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101 comments on “Open mike 05/09/2011”

  1. happynz 1


    Why can’t New Zealand news presenters properly pronounce the names of cities such as Guangzhou and Guadalajara? It’s not particularly difficult.

    I dread the day when something happens in Managua, Nicaragua or Ougadougou, Burkina Faso and the carefully coiffed knuckleheads try to wrap their talking gear around those.

    • Adele 1.1

      Maaori also dispair – when things happen in Porirua, Tamaki Makaurau, Papatoetoe etc, etc, etc.

      • pollywog 1.1.1

        …and when is anyone going to pull that useless rugby commentating pair of ignorant fuckwits, Nesbitt and Smith on their pronunciation of pasifikan surnames ?

        they go right out of their way to pronounce the saffas names properly, with their stupid spellings of names that dont even sound like the way they’re spelt but revel in mispronouncing ours.

        it’s the pasifikan names that have an O in them that particularly grates me. Kaino, Toeava and Vito spring to mind. It’s not fucking Kane-oh or Tow-e-ahva or Vi-tow.

        I mean jeez, how fucking hard is it to pronounce AW instead of OH, so the O sound comes out like AW as in Brad Thawn ?

        …thus making Kaino – Kai naw, Toeava -Taw e ahva, and Vito – Vi taw.

        I’d love to see the players themselves front foot the issue in any interviews and state clearly and forthrightly how their names are to be pronounced.

        • McFlock


          Always a laugh to hear butchered, either as a place or a sauce.

        • rosy

          I don’t mind when people make an effort and it still doesn’t sound right – we all have different accents, different histories of hearing a word. It’s when an effort is not made at all that grates…e.g. my surname is not common and has a silent ‘e’. I don’t mind that the ‘e’ is said when it shouldn’t be, but do mind when the first exceedingly simple syllable is mispronounced.

          And yes, I do mispronounce Maori and Pacific words, hopefully not badly enough that people think I am not making an effort. I find the combined vowels are difficult – probably because I visualise the spelling rather than the sound. I also find ‘r’ rolling difficult (as do many others, I guess, hence Brad Thorn being Brad Thawn – you’d never hear a Scot saying that!).

          Anyway, my pronunciation problem at the moment is trying to make the German ‘ich’ sound like an ‘e’ then a cat’s hiss sound rather ‘ch’ as in chair, or ‘k’. *sigh*. and on that note I also wonder if some of Key’s mangling of English is in part due to his Austrian mother – lots of ‘sh’ sounds in Austrian-accented German.

    • tc 1.2

      Why can’t we find kiwis to read, tv3 has a weather presenter who sounds Irish I think…..why? It’s a national NZ news service so how about kiwis mediawonks.

      • logie97 1.2.1

        Why do we still have to have reporters who insist on the first question they will ask visiting personalities to “Godzone” is going to tell us how beautiful the country is and how friendly we are? Cringe …! (Must be part of Journalism 101. We need to understand now that our ancestors did not make a mistake migrating here all those years ago.)

      • rosy 1.2.2

        What about knowing where places are? e.g. radio announcer not knowing where Otago is. Place names – how about Tuck-son, Arizona… looking at you – Sasha, TV3.

        • Bored

          Why the hell do we need news readers on screen at all, bringing their “personalities” and “anchor” abilities? Non of them know shit from clay so why give them any credibility?

        • Colonial Viper

          Another example of NZ media corporations following the US lead. Make the MSM (and its presenters) as ignorant and uneducated as possible, (New Zealand, that’s in Norway, right?) in order to achieve the same effect in the population.

        • happynz

          how about Tuck-son, Arizona… looking at you – Sasha, TV3.

          Tuck-son? Seriously?

          🙂 Unreal…

          • rosy

            Seriously lol. It was awhile ago now, so probably mean of me to mention it – but it’s my yardstick for ignorance of presenters (along with the NZer not knowing where Otago is).

            • Jim Nald

              Might that sound like Oh-tay-go or Oh-t-air-go ?

              Or why not let them mutilate Otepoti.

              • clandestino

                Jeez the history of the evolution of language is replete with mispronunciation! Is it right that because we have the technology to do so, we should encourage the stasis of language?
                I say nay, fight oral conservatism!

                • vto

                  Quite right. If we listened to all the language freaks who freak out at mispronunciation and new words then quite obviously we would still be speaking cavemanwoman language. In fact actually, there are still traces of it to be heard in John Key’s speech if you listen carefully.

                • Vicky32

                  Jeez the history of the evolution of language is replete with mispronunciation! Is it right that because we have the technology to do so, we should encourage the stasis of language?
                  I say nay, fight oral conservatism!

                  Sure, language changes. But to mispronounce Tucson and Guadalajara is simply rude, and unnecessary – and so much difficulty would be prevented by newsreaders simply rehearsing their script before going on air! Language changes, but the change can’t be a matter of one person’s choice… I had huge confusion with a friend who said “appo-sight” when he meant apposite – he’d learned the word by reading it and had never heard it said… (Home schooling?) If every one just used their own idiolect even worse confusion would reign than already does. Plus which, there are an increasing number of non-native speakers of English in NZ – do you want them to be unable to understand a news bulletin?

              • mik e

                Otakou Otepeti is Dunedins name Otakou is the original Maori name mangled to Ootaa gooooo.

        • Vicky32

          Place names – how about Tuck-son, Arizona… looking at you – Sasha, TV3.

          Oh no, she didn’t! Horror! 😀

    • Jim Nald 1.3

      And Beijing becomes Bei-zzhh-ing.

      ‘jing’ is a soft ‘ch’ sound (as in chair – what presenters sit on and try not to fall off).

      Please try to get the pinyin consonants and vowels right. Not that hard. Or get in someone to take the whole radio/tv cast through it.

      Shanghai has a long ‘aah’ sound (ie Shaang-hai) and does not rhyme with hang high, but rhymes with hung high.

      This applies too all other languages. With modern technology (eg a free skype call), check with local counterparts who know how to get the pronounciation right.

      Set a good example to help make us Kiwi say it correctly – in NZ and when we are overseas.

