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Open mike 06/08/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, August 6th, 2019 - 106 comments
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106 comments on “Open mike 06/08/2019 ”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    It is going to be interesting to see if the anti-abortion crowd have any clout or if they'll be exposed like the gun lobby as full of humbug and hot air. I am picking the government will find surprisingly little resistance to the law reforms it is proposing.

    • Sacha 1.1

      Could be just the thing to whip up another religious political party..

      • Peter Christchurh nz 1.1.1

        I do hope so. Always enjoy watching the religious bigot parties implode into scandals and hypocrisy.

        • soddenleaf

          Right to life. Life doesn't get a choice of whom talks for it! really. What would life say when the foetal whisper asks them? When the mother knows best, the lifers who neither ask for, explain how, or expect debate upon the issue, are told by the baby whisper, the mum that abortion is best. Are they really lifers, when choosers say without prodding, that abortion being a medical procedure should not be over used, that choosers are antilife. Mums die giving birth, mums have to live with the reality of aborting or not. Yes, not abort can be a fatal choice too. So what are we to do when bottom of the cliff ambulance chasers declare they are the only unborn whispers. Miscarriages, caused by industrualization, abort by big corp? Or driving accidents? Sure a women can have god abort, the local drunk, or big industry, but not the choice themselves despite the plain fact that they will live with decision, not the prolifer sic. A senior exec, a drunk, hell even the nonexistent god all are more culpable to their statements that the prolifer who cuts and runs at all the deaths from pregnancy, all the disasters of choosing to keep the baby. The question therefore really do you believe infreed will, that an inalienable right to choose, exists. Or that we free people's should favor religion. Lifers are pro life, they aren't even proliberty, or God. It's just a disgusting display of vanity being better people. Nobody wants an abortion, that the lie they push.

    • David 1.2

      so what is it: conscious vote or referendum? Would have thought Jacinda and co sorted this out before calling a media conference. Or is that mere detail?

  2. Adrian Thornton 2

    David Seymour of all people show Jacinda Ardern and Labour what standing up to China looks like, as it turns out that Labours pragmatism also extend to allowing the Chinese dictatorship to encourage violence on our own shores in the name of protecting the almighty dollar and business…guttless fucking liberals.

    'China Consulate praises 'patriotism' of students in Auckland' Universityscufflehttps://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/08/china-consulate-praises-patriotism-of-students-in-auckland-university-scuffle.html

    ACT leader David Seymour demands Chinese Consulate General explain 'encouraging violent behaviour'https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2019/08/act-leader-david-seymour-demands-chinese-consulate-general-explain-encouraging-violent-behaviour.html

    One can only imagine the shit hitting the fan on this site if this had happened under Nationals watch…or the moral outrage if this had been Russia or the US encouraging this violence vis a vie Putin/Trump..disappointing but not unexpected at how fluid some peoples moral and ethical positions are.

    • Sacha 2.1

      You can afford to make noise when you are a nobody.

      • Adrian Thornton 2.1.1

        What a stupid wrongheaded piece of logic..if one extrapolates your position, you are saying that any citizen who is not in a position of power of some sort or another is a nobody and I assume shouldn't be heard.

        • Sacha

          China is smart enough to know who to pay attention to.

          • vto

            Are they? I thought they were human like the rest of us ….

          • Adrian Thornton

            @Sacha, So to be clear, you are fine with the Chinese dictatorship encouraging violence on New Zealand soil?

            So I assume then you would just as fine if it where Putin or Trump encouraging violence on New Zealand soil..or is it just OK if we have X amount of trade with the country in question?

            If this is the case, how much trade does a country have to do with New Zealand before it's OK with you and Labour NZ to allow this state sanctioned violence…give us a number, an amount you think if fair for us to sell our morals and dignity…I am interested to know that dollar value you think your (and NZ's) morals and ethical values are worth selling for on the open market of free trade?

            • Sacha

              Never said that.

              • Adrian Thornton

                It most certainly looks that way…

                • Sacha

                  I trust that others here can read better.

                  • Adrian Thornton

                    Your implied defense of Labours silence is what I am sure most will judge your comments, thereby your position by.

                    • Sacha

                      Most people can walk and chew gum at the same time.

                    • Incognito

                      When real judges judge based on assumptions we know justice is not going to be served (well).

                      The same applies to our own judgements and ‘natural justice’ and we need to be careful with our assumptions, opinions, prejudices, and the likes, before we jump to conclusions IMHO.

            • Robert Guyton

              "So I assume then "

              There's the problem, right there. It's a common problem and those who practice "assuming" usually can't see what they've done, even when it's pointed out to them. See, walk and chew!

