Te Reo Putake 4

    How dangerous is freedom of speech? The right in Victoria are terrified about the destructive potential of, er, stickers.

    • Uturn 4.1

      It’s like a group of repressed 1940’s era school principals have targetted those naughty union boys who won’t pull their socks up. A good kick in the crotch should should clear their heads to see that, hey, guess what, we’re fully grown adults now guys. Laughable.

    • Vicky32 4.2

      The right in Victoria are terrified about the destructive potential of, er, stickers.

      It’s bizarre…

      • Colonial Viper 4.2.1

        Tories hate to be reminded that not everybody considers them born to rule.

  5. AAMC 5

    I’d say there’s blood on the hands of passionate IMF endorser Gosman from the tragic suicide of this Greek pensioner..


    How much blood must be let Gosman in order to save the bottom line?

  6. deuto 6

    I have to say I laughed at this article in the Herald today – it seems the one car crushed so far was not in fact the car that it was meant to be.


    • Pascal's bookie 6.1


      • Colonial Viper 6.1.1

        Does this mean the Crusher has not managed to even crush a single car yet??? Doesn’t bode well for things to come LOLOLOL

        • felix

          Hahaha! Potential for hilarity in question time, perhaps?

        • Tiger Mountain

          “Crusher” should immediately be deemed pop speak for ‘not walking the talk’, as Collins has managed before in her political career with threatened sackings that did not eventuate etc.

  7. DH 7

    This to me shows one of the many contradictions in the left/right dichotomy, National doing what Labour should have done years ago

    “New loan shark laws unveiled”


    I doubt this will go far enough but at least something is being done about a problem that’s been plaguing the poor for decades. Loan sharks are the scum of society IMO.

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      Probably thinks the rest of us do OK eating cake.

    • Bored 8.2

      Doubt they care at all, after all Banksters follow the Golden Rule…( he who has the gold makes the rules)

      • Pascal's bookie 8.2.1


        • Draco T Bastard

          You broke it. Everything after your comment is in italics.

          [lprent: Bored did it with the classic <i /> Must add that to the fixups for the ‘holiday’ weekend. ]

          • Bored

            The bastard, Bored you naughty boy!!!!!!! I will fix myself over the holiday with a classic < or / …take that you b…..

        • felix

          Damn it Pascal, it was working fine until you tested it!



    UPDATE: Bridgecorp directors Rod Petricevic and Rob Roest have been found guilty on all charges of misleading investors in the company’s 2007 collapse.


    “All three directors face six counts under the Securities Act 1978 in respect of untrue statements in prospectuses and investment statements dated December 21, 2006, distributed by Bridgecorp and Bridgecorp Investments.”

    Ok – so why were former fellow Directors of Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, John Banks and Don Brash not even CHARGED for signing Huljich Kiwisaver Scheme registered prospectuses dated 22 August 2008 and 18 September 2009, which contained untrue statements?

    Has the failure to apply ACT’s ‘one law for all’ to the current and former Leaders of the ACT Party been an arguably corrupt form of political protection because this National Government is dependent upon the vote of the MP for Epsom, Minister of Regulatory Reform (no less) John Banks?

    How would a fair-minded member of the public ‘perceive’ this????

    Upon what FACTS and EVIDENCE do Transparency International base New Zealand’s ‘perceived’ status as the ‘least corrupt country in the world’?

    Unsubstantiated opinion from anonymous businesspeople?

    Is Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Perception Index ‘ even worth the paper upon which it is written?

    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’
    Attendee: Transparency International Conference 2010

    • Tiger Mountain 9.1

      ”Is Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Perception Index ‘ even worth the paper upon which it is written?”

      No, not at all Penny.

      Full marks to you for keeping Banksie and Brash in the line of fire on this. They can run and squiggle but will be caught out eventually.

      • KJT 9.1.1

        Why am I not surprised, that, “the party of personal responsibility” do not take responsibility for anything.

    • Draco T Bastard 9.2

      One of the major reasons for thr Rule of Law is consistency and yet here we have a very visible example of the inconsistency of how our laws are applied.

  9. Draco T Bastard 10


    First up we have Russell Norman’s How to crash the budget.

    The issue is, given the economic conditions, are the Government’s books in a better or worse position as a result of the 2010 tax changes? The answer is very clear: The deficit is much worse because of the 2010 tax changes. They were not fiscally neutral and the Government is having to borrow to fund the tax cuts to upper income earners.

    In many ways, the Government’s dire financial position was of their own making.

    And then we have Rob Salmond’s Tax Everything in Combination post:

    The chart shows that New Zealand’s combination of tax policies is relatively very favourable to people with high incomes, and relatively very unfavourable to people with low incomes.

    Perhaps that’s why low income people are leaving – just like the RWNJs said people who are over taxed would. Of course, they were talking about rich people rather than the people who make stuff but there ya go – just one more thing for them to get wrong.

  10. felix 11

    John Key taking another day off work today I see.

    Is anyone keeping count?

  11. tsmithfield 12

    I’m missing my diet of daily ACC articles. Come on. Where’s the next one? 🙂

    • McFlock 12.1

      Good point. Looks to me like the leaks seemed to stop when crushless started getting bad press. Probably just a coincidence.

    • lprent 12.2

      Probably when something more happens. There are currently 4 enquiries running and nothing much happening. The only thing I have seen for the last couple of days has been Collins is posing and not doing anything much. The only thing I saw today was links from the bookies about when she will get around to filing at the court (another week, another two weeks, and I’m wondering why they don’t have ‘never’ 😈 ).