    • Bill 1.4

      My personal ‘favorite’ is the ‘cow’ in Moscow.

      edit. Oh, and that strangely strangled almost backwards ‘moo’ with a happy ‘ah’ thrown in that weather reporters utter when (over) pronouncing Oamaru. (Kind of like the sound I’d expect from a cow experiencing relief at the end of a difficult calfing)

      • marty mars 1.4.1

        Motueka is the placename that causes lots of difficulty from what I hear. Lots of ‘chew’ in there when mispronounced.

        • pollywog

          hah yeah, i don’t even bother anymore and just call it Motch, which incidentally is just round the corner from the rather posh lifestyle community of Moo tree…

          …and of course that’s Upper Moutere, not to be condfused with the bottom feeders slum dwelling in the bowels of Lower Moo Tree

          • prism

            @pollywog – Ever been to Warkupawark?

            • pollywog

              yeah, it’s just down the road from Addawai isn’t it ?

              close to where my my kids go to school at Hi-rah

              man, i love living here in Wockatoo…

              • ‘noose in’ I think you mean

                • prism

                  Oh dear our pronunsion isn’t the best is it. One non-Maori word that I notice gets mangled, the lieberry (where we borrow books in case you don’t recognise).

                  And pollywog I shame-facedly admit that I use some of those bad verbals myself, though I try to correct myself. I have taken up the pronunciation of Motueka in the past with a Radionz reporter. Seems a bit odd that we have the Maori greetings at the beginning of news programs but the interest in the language doesn’t go to checks on place-name mangling.

        • Jim Nald

          Here’s grinning air’chew 😉

      • Vicky32 1.4.2

        My personal ‘favourite’ is the ‘cow’ in Moscow.

        Ah yes, that’s an example of the Americanisation of New Zealand English. Things such as Eye-rack and Eye-racki (Iraq, Iraqi) and Mos-cow (Moscow) were never heard 10 years back… 
        Other examples are ‘sked-yool’ and gotten both of which seem to have taken over completely. Gotten particularly irks me – Americans use it only for past perfect whereas NZers use it for past simple and past perfect and no one seems to even know the difference!

        • Daveosaurus

          In all fairness to the local pronounciators, the actual pronounciation of the “cow” in “Moscow” should probably be something like “kva”. I have no idea whether the mispronounciation or the misspelling came first.

          Similarly, there would be fewer bad pronounciations of “Oamaru” around if its (as far as I know) superfluous first ‘a’ disappeared.

    • One TV3 journo said that a woman had suffered “punctuation” wounds!
      She (her name was Tilda Ampersand) was obviously in a comma having come to a full stop after receiving a backslash to her colon which opened her parentheses. She made a dash to the hospital where they made a hash of it and failed to close her parentheses. She now drinks carets through straws and has to wear braces.

    • happynz:

      Come on now. who the hell can pronounce Guadalajara??

      Your post was satire?

      • Vicky32 1.6.1

        Come on now. who the hell can pronounce Guadalajara??

        Who the hell can’t? Come on, it’s not difficult!

    • Vicky32 1.7

      Why can’t New Zealand news presenters properly pronounce the names of cities such as Guangzhou and Guadalajara? It’s not particularly difficult.

      Oh exactly! They are fertile fields for me to gather ‘infelicities’ for my language blog… I have heard some breath-takingly awful things…

  2. Jim Nald 2

    “Two hundred years ago industry said that the end of the slave trade was uneconomic and would lead to loss of jobs, and there was public demand for slaves as they were a necessity. Industry proposed that reductions in use of slaves should be left to market forces and self regulation, and that industry itself would improve conditions and limit numbers. Legislation against the slave trade led to the industries involved developing hugely successful technological solutions in very short timescales.

    “By legislating against ecocide, companies would develop new technologies and new ways of working far more rapidly than they would otherwise.”

    Polly Higgins & Ecocide
    People’s Book Prize Winner 2011

    9:20am, Today (Mon 5 Sep)
    Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan, Radio NZ

    7 – 9pm, Today (Mon 5 Sep)
    Auckland University
    Lecture Theatre 260-098, Owen Glenn Building

    Strong recommendation from prism and Jim Nald

    Open mike 04/09/2011

    • Jim Nald 2.1

      Otago Daily Times records Polly’s visit (thanks, John Gibb!):

    • Bill 2.2

      ‘Traditional’ slaves weren’t anywhere near as necessary in industrial settings as they were in intensive agriculture. (Not saying there wasn’t bonded labour in factories throughout the north of England and elsewhere. There was.)

      But essentially, slavery wasn’t so much abolished as subjected to a shift in focus that resulted in an explosion in the number and size of available markets (as well as profit levels) through the enforced imposition of new social inventions called jobs. Slavery wasn’t abolished but simply expanded to encompass the people we term today as workers.

      Strange then, how we measure individual worth by the degree of exhibited acceptance and involvement in the workforce, no?

      • prism 2.2.1

        @Bill – Slavery, as it was practised with entrapment and kidnapping from home family and country to be carted away in ships with minimum conditions for living needs, and then sold to other people and used as human animals, was abolished by law. Don’t confuse that please.

        One of the points Polly Higgins makes is that William Wilberforce and others, had to work hard for change against the cry that the economy depended on the trade. But she makes the point that after abolition other businesses were started. You make the point that these did not offer good working conditions either. But the push for better fairer treatment of each other is on-going, its utopian to consider otherwise when looking at our past. And reining in greed to get more dosh at the expense of workers, or union members at the expense of the public (as with the Cook Strait ferries) is an ongoing task.

    • prism 2.3

      @ Jim Nald Well that interview went through smoothly. What do you know how about the dissemination of a taped interview from public radio? Even if it could be bought from Replay Radio, it would be dear at about $25 I think for a 15 minute interview. Would anyone take exception if I distributed the taped interview? And what if I charged for the cost of the tape say $3? Any advice?

      • Jim Nald 2.3.1

        I thought Lynn Freeman ran the interview well and managed & allowed the interview to get the most out of Polly. Good questions asked also so there’s a good Nine-to-Noon team thinking and working well.

        Polly’s proposal is solidly grounded in law, legal/court practice, and comes from the right places. She probably very likely, in her previous job, advised corporations how to ‘catch them if [the law enforcers] can’. Also, from what she referred to about her closed meetings with corporations, corporations have told her they welcome an incentive, legal authority & the policy of nation-states to help them move on to a new, green economy.

        1. Google tells me info about Replay Radio is at:

        2. Suggest you direct people to the RNZ webpage and the link to the podcast or streaming. That will be free with existing internet connection and just the power bill. The podcast should be up soon and I will be back here to note it for the benefit of all.

        3. Another option would be to download the podcast, convert that MP3 format to WAV, and burn it onto a CD that can play on standard CD players. *** BUT *** you should check with the RNZ folks first. We don’t want you to get into trouble over copyright, appropriate acknowledgments and charging!
        How about email to ask?

        4. Bill – I have comments to that but that will have to wait till later. Go to her lecture tonight in AKL if possible and you can hear for yourself the argument, elaboration and clarification made out intelligently. Or ask your question.

        • Jim Nald

          Lynn Freeman (interviewer), Catherine Walbridge (producer) & the team at Radio New Zealand – well done.

          We (NZ) will rate high with being one of the first and earliest in helping generate discussion of Polly’s proposal by mp3.

          Go to the following and look up Polly’s interview:

          More specifically, go directly to

          mp3 at
          [audio src="" /]

          ogg at
          [audio src="" /]

          Think! And have fun, folks.

    • KJT 2.4

      Also works when you legislate for higher wages and more tax on the wealthy.

  3. Salsy 3

    Anyone know who bought the Crafar Farms? Rumour mill says they’ve been sold…!

  4. So what I cannot get my head around is how Melissa Lee moved UP three places in National’s list.

    It is very obvious that they have a token ethnic representative bracket on their list and that talent and ability are not requirements to inhabit this list. 

  5. Pascal's bookie 5

    Like as not there were usual suspects pushing some climate change skepticism round these parts, based on some startling new research published peer reviewed NASA blah blah.

    Editor of the journal that published same has just issued mea culpa and resigned. paper was awful and should never have been published:

    Expect retractions in, nah.

    • joe90 5.1

      “Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedback”

      The hype surrounding a new paper by Roy Spencer and Danny Braswell is impressive (see for instance Fox News); unfortunately the paper itself is not. News releases and blogs on climate denier web sites have publicized the claim from the paper’s news release that “Climate models get energy balance wrong, make too hot forecasts of global warming”. The paper has been published in a journal called Remote sensing which is a fine journal for geographers, but it does not deal with atmospheric and climate science, and it is evident that this paper did not get an adequate peer review. It should not have been published.

      And: Journal editor resigns over ‘flawed’ paper co-authored by climate sceptic

      John Abraham, an associate professor at the University of St Thomas’s school of engineering in Minnesota who criticised the Spencer paper upon its publication, told the Guardian: “It is remarkable that an editor-in-chief has stepped down from his role at a journal because of the publication of a flawed paper. This significant event reflects on the significance of the flaws in the paper and its review process. It is commendable that Wagner has reacted responsibly to the situation.”

      He continued: “Spencer and his colleagues have a long history of minimising the effects of human-caused climate change; they also have a long history of making serious technical errors. This latest paper is only one in a decade-long track record of errors that have forced Spencer to revise his work as the errors are brought to light. Spencer is well known in the scientific community for publishing high-profile papers that initially dispute global warming and only later are found to be faulty.

      “This latest article reportedly showed that the climate is not as sensitive to increases in greenhouse gases. It also called into question the cause-and-effect relationship between clouds and climate change. Wolfgang’s resignation was based on the quality of the review the paper received and the obvious technical errors which the paper contained.”

  6. Well here it is: Who runs the world!

    Not my paranoia after all but solid science. And Merrill Lynch, John Key’s bank is number 10 in the top 50 of most powerful economic actors.

  7. The Contradictions of David Farrar #1

    Now we all know David Farrar from Kiwibog can be inconsistent at the best of times, but once in a while he really outdoes himself…

  8. prism 8

    I wonder if Alan Hubbard was wearing his seat belt? Being precautionary like.

    • Tiger Mountain 8.1

      Autocide? prob not given the missus was reported to be at the wheel. Some of the cops car crash forensic investigations do turn up interesting details. Most NZ towns and regions have money lenders and rentiers that operate on patronage and the odd spot of sponsorship and philanthropy. They contribute to the local money go round, but once Hubbard became involved with bank guarantees and speccies his credibility was gone for good.

      • I realise the poor bugger is dead but I believe Hubbard and perhaps his wife were a couple of con people.,I also wonder just how many of those rich Canterbury investers would have supported him if the poor old tax payers had not paid out a billion dollars to them .I also wonder how many of those same people would support some poor Solo mum charged with pinching a few dollars to exist.?

  9. burt 9

    The one that got away… well not so much got away – was chased away.

    TV3 News: Multi millionaire businessman now backs National

    All in the Labour party who denigrated Glenn’s integrity to save Clark from admitting she was wrong backing a proven liar should resign in shame. “self serving” is what Glenn called Labour and Winston…. he was right. The message – “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” springs to mind.

    • McFlock 9.1

      Vaguely interesting – man who didn’t quite make it clear he was paying a bribe in exchange for a consulship (rather than just a donation) is explicitly stating he’s buying votes.

      c900,000 14 y.o. or under = c$100 to each family for every child they have, as long as they vote national. Fucker should be charged.

      • burt 9.1.1


        You still upset he showed up the previous Labour party and Winston as liars ?

        • McFlock

          Nah – I just don’t think he made it clear at the time he was trying to pay a bribe, rather than just making a donation to a party that had led the best government in 25 years (not that that’s saying much). 
          This time he’s being repulsively blunt about buying votes. The disgusting thing is that he probably will get away with making the offer, whether it works or not. 
          Does that count as third-party campaigning? Isn’t $100mil a tad over the limit? 


          • burt

            Isn’t $100mil a tad over the limit?

            Isn’t $100,000 a tad over the limit ? Oh let me guess, it’s OK when it benefits the Labour-led govt ?

            • Ianupnorth

              As posted yesterday, any donation should be to the country, not the government – give it to ChCh to fix the schools FFS!

              • burt

                So individuals should not be allowed to decide how they donate their own money ?

                • thejackal

                  Not when they try to buy votes by waving it under the nose of the some 12,000 people who bothered to watch The Nation last Saturday. Let’s just see what the Police Commissioner has to say about it shall we.

                • Colonial Viper

                  So individuals should not be allowed to decide how they donate their own money ?

                  Its more like no individual or organisation should be allowed to use their own money to subvert the course of democratic discussion, or to have more of a voice than someone else who does not have the same levels of money to spend.

              • burt

                You might also remember he has already donated a significant sum to ChCh. Was that not enough for you ?

            • McFlock

              As opposed to being abhorrent when it’s NZ1, but okay when it’s National?

              Or okay when it’s the Brethren supporting National?
              Like I said, last time Glenn may or may not have adequately communicated that he was trying to bribe someone, rather than just make a donation. This time he’s outright said he will give X for Y. How much longer before he finally gets investigated under the electoral act?

              • burt

                How much longer before he finally gets investigated under the electoral act?

                Apparently all he needs to do is deny it long enough for the statue of limitations to expire then he can’t be prosecuted – if he can’t be prosecuted because the statute of limitations has expired then he’s exonerated and did nothing wrong – that was the position of the Labour-led govt.

                Or perhaps National can retrospectively validate his actions and the lovers of corruption will say it’s ALL OK.

                • McFlock

                  How are Environment Canterbury going?
                  Oh, and anything else been pushed through under urgency lately? The list os so loooong…

          • burt

            rather than just making a donation to a party that had led the best government in 25 years

            We didn’t even know that he had donated it – Winston didn’t declare it and continued to deny it (with his “NO” sign) till such time as he had to admit it….

            And you call a govt that takes donations and fails to declare them the best govt in 25 years…. Is corruption one of the big things you like in govt ?

            • McFlock

              Nah, it’s not the main factor.  I prefer to judge a government by it’s record on GDP, addressing inequality, child health, housing, employment,  infrastructure investment, mortality rates, public health, inflation, and so on. Corruption is included, but as a negative.
              This govt fails on all counts.

            • mik e

              Poor old Pansey Wong and her rip off husband with their good friend Shipley .
              Jail time
              Or coverup!

  10. Hey Tolley, how about this for a league table?
    Six New Zealand institutions feature in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings and five of them have slipped down.
    Auckland Uni went from 68th to 82nd.
    According to Vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon New Zealand’s overall result is worrying but not unexpected.  “Mr McCutcheon says the Government’s tertiary education spending is weighted toward student support, rather than toward improving the quality of tertiary institutions.”
    Shouldn’t you like be doing something about it?

    • gingercrush 10.1

      Is Tolley tertiary minister? No.

      • mickysavage 10.1.1

        Oops right you are.  Obviously need more coffee.  Will try again.

        Hey Joyce, how about this for a league table?
        Six New Zealand institutions feature in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings and five of them have slipped down.
        Auckland Uni went from 68th to 82nd.
        According to Vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon New Zealand’s overall result is worrying but not unexpected.  “Mr McCutcheon says the Government’s tertiary education spending is weighted toward student support, rather than toward improving the quality of tertiary institutions.”
        Shouldn’t you like be doing something about it?

        • Joe Bloggs

          tedious repeater. Correlation doesn’t imply causation…

          That deterioration in standards is a result of lower entry criteria and easy access to low-interest student loans from the last labour admin to cozy up to light-weight impressionable first-time voters…

          • Colonial Viper

            I have a feeling its more because Australian universities (for instance) have way better pay and facilities to attract and keep good staff members.

            And have superior post grad scholarships too, so accepting a PhD programme in Oz instead of New Zealand is the thing to do, if you are offered it.

            • mik e

              R&D cuts wouldn’t have any thing to do with it no no.
              running universities into ground capping funding no no .
              No increases in staff wages .
              Having universities going back to the competitive model.
              Steven Joyce as tertiary minister.Stickto petrol sniffing and building holiday highways to john Keys bach.
              Then our universities might start climbing again.

      • marsman 10.1.2

        No, Sneaky Steven Joyce is.

      • Tiger Mountain 10.1.3

        Is Tolley tertiary minister? No…–Gingercrush.

        That would be Hollowman Joyce. A fullyformed professional rightwinger, Tolley is just an amateur.

  11. joe90 11

    News you may have missed #582

    US government conceals Bush surveillance memos.

    Ex-CIA bin Laden Unit boss wants rendition back

    French firm helped Gaddafi spy on opposition.

  12. randal 12

    Be careful micky savage. If you ask real questions then some tory jackanapes is going to jump up and accuse you of being mean and spiteful because you want the truth.

  13. Colonial Viper:

    Cspan, NPR are all class, dont think all usa media outlets to the likes of Fox News.

  14. AAMC 14

    “Why are the failings of capitalism only being exposed by the right?”

    OK, not even the right are asking the questions here (other than Hickey and Morgan), but the criticism against the left – the politicians and intellectuals, not the activists – in this article seem pretty consistent with what we see here.

    Is it really just because the media is corrupt, or do people need to be yelling louder, speaking more truthfully and provocatively?

    Because, to quote / steal the punchline…”for Labour’s old crusade to make capitalism virtuous, it is a case of: “If not now, when?”

    • Draco T Bastard 14.1

      Can’t make capitalism virtuous as all the slime (psychopaths) rise to the top and then corruption sets in.

      • AAMC 14.1.1

        Too true, but not the point; it seems the people most vocal about it’s current predicament are from the Right.

        Why aren’t the Left, not the activists but the leaders, the MP’s, the intellectuals, taking the opportunity of the current situation – that even the climate and peak oil and everything else deniers can’t deny – inequality, unemployment, the markets, the double dip depression, the failings of austerity and the surely irrefutable failing of the neo-liberal ideal?

        I already know you don’t buy it DTB, but the public aren’t hearing a decent conversation from the people who represent them, cause their all too busy playing the political game and pandering to their fear of the focus group. And they can’t continue to blame that on the Right, or on the media, the media is reporting it all around the world, just not from the mouths of the Left.

        • just saying

          I’ve said it before. If the paliamentarians allegedly representing the left did their job they would be reported. Meaningless waffle will only be reported when it comes out of the arse, I mean mouth of Key.

  15. AAMC 15

    And they currently have a global narrative upon which to hang it.

  16. Herodotus 17

    We get this from Ant R0b – Which technically is niot a racists comment

    Cheeky darkie Holmes at it again

    But what outcry is there resulting from this?
    Pity principles are less important than the “us” versus “them” attitude

  17. uke 18

    One of the big stories of the moment that our bloody useless MSM have been ignoring is an ongoing series of massive demonstrations in Israel over the rising cost of living, rents in particular. On Saturday, some 430 000 people took part in marches across the country. That’s over 5% of the population and the largest show of public anger since “400,000 that took to the streets in September 1982 to protest Israel’s role in the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp in Beirut” (WSWS). The marchers apparently include both Jewish-Israelis and Arab-Israelis. Some links:
    400,000 rally for social justice across the country (Jerusalem Post)
    Israeli protests: 430,000 take to streets to demand social justice (The Guardian)
    Israel’s largest ever protests oppose inequality (WSWS)

    • Herodotus 18.1

      uke what 1st world country is not experiencing this phenomena ?
      If this news item was given air to breath imagine all those out there that may realise that the current system is not working for them !!!
      Couple this with that CEOs, corporations and the like are creaming it e.g Ref Joe 16 above, and there are some out there wanting to give to this group even more, so how do we fund societial needs?
      The utilitarian society that many of us experienced is only unfortunately here in name only.

      • uke 18.1.1

        Yep, you’re right – it’s part of this bigger problem. But I think the neglect of these Israeli protests is a good test-case for MSM bias. They just don’t fit right-wing narratives about Israel (or left-wing ones for that matter). Who would ever think that Israeli society might be suffering the social inequality problems like other Western countries?
        Guess we haven’t quite experienced the mass protest-rioting stage in NZ. If NACT win the upcoming election, however, I am confident we would see a big riot within the next 3 years.

        • Deborah Kean

          Yep, you’re right – it’s part of this bigger problem. But I think the neglect of these Israeli protests is a good test-case for MSM bias.

          They were however mentioned on the BBC WS – albeit briefly…

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  • Climate Change: Squandering our opportunity?
    The Herald has a story today about the 400 MW of wind power currently under construction. Good news, right? Except that none of it is being driven by policy (instead, its about replacing Contact Energy's Taranaki Combined Cycle gas-fired power plant, due to shut down in 2022), and most of ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    9 hours ago
  • Protect The King!
    To Protect and Serve: When the Prime Minister finds herself enmeshed in the coils of a full-blown political scandal, her colleagues and party comrades have only one priority: to release her as swiftly – and with as little lasting injury – as possible. Is this what Jacinda Ardern’s colleagues and ...
    10 hours ago
  • The rot at the top.
    When military leaders cover up and lie to elected civilian authorities, the foundation of democratic civil-military relations is undermined because it is those authorities who are entrusted to hold the military accountable to the public that they mutually serve. But this is only true if civilian political authorities take their ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    11 hours ago
  • Challenging the voting age in court
    The Make It 16 campaign to lower the voting age is launching this afternoon, and they have already announced plans to challenge the law in court:The campaign, named "Make it 16" will launch at Parliament on Friday, with plans to take their case to the High Court, testing the rights ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    11 hours ago
  • Israel’s elections herald a long siesta
    by Daphna Whitmore The long years of Netanyahu’s reign are drawing to an end. For years he has epitomized reactionary zionism as he oversaw hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers seize land in the West Bank. There are now 700,000 settlers, putting an end to the myth that Israel was ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    12 hours ago
  • Petrol companies promise prices will come back down once peace is restored to the Middle East
    BP, Z and Mobil all insist that petrol price hikes are temporary, “in a very literal sense.” The nation’s major petrol providers are trying to allay customer fears over prices, promising that they’ll move to lower them again “immediately” when the Middle East is returned to its formerly peaceful state. ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 day ago
  • All Blacks unveil boat for Rugby World Cup 2019
    South African coach Rassie Erasmus says he has no idea what they’re going to do about the boat. In a highly anticipated press conference this afternoon, All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has finally unveiled the team’s boat for its Rugby World Cup 2019 campaign. In a press conference that went ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 day ago
  • An increasingly shoddy coverup
    The Operation Burnham inquiry continued to question senior NZDF staff today, and their shoddy coverup over their knowledge of civilian casualties continue to fall apart. If you recall, first, we were asked to believe that it was all a series of "mistakes and errors": a senior officer with multiple degrees ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 day ago
  • If we are to avoid making the earth uninhabitable, we need to rapidly decarbonise our civilisation, and cut emissions to zero as quickly as possible. This seems like an impossible task, but its not. Pushing hard on a few technologies and trends will let us halve emissions in a decade:Greenhouse ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 day ago
  • A further attack on transparency
    The Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 2) had part of its committee stage yesterday. its a generally tedious bill about the nitty-gritty of local government reorganisation. But it includes a clause making the Local Government Commission subject to the Ombudsmen Act, and hence the OIA. Great! Except of ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 day ago
  • Ihumātao and Treaty settlements
    Yesterday Ihumātao's mana whenua reached a consensus that they would like their land back, and asked the government to negotiate with Fletcher's for its return. The government's response? Try and undermine that consensus, while talking about how doing anything would undermine existing Treaty settlements. The first is just more bad ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • Protecting our history
    Its Suffrage Day, the 126th anniversary of women winning the right to vote (but not stand in elections) in New Zealand. And to celebrate, the government has bought Kate Sheppard's house in Christchurch:The government has bought Kate Sheppard's former home in Christchurch for more than $4 million. The Ilam villa ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • Climate Change: Ostracising the coal-burners
    The UN climate summit is happening in new York next week, and unlike previous years, coal-burners and denier-states are not being invited to speak:Leading economies such as Japan and Australia will not be invited to speak at next week’s crunch UN climate change summit, as their continued support for coal ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • Jojo Tamihere Salutes Herr Goff.
    Get Back Jojo! The elation in Mayor Phil Goff’s camp may be easily imagined as they watched social media light up in indignation at challenger John Tamihere’s "Sieg Heil to that" quip. Just when JT’s notoriously right-wing, sexist and homophobic stains were beginning to fade back into his ‘colourful’ past, ...
    2 days ago
  • Hard News: A fun but flawed weed documentary
    Patrick Gower is good value when he's high. Not that I've ever, you know, got stoned with him. But in the second part of his documentary Patrick Gower on Weed, he does what you'd expect in a modern weed documentary and immerses himself – first with a doctor, then a ...
    2 days ago
  • Candidate Survey: Western Bay of Plenty – Local Body Elections 2019
    We surveyed candidates on their attitudes to issues facing the Western Bay Region, find out what they think: “Closing the Gap” Tauranga, one of the area groups of Income Equality Aotearoa NZ Inc., has surveyed all candidates in the three local body elections to discover attitudes to some basic issues ...
    Closing the GapBy Tracey Sharp
    2 days ago
  • Project Nettie calls on scientists to defend biology
    Please spread widely, and sign, to support science and rationalism over the new irrationalism sweeping universities and institutions.  PROJECT NETTIE Sexual reproduction, the generation of offspring by fusion of genetic material from two different individuals, evolved over 1 billion years ago. It is the reproductive strategy of all higher animals ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 days ago
  • I’m glad I don’t live in Auckland
    Just when I was thinking that Palmerston North's mayoral race (which includes a convicted child molester / public wanker and a convicted child beater) was the worst in the country, Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere opened his mouth:Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere is being slammed for using the words "sieg ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • Index of Power Update, 2018-19: China #2
    We reprint below an article from the excellent website the Economics of Imperialism by Tony Norfield This is an update of the statistics for my Index of Power, using data for 2018-19 and discussing what a country’s ranking reflects. The major change is that China’s rank has shifted up and ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 days ago
  • Climate Change: A history lesson
    Why is New Zealand climate change policy so crap? The Herald this morning has a long article on the twists and turns of climate change policy in New Zealand [paywalled / depaywall script], which shows where we've been. The short version is that the government first began worrying about this ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • What the All Blacks Mean to Us
    The All Blacks have been, for more than a century, arguably the most successful International sports team in the world. But they are more than that; even for those Kiwis who are immune to the charms of rugby (and there are more than a few), the All Blacks are ambassadors ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    3 days ago
  • No one is born into the wrong body
    A short and incredibly powerful speech from a young lesbian woman. No one is born in the wrong body. ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    3 days ago
  • Contempt
    Back in June, the UK Court of Appeal ruled that that country's continued arms sales to Saudi Arabia were unlawful. So you'd expect that the UK government stopped approving them, right?Of course not:The government has apologised for breaching a court ruling against the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Covering up the cover-up
    Yesterday NZDF officials were put on the stand about the lies they had told over Operation Burnham, making implausible claims that it was all a big mistake. But along the way, we learned they had already been put on the spot about it by a previous Defence Minister, who had ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Not as important as they think they are
    Farmers have been whining a lot lately, about the methane targets in the Zero Carbon Bill, about Canterbury's proposed nitrogen limits, and about the government's new proposals to stop them from shitting in our lakes and rivers. These policies are "throwing farmers under the tractor", they will force farmers off ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Behind Every Good Woman Should Stand – Another Good Woman.
    Alone, Alone, All, All, Alone: To argue that the Prime Minister is the victim of her advisers’ failure to keep her informed may offer Jacinda some measure of exoneration – but only at the cost of casting her as a hopeless political ingénue. A star-dusted muppet, whose only purpose is to ...
    4 days ago
  • Poor quality, poorly educated kiddie ‘Journalists’ spreading fake news
    In times of hysteria about the “World coming to an end” and “rising sea levels” so-called ‘Journalists’ who can barely spell words longer than four letters are having a ball! Though the majority of the Public have worked out that manmade climate change is nothing short of pseudo-science, and the ...
    An average kiwiBy
    4 days ago
  • Chris Trotter on the BFD
    I don't want to give pblicity to certain parts of the internet that are better left to fester in their own irrelevance (I know, a bit like this place) but the listing of Chris Trotter as a 'author' on Cameron Slater's spinoff website, the BFD requires some explanation.Now, I don't ...
    4 days ago
  • Sex is not a spectrum
    The text below is a Twitter thread by Heather Heying that explains the essence of sexual reproduction and it long evolutionary history. She is an evolutionary biologist and a “professor-in-exile” after she and her husband, Bret Weinstein, stood up to supporters of an enforced “Day of Absence” for white staff and teachers ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    4 days ago
  • Climate Change: Trees, aviation, and offsets
    With crunch time for new Zealand climate policy approaching, most of the New Zealand media have got on board with a global reporting effort to cover the issue. There's one strand of stories today about polling and what it shows about changing public attitudes to the crisis, but the strand ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    4 days ago
  • Pissing-Off The Israelis Is A High-Risk Strategy.
    Dangerous Foes: For those readers of Bowalley Road who feel disposed to dismiss any prospect of an Israeli destabilisation of New Zealand politics, the example of the United Kingdom repays close attention. Ever since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the British Labour Party, the Israelis have sanctioned, funded and ...
    4 days ago
  • Something to go to in Wellington
    Make It 16, the youth-led campaign to lower New Zealand's voting age, is holding an official campaign launch at Parliament this Friday from 16:30. If you'd like to attend, you can register using EventBrite here. ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    4 days ago
  • A founding member responds to Peace Action Wellington
    by Don Franks It was a lovely sunny Wellington afternoon with blue skies above  the beaches.  In Courtenay Place, political activists packed out a stuffy upstairs room for an important meeting. The assembled pacifists, anarchists, communists and independent young radicals of Peace Action Wellington felt the need for a mission ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    4 days ago
  • “Mistakes and errors”
    Current and former NZDF top brass are being publicly grilled this week by the hit and run inquiry over their public responses to allegations of civilian casualties. Previously, they've claimed there were no casualties, a position which led them to lie to Ministers and to the public. Now, they're saying ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    4 days ago
  • “Homosexuality is same-sex attraction and relationships, not heterosexuals with delusions of gende...
    by Rafael D. Quiles (gender-critical gay man from Puerto Rico) The writing on the wall is right in people’s faces and people just don’t see it or don’t want to. What could actually possess a heterosexual male to want to feminize himself and claim that he is a lesbian? Because ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    5 days ago
  • Trump: “Where’s my favourite dictator?”
    From the Wall Street Journal:Inside a room of the ornately decorated Hotel du Palais during last month’s Group of Seven summit in Biarritz, France, President Trump awaited a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Mr. Trump looked over a gathering of American and Egyptian officials and called out in ...
    5 days ago
  • Magdalen Burns, 1983-2019, fighter for women’s liberation
    by the Redline blog collective At Redline we are very saddened to hear of the death of Magdalen Burns who passed away on the morning of Friday, September 13 (British time). Magdalen was a great fighter for the rights of women in general and lesbian women in particular, a defender ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    6 days ago
  • Parliament and the Executive
    The Brexit issue has certainly brought with it a series of apparently difficult constitutional issues, many of them concerning the respective roles of the executive and parliament. Most of them arise because of the unwillingness of MPs, despite their professions to the contrary, to be bound by a constitutional rarity ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    7 days ago
  • The Abigail Article; Martyn Bradbury’s Article, and My Response
    . . This blogpost is different to my usual format of reporting on issues… Since July 1011, I have blogged on a variety of political issues; near always political and/or environmental; mostly highly critical of the previous National Government. Other issues included Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and repression of ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    7 days ago
  • Police will have to wear silly Buckingham Palace hats from now on, says Police Minister
    Those close to the Police Minister believe the initiative may be the result of Nash “seeing a great deal” on AliExpress. In a move that comes seemingly out of nowhere, Police Minister Stuart Nash announced this afternoon that he expects all frontline staff to don bearskin hats, famously worn by ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • A sensible crackdown
    The government has released its Arms Legislation Bill, containing the second tranche of changes to gun laws following the March 15 massacre. And it all looks quite sensible: a national gun register, higher penalties for illegal possession and dealing, tighter restrictions on arms dealers and shooting clubs, and a shorter ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • California bans private prisons
    Private prisons are a stain on humanity. Prison operators explicitly profit from human misery, then lobby for longer prisons terms so they can keep on profiting. And in the US, prison companies run not only local and state prisons, but also Donald Trump's immigration concentration camps. Faced with this moral ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Why PPPs are a bad idea
    When National was in power, they were very keen on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) - basicly, using private companies to finance public infrastructure as a way of hiding debt from the public. They were keen on using them for everything - roads, schools, hospitals. But as the UK shows, that "service" ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • A Movement That No Longer Moves.
    Moving And Shaking: There was a time when people spoke matter-of-factly about the “labour movement” – a political phenomenon understood to embrace much more than the Labour Party. Included within the term’s definition was the whole trade union movement – many of whose members looked upon the Labour Party as ...
    1 week ago
  • NZ ‘left’ politically embracing extreme postmodernism
    by Philip Ferguson Much of the left, even people who formally identify as marxists, have collapsed politically in the face of postmodern gender theory of the sort pioneered by American philosopher Judith Butler. For Butler even biological sex is socially constructed. “If the immutable character of sex is contested, perhaps ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • The obvious question
    The media is reporting that the (alleged) Labour party sexual assaulter has resigned from their job at Parliament, which means hopefully he won't be turning up there making people feel unsafe in future. Good. But as with everything about this scandal, it just raises other questions. Most significantly: why the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • The moment I found out that you found out, I acted swiftly
    By Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern I am every bit as angry as you are. I am every bit as disappointed as you must be. The people with power, oversight and the ability to do something about these processes within the Labour Party should be ashamed. Whoever those people are, I ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • This is why people hate property developers
    Property developers think there is an "oversupply" of houses in Auckland:High turnover rates and falling prices may be a sign that there are too many new houses going in to some parts of Auckland, commentators say. [...] Property developer David Whitburn said there was a "bit of an oversupply" in ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Australia to Pacific: “Fuck you, you can all drown”
    World leaders are meeting in New York in two weeks for the 2019 Climate Action Summit, where they are expected to announce new and more ambitious targets to stop the world from burning. But the Australian Prime Minister won't be there, despite being in the USA at the time:Scott Morrison ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Implausible ignorance
    Labour Party president Nigel Haworth resigned yesterday over the party's sexual assault scandal. But while that's good news, its unlikely to take away the stench of a coverup. Because according to Paula Bennett in Parliament yesterday, pretty much everyone in the Prime Minister's office was involved as well:I have been ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Labour’s Fatal Flaw.
     Two-Faced? Labour insiders' commitment to the neoliberal status quo puts them at odds with their party’s membership; its trade union affiliates; and a majority of Labour voters, but this only serves to strengthen the perception they have of themselves as a special elite. Among the lesser breeds, they’ll talk up a ...
    1 week ago
  • Ten reasons the Tories do NOT want an election
    There has been a lot of talk about Boris Johnson wanting an election, and he has blustered with great gusto about 'chicken' Jeremy Corbyn refusing one, but I think there are many reasons why he is secretly glad he has been refused the opportunity:The Tories are an utter rabble,tearing themselves ...
    1 week ago
  • Prorogation Illegal, rule Scottish judges
    Scottish appeal court judges have declared that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament in the run-up to the October Brexit deadline is unlawful. The three judges, chaired by Lord Carloway, Scotland’s most senior judge, overturned an earlier ruling that the courts did not have the powers to interfere in the prime ...
    1 week ago
  • Let me explain what I meant by Everyday New Zealanders
    By Simon Bridges. The following is a press release from the office of Simon Bridges, leader of The National Party. Key ora, New Zealand. Happy Maori Language Week. Look, I’m writing to you today because I want to clear something up. There’s been a lot of kerfuffle around some things ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Yes, the SIS is subject to the Public Records Act
    I understand there's some stuff going round about how the SIS "was removed from the list of public offices covered by the Public Records Act in 2017". The context of course being their records derived from US torture, which will be disposed of or sealed. The good news is that ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • An evidence-based discussion of the Canadian fluoride/IQ study
    Dr. Christopher Labos and Jonathan Jarry discuss the recent Canadian fluoride/IQ research. They provide an expert analysis of the paper and its problems. Click on image to go to podcast. The critical debate about the recent ...
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: Australia in denial
    Australia is burning down again, and meanwhile its natural disaster minister is denying climate change:Australia’s minister responsible for drought and natural disasters, David Littleproud, has said that he doesn’t “know if climate change is manmade”. Clarifying earlier comments that the question is “irrelevant” when considering the Coalition government’s response to ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Philippines activist speaking on the Duterte tyranny
    Auckland Philippines Solidarity is excited to host Professor Judy Taguiwalo for a speaking tour of NZ in September. She is a well-known activist in the Philippines and was a political prisoner under the Marcos dictatorship. Professor Taguiwalo briefly served as a Cabinet member under President Duterte but was forced from ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Disgust
    I have no special insights to offer on the Labour sexual assault coverup. All I have is disgust. Disgust that an organisation could fail its people so badly. Disgust that they punished the victims rather than the perpetrator. Disgust that its party hacks are apparently blaming the victims for demanding ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Speak Up for Women calls out Greens’ censorship
    This open letter to the Green Party was penned after an opinion piece by Jill Abigail, a feminist and founding member of the party, was censored by the Greens’ leadership. (Redline has reprinted her article here).The intolerance of the Green Party leaders and their acceptance of the misogyny of gender ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Member’s Day: End of Life Choice, part 3
    Today is a Member's day, and David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill continues its slow crawl through its committee stage. They're spending the whole day on it today, though the first hour is likely to be spent on voting left over from last time. After that they'll move on ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Flight to Los Angeles turned back after passengers decide they don’t want to go anymore
    An ambitious plan to fly to Los Angeles petered out into a brief sight-seeing trip and a desire to return home and get some sleep before work tomorrow. Air New Zealand has confirmed a flight to Los Angeles last night was turned back about a quarter of the way into ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Indigenous Futures: defuturing and futuring – an analytical framework for policy development?
    There appears to be consensus – by omission – that the concept of indigenous futures should be accepted at face value. So I scavenged the internet to see if I could locate an academic descriptor or a framework around how we think about it as a concept, and whether it ...
    EllipsisterBy Ellipsister
    1 week ago
  • Cadbury rumoured to be releasing the Pineapple Trump
    Here’s another novelty chocolate to shove in your gob, New Zealand Cadbury could be seeking to make itself great again with a rumoured new release: Pineapple Trumps, a spin on its classic chocolate-encased pineapple treat and do-it-yourself tooth remover. The global confectionery manufacturer and bumbling “before” character in an infomercial, ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • The coming resource war.
    During my time in the Pentagon I had the privilege of sitting down with military leaders and defence and security officials from a variety of Latin American nations. Sometimes I was present as a subordinate assistant to a senior US defence department official, sometimes as part of a delegation that ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    1 week ago
  • Māori Language Week with The Civilian
    Kia ora, Aotearoa. It’s that magical time of year. Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. In English, the week that frightens talk radio. As you probably know by now, all your favourite media outlets are participating, some more successfully than others. Stuff has changed its name to Puna for the ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Will Horizons act on climate change?
    Local body elections are coming up next month. And it looks like all Palmerston North candidates for Horizons (the Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council) want to take action on climate change:Climate change is set to be a key issue in Palmerston North for the next three years if those wanting to get ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • BORA reform is stalled
    Eighteen months ago, the government promised to strengthen the Bill of Rights Act, by explicitly affirming the power of the courts to issue declarations of inconsistency and requiring Parliament to formally respond to them. So how's that going? I was curious, so I asked for all advice about the proposal. ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Corbyn and Brexit
    As the Brexit saga staggers on, the focus is naturally enough on the Prime Minister and his attempts to achieve Brexit “do or die”. But the role played by the Leader of the Opposition is of almost equal interest and complexity. The first problem for Jeremy Corbyn is that he ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    1 week ago
  • A ditch for him to die in
    Last week, English Prime Minister Boris Johnson boldly declared that he would rather die be dead in a ditch than delay Brexit. Unfortunately for him, the UK parliament accepted the challenge, and promptly dug one for him. The "rebellion bill" requires him to ask for and secure yet another temporary ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Warning! Warning! Danger Jacinda Ardern! Danger Marama Davidson! Warning!
    Lost In Political Space: The most important takeaway from this latest Labour sexual assault scandal, which (if I may paraphrase Nixon’s White House counsel’s, John Dean’s, infamous description of Watergate) is “growing like a cancer” on the premiership, is the Labour Party organisation’s extraordinary professional paralysis in the face of ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Union solidarity with Ihumatao land occupation
    by Daphna Whitmore Every Sunday for the past two months unionists from First Union, with supporters from other unions, have set out to the Ihumatao land protest, put up gazebos and gas barbeques, and cooked food for a few hundred locals and supporters who have come from across the country. ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 weeks ago
  • Climate Change: The wrong kind of trees?
    Newsroom today has an excellent, in-depth article on pine trees as carbon sinks. The TL;DR is that pine is really good at soaking up carbon, but people prefer far-less efficient native forests instead. Which is understandable, but there's two problems: firstly, we've pissed about so long on this problem that ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • No freedom of speech in Turkey
    Canan Kaftancioglu is a Turkish politician and member of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP). Like most modern politicians, she tweets, and uses the platform to criticise the Turkish government. She has criticised them over the death of a 14-year-old boy who was hit by a tear gas grenade during ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago

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