        • Psycho Milt

          There's nothing wrong with the logic. Seymour is standing up to China now he's an opposition MP and the NZ government can't be held responsible for his statements. When he was part of the government and the NZ government therefore could be held responsible for his statements, he behaved differently – rather like the government is behaving now, for example.

          • Adrian Thornton

            OK so we agree, both Labour and National and their proxies place higher value on uninterrupted trade and commerce than they do on standing up for any kind of supposed moral or ethical position that most New Zealanders would probably expect a sitting government to defend and stand for as sovereign nation.

            As suggested earlier, typical liberal behaviour…always profits before people, both the ideology of National and sadly our own spineless useless third way Labour party, no wonder they are polling so badly.

            • Ed1

              What stupidity. Diplomacy is not all about public sabre-rattling – often more can be achieved by polite, private, but firm, discussions. This is not an issue that I would any New Zealand government to be publicly involved in. New Zealand's position regarding Hong Kong is undoubtedly known to China.

              • Adrian Thornton

                Are you saying that standing up to China who have publicly supported the assault of a protester on New Zealand soil is saber rattling?

                I would say that China are the ones who are openly saber rattling, and bulling,obviously testing this weak government on it's resolve…but for some bizarre reason most Labour sycophants here seems to think that is quite OK?

                What a bunch of arselickers…grow some fucking backbone for crying out loud.

                • Gabby

                  It's certainly an effective way to let the local Chinese community know who's running the show.

              • Siobhan

                I'm curious, if we are willing to turn a blind eye to State endorsed violence being perpetrated upon foreign born visitors/residents in New Zealand at what point would we intervene.

                I seem to recall some New Zealand citizens on TS being really really really upset at the thought of the Russian State supposedly targeting Russians in the UK..maybe we should clarify the rules with the Chinese ..a bit of niggle, a bit of biff, thats okay..but you know, keep it seemly pretty please..

                Meantime I would imagine the female victim of this State endorsed violence is shit scared of returning to Hong Kong….then again I'm not sure anywhere is safe..


      • Grantoc 2.1.2

        You would know.

    • vto 2.2

      Exactly Adrian, I agree 100%. I am astounded that Jacinda's government has not done something public about this.

      Another weakness showing. And poor governance on this matter.

      Jacindaites better watch out her useless weak spots don't catch up on her

      • Sanctuary 2.2.1

        Every New Zealand government of any stripe is basically a Kakapo when it comes to China – it's only natural defense mechanism is to freeze in place when scared.

        • Robert Guyton

          A Rod Donald-led Government wouldn't have kakapo'd it.

        • vto

          I don't think so – there was Lange and anti-nuclear standing up to the US and Australia straight and strong.. plus Kirk facing down the French with two frigates. Plus Clark refusing to join the 'coalition of the aggressive'. It seems Jacinda is a rung or two below these previous strong Labour leaders. (Nat leaders don't come close of course)

          We are not that small and powerless you know.. we command a place on the globe and have influence…

          and we need to stand up when required, like we have done in the past.

          Jacinda is starting to look weak and useless imo

          • Sanctuary

            China takes half our exports and props up our housing market as well by providing most of the people in the new fifth column that keeps the housing ponzi spluttering along.

            Upsetting them will take a lot of balls and an existential threat.

          • Dennis Frank

            Jacinda is starting to look weak and useless imo

            Just wait. As soon as the communists invade Hong Kong she'll grow a spine & call it Winston. wink

            • Dukeofurl

              What !
              Make sense man …no wonder you dont make any traction in the Green Party.

              • Dennis Frank

                I haven't tried to influence the GP since winning the battle against the leftists on the waka-jumping legislation. Since I've won every major battle against groupthink that I've undertaken in the Greens, your misread doesn't bother me.

                Okay there's the leftist alignment still in place, but since I've already owned up to convincing the GP to adopt it back when it was actually necessary (several times here), I just have to wear the karmic consequence until the Greens decide to retreat from isolation…

            • Adrian Thornton

              " she'll grow a spine & call it Winston." ….a classic line right there.

  3. Robert Guyton 3

    ""We're likening our response to climate change as our response to Te Korokoro o te Parata, to move beyond that challenge and survive," says Te Arawa Lakes Trust Environmental Manager Nicki Douglas."

    The legal threat and the big opportunity in Māori engagement on climate change response


  4. Dennis Frank 4

    "President Donald Trump called on the nation to condemn racism and white supremacy in a speech on Monday". https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/05/politics/donald-trump-mass-shooting-response/

    In the clip on that page he says "these sinister ideologies must be defeated". Better late than never. I look forward to all the commentators here who have in the past called him a racist white supremacist (while consistently providing no proof of that) apologising in unison for getting it wrong. What? Really? You mean they'll keep on denying the facts?

