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Open mike 05/11/2012

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, November 5th, 2012 - 88 comments
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88 comments on “Open mike 05/11/2012 ”

  1. Chalupa Batman 1


    Don’t worry its just a rogue poll, everything is going to plan.

    • Te Reo Putake 1.1

      Yeah, another poll showing the opposition out polling the right. Note the desperate optimism and pisspoor mathematics in this bit of analysis:
      “National would get 58 seats, add three from the Maori Party and one each from Act and United Future and the centre-right would have a majority of 63.”
      A more marginally more accurate reading of NZF’s popularity totally changes the electoral outcome as well. Over 5% and Key loses control.

      • ad 1.1.1

        Agreed. A coalition government in the offing.

        Still perplexing to see little recent tracking progress for Labour.

        Annoying that Peters is getting up there in the Preferred PM stakes. Naturally I was pleased when he left Shipley’s government for the sale of Wellington Airport. But it’s still a shudder of instability in a government.

        A relief to see Key is far less of an asset to National than previous. If he survives into a third term, his government will be as smelly as a six month old whale on a beach, and as prone to having further bits fall off. I probably wouldn’t wish that on the country.

      • Chalupa Batman 1.1.2

        So Labour going down and n/c for the Greens is a good thing? Relying on WinstonFirst is a good thing?

        • McFlock

          Is the election to be held tomorrow? Nope.
          National have, support wise, lost half their governing majority in less than a year. Another year and they lose the other half. A year after that – oh look, election time…

          • Colonial Viper

            Labour only need to sit tight and wait for the tide to go out on National to get back in. That’s what all the trends say.

            • McFlock

              But I grant you that they’d get farther, quicker, if they did more paddling themselves.
              I just see no reason to give them up as lost at sea quite yet.

  2. Mr Burns 2

    Fox has released an excellent video that is bound to destroy the election chances of that damned new dealer Obama and return the control of America to the very wealthy.  God bless America!

    • Rogue Trooper 2.1

      what is interesting is the media coverage of thousands of people in ” the greatest city on earth” queueing for half a day on foot, or in their cars, for petrol (maybe for the ride-on mower); In large cities it appears a great deal of the population are totally enmeshed and dependent on services supplied by other concerns.
      Now it’s gonna freeze over the big apple and related fruit; sorta reminds me of Moscow before glastnost.

  3. Logie97 3

    Many on here and elsewhere have tried to defend Key’s comments re Beckham.
    The simple fact is, those same people need to ask the question, What sort of person makes that sort of statement off the cuff to that sort of audience? And can they list what other country leaders would have made them.

    Obama? Thatcher? Howard? Bulger? Frazer? Menzies? Rowling? …

    The simple answer is none – except Joky

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Top exec and businessman speaks out against outrageous executive pay


    Mr Taylor said a CEO’s remuneration “should be measured by how well he or she protects jobs and should bear a direct relationship to how well the employees … are paid”.

    In a letter to the Herald, he referred to a comment last week by former Nuplex chairman Fred Holland, who, when referring to a 26 per cent rise for non-executive directors, said: “You won’t get anything but monkeys if you pay peanuts.”

    Mr Taylor said: “If that means I have joined our fellow primates in his eyes then I know who I would rather spend my time with: Them and the countless other CEOs and management of small New Zealand companies who still live in the real world.”

    Mr Taylor’s business, established in 1990, is considered to be one of the top computer animation companies in the country.

    • prism 4.1

      CV 4

      a comment last week by former Nuplex chairman Fred Holland, who, when referring to a 26 per cent rise for non-executive directors, said: “You won’t get anything but monkeys if you pay peanuts.”

      This is the sort of cliche that a shallow thinker comes up with. Cliches can be handy but this situation requires more than a throw-away line. But he can’t justify his salary so the flip cliche works best. It doesn’t say much for the acumen and intelligence of Mr Holland, and yet I think it is likely to be the tone and extent of thinking of many of our CEOs. Probably psychopaths most of them, who are known for relentless self promotion, stealing any kudos that should have gone to others etc.

      • Colonial Viper 4.1.1

        Since minimum wage workers are paid peanuts, minimum wage workers must be “Monkeys” QED

        Good to understand how the societal logic of the elites work, isn’t it.

  5. karol 5

    Interesting to see that Andrew Little is putting forward the idea that ACC should be extended to cover illnesses and disease.  He also favours dropping the “fully funded” model, as it is only relevant when it is in competition with other systems.
    I’m for the extension, but I’m not so sure about dumping the fully funded model.

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      Great to see new innovative proposals from Labour. Even if the details are not there its important to get Joe Public understanding that yes, there are real alternatives.

      • Dr Terry 5.1.1

        CV – of course there are always real alternatives to just about anything – but is Joe Public going to like them when details are spelled out?