  12. Pascal's bookie 13

    Reckon all them folks bleaty baa baaing about that TV1 poll will be equally forthright in explaining what the latest poll means right?

    Of course they will. (Youse noes whose youse is.)



    What does it all mean, oh wise ones. tell us meow.

    • Attack politics hits National but gives to Greens?
      End of two party domination?

      • mickysavage 13.1.1

        National is paying big time

        • Pete George

          It’s not as drastic as it looks, last poll National blipped up:
          47, 46, 45.5, 45.5, 45.5, 48.5, 44.5

          They should be nervous about the trend though.

          And while there’s a way to go yet Labour might start to get a bit nervous about a leader of the opposition contestant.

          Greens will have a happy Easter.

          • ScottGN

            You mean a happy Easter for the Left I think.

          • Bored

            PG, a little secret…..40 something is short of 50 something. What you need for a majority.

            A second hint…check what polls say then check the results, they were 5% out last election….is that Nats in high 30s?

      • bad12 13.1.2

        Having economic,social and conservation policies that they refuse to trade for a ride to work in a Beamer and that more and more people are gaining an understanding of and like means that the Green percentage of the vote just keeps growing,

        Having as Mayor of Wellington a Green Mayor and not having have the sky fall in also gives those who agree with the Green message the confidence to vote for them,

        2014,Greens 17-20% of the Party vote anyone???…

    • freedom 13.2

      “If a National Election were held today the National Party would likely be returned to Government, however a Labour/ Greens alliance could form Government.”

      and just think, that change has manifested after only a few weeks of the media expressing a modicum of criticism/reality towards the Key government and its policies. Imagine if they had done that a month prior to the election.

    • bad12 13.3

      The writing was on the wall for all to see with the TV1 poll,in the leadership preference Slippery John Key had slipped a massive 4% since the 2011 election…

  13. tsmithfield 14

    A rouge poll? 🙂

  14. freedom 15

    When you next click ‘add to cart’ you may wish to reflect upon this fantastic article about modern work conditions in a free and democratic society.

  15. bad12 16

    And so the house of cards that is the Slippery National Government begins to tilt upon its rotten foundations,

    The negative polls begin as a trickle and befor you can utter the words ”conflict of interest”, or, ”vote of no confidence” the negative polls become an engulfing flood where the back-bench becomes restless and begins to count the casualties by the numbers as the nasty poll results become a torrent only the desperate fools on the front bench,s continue to call them rogue,

    By the way, wheres Banks, you know that bloke what had that oh so public cuppa tea with Slippery and then started gushing John this, John that like a man in love,

    SkyCity say that when Banks contested the Auckland Mayoralty against Len Browne they,(SkyCity),gave them each 15 grand for their campaign funds,

    Len Browne appears to have declared this donation as the law requires but in the house today Labour’s Grant Robertson alleged that Banks had made no such declaration,

    Police investigation please…

    • deuto 16.1

      Hi Bad12

      Pleased you have stuck around. Also found your comments hard to read at times, but also appreciated their content and found this comment much easier to read. So hang in there.

      There is a post/thread on this subject here if you want to contribute.

      Better write those cheques, Len & John

      • bad12 16.1.1

        See We knew You would get over the odd insertion of a comma where a apost, apostra, ummm aposti-thing was meant to be,(or was that the other way round),

        Oh We was planning on sticking round, we just didn’t plan on sticking round all day wasting energy on the ‘pack’ who could quite understand what the intent meaning and content of our posts were, but, for reasons known only to themselves needed to vent,

        thanks we will wrap our reading gear round the thread/post you have pointed us at…

    • McFlock 16.2

      They were actually beginning to trickle down (ironic giggle) just before the election, bugger it.
      Why do you think that some of them look a bit more grim when their latest arrogant indiscretion is revealed? In 2009 they just stood up and bullshitted, exuding arrogance and oil. Brownlee still does, but he’s to thick to realise that the more they do this term, the more the pendulum will swing back in 2014.

      • bad12 16.2.1

        We assume that your question is purely rhetorical and your own answer will suffice without us needing to add further pixels,

        Ah politics as theatre, yesterday Slippery is in the House answering for the Member from Dipton, Slippery’s Finance Minister,

        Today the Member from Dipton is in the House and Slippery has suddenly become the grey ghost,do we detect some tension there???,

        You have to feel a brief moment of sympathy for the poor old Brat Pack tho don’t you???, ok then you don’t, how bout a brief moment of gut busting derisivemirth at the antics of these plonkers,

        The Brat Packers started the week with the Member from Dipton,s little gem upon being told by Treasury that He aint got a snow-flakes chance in hell of achieving a surplus befor 2020 He then tells reporters He is all relaxed about that coz its all a ”guess” anyway,

        Next Minute that bloke Nick whats-his-name gets caught out being naughty and resigns,(befor Slippery could push Him under a moving bus by any chance),

        Mere moments later Slippery is spending up big time to fly all the top Embassy staff back home from round the world to tear strips off of that arch Brat Packer Murry McCully,

        Is all that just coincidence in action,or is there politics at work here of a not so nice nature,dirty deeds done dirt cheap in other words…

  16. Jackal 17

    Sensible sentencing for white-collar criminals?

    There’s been numerous cases of investor company fraud involving huge amounts of money where little punishment has been handed down to the perpetrators…

  17. Draco T Bastard 18

    I’ve come to the realisation that the biggest benefit of the government printing money at 0% interest is that it makes accumulating money worthless. People with vast sums of cash would no longer be able to have an income without working, would no longer be able to bludge off the rest of us as they do now (Well, would be more restricted in it anyway).

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