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12 comments on “Open mike 05/08/2010”

  1. jcuknz 2

    I think I’m really sad as I think about the ‘ordinary folk’ or Missouri. They have just voted to stop the 2014 requirement that everybody buys health insurance or is taxed instead. Talking about federal interference in state matters.
    How un christianly irresponsible and self centered … what disgusting misguided barbarians inhabiting the mid-west.

  2. ZB 3

    Unionist and left wing voters are doing it hard in the wallet. So National decides on its own initiative (not pressed by business lobbies) to extend the 90 program. Now lets understand this for the truely cruel joke that it is, a company in the middle of the biggest downturn in a (several) generations, is now going to be caught out firing someone under the new don’t tell 90 day fire rule, and nobody can see the problem? That customers, who are unionists, who are left wing, who are just principled, will boycott said businesses as being unethical and exploiting the weak economy. And businesses ‘asked’ for this. Yeah, brilliant own goal National.

    Oh, and don’t stop there, why not promise criminals will pay a levy with money they don’t have and character refenences that pretty much exclude them doing the right thing, leaving the crime levy to be paid for by tax payers!

    What an inept government!

    • Lanthanide 3.1

      How exactly are ‘customers’ supposed to find out that the company has fired someone under this policy?

      What exactly is a ‘customer’ to do if they have no other choice but to buy from that company? Not such a deal for retail consumers, but business to business transactions, if your sole suppler has fired someone under the 90 day law, what are you supposed to do, boycott them?

      Wishful thinking.

      • Draco T Bastard 3.1.1

        And that, of course, is why the market fails.

        • ZB

          Yes, exactly. But still after about the third churn of 90 day workers who never get ‘the full time’ position, and they figure out that shitting in the ‘essential’ supplies is funny since the wages are crap, so crap in crap….

          Loyalty goes both ways, the 90 day rule harms the employer-employee relationship. Big government.

      • ZB 3.1.2

        If I were your sole supplier would I have not already have gouged your sorry….

  3. Lanthanide 4

    Unemployment back up to 6.8% seasonally adjusted, reversing the ‘gains’ from March:

  4. tony 5

    Big Brother Isn’t Watching Anymore…
    He’s Got Some “Do Gooders” To Do It For Him

    This article explains why EVERYTHING you do online is probably being catalogued, classified and stored for use some other time, by anyone who can pay or can find a threat. China’s web censorship has nothing on this.

    “In the fight against terror, the U.S needs all the help it can get, even if that assistance comes from unpaid volunteers. For the past 14 years, a significant volunteer group of U.S. citizens has been operating in near total secrecy to monitor and report illegal or potentially harmful activity on the Web.”

  5. Bunnykinz 6

    Please, please tell me that I am just imagining this, and I will wake up and this travesty of “journalism” will not exist:
    Yes, that head line is really “John Key wore a silly shirt”!

    smile and wave, John.

    • felix 6.1

      Is that his 9th drink?

      All he does is travel the world and get on the piss. Minister of tourism eh?

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