    • s y d 5.2

      holy shit, and i thought we had a social security system that looked after people if they became sick.
      I guess instead of this, we’ve just got to introduce an insurance based model and when it’s all nicely set up we can introduce a bit’o’competition……

      • weka 5.2.1

        “holy shit, and i thought we had a social security system that looked after people if they became sick.”
        No. We have a social security system that deliberately sets benefit rates below the poverty line. And of next year, all sickness beneficiaries will be deemed unemployed ie available for work unless they can prove otherwise.

    • Vicky32 5.3

      Interesting to see that Andrew Little is putting forward the idea that ACC should be extended to cover illnesses and disease.

      I am confused, I thought it already had been!

  6. Rogue Trooper 6

    chanced across Chris Trotters’ article on violence in the Dom at the library; very timely if you have watched the development of violence in NZ over say, four decades. ( I watch less and less audio-visual now, de-sensitization, bias and all that) Though, I did see an article on the right-wing allegiences of the Greek police, and how painful that is turning out for left-wing demonstrators and activists; if Greek portrays the birth place of democracy (athenian) and its denoument, then Heaven help us!

    • prism 6.1

      We do need to keep an eye on heaven which we might need to help us. In fact Bracken put it in our national anthem ‘God Defend New Zealand’. We should never get puffed up with the idea that we can’t get torn apart by implacable forces and need some greater aid.

  7. prism 7

    There need to be more first names released from the lock-up for men in NZ. First there seems to be too many Davids and I have recently heard David Farrier speaking, not The David Farrar.
    Then there is Matthew Horton and Matthew Hooton.

    I have this interest in how many men’s names are from the bible. What about going to Greek mythology, gods etc. Zeus, Hermes etc. Or more stressing strength and son of the planet stuff, Rock, Cliff, Clay? Compost even.

    • Vicky32 7.1

      Rock, Cliff, Clay? Compost even.

      My middle son has always insisted that he will call his son Horus. (Pity his wife doesn’t agree!) 🙂
      My youngest says his daughter will be called Storm (he has yet to meet her mother, but is confident that she will be persuaded).

  8. Rowan Atkinson’s brilliant political speech.


    • Uturn 8.1

      Theoretically he is right, but in practice he forgets that the formats people would use to publish his call for “more speech” aren’t impartial in themselves. Facebook and twitter comments are taken from their original environment and then played with by existing forces within the mainstream media. The MSM has it’s bias and method and predestined outcome for matters, usually adhering to a particular cultural norm. Under that format, “more speech” will only ever favour one side of the equation. MSM is not a two way dialogue or a dialogue at all, it’s all statements dressed as enquiries.

      So while freedom of speech is a great idea in the abstract, it runs into problems in practice and not many people have the ability to create a format or environment suitable to hearing “more speech” in the way he would like.

      The next problem his request for “more speech” runs into is outlined in his story of the teen arrested for calling a police horse “gay”. This is one side of a particular line of argument that you often find LGBT, feminist and indigenous rights groups arguing: that however “normalised” a colloquial word has become, it started out as a prejudice that deeply effected, or currently effects, the lives of certain people in real and negetive terms. To hear such a word, even in passing, often raises strong emotions, from aggressive through to depressive, in the target.

      For people not affected by these words to then say, let’s hear more of this without any format changes or discretion on who may speak, in the interests of working it all out, is pretty insensitive. It would be a difficult balance to meet, with the clumsy media tools we have, between those that are aware and those that aren’t and be able to recognise the malicious attacks on both sides of those who just like to fight. There’d need to be some kind of harmonic global community, with a shared language and generous portions of goodwill – otherwise known as Utopia – for it work.

      The next problem with “more free speech” is that these days it is mostly considered as “freedom of unexamined opinion”. No one is obliged to think about what they say, or research the subject to the best of their ability. Choosing not to speak is hardly ever promoted, but having a critical opinion is regularly considered the highest form of communication. Expressing opinions may well be more than half the problem, but that is best solved on an individual basis. The immediacy with which anyone can publish an opinion could also contribute to the problem.

      It’s too hard for my brain to give a conclusive answer. If somone handed me a pen right now and said, here, write an anti-hate speech law for us, maybe it would be something along the lines of don’t tell people, or imply, that you want them dead or oppressed, or encourage other people to kill or oppress them. Penalties for implication over open calls would vary depending on the specifics of the situation.

      • Rogue Trooper 8.1.1

        have ya checked out Jacque Ellul on “freedom”?
        personally, this entire project of “freedom” and “liberty” appears to have been a poisoned chalice!

        • ad

          “God is dead but his locus has survived Him. Into that absence we now project the blueprint of freedom.” – Ernst Bloch.

          Or something like that.

          Bon mots to buttress up a worldview.