    • vto 4.1

      It was surprising but very pleasing to read that Trump had condemned racism and white supremacy.

      Without it, these groups had been emboldened, threatening us all.

      • Sacha 4.1.1

        He also claimed the cause of the frequent mass murders is just individual mental health. Guess which message his supporters will hear?

  5. James 5


    four positions available as labour staffers.

    Applicants must be willing to be sexually harassed, bullied and / or sexuality assaulted.

    Promotions will be given to staff who “look good to sleep with”.

    Applications to senior labour staffer who will be given your personal details and application letter.

    Your timing with with this is a bit off today micky

    [Off topic James. Please deal with this topic in open mike – MS]

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    • Formerly Ross 5.1

      Unproven allegations are just that. Maybe you believe all those allegations from Jami Lee Ross. Do try harder, James.

      • Robert Guyton 5.1.1

        James will be busy composing his explanation as to why Sarah Dowie isn't to be investigated/charged with inciting a person to self-harm. Coz James is very sensitive to cover-ups.

  6. James 6

    i find it sad how many on here accept accusations as fact (some even after it’s been proven false) if it’s a national member – yet are happy to ignore such a large issue and so many complaints of a serious nature in labour’s office. ‘Not proven mate – we ran another dodgy process – move on – no appeals’

    Like the five victims of the other mass sexual assault at a labour youth camp – that is still unproven- but lucky after labour did little the police got involved and now he’s in court in a few weeks.

    Lets all hope name suppression isn’t granted if he gets convicted.

    Perhaps the police will get involved in this one as well.

    [Off topic James. Please deal with this topic in open mike – MS]

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    • Robert Guyton 6.1

      "Perhaps the police will get involved in this one as well. "

      As they did the Sarah Dowie case?

      Why do YOU think that one was dropped, James?

    • Peter 6.2

      "Lets all hope name suppression isn’t granted" suggests to me you are not interested in the good of an intelligent positive resolution for all involved but a vindictive partisan political outcome.

  7. James 7

    i don’t have to – the police already said why.

    Same as they did when a man was found running naked down the street claiming rape / sexual assault from Darren Hughes at labour’s deputy leaders house.

    I guess you would be ok with that one tho huh?

    [Off topic James. Please deal with this topic in open mike – MS]

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

  8. Peter 8

    Radio stations usually have a 'back up track' in case they have to vacate the building for such as a fire alarm. I woke in the night and newstalkZB had the situation. They had a carping, grating track on which had the intellectual level of a child, (at the time any kid should've been in bed though).

    I don't know where they got it or if they could their money back for the faulty product. Apparently it was a 'Bruce Russell.'

  9. Anne 9

    Something smells big time here.


    The level of seriousness of the senior Labour staffer's claimed behaviour would surely have warranted a police investigation but apparently it hasn’t happened.

    Then I saw the origins of the story. Newstalk ZB plus Barry Soper and Mike Hosking.

    I recall the first stand up interview with P.M.Jacinda Ardern, where Soper tried to throw her off balance. He failed and you could see the anger and hatred written all over his face. It's been there ever since.

    If, as I suspect, it is a story which has been distorted for political purposes, then it is incumbent on the party personnel involved to front up with the results.

    • Incognito 9.1

      Indeed, some (the usual) culprits in MSM try to politicise, polarise, and sensationalise this situation. Unfortunately, a few commenters here are trying to do the same thing. Even more unfortunately, it seems to be working and is driving a wedge between good people some of whom are being accused of being an “enabler” of sexual violence. In my view, this does absolutely nothing to deal with the issue of sexual violence.

    • Rosemary McDonald 9.2

      However, Soper said he'd discovered the man at the centre of the allegations had hired a lawyer who told him "that he is innocent, there was an inquiry, he has nothing to answer for and they warned us to leave this issue alone otherwise they will be suing".

      Call their bluff. Make them sue. The whole sad and sorry saga aired in a Court of Law.

    • veutoviper 9.3

      I hesitate to refer you to last night's Daily Review and the very long thread under 2 loosely based on an earlier Tova O'Brien Newshub "Exclusive", i.e.


      Personally at present, I am trying to keep an open (slightly) mind on this situation …

      • Anne 9.3.1

        Hi veutoviper,

        Here are two excerpts from the Newshub report which make me smell a rat:

        As far back as August 2018, Labour Party president Nigel Haworth was informed the staffer told a woman she was elected within the party because she "would be nice to sleep with".

        He was also told a senior ministerial staffer had warned an alleged victim that if she told anyone about the staffer's behaviour she would be shut-down.

        I had a shocking experience back in the early 1990s (and I later realised it had occurred previously) where a malicious woman laid complaints against me to my Public Service bosses (and elsewhere) which caused me to be placed under surveillance and routinely bullied and intimidated. She had twisted and distorted my actions and words to fit a totally false narrative. Her motivation had been in large part political.

        This is why I'm deeply suspicious of the extent of the claims being made in this case. But I agree, we will have to wait and see what the outcome is before we can pass firm judgement.

        • ianmac

          Something sounds fishy alright. Of course even if the issue turns out to be hollow, the damage will already have been done. Can you imagine Soper withdrawing and apologising?

        • Chris T

          There are 12 complainants

          "Newstalk ZB political editor Barry Soper said that there were 12 alleged complainants and the allegations involved not only sexual assault, but also rape and offers to pay for sex."


          I agree we need to wait and see the outcome (If Labour actually release it, which given their "Most open and transparent govt ever" record, is highly unlikely), but it would have to be a pretty massive conspiracy theory if there wasn't some truth to it.

          • Anne

            I accept there is likely to be a grain of truth, but the level of seriousness could have been ratcheted up a notch or three to make it appear worse than it was. If so, it was done for political purposes and the journos involved only increase that suspicion.


            The staffer's alleged comment "she would be nice to sleep with". He said something I'm sure, but it could have been in the form of a quip and the actual wording altered.

          • Ed1

            "There are 12 complaints". The article indicates there were 12 complaints following an incident some time ago; there has been one complaint recently, and four resignations recently – with an implication without any facts that these may possibly be somehow related. Very often complainants will not want any publicity, whatever the results of an enquiry – it is reasonable to expect that privacy of those involved will be protected – (but not to protect the political party or parliamentary services). Being a good employer has obligations; we should not criticise an employer for not bending over backwards to sate our prurient interests. Let us be cautious . . .

          • Incognito

            You do know that the Labour Party and the Labour-led Government are not the same thing, don’t you? You seem be confused about it all or you are trying to confuse. You see, James also struggled with the distinction between a member of a party and an MP. Sometimes it pays to be a pedant and strive for accuracy

            • McFlock

              I'm going to try to avoid discussing this issue with the salivating tories.

              You don't need a telescope to see where they're coming from. Any conflation or inaccuracy from them is by design, in my opinion.

              There are a broad range of behaviours described, some of which are completely unacceptable in a workplace or a party, let alone both.

              • "I'm going to try to avoid discussing this issue with the salivating tories."

                Ditto. Bloody tempting though eh! It's interesting to just watch at times.

        • James

          tou thinking it’s a conspiracy with seven people making complaints?

    • Jimmy 9.4

      Surely at least one of them (if serious) would have gone to police?

      • Anne 9.4.1

        You would have thought so. The days when women were too frightened to go to the police for fear of being disbelieved are now over. The cops have changed their culture re-rape cases in large part due to Louise Nicholas.

        They say they have given up on the Labour Party so why didn't one of them turn to the police? Instead they go running off to the rightest of right wing media. That's what is fishy.

        • Rosemary McDonald

          The cops have changed their culture re-rape cases in large part due to Louise Nicholas.

          Yeah, nah.


          (Don't panic. From the pen of Kirsty Johnston.)

        • James

          So a woman’s choice to go to the police or not directly links to her credibility according to Anne.

          [You put that as an assertion, not as a question, which means that you were making up shit again. However, it is even worse that you did this on a sensitive topic and to a commenter who had shared her personal experience @ 9.3.1 with a work bully in the Public Service who “had twisted and distorted my actions and words to fit a totally false narrative. Her motivation had been in large part political.” That sounds remarkably similar to your behaviour here, certainly over the last couple of days. Take a week off and stop stirring – Incognito]

      • Gabby 9.4.2

        That might depend on the connexions of the alleged offender.

  10. greywarshark 10

    Radionz – https://www.rnz.co.nz/programmes/the-detail/story/2018706959/what-s-the-point-in-trying-to-save-a-dying-species

    Ordinary people need to care about what the elites are doing to the planet and its animals, and play our part in protecting and sustaining both. Ane remember if we don't stay aware and take care, we are next. Countries are being bombed almost out of existence, and the people left from the wrecks of their homes, fields, and water sources – where do they go? Stay alert, stay alive, or we will be next. And share some of what we have where there is need. That's the important theme of these days I believe.

    RNZ’s Alison Ballance, a zoologist and film maker, has been documenting the highs and lows of kākāpō conservation over 22 podcast episodes.
    When asked about the value for money spent on trying to save this funny little parrot, she says – “they’re priceless”.

    Conservation biologist Rochelle Constantine is another looking for solutions to save species – her speciality is in the marine environment.
    She has a successful track record of helping with conservation efforts for Brydes whales in the Hauraki Gulf….

    DOC categorised the whales as nationally critical, which is when population numbers dip below the 200 mark.
    “This is the highest listing you can get for a conservation concern.”

    When a number of the mammals started washing up dead, Constantine investigated.
    “When we did a necropsy on them it became pretty apparent that a lot of these whales, up to 84 percent, were dying from ship strike. Clearly large vessels.”…

    Constantine says a working group of DOC, local iwi, shipping companies, Ports of Auckland and academics were able to gather, argue freely and reach a solution.
    International shipping companies agreed to voluntarily slow to a pace of 10 knots when entering the port.

    If we try, we may find a solution, and have cause for another high-five. Multiply those, and we have done our best to overcome today’s problems – and be ready for the next!

  11. aj 11

    South Otago mayor supports Hipkin's reforms. From Stuff

    Cadogan said many of the other polytechnics had been quite accepting of Thursday's announcement and he would prefer a similar approach from those in the deep south."At the moment we should be working to discuss the positives and what we can do to position us for the future."

    He said SIT's strength put it in a strong position when working through the detail of the merger.Rather than fighting it, Cadogan said the focus should centre on working with the Establishment Board for a positive outcome for the lower South Island.

    He has applauded Hipkins' "bold" move to restructure what Cadogan said was a broken polytechnic and training institute system.

    He said he had watched closely over the past five years as that broken model had delivered 'misery' on Telford, a Balclutha based training campus. First when Telford came under Lincoln University, and then under Taratahi.Telford was granted a lifeline by the SIT this year when the Government agreed for SIT to take over the running of Telford for a year.

    • Robert Guyton 11.1

      Cadogan has it right and is calling out the Southern mayors and other players for their political posturing.

      • Gabby 11.1.1

        Wouldn't be the first time Otago saw a chance to grab some southern assets bobs.

    • greywarshark 11.2

      Telford and the like must not be allowed to fade away with a lack of concern and proper funding. After all why would people go to university to gain higher specialised learning when there are no jobs in NZ for them when they graduate? If NZ is not interested in being a thriving country of capable people at an advanced level of development drawing on a range of educational disciplines, why should students invest their good money in our education system? It could be that there will be more foreign students than NZ ones the way that National and RW Labour had been driving the higher education system – towards a cliff.

  12. aj 12

    A great documentary on the Maori Channel last night. This is the sort of compulsory viewing that we don't see on 1,2, or 3. And if you watch this you'll see why.

    All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

    A look at the life and work of American journalist, I.F. Stone, who leads a one-man crusade against government deception.

  13. greywarshark 13


    Now is the time to build that infrastructure that the evidence shows that we need, so come on government, and keep doing your keep-fit exercises Robertson. We don't want fat, contented finance ministers round here.

  14. greywarshark 14


    Keep Our Assets Canterbury (KOA) will announce it is standing John Minto in a campaign for the Christchurch mayoralty at a media conference to be held

    Today Tuesday 6th August, 2pm at WEA (Room 3), 59 Gloucester Street

    We have decided to stand John because Christchurch faces unprecedented challenges:

    • Global warming from greenhouse gas emissions has created a climate catastrophe which threatens us all.
    • Our precious drinking water is tainted with contaminants and threatened by nitrates.
    • Deep divisions across the city mean many people struggle on poverty incomes without dignity or self-respect. Housing conditions and social impacts for many are as bad as the 1930s depression
  15. Stuart Munro. 15

    Is the tide ready to turn on US gun control? When even 45 is obliged to express concern the matter is coming to a head. It may be that strategic repeal of legislation defunding research into gun deaths would be a productive step.

  16. greywarshark 16

    With immigration as high as it is, new people will be looking to make some changes on our electoral system where it is moribund. Such as a longer term – 4 years makes sense to me, 5 mmm bit long. But 4 years enables the resident government to probably get good policies through and ticking before the next election.


    However, it should be noted that the composition of New Zealand electorates has changed dramatically since then. Particularly in the 1990s, when the changes to immigration policy based on the selection of immigrants based on skills, not country of origin, were introduced in 1986 and 1987, and the proportion of the ethnic migrant population significantly increased.

    According to a recent population projection by Statistics NZ, nationally the Asian population will make up 21 percent of the population by 2038 (up from 12 percent in 2013).

  17. ScottGN 17

    Herald online (aka the Hosking Blower) is doing its best to ignore the Labour Stats released today. The lowest unemployment and biggest rise in wages for 10 years since, well since the last Labour government actually.

    • Rapunzel 17.1

      They also now have an unsubstantiated headline running re another matter but have removed the content, the whole page should be gone instead just the accusation remains.

      I am fed up with media thinking they are judge and jury on matters that are not even before police let alone up for judgment.

      Anyway here is the link to the employment stats.


    • Herodotus 17.2

      so wages went up over 4%lat year… great for those who benefited, and teachers were rewarded with no pay increase over the same period, and now they should be thankful for what they Fought tooth and nail to achieve. I gather that given what has just been achieved that teachers, nurses etc will be going backwards in real terms😤

    • Gabby 17.3

      Horeskin will be working out how to spin this as a bad thing.

  18. Kevin 18

    US ramps up the pressure for regime change in Venezuela. The Chinese and Russian reply will be interesting. Am guessing the UN will be its usual spineless self on this.


    • Dennis Frank 18.1

      "On Tuesday Bolton, and US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, represent the United States at the International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela."

      Nice of Maduro to be so warm & cozy with Trump by inviting two of his cabinet ministers to come & chat about democracy. I presume he's still struggling to figure out how to do it, and needs high-level explanations from the experts…

  19. Eco maori 19

    Kia Ora The Am Show.

    Great a change to our drug laws The police at there own discretion can send drugs addicts to get drug rehabilitation.

    The problem I have is that this law actually gives the police more power to manipulate these people ie you do this you get to go to a rehab facility if not off to the hinaki jail. Its good that the police are going to target the organized drug sellers ka pai they are poisoning tangata with PEE.

    You see whanau they use people like that to try and intimidate me brown people gangster the Hawskbay lot must have a close link to the gangster they are throwing them at me all the time here.

    A intelligent person will know that the ORC drop is needed with the trade war going on with Te Papatuanuku 2 biggest economies that could drag Aotearoa economies to a slower growth rates It's not ROCKET SCIENCE.

    You have just lost all your credibility looking through your $$ glasses making that statement about trump.

    Aziza that is cool a phone with A accessories becomes a computer I gather that the device will be able to cast the phone screen to a big monitor for lectures and large ordinances . ???? One can already do that with a Chrome Cast.or smart TV????????. we need more information on the device

    Ka kite ano

  20. Eco maori 20

    We must protect these beautiful creatures of Tangaroa and stop the trade in shark fins . Humans only live on Papatuanuku for a fraction of time compared to other fantastic creatures of Papatuanuku and Tangaroa we must preserve our whenua land and Tangaroa sea for all creatures not just thinking about WEALTHY humans alone we are all in this environment TOGETHER.

    400-year-old Greenland shark is oldest vertebrate animal

    This article is more than 2 years old

    Shark, which would have reached sexual maturity at around 150 years, sets new record for longevity as biologists finally develop method to determine age

    She was born during the reign of James I, was a youngster when René Descartes set out his rules of thought and the great fire of London raged, saw out her adolescent years as George II ascended the throne, reached adulthood around the time that the American revolution kicked off, and lived through two world wars. Living to an estimated age of nearly 400 years, a female Greenland shark has set a new record for longevity, scientists have revealed.

    Forget Nessie, now is the time to spot basking sharks in Scottish waters

    The discovery places the lifespan of the Greenland shark far ahead of even the oldest elephant in captivity, Lin Wang, who died aged 86. It is also far longer than the official record for humans, held by 122-year-old Frenchwoman

    “That indicates that most of our analysed sharks were actually older than the time mark, meaning that they were older than 50 years,” said Nielsen

    The scientists then combined the carbon dating results with estimations of how Greenland sharks grow, to create a model that allowed them to probe the age of the 25 sharks born before the 1960s.

    Their findings revealed that the largest shark of the group, a female measuring just over five metres in length, was most likely around 392 years old, although, as Nielsen points out, the range of possible ages stretches from 272 to 512 years.

    “The Greenland shark is now the best candidate for the longest living vertebrate animal,” he said. Ka kite ano link below.


  21. Eco maori 21

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

  22. Eco maori 22

    The sandflys think Eco Maori Doesn't KNOW who there RATS ARE

  23. Eco maori 23

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

  24. Eco maori 24

    Kia Ora Newshub.

    Its cool that Aotearoa gave Sir Brian a service that he deserved 5000 people attended ka pai.

    Some people are going to be unhappy about the drugs floating ashore in Auckland good job.

    I agree with Joe Biden.

    It would be cool if Lumsden South Land got there maturity units back its quite hard for Wahine to give birth having to travel far to a hospital would add more stress to mum and baby.

    Ka kite ano it been warm weather here today can not say the same about the authority's

  25. Eco maori 25

    Kia Ora Te Ao Maori News.

    Its a great move Wally to lower the police numbers at Ihumatao .

    Kirama I can read you piece of piss .

    It should be good to have a top down approach to our polytechnics and other training organizations 16 being run under one umbrella we need to give our youth the correct skills to help them climb up high on their ladders of life.

    Tracy I think it's awesome that te tamariki are going be accessed at 7 years old to see if they have dyslexic a lot of times there parents have not figured out that their tamariki has a learning disorder. When one knows there is a problem well that is when things can be put in place to solve it.

    I remember my Mama trying to teach me to spell it was hard mahi for her.

    Awesome Pacific Art is being displayed at the Auckland museum the place with the largest Pacific population in te Papatuanuku beautiful looking Art to .

    Spirit Wrestler Art studio who is hosting and helping Pacific artists to market their great Art cool Piripi

    Ka kite ano

  26. Eco maori 26

    Kia Ora The Am Show.

    The way it works is that 99.9 % of TE TANGATA get to see the TRUTH about climate change and we put pressure on the authorities to change the way we live ie carbon neutral. Students strike is changing the political minds on climate change. Once trump is voted out American will switch back to mitagating climate change China is making huge changes to combat climate change thanks to them SOLAR POWER is the cheapest form of Electricity generation. European is changing the way they live to they are 10 years ahead of most countries with their Mitigation of climate change. climate change And is India they are building the Papatuanuku biggest SOLAR Farms Eco calls them because we are harvesting energy straight from TE RA stop being a naysayer it Friday days off for you.

    Its great that Brendon Hartley is driving in E Car racing E cars are faster cleaner and the FUTURE of private transportation.

    I think paula is manufacturing that situation I agree she is politicizing the situation just to gain votes. The Coalition government didn't attack national over the Ross situation that national had .That's the difference between the left and the right the right will throw anything under the bus to get votes the left no what RESPECT is .national would have had the cops arrest everyone at Ihumatao.

    Aotearoa Farmers lead the Papatuanuku with their farming practices they don't get massive subsidies to keep on farming un sustainable like the rest of Papatuanuku the production efficiency gains over 30 years has been MASSIVE.

    Eco Maori has Already given up flying on Planes you know 2 reasons.

    Sir David Fagin is a great ambassador for Aotearoa all his feats in winning Papatuanuku Shearing competition. The previous government have dropped the ball on training and providing the correct skills .

    I think it's stupid that we have to import workers how stupid or callous by the people who have been ruling Aotearoa .

    Ka kite ano

  27. Eco maori 27

    Some Eco Maori Music for the minute.

  28. Eco maori 28

    Here you go whanau people are already suffering because of the Oil barons blocking tangata reality and the TRUTH about the scientific facts on Human caused climate change. Water is getting scarce as Papatuanuku heats up the problem of water for the common poor tangata is going to multiply very fast.

    'People are dying': how the climate crisis has sparked an exodus to the US

    As part of the Running Dry series, the Guardian looks at how drought and famine are forcing Guatemalan families to choose between starvation and migration

    At sunrise, the misty fields around the village of Guior are already dotted with men, women and children sowing maize after an overnight rainstorm.

    After several years of drought, the downpour brought some hope of relief to the subsistence farmers in this part of eastern Guatemala.

    But as Esteban Gutiérrez, 30, takes a break from his work, he explains why he is still willing to incur crippling debts – and risk his life – to migrate to the United States.

    “My children have gone to bed hungry for the past three years. Our crops failed and the coffee farms have cut wages to $4 a day,” he says, playing nervously with the white maize kernels in a plastic trough strapped to his waist

    Ka kite ano link below.


  29. Eco maori 29

    Kia Ora Newshub.

    The United Nations report is good but it doesn't mean Aotearoa should not stop farming the way we do. I say we could reduce our farming carbon footprint quite a lot if we focused on that task .

    Ka pai to our Coalition Governments for making big companies responsible for their recycling that will make them make their products and packaging more recyclable Awesome.

    I don't think Wahine should be consuming to much alcohol during breast feeding the Wahine in my whanau pump breast milk before they drink and don't feed off their bread for a day .

    Radio Hauraki was a great way to break the way Aotearoa handled the radio waves. Condolences to Mr Mcgain Whanau he was part of the changes that needed to happen with Aotearoa Radio.

    There you go shonky had the government agency hire a private eye company spie on good Kiwis .

    That was a big mess in that Australian truck crash.

    Ka kite ano

  30. Eco maori 30

    Kia Ora Te Ao Maori News.

    Good on Tama Iti for going to Ihumatao and see for himself what the kauppa is Eco Maori has a lot of respect for Tama .

    Ka pai To Kuakaupapa the total immersion in Te reo came just in time to save our te reo and Maori Culture from collapsing my generation and my mother generation lost te reo now we have heaps of tamariki who can carry our cultural into THEIR FUTURE its cool that the teachers are getting pay parity

    I DON'T think that nurse or anyone should be shunned for speaking te reo I don't do that to anyone. Heads turn when I greet people with a kia ora .

    The measles is still going on in the year 2019 who dropped the ball on that dease .

    I think it's great to have the wayward young people getting a lesson in respect and learning how to be a good citizen of Aotearoa in the army based camps Ron.

    Mana Wahine Cherise great that you won the bucthers championship tangata whenua are good at bucthering meat I prosessed my first mutton at 12 years old me and a m8 the same age .

    Ka kite ano

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  • Government funding to fight infectious diseases
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  • Extra support for Ethnic Communities to share vaccination information
    Extra support is being made available to Ethnic Communities to help them share COVID-19 vaccination information within their communities, Minister for Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities Priyanca Radhakrishnan said. “We know we need to get every eligible person in New Zealand vaccinated. A fund being launched today will allow for ...
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    1 week ago
  • School holidays remain unchanged for Auckland region
    School holidays in Auckland will continue to be held at the same time as the rest of the country, starting from Saturday, 2 October, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “I’ve carefully considered advice on the implications of shifting the dates and concluded that on balance, maintaining the status quo ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government continues crackdown on gangs and organised crime
    Operation Tauwhiro extended until March 2022 Since it was launched in February, Operation Tauwhiro has resulted in:   987 firearms seized $4.99 million in cash seized 865 people charged with a firearms-related offence Gangs and organised crime groups will continue to be relentlessly targeted with the extension of Police’s successful ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to Body Positive 'HIV Treatments Update Seminar 2021'
    E ngā mana E ngā reo E ngā iwi Tēnā koutou katoa Ka huri ki ngā mana whenua o te rohe nei. Tēnā koutou. He mihi hoki ki a tatou kua tau mai nei I raro I te kaupapa o te rā. Nō reira tēnā koutou katoa Acknowledgements It’s a ...
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  • Power bill changes bring fairness to charges
    A key recommendation of an independent panel to make electricity charges fairer across all households will be put in place, the Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has announced. “Phasing out the regulations on ‘low-use’ electricity plans will create a fairer playing field for all New Zealanders and encourage a ...
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    1 week ago
  • NZ economy’s strong momentum will support rebound from Delta outbreak; COVID fund replenished
    The economy showed strong momentum in the period leading up to the recent Delta COVID-19 outbreak, which bodes well for a solid economic rebound, Grant Robertson said. GDP rose 2.8 percent in the June quarter, following on from a 1.4 percent increase in the previous March quarter. This was a ...
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    1 week ago
  • Projects create benefits into the future
    Making a well-known lake swimmable and helping to halt the decline of the endangered hoiho/yellow-eyed penguins are among a suite of new projects being supported by the Government’s Jobs for Nature programme across the southern South Island, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “It’s no secret that many of our most ...
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    1 week ago
  • Opening statement for Whāriki Indigenous Small Business Roundtable
      Kei ngā tōpito e wha o te āo e rere ana te mihi maioha ki a koutou nō tawhiti, nō tata mai e tāpiri ana ki tēnei taumata kōrero mo te ao hokohoko arā mā ngā pākihi mo ngā iwi taketake Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa – Pai Mārire.  ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New members appointed to Kāpuia
    The Government is adding four additional members to Kāpuia, the Ministerial Advisory Group on the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques. “I’m looking forward to having Pamela MacNeill, Huia Bramley, Melani Anae and Katherine Dedo  join Kāpuia and contribute to this group’s ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Timeline confirmed for Emissions Reductions Plan
    Cabinet has agreed to begin consulting on the Emissions Reduction Plan in early October and require that the final plan be released by the end of May next year in line with the 2022 Budget, the Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw confirmed today. “Cabinet’s decision allows organisations and communities ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Pay parity pathway for early learning teachers confirmed
    Pay parity conditions and higher funding rates for education and care services will come into force on 1 January, 2022, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins confirmed today. The Government signalled this work in Budget 2021. “From 1 January, 2022, centres opting into the scheme will receive government funding and be ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago