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52 comments on “Open mike 06/07/2016”

  1. Paul 1

    Another day in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    We have become a cruel, greedy, uncaring and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.

    Uncaring, cruel.
    Work and Income.

    ‘Do we just pack up and go on the street?’
    A woman borrowing money to stay in a motel says her family is being forced into homelessness by Work and Income.
    Tuaine Murray has been living in an Auckland motel with her partner and wheelchair-bound 12-year-old son for two months, while they wait for a Housing New Zealand house.
    A scathing review of the emergency housing system last year found many people on benefits were falling into debt they could never repay, by borrowing government money to stay in motels.
    Work and Income is now offering one week of free accommodation to those otherwise homeless.
    But Ms Murray, who was $12,000 in debt to Work and Income, said the agency had told her it would no longer loan her the full amount of $1400 a week for her motel bill.
    She would now have to pay $450 a week out of her benefit to live in the motel, which the family could not afford, she said.
    “I mean, if we do that we’ll have totally nothing, we’ll have absolutely nothing.
    “They said that $150 is enough for our food a week, which is fine… But we won’t even have that if they start taking $450 out,” she said.

    More here….'do-we-just-pack-up-and-go-on-the-street-

  2. RedLogix 2

    Monbiot is usually a must read. Today he’s the ONLY thing worth reading:

    In none of its incarnations has Labour produced a credible response. It has, at different points in the past half-century, either burrowed back into the lost world or abandoned its core principles to deliver a slightly less toxic version of the Tory assault. It has not been able to find a place of comfort on the spectrum between dreary and frightening, perhaps because this is the wrong spectrum. It has failed to articulate what must be the core project of a new progressive politics: discovering the common purpose in diversity.

    • Colonial Viper 2.1


      In addition – Labour Parties around the world have organisationally divided to enforce, emphasise and strengthen the differences between various ethnic-gender-sexuality-income-education-urban-rural components of society and every permutation and combination within.

      Also the Labour Party and Labour Party activists and politicians have become uber specialists at playing JMG’s Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor game. (Which I think you recently mentioned?).

      • RedLogix 2.1.1

        Yes … and the underlying purpose of the game being for the ‘rescuers to prevent any worthwhile gains for the so called ‘victims’.

        Which is now undeniably obvious in the behaviour of the UK PLP.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      Oh, Graeber is also worth reading:

      After all, insofar as politics is a game of personalities, of scandals, foibles and acts of “leadership”, political journalists are not just the referees – in a real sense they are the field on which the game is played. Democratisation would turn them into reporters once again, in much the same way as it would turn politicians into representatives. In either case, it would mark a dramatic decline in personal power and influence. It would mark an equally dramatic rise in power for unions, constituent councils, and local activists – the very people who have rallied to Corbyn’s support.

  3. Bill Drees 3

    Keith Vaz, Chuka Umunna and Tories on the commons home affairs select committee questioned Jeremy Corbyn about anti-semitism the other day. Listen to the pod cast link below.
    They are utterly disrespectful and nasty towards Corbyn. They speak to him as though he is a criminal. Vaz has had many brushes with near criminal scandals!
    The smug Blairites are a plague on the Labour Party. Labour is better of without ignorant people like Vaz. Corbyn is right not to cede control of Labour to people like that.–audio–Short-YIP-05-07-16-Pod_mpg_mp3_med.mp3?__gda__=1467768411_51ab830b5fda4321a57e907f95b6ffcf

    • swordfish 3.1

      I see Neal Lawson, chair of the Soft Left think-tank, Compass, argues that a split in the British Labour Party is now all but inevitable, regardless of whether or not Corbyn is on the ballot paper.

      His reasoning:

      If Corbyn is on ballot = he will win and, as a result, the bulk of the PLP will go their own way.

      If he’s deprived of a place on the ballot = the anger of Party members will cause a split.

      • Colonial Viper 3.1.1

        Labour Party candidates can be got rid of by and new ones selected from local electorate organisations.

        The only issue will be if whole membership branches and organisations go with the Blairite MPs.

        • swordfish

          From BBC Newsnight

          30 Jun

          “Yesterday, they voted by a margin of 172 to 40 in a vote of no-confidence against his leadership. Some MPs speculated that after the EU referendum, enthusiasm amongst the party grassroots had similarly soured.

          There’s some evidence that this hope is wishful thinking. Newsnight has spoken to more than 50 Constituency Labour Party chairs and secretaries who endorsed Corbyn last year. Of those, 45 continue to offer their support and believe that their constituencies will again nominate the leader in the now inevitable leadership contest.

          Many we spoke to were nothing short of incensed at the antics of the party’s MPs.

          Patrick Smith, chair of Hull North said: “If they don’t listen to the membership then they should just leave.”

          The chairman of Hartlepool CLP echoed that, saying: “The MPs seem more interested in the interests of the PLP rather than the membership.”

          Another went further still: “It’s an absolute outrage. You’d think these characters were sleeper agents for the Tories. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were working for Lynton Crosby.”

          • swordfish

            The same BBC Newsnight episode commissioned a post-Brexit / post-Coup eruption Poll of the Labour Party Selectorate that was a little more comforting for Corbyn supporters than the YouGov one.

            It found Labour Party members had only slightly cooled on Corbyn’s leadership, with 59% still supporting him (same as he received in last year’s contest and just 5 points down on the previous poll of Labour members).

            That compares with the YouGov taken around the same time that suggested a steeper fall for Corbyn over the last month, with a fairly precarious majority wanting him to continue as leader (51% to 44%), and saying they would likely vote for him in another leadership contest