          • Rogue Trooper

            very wise. 🙂
            it is very encouraging to have “decided” on such a “caring” “worldview”, do you think? After all, there are worse things I could do…. . Seriously though, for someone so knowledgeble, what have you determined to be a helpful “perspective” ? and do you think one could really “get in trouble” for asthetically bearing such ideas, here and now? After all, thinkers like these (loved Lacan, although a little wordy those Europeans) would be a great help in the further emancipation of our fellows, don’t you think? (or every body can just continue tearing themselves and others apart to fit the dominant hegemony / discourse?)

            and a person could be in a lot worse idea company than Ecclesiastes / Solomon or Tolstoy I was thinking as I weeded.

        • Uturn

          Re Jacque Ellul, nope hadn’t come across him. Last night I had a look on online sources of his ideas. Christian Anarchist sounds like an interesting mix.

          To stay in context of Rowan’s speech, I think that the issue of free speech in heavily populated and mixed culture cities is more one of crowd control than pushing for “liberty and freedom” and the inherent difficulties and impossibilities of that task.

          My only experience of the police at street level in the UK was in the mid 1990’s and they appeared to me like a confident and pragmatic type: seperating parties in dispute as a first measure and not diving for arrests and displays of authority just because they could. Things may well have changed; police forces are often politicised. In Australia police can issue “move on” notices and this also seperates and neutralises situations they see getting out of control without using more resources than necessary. Here, I’ve only come across “behaviour likely to cause violence” and for that you will likely end up in court. Anyone wandering around making an ass of themselves or abusing other people is likely to attract discretionary police attention without organised groups getting worked up about “thought control”.

          Top-down laws that say “thou shalt not be mean” aren’t likely to stop humans being humans and will take a few generations to become normalised at street level. Laws that say “don’t abuse people in public” won’t stop people being abused, but it may create a breathing space for certain groups of society that need it and I think that is a good progression towards offering an equal distribution of care by society’s keepers. The real problem may be centralised power and millions of people hearded together in confined areas, but that’s more difficult to address than crowd control.

    • prism 8.2

      Brett D Thanks for giving us this. Rowan’s speech on free speech 18/10/12. Section 5 of a Brit Act that allows people to be censured for saying anything that others ‘might’ regard as offensive (or similar). There doesn’t have to be a specific complaint for the police to act. Words like censorious, new intolerance, authoritarian were voiced by Rowan and rightly.

    • LynW 8.3

      Yes an interesting speech on the right to express yourself freely. I particularly liked Rowan’s acknowledgement, in summary, that ‘firstly we all have to take responsibility for what we say’.

  9. Allyson 9

    In the June 2012 quarter compared with the June 2011 quarter:

    The seasonally adjusted number of filled jobs rose 1.9 percent.
    The seasonally adjusted number of FTEs rose 2.0 percent.
    Average ordinary time hourly earnings rose 2.9 percent.

    Source http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/income-and-work/employment_and_unemployment/QuarterlyEmploymentSurvey_HOTPJun12qtr.aspx

    Its all about the economy

    Good thoughts to all, Ally

  10. Pascal's bookie 10

    Those docs last week that showed the whole reason behind preventing elections for ECAN was to ensure that the ‘water for cows first’ policy gets bedded in?



    • vto 10.1

      Yep p’s b.

      There is only one conclusion – they (the relevant farmers and their political lackeys) don’t care.

      They don’t care that for the last dozen years or so the shit from their cows has leaked into the aquifers that supply people with their drinking water. These farmers don’t care for the people who drink that water, they only care for the $kg/butterfat.

      This is evidenced by the fact that there was no pause or hesitancy in loading up the paddocks with cows. Get the herd on and bugger the consequences. That was the starting attitude.

      This is also evidenced by the fact that none of these farmers are standing up and doing something about their shit in people’s drinking water. This is the continuing attitude.

      I would love to be shown how this is not and has not been the attitude …………. anyone?

      • kousei 10.1.1

        Not South Island example but this from Forest and Bird site

        “One dairy farmer who has taken a different route to most is Jeff Williams from Manawatu, who has reduced the need for fertiliser and cut the number of cows his property carries. His methods mean he produces less milk but he is more profitable because his costs are much lower. He calls the heavy use of fertiliser and squeezing as many animals as possible on every paddock the “moron theory”.”

        Further reading about this farmer’s biological approach is around.

        As far as South Island, I can’t think off hand any exception to the “moron theory” not to say they don’t exist.

    • kousei 10.2

      The rivers and streams are already polluted on the plains.. Nutrient levels set by asking the industry what they could manage are meaningless. By the time they enforce and test (years?) the system they are angling for most likely the situation will be much worse. Take more water out of the system and add more nutrient, guess what happens?

