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38 comments on “Open Mike 05/11/2017”

  1. adam 1

    Why are the democrats so weak? Is it they let h.r.c buy the DNC? Or is it all that corporate money? Or is it that as part of the establishment, they don’t like working people having power to run their own lives? Or they just don’t give a damn?

    On that note Abby Martin does a great piece about the crackdown on the left and protest in the USA. 25 minutes.

    • Morrissey 1.1

      Thanks for that Adam. Unfortunately, with these Russia-obsessed fantasists dominating the Democratic Party and their uncritical media outlets (CNN, etc.) we can look forward to a second term for Trump and his gang in 2020.

      As I predicted several years ago, mind you….

      Open mike 31/12/2013

  2. eco maori 2

    In my view every thing about war is not acceptable in a society as advanced as Ours we have the resources and technology every country in our world should be prosperous with the technology and resources we have. Why would we put all the love and care into raising our children to fight some war I don’t get it. The big picture is that in our world war is celebrated in our movies in the media war gets air time we have traditions that remind us or war. Yea Iv watch shoot em up moves but not now. And we wonder why our public go on a killing spree killing people it because we celebrate war. If I had my way everything about war would be banned no movies no poppies and then we could forget about killing people and consentate on looking after OUR human people and all our wild life and our mother earth. In my view this is what a advanced society like OURs WILL do. The time is now as if we don’t come together as one free and advanced human people we will be studied buy future people and they will be laughing at OUR primitive behaviour the problem is we are not primitive let’s start the change ban everything about killing people is a good start many thanks to Our POPE for his stand against war. Kia kaha

    • eco maori 2.1

      I’m not religious but in my view everyone is part of our world society. I no think is a higher being and I don’t need a religion or church to be a good person Kia Kaha

  3. Kay 3

    Hi Weka
    We were talking before the election about me writing a guest post. I’m still keen if you are. Would you be able to make contact and let me know the process? Cheers

  4. Bill 4

    Lovely day here in Dunedin. I hear there’s a picnic 😉

  5. Cinny 5

    Listened to Julie-Anne Genter and then Tracey Martin interviewed on Q+A gosh those ladies are awesome, super proud of our new Ministers.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 5.1

      Just listening to Tracey Martin now.

      And yes, I agree: both of them are great. A real breath of fresh air after. Yay!

      Martin’s evisceration of the National Republican Party’s education policies was pure poetry. She should take up Kendo.

    • Carolyn_nth 5.2

      I have seen and heard Martin talk at live events 2 or 3 times. She sees to defy any stereotypes of NZ First MPs, while, also, on key NZF policies, toeing the party line.

      She always seemed to me to be more like a Labour person in her values and attitude, than NZF. I realised during the 2017 election and aftermath, that her involvement with NZF seems to be a family affair –

      A 2015 article says:

      NZ First deputy leader Tracey Martin is related by marriage to Mataroa Paroro, who could be on his way to Parliament if Winston Peters wins the Northland byelection.

      • Mr Paroro is next on the list if Ria Bond declines to become an MP.

      • Tracey Martin, a former Rodney Local Board member, entered Parliament after the 2011 election as number two on the NZ First list, behind leader Winston Peters.

      • Her mother, Anne Martin, was elected president in October 2013 after serving as party secretary for six years.

      • Tracey Martin’s sister Kirsty Christison has moved from Warkworth to Wellington to work for the Parliamentary Service, including doing research for her sibling and NZ First MP Fletcher Tabuteau.

      • James 5.2.1

        So what’s is the stereotype of a NZF MP?

        • JC

          Jurys out … What da ya reckon?

          A Clue …

          …. “Far too many people have come to view today’s Capitalism not as their friend but as their Foe.

          And they are not all wrong.” …

  6. Carolyn_nth 6

    Interesting article on Newsroom by Rod Oram – a think piece, though, from Oram I think there’ll also be solid evidence supporting his arguments.

    It begins:

    When Labour took over the government benches in December 1999, New Zealanders were split pretty evenly over whether the nation was on the right track or the wrong track.

    But the popularity of the Clark government soared as it moved quickly on its first 100 days’ agenda. It delivered a number of its campaign promises and demonstrated its competence.

    But pretty soon after the government’s popularity plummeted. They worked hard to pull it back, but their relationships with business remained poor, while the global economy was heading to a crash. However, businesses were more behind the neoliberal agenda than now.

    So, the context for the Ardern government has changed. Oram ends:

    Over the 17 years since, New Zealand businesses have become more sophisticated and ambitious. They also know the status quo is insufficient for sustainable prosperity and equality.

    But today, the world is also much riskier, economically and politically. In the years ahead there will be another stock market crash, and another financial crisis, and another hike in interest rates.

    Still, this is the first time in many decades that society, business and government have been relatively open to new ideas and ambitions at the same time. How well they work together will be the real test of their relationship.

  7. Penny Bright 7

    ‪If Manus Island refugees were dogs – they’d get more protection under Australian law.‬

    ‪Where’s the HUMAN Welfare Act?‬

    [link fixed – weka]

  8. Carolyn_nth 8

    twitter is alive with reckons that there is a coup under way iN Saudi Arabia right now. the reporting from mainstream outlets at the moment is restrained.

    Bloomberg reports:

    King Salman of Saudi Arabia appointed a former HSBC Holding Plc banker to head the country’s economy ministry and removed one of the royal family’s most prominent princes from as head of the National Guard.

    Separately, a number of Saudi princes and former ministers were arrested by authorities hours after the announcement of a new anti-corruption committee, with sweeping powers and headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news service reported.

    More at the link.

    Speculation is that Mohammad bin Salaman is in the driving seat.

  9. Ad 9

    Turnbull holds firm with Ardern:
    New Zealand will not be allowed Manus Island refugees.

    • Cinny 9.1

      Australia was giving priority to a United States resettlement deal first”. I wonder how long that will take? It’s been a very very long time already, Trump must be chomping at the bit to have them there

      In the meantime Aussie is treating these humans worse than cattle, people who left their home lands to escape persecution, suffering and death.., freaking disgusting.

      • greywarshark 9.1.1

        What if we took the initiative and took off a bunch? Are human rights defenders in the UN any good? Do we have good relationship with some other country to accept them and we will take in larger number than our usual refugee take? It is a running sore for this part of the Pacific. We are painted in the same tarandfeather stuff as Australia. Some civilised nations in the world should be able to take them to task and get movement of these. It’s Guantanamo? again/ Or think Tampa. What happened to previous boat people in 1970s? I’ve got a book about it. Will look up.

        • Cinny

          Thanks for the link Grey, that was really interesting. So we’ve helped out before because we care about other people especially those fleeing from war.

          The Aussies call it ‘the pacific solution’ they should rename it the ‘aussie solution’ as I doubt that any of the other pacific nations would support such a breach of human rights, well apart from the Phillipines considering whose in charge there.

          Seems like it’s got nothing to do with people, trauma, refugees, human rights, what it really is about is winning elections on the back of entitled, neanderthal, selfish thinking, which appears to be rather common in Aussie culture…

          “In July 2007, an unauthorised biography of John Howard claimed that he had received advice from the Attorney-General’s Department that refusing the asylum seekers entry into Australia would breach international law, but that he did so to gain public support in the then upcoming election”

        • Antoine

          > What if we took the initiative and took off a bunch?

          We would destroy our relationship with our closest neighbour for the next 20 years?


  10. Ed 11

    Trump to meet Arden in the Philippines to get support for war.

    ‘Whilst in the Philippines, Trump has scheduled meetings with Malcolm Turnbull, the prime minister of Australia, and Jacinda Ardern, the newly elected Prime Minister of New Zealand.
    Australia is considered by the US strategic and military establishment to be a critical ally in the preparations for, and waging of, a war with China. The country serves as one of the most vocal supporters of American foreign policy internationally, hosts key US military facilities, and has dispatched naval forces to join the US fleet that is gathering off the Korean Peninsula. New Zealand is likewise a member of the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance and hosts significant US spying bases. Ardern and her right-wing Labour coalition government have signalled that they will align more closely with the US against China.’

    • Australia is considered by the US strategic and military establishment to be a critical ally in the preparations for, and waging of, a war with China.

      I guess this level of analysis could be expected from a site that calls Japan’s government “ultra-nationalist.” Memo to the World Socialist Wazzock site: Japan did have an ultra-nationalist government once – it’s people really, really haven’t wanted another one since that one fell in 1945, and certainly don’t have one now.

  11. eco maori 12

    Well today I was weed eating around my daughter house and there was a man walking up the driveway he said he was weed spraying the neighbours and he got his truck stuck I offered to go and tow him out he said at first that he would need a tractor to tow him out?. And he did not have a phone? Who does not have a phone when one has a job like that and would most likely get stuck weekly? So I gave him the phone the first person he rang was the farmers wife now how is she going to help him they are split up I would have rang the farmer first than he rang the farmer. So now I have 2 stranger phone number on my phone. I gave him a ride back to his truck but he got me to drop him off on the road side on the way he said that the farmer had split with the lady he asked if I had heard about that. I replied that we did not no and we did not gossip as I drove this person said that the farmers truck would pull him out.? So I dropped him were he wanted to and went back to my daughters house I am sceptical about that whole situation he did not look like he had been spraying ie to clean. And they have used this lady 2 times to play bait me. So I put this event on this site to stop them in there tracks.
    You should see how many times they have tried to play/bait me some one should investigate how many man hours they have wasted harasseing me it will be heaps they are getting desperate and will try anything and use anyone to Fuck me up. Kia Kaha

    • Antoine 12.1

      I believe you have become paranoid, I think you should seek help from a medical professional. I hope others will chime in to back me up.


  12. RedLogix 13

    Here’s a little blog comment that resonated a lot with me:

    Many (not all but many) share my renegade view of current American politics. It isn’t so much that I am the renegade, but I am secular, pro-science and education, pro-human, civil, women’s, and workers’ rights. I am anti-authoritarian, anti-war, disdain religious fundamentalism, racism, and gay bashing in all of their guises, and have zero faith that the profit motive results in anything but greed and abuse. To my deep dismay, the President of the United States has been pretty open about regarding people like me as his enemy. Members of his Party and his other supports loudly echo his views, cheering him on as some kind of hero.

    It is weird being away from the community I know while living in a country I barely recognize. Once my country, but now one that sees me as some kind of threat. And I guess, in some tiny, near negligible way, I am.

    I know I’m not on my own, there are many, many of us … but we are made to feel as if we are on our own.

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