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39 comments on “Open mike 05/05/2016”

  1. r0b 1


    Some kind of outage this morning but lprent seems to have fixed it – ta!

  2. Anne 2

    Ahhh date “Open Mike 05/05/2016”.

  3. adam 3

    This is a major worry, I don’t care who you support. It gets quite sickening watching these suits later in the video, just dismiss people.

  4. adam 4

    And then the scary scary stuff.

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      You must be a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist this kind of thing would never happen in real life the people in charge would never allow it etc. etc.

      • Wensleydale 4.1.1

        Yes, nothing to see here. Move along. Wait! Look over there — “Real Housewives Of Auckland!”, and they have pandas!

        • Whateva Next

          Recent disappointment in Wellington when voters were told they will NOT be allowed to use electronic voting for local elections…..didn’t have time to rig them?

  5. Tautoko Mangō Mata 5

    Just a couple of TPP matters.

    1. Is US putting pressure on other TPP countries?
    A note on the World Trade website

    Singapore Envoy: Fixing Congress’ TPP Complaints Not Up To Partners
    Singapore Ambassador to the U.S. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri on April 29 squarely placed the onus on the Obama administration to resolve outstanding congressional complaints over the final outcome of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on biologics and other issues, while making clear that partner countries view negotiations as firmly concluded.

    2. The MFADT select committee minority reports from Labour, Green and NZ First pages 11-20 are worth a read. The Opposition MPs on the committee have done some excellent work and really engaged in the process, listening with respect to submitters and giving due consideration to the points raised.

    • greywarshark 5.1

      Thanx for keeping an eye on this Tautoko Mango Mata – it is easy to get distracted by what in the end are more trivial matters. You remaining staunch on keeping up is invaluable. Kia kaha.

      • Tautoko Mangō Mata 5.1.1

        Thanks greywarshark. This might also cheer you up. We sharks need to keep circling on this issue until even the wilfully ignorant start to listen.
        McConnell Casts Serious Doubt Over TPP Lame-Duck Vote, Says Deal Will Hold For Next President
        Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) this week strongly downplayed the chances for a congressional vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lame-duck session, though he stopped short of completely ruling it out.

        Petition calling for referendum on TPP

  6. tim 6

    if you people hadn’t noticed we had the gfc an earth quake and export markets have collapsed and all you can do is run down john key.
    by running down and questioning john key you are committing economic vandalism which should be a crime. there is no unemployment new Zealand is a rock star

    • save NZ 6.1

      Hope you are being sarcastic there Tim, but if not, there is job openings in North Korea for marketing which would suit your talents down to a T.

    • dv 6.2

      AND tax cuts!!!!

    • greywarshark 6.3

      Great satire little tim. There is no depression in NZ and it is humourists like you who keep the rest of us worrying types going, and refusing to believe the bad news we hear is becoming un-news, ie. not new.

  7. save NZ 7

    From no right turn…

    Another amazing coincidence!

    Returns of political party loans and donations are out today, and they expose another amazing coincidence in the National Party’s donations. In 2015, the party received $15,800 in donations from Christine Che. By utter coincidence, Mrs Che was awarded a QSM “for services to the Chinese community” (a newsletter from the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association makes it clear that this is indeed the same person).

    What an amazing coincidence! In fact, its amazing just how often this happens! But I’m sure that, like the PM’s personal lawyer lobbying and getting policy changes, we shouldn’t read too much into it.

    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 5/04/2016 02:54:00 PM Links to this post

    • Halfcrown 7.1

      So these honours are for sale now, I always suspected Knighthoods were, but not the lower honours that are there to appease the peasants.

      • alwyn 7.1.1

        You would hardly regard a QSM as being something anyone would bother to buy.
        Now if you want an honour that appears to have been a reward for a very large donation have a look at this story. Warning. Not for the squeamish.

        • Halfcrown

          Ah, so labour does to AGAIN
          Nothing squeamish about that mate, and if I remember correctly and I am not going to Google it to make my point but we had the right squealing their heads off about it at the time. Like Clarkes signed painting.

          Personally honours are decadent, time they were all done away with
          Though I wouldn’t mind a ” Call Me God” or “God Calls Me God”
          Not really but I had to work in the humorous titles for the CMG and the GCMG

          • alwyn

            You propose ” if I remember correctly and I am not going to Google it to make my point but we had the right squealing their heads off”.
            You didn’t have to Google it. You only needed to read the article I linked to.
            It says
            “The National Party had no comment on Mr Glenn’s honour, a spokesman said yesterday.”

            Hide had a go at them but National didn’t.
            Your memory is clearly not correct is it? In fact it is completely wrong.
            One of the major differences between National and Labour of course is that Labour throw shit at anyone who supports their “enemies”. National doesn’t.
            They treat people from the left as being honest, if somewhat stupid.

  8. save NZ 8

    From no right turn…

    Highly ethical”

    According to John Key, his personal lawyer Ken Whitney is “highly ethical”. Yeah, right:
    John Key’s lawyer, Ken Whitney, was criticised by the High Court after creating a sham trust for a bankrupt property developer then failing to disclose it to authorities probing his client’s insolvency.

    When asked during cross-examination if he had concerns around setting up structures to allow a bankrupt to continue in business, Mr Whitney told the court: “No, not particularly. It’s a common thing for people to do. It may not be morally as white as it could be but it’s normal practice.”

    According to the article, Whitney lied repeatedly to the Official Assignee, and falsely claimed to have witnessed a signature. There don’t even meet the ethical standards of lawyers, let alone ordinary kiwis. In fact, some but even call it criminal.

    But clearly, Key has different definitions of “highly” and “ethical” from the rest of us.

  9. Sabine 9

    And then this. Heavy downpours in the lower North Island have caused heavy flooding in Porirua, closed schools in the city and disrupted traffic on state highways.

    • Colonial Viper 9.1

      Brilliantly fine, sunny, warm and dry in Dunedin. Has been for days. I’m sure this is all very normal…

    • Rosie 9.2

      From January through to April we’ve averaged 30mm rainfall per month, two thirds less than normal for Wellington and now we get 31mm of rain in one morning. Porirua is the worst affected area.

      Our temperatures have been floating around the 5 degrees higher than average mark for this time of year. Same for other regions according to a newshrub report the other night. Should be around 15 degrees during the day and around 10 at night here. Been getting 19, 20 degree’s during the day. Last night it was 17 degrees overnight and went down to 13 when the southerly came through about 9.30am.

      Forecast to back up to 19 tomorrow………..

      Saving on firewood but it would much more preferable if we weren’t living in the anthropocene.

      • Paul 9.2.1

        Media reports the weather. No mention of climate change.
        They must be owned by serious shareholders in the fossil fuel industries.

    • maui 9.3

      I think what we need is more hard surfaces. More asphalt driveways and roads that are great at collecting water. Then ban people from collecting water off their roofs. We’ve being doing this kind of smart stuff for decades now, so lets keep doing more of it.

  10. Whateva Next 10

    On Stuff Business today, John Key responds to Panama Papers…..

    “He said businesses did not think about how likely it was that “someone, somewhere in the world is coming after them”.

    ….if you are not paying your taxes, or laundering money, or illegal arms trading etc, isn’t this a good thing John?

    • whateva next? 10.1

      except he’s probably “pretty relaxed” about money laundering, illegal arms trading and not paying taxes eh John?

  11. Tautoko Mangō Mata 11

    Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has lashed out at Trans-Pacific Partnership opponents, saying without trade deals like it, New Zealand won’t be able to afford better medicines.
    And to secure such treatments, Dr Coleman says it will come down to money.
    “It’s things like TPP which makes the country richer so we can afford these things. All these people who oppose things like TPP but want every drug under the sun, they’re not being realistic.”


    The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s longer data protection for biologic pharmaceutical makers will push up the cost of the fastest growing primary health treatment in the country, the Medical Association says.

    Summing up, Jonathan Coleman thinks the 0.9% increase in GDP by 2030 due to the TPP will give us more money to buy biologics which will cost more for longer under the TPP. It appears the Medical Association have a different viewpoint.

    • Jack Ramaka 11.1

      I think Coleman is getting hysterical comparing the cost of medicines to the TPPA Agreement, the TPPA is an arsehole agreement which won’t do an ounce of good for NZ.

      National need to manage the economy better get the wealthy and multinationals paying their fair share of taxes and get some growth going in the economy, rather than asset stripping it and relying on overseas borrowings to fund the Government shortfalls.

      By the way were has national spent the $110 Billion?

      Coleman is trying to relate apples to bananas?

    • greywarshark 11.2

      How are things going in hospitals towards privatising the health service? There’s a gravy train there, and Compass are doing the food. Which companies are going to perform the lobotomy and share the rest of the body parts between them? And how are the tech services, are there any other Southland DHB rorts going on? There is an amalgamation between south island hospitals of some sort, but its proceeding slowly.

  12. Halfcrown 12

    Most interesting

    If you don’t know about the Cayman Islands see this.

  13. Gangnam Style 13

    ‘There is no crisis in housing’ script prob the best $25,000 Barfoot has ever spent.

  14. maui 14

    Government doing nothing while looking like it’s doing something on electric vehicles. Straight from the Nat playbook.

  15. Jenny 15

    “Te Tai Tokerau MP survey highlights Māori opposition to deep sea oil drilling”

    “Although this isn’t a scientific survey, this is the largest survey undertaken of this nature. 6000 people responded as to whether they supported deep sea oil drilling or not. There is no other survey as large as this. “ Kelvin Davis.

    Kelvin Davis says most of the 6000 people in the survey are opposed to oil drilling. 9% said they needed more information to make a decision on the issue, while only 4% supported deep sea oil drilling.

    Will the Labour Party listen to their Maori Caucus?

    Will the Labour Party reassess their support for deep sea oil drilling?

    Will Labour and the Greens finally have a concrete basis for building a united front against the Right?

    Will Winston Peters be put on the spot by a united Left, over his support for deep sea oil drilling in Northland in the upcoming election, forcing Peters to state his position, either for the Left or the Right?

    “I did this survey to find out what the people of Te Tai Tokerau think. The issue I have is that if a national survey is carried out, the concerns of Māori will be lost.” Kelvin Davis.

    Kelvin needn’t worry, polls show that the majority of Pakeha New Zealanders oppose deep sea oil drilling too!

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