      • prism 10.2.1

        Acshually there was a report on radionz this a.m. by a doc who said that babies were at risk from high nitrates that have built up in the Christchurch water. This is dangerous for bottle fed babies and can lead to ‘ble baby syndrome’ or similar, and even death was mentioned. These annoying side effects can occur when there is too much focus on what ‘I’ want to institute that will make money for ‘me’. And ‘we’ don’t worry about how ‘they’ might be affected.

        • kousei

          Check out the Tait Cullen paper about External Costs of Dairy Farms in Canterbury.
          Love the line in the conclusion.

          “The consequences of the environmental risks of industrial agriculture are not entirely known or understood.”

          I would argue social, economic and environmental risks.
          Makes no odds to a corporate fascist government.

  11. Jackal 11

    Thicker than batshit

    Key weaseling around the issue of his undiplomatic slur is in my opinion further insult to injury. Why doesn’t he just admit the gaffe, apologize to the thousands of people he’s offended and move on? That’s what anybody else with an iota of credibility would do. The story would soon die in a ditch, and Key could focus on what a government is meant to be doing…

    • David H 11.1

      Because in his mind that’s permanently on Planet Key, he has just made an earth shattering funny.

      Here on Planet Earth we all cringe.

  12. Draco T Bastard 12

    While i think to ask, how has it come about that people like you (in particular) and the many other informed people who comment here know so much, about such a wide range of topics individually?

    For me specifically, my interests are broad and I’ve looked into those interests by reading what’s available on the internet and in libraries. I’ve also worked in numerous industries and positions within those industries.

    And why aren’t some of you people running for parliament?

    Never wanted the job and, mostly I think, didn’t grow up in a politically active family. The way things are going though I may change my mind about going for the job though as it’s becoming obvious that we can’t leave the idiots that we have there in charge or nothing will change.

    • kousei 12.1

      You’ve got my vote

    • Jackal 12.2

      Who are you replying to DTB?

      Personally I’ve found that blogging has vastly increased my knowledge on certain subjects, and also removed some previous misconceptions. Although I’ve never actually blogged about my particular areas of expertise, I find the blogosphere to be an effective and cheap way of increasing my knowledge about how the world works and the way people think.

      As for being a politician… There’s always the problem of becoming the thing you want to change. Never underestimate the insidious effects of power and its ability to corrupt.

      • kousei 12.2.1

        Someone who has a great desire to become a politician probably should be discounted. I think underestimating the insidious nature of power and its influence on our daily lives is the reason things are such a mess at the moment. The sneaky and the unscrupulous, the greedy and immoral have quietly taken over and now own democracy.
        I certainly enjoy DTB commentary and some others and share many views as well as changed my views on reflection.
        Debating is very important.

      • Draco T Bastard 12.2.2

        Who are you replying to DTB?

        That was Rogue Trooper but it was OT so I moved it here.

        As for being a politician… There’s always the problem of becoming the thing you want to change. Never underestimate the insidious effects of power and its ability to corrupt.

        There is that problem but we really can’t leave it to those that have already been corrupted. Catch 22.

        • David H

          So give em a time limit, like America, election every four years and only 2 terms or less if you are useless.

          • Draco T Bastard

            And the US is so not corrupt…

            Oh, wait…

            Actually, the only one that has a two term limit is the president – the rest have no such limits so a two term limit on every elected official might work but it also has one other drawback – it means we lose the experience.

      • Rogue Trooper 12.2.3

        Reading this blog, and appreciating it’s collective ethic of care (Habermas et al;) , which it conveys a significant portion of the time (and space), has REALLY developed my mind and established a security for the types of thinking I have always had; ya thrown into the world, dasein, which is something to be grateful for, and then the human distortions start, in your home and nuclear family first, and before long one may become a distortion distorting distortions.
        Thank God for helpful thinkers, helpful ideas and helpful stories and text, and the discernment to stick to what we understand.

        (I just love the revelation idea concerning The Propaganda of Man, Ellul; master that and we are getting somewhere )
        I do not know if that was your intention Ad, but some things are like “the garden path”; once you have been “down” there, you can never go back!

        now I better finish a book, and I really recommend The Great Partnership by Jonathan Sacks (it’s also got great bibliography)

        🙂 (i’m over wasting mental energy on our “sign of the times” pm; he’s not fooling anyone but the greedy and himself; I saw them trying to soften Collins’ portrayal in the MSM recently, softer than Power was the angle)

        • ad

          Oh it’s as much about a basic problem with this site: on the one hand, New Zealanders are often Heideggerian in that they are so often proud of their version of dasein – having so many of their own Black Forest equivalents to wander through, in which “regioning is a gathering and a sheltering within a resting and an abiding”. Heidegger, On The Way To Language.

          And yet New Zealanders are so in love with speed and travel, of which Habermas’s theory of communicative competence that strips out psychoanalytic depth is so well suited to this kind of anonymised site. Because we can be as free and fast as we like.

          We are free to be regioned, free to communicate, but resolutely generally unfree to join the two by naming – naming ourselves.

          So the realm of freedom gets pretty constrained pretty fast if one’s prosthetic selves stay so compartmentalised.

          I used to think that there were only two types of freedom: freedom from (against constraint), and freedom to (the generous and generative capacity). But the self-willed unfreedom of anonymity points to another freedom (a kind of sweet spot between belonging and communicating). Someone will have to theorise it at some point. Ellul is too deep into his atavistic surges into old analogue space to really get this.

          • Rogue Trooper

            oscillation between anonymity and name has been practised, in situ, tabla rasa by moi, and considering the forum, was experienced as both exhile-arating and fear-arousing (but then i’m a sensitive sort of a chap), yet it was very empowering, what-ever-this-may-mean.

  13. PlanetOrphan 13

    I wonder if the Gnats’ are going to argue the TPPA with the USA re Kim Dotcoms’ new business venture ??

    What was the bloody document meant to do for us all again ?

    • felix 14.1

      I warned everyone the other day that Key would be going into 24/7 dickhead mode.

      It’s all he’s got left.

    • Vicky32 14.2

      A “funny” Gay remark from Key?? Surely not!

      Now, he is really losing it!

  14. prism 15

    While looking at some of the youtube offerings I found this one of John Cleese with an instructional message for air travellers from AirNewZealand with a Hobbit theme. Watch for Peter Jackson.

    Don’t know where airnz went? http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/233376/air-nz-hobbit-video-draws-6-million-views

  15. felix 16

    Following John Key’s lead I’m going to start using “batshit” as an all purpose word, regardless of meaning or convention.

    It could be funny as batshit or it could get batshit confusing. We’ll see.

  16. Sam Hill 17

    Kate Wilkinson has resigned as Labour Minister in the wake of the Pike River report

    Here is a live stream of the Post-cabinet press conference


    • Colonial Viper 17.1

      Wow. Kudos to Wilkinson for stepping up and being accountable. Shes gone up in my estimation, significantly.

    • Te Reo Putake 17.2

      Well, she’s shown she’s got more integrity than the Prime Minister. And unlike some of Key’s other incompetents, at least we know why she’s going.

    • David H 17.3

      Good to see that someone in that party still has a sense of responsibility.

  17. Tim 18

    An occasional interloper only, so fuff shit any and all criticism] BUT re Poik Riva

    Cheers to Kate Wilkinsons who is the HONOURABLE Minsta.
    Not so however Ger Brownlee or the Proim Minsta (who was going to to “whatever i takes”)

    ALL have blood on their hands. At the very least, there’s one that I’d usually refer to as a pathetic silly bitch, that has the Honour to resign.

    Blubber boy is running for cover, meanwhile ………… itchim sssssmetchim, goan forwid ………etc.

    (The one that appeared on “BREAKFAST” this moring telling us there would be some “learnings” – After telling us all how thick as pig-shit Beckam was.

    Well Jonky – hopefully the Roil Kmishun has learned ya.
    And let’s hope – yea – you know what I mean………..but its all as shakey es waifa-thin.

    Ooh aaaaH Jonky hes jiss septid Wilksins resnashun.
    Oh well, then that makes it all ok yea?

    I need to replay the video right now to try and unna Stan shhhssh itsch schmozzz ssssss itch itch setch shmuzzz roit insayn scruptiv snatcah cha cha cha…….etc to make sure I unna STAN what the Proim Minsta is actually saying. (Generally I find it easier to understand most people that are completely pissed.
    Hissss schscsh smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiz truncate truncate shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwazz smiiiiizzzzzzzzzz neeeeeeeeeeese ta prove,,,,,,,,,,,,, veeeissssly un ssssssssssssssept BULL.

  18. Draco T Bastard 19

    MMP Review is out (PDF).

     The one electorate seat threshold for the allocation of list seats should be abolished.
     The party vote threshold should be lowered from 5% to 4%.
     There should be a statutory requirement for the Electoral Commission to review the operation of the 4% party vote threshold and report to the Minister of Justice for presentation to Parliament after three general elections.
     If the one electorate seat threshold is abolished, the provision for overhang seats should be abolished.
     Consideration should be given to fixing the ratio of electorate seats to list seats at 60:40 to help maintain the diversity of representation and proportionality in Parliament obtained through the list seats.
     Political parties should continue to have responsibility for the selection and ranking of candidates on their party lists.
     Political parties should be required to give a public assurance by statutory declaration that they have complied with their rules in selecting and ranking their list candidates.
     In any dispute relating to the selection of candidates for election as members of Parliament, the version of the party’s rules that should be applied is that supplied to the Commission under section 71B as at the time the dispute arose.
     Candidates should continue to be able to stand both for an electorate seat and be on a party list at a general election.
     List MPs should continue to be able to contest by-elections.

  19. Tim 20

    Jar rekin Meth Yootin kin spin this one eart on Noint Noon? I’ll bet he’s exploring all the ways possible along with a muppet called Farrar on Kwoiblog misinterpreting and spinning statistics (yea that’s roit: stat – isss-tiks) for all he’s worth
    Only problem is now we have Chris Finlayson who lost his balls somewhere along the high-road/left road junction on route 69 – the Bitter Old Queen Route to Eternity.

    Awake Sleepy Hobbits – or forever hold your ‘pieces’

    • Colonial Viper 20.1

      The fact that they put Chris Finlayson on to the portfolio is a damn good thing. He is one of a small handful of seriously competent people in that Cabinet.

  20. prism 21

    This is an eye-waterer about city councils posturing as biiig important financial entities from Jim Mora’s guest Dr Robert Hamlin this afternoon. This is just a taste from google heading.

    Afternoons with Jim Mora: The Panel today [DCC interest rate swaps …
    40 minutes ago – The two councils together may have lost up to $200 million of ratepayer funds. In Dunedin City Treasury’s case, interest swap rates may be being used to ‘assist’ … businesses and local bodies into high levels of interest ahead of those rates falling. …. DCC consolidated debt substantially more than $616m to June 30, 2012 …


    • weka 21.1

      What is an interest rate swap?

      • Colonial Viper 21.1.1

        Basically, bad news for anyone who is not a professional trader. The fact that banks sold these derivative products to unsuspecting people and tried to position them as a kind of ‘insurance’ is, to my mind, fraud.

        Especially if they don’t inform the customer of the potential for massive losses should unexpected market movements occur.


        In the US, derivative products like this were sold to unsuspecting municipal bodies and pension funds, causing massive losses to those organisations…while the banks reaped the upside on the other end of the trade.


  21. Vicky32 22

    Again I ask myself why 3 News in general and Patrick Gair in particular, are so desperately pro-Romney and against Obama? I mean, seriously, what’s in it for them?

  22. prism 23

    This international report on alternative studies for young people who aren’t getting a lot from school was interesting and could shed some light on possibilities for charter schools. If only the government wasn’t setting such low teacher numbers I could be almost positive about what they could achieve.

    Windows on the World
    Monday 5 November: School for Entrepreneurs
    The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is a 25-year-old initiative started in the USA which now has programmes in India, China and Saudi Arabia. It goes into schools in deprived areas and teaches entrepreneurship from the age of 12. Peter Day finds out how it works and speaks to two female alumni, one from Calcutta and one from Chicago.

  23. Logie97 24

    Just listening to the cacophony in the neighbourhood this evening (poor dog fretting and shaking like a leaf at our side) and cannot help wondering how many school lunches and pairs of shoes and trips and other unaffordables have gone up in smoke for the sake of a good bang …

    • karol 24.1

      4 nights in a row in my neighbourhood.  I don’t mind so much tonight, but at the weekend it kept me awake when I had to get up for work the next day.

    • felix 24.2

      Round here the Dog doesn’t seem to mind fireworks at all. Or even register them really. Which is odd for an animal who freaks out at the sound of rain on the roof.

    • Vicky32 24.3

      cacophony in the neighbourhood

      Exactly. My neighbours had started ‘celebrating’ with fireworks on Saturday night, so my patience was in shreds by last night.
      “More money than sense” is what I kept thinking…

  24. xtasy 27

    What is all this about?

    Better give up on sense and other “sensible” things, recommend some music, which is now mainstream anyway. So what the heck? It is not even worth mentioning. aye?


    • xtasy 27.1

      just got a new news feed exposing that excitement is not well justified. Who can you trust and bother with now???

  25. Rhinocrates 28

    What a hero!


    Asked at his post-Cabinet press conference whether he was homophobic, Mr Key said: “No, I’m voting for gay marriage, I’m hardly homophobic – I led the charge on it.”

    Thought it was Louisa Wall who did that. Nah, turns out I was wrong.

    • xtasy 28.1

      Why not turn homo-amorphous, embrace, re-“marry”, indulge and share your “free” love full galore with Hone Key? He is desparate to be “loved”, after all that hostile treatment as of recent. I am sure, he needs a “fix”!

    • fender 28.2

      This guy Key is either mentally unwell or should be made to undertake a drugs test.

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  • Government increases support for New Zealanders to work in seasonal jobs
    The Government is offering further financial support for unemployed New Zealanders to take on seasonal work. These new incentives include: Up to $200 per week for accommodation costs $1000 incentive payment for workers who complete jobs of six weeks or longer increasing wet weather payments when people can’t work to ...
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    Minister for Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti has today received the Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques, and will table it in Parliament on Tuesday December 8. “I know this will have been a challenging process for whānau, survivors and witnesses of the terrorist attack ...
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    A declaration on the urgency of the global biodiversity crisis and the need for immediate, transformative action in the Pacific was agreed at a pan-Pacific conference today. The 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas is taking place this week across the Pacific.  Minister of Conservation Kiritapu ...
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  • Keynote address to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand conference
    Speech to the CAANZ conference - November 19, 2020 Thank you, Greg, (Greg Haddon, MC) for the welcome. I’d like to acknowledge John Cuthbertson from CAANZ, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Naomi Ferguson, former fellow MP and former Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne, other guest speakers and CAANZ members. I ...
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  • Expert independent advisory group appointed to strengthen the future of Māori broadcasting
    A panel of seven experts are adding their support to help shape the future of Māori broadcasting, Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced today. “Today I will meet with some of the most experienced Māori broadcasters, commentators and practitioners in the field. They have practical insights on the ...
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  • Government to review housing settings
    New Zealand’s stronger-than-expected economic performance has flowed through to housing demand, so the Government will review housing settings to improve access to the market, the Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “Our focus is on improving access to the housing market for first home buyers and ensuring house price growth ...
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  • Crown accounts reflect Govt’s careful economic management
    The better-than-expected Crown accounts released today show the Government’s careful management of the COVID-19 health crisis was the right approach to support the economy. As expected, the Crown accounts for the year to June 2020 show the operating balance before gains and losses, or OBEGAL, was in deficit. However that ...
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  • Community launch marks next step in addressing racism in education
    The launch of Te Hurihanganui in Porirua today is another important milestone in the work needed to address racism in the education system and improve outcomes for Māori learners and their whānau, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says. Budget 2019 included $42 million over three years to put Te Hurihanganui ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government to consider recommendations on DNA use in criminal investigations
    The Minister of Justice has received the Law Commission’s recommending changes to the law governing the way DNA is used in criminal investigations. The report, called The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations – Te Whahamahi I te Ira Tangata I ngā Mātai Taihara, recommends new legislation to address how ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Speech to Wakatū Nelson regional hui on trade
    First, I want to express my thanks to Te Taumata for this hui and for all the fantastic work you are doing for Māori in the trade space. In the short time that you’ve been operating you’ve already contributed an enormous amount to the conversation, and developed impressive networks.  I ...
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  • Speech to Primary Industries Summit
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today about the significant contribution the food and fibres sector makes to New Zealand and how this Government is supporting that effort. I’d like to start by acknowledging our co-Chairs, Terry Copeland and Mavis Mullins, my colleague, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, ...
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  • Fast track referrals will speed up recovery and boost jobs and home building
    The Government is taking action to increase jobs, speed up the economic recovery and build houses by putting three more projects through its fast track approval process. “It’s great to see that the fast-track consenting process is working. Today we have referred a mix of potential projects that, if approved, ...
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  • Papakāinga provides critically needed homes in Hastings
    A papakāinga opened today by the Minister for Māori Development the Hon Willie Jackson will provide whānau with much needed affordable rental homes in Hastings. The four home papakāinga in Waiōhiki is the first project to be completed under the ‘Hastings Place Based’ initiative. This initiative is a Government, Hastings ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Zealand ready to host APEC virtually
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took over the leadership of APEC earlier today, when she joined leaders from the 21 APEC economies virtually for the forum’s final 2020 meeting. “We look forward to hosting a fully virtual APEC 2021 next year. While this isn’t an in-person meeting, it will be one ...
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  • Revival of Māori Horticulturists
    The rapid revival of Māori horticulture was unmistakeable at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy Awards, with 2020 marking the first time this iconic Māori farming event was dedicated to horticulture enterprises. Congratulating finalists at the Awards, Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson said growing large-scale māra kai is part of Māori DNA. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Emergency benefit to help temporary visa holders
    From 1 December, people on temporary work, student or visitor visas who can’t return home and or support themselves may get an Emergency Benefit from the Ministry of Social Development, Social Development and Employment Minister Carmel Sepuloni announced today. Previously, temporary visa holders in hardship because of COVID-19 have had ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • School sustainability projects to help boost regional economies
    Forty one schools from the Far North to Southland will receive funding for projects that will reduce schools’ emissions and save them money, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today. This is the second round of the Sustainability Contestable Fund, and work will begin immediately. The first round announced in April ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Farmer-led projects to improve water health in Canterbury and Otago
    More than $6 million will be spent on helping farmers improve the health of rivers, wetlands, and habitat biodiversity in Canterbury and Otago, as well as improving long-term land management practices, says Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. Four farmer-led catchment group Jobs for Nature projects have between allocated between $176,000 and ...
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    1 week ago
  • Tupu Aotearoa continues expansion to Pacific communities in Nelson, Marlborough, Tasman & Northl...
    Pacific communities in Nelson, Marlborough, Tasman and Northland will benefit from the expansion of the Tupu Aotearoa programme announced today by the Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio. The programme provides sustainable employment and education pathways and will be delivered in partnership with three providers in Northland and two ...
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    1 week ago
  • New primary school and classrooms for 1,200 students in South Island
    Education Minister Chris Hipkins unveiled major school building projects across the South Island during a visit to Waimea College in Nelson today. It’s part of the Government’s latest investment of $164 million to build new classrooms and upgrade schools around the country. “Investments like this gives the construction industry certainty ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Minister of Māori Development pays tribute to Rudy Taylor
      Today the Minister of Māori Development, alongside other Government Ministers and MP’s said their final farewells to Nga Puhi Leader Rudy Taylor.  “Rudy dedicated his life to the betterment of Māori, and his strong approach was always from the ground up, grassroots, sincere and unfaltering”  “Over the past few ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Prime Minister to attend APEC Leaders’ Summit
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will attend the annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and associated events virtually today and tomorrow. “In a world where we cannot travel due to COVID-19, continuing close collaboration with our regional partners is key to accelerating New Zealand’s economic recovery,” Jacinda Ardern said. “There is wide ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to Infrastructure NZ Symposium
    Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou and thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. This is a critical time for New Zealand as we respond to the damage wreaked by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is vital that investment in our economic recovery is well thought through, and makes ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pike River 10 Year Anniversary Commemorative Service
    Tēnei te mihi ki a tātau katoa e huihui nei i tēnei rā Ki a koutou ngā whānau o te hunga kua riro i kōnei – he mihi aroha ki a koutou Ki te hapori whānui – tēnā koutou Ki ngā tāngata whenua – tēnā koutou Ki ngā mate, e ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Huge investment in new and upgraded classrooms to boost construction jobs
    Around 7,500 students are set to benefit from the Government’s latest investment of $164 million to build new classrooms and upgrade schools around the country. “The election delivered a clear mandate to accelerate our economic recovery and build back better. That’s why we are prioritising construction projects in schools so more ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Keeping Pike River Mine promises 10 years on
    Ten years after the Pike River Mine tragedy in which 29 men lost their lives while at work, a commemorative service at Parliament has honoured them and their legacy of ensuring all New Zealand workplaces are safe. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attended the event, along with representatives of the Pike ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Additional testing to strengthen border and increase safety of workers
    New testing measures are being put in place to increase the safety of border workers and further strengthen New Zealand’s barriers against COVID-19, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “These strengthened rules – to apply to all international airports and ports – build on the mandatory testing orders we’ve ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • More public housing delivered in Auckland
    The Government’s investment in public housing is delivering more warm, dry homes with today’s official opening of 82 new apartments in New Lynn by the Housing Minister Megan Woods. The Thom Street development replaces 16 houses built in the 1940s, with brand new fit-for-purpose public housing that is in high ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Agreement advanced to purchase up to 5 million COVID-19 vaccines
    The Government has confirmed an in-principle agreement to purchase up to 5 million COVID-19 vaccines – enough for 5 million people – from Janssen Pharmaceutica, subject to the vaccine successfully completing clinical trials and passing regulatory approvals in New Zealand, says Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods. “This agreement ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Jobs for Nature funding will leave a conservation legacy for Waikanae awa
    Ninety-two jobs will be created to help environmental restoration in the Waikanae River catchment through $8.5 million of Jobs for Nature funding, Conservation Minister Kiritapu Allan announced today. “The new funding will give a four-year boost to the restoration of the Waikanae awa, and is specifically focussed on restoration through ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Dunedin Hospital project progresses to next stage
    As the new Dunedin Hospital project progresses, the Government is changing the oversight group to provide more technical input, ensure continued local representation, and to make sure lessons learnt from Dunedin benefit other health infrastructure projects around the country. Concept design approval and the release of a tender for early ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Jump in apprentice and trainee numbers
    The number of New Zealanders taking up apprenticeships has increased nearly 50 percent, and the number of female apprentices has more than doubled. This comes as a Government campaign to raise the profile of vocational education and training (VET) begins. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • ReBuilding Nations Symposium 2020 (Infrastructure NZ Conference opening session)
    Tena koutou katoa and thank you for the opportunity to be with you today. Can I acknowledge Ngarimu Blair, Ngati Whatua, and Mayor Phil Goff for the welcome. Before I start with my substantive comments, I do want to acknowledge the hard work it has taken by everyone to ensure ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand's biosecurity champions honoured
    Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor has paid tribute to the winners of the 2020 New Zealand Biosecurity Awards. “These are the people and organisations who go above and beyond to protect Aotearoa from pests and disease to ensure our unique way of life is sustained for future generations,” Damien O’Connor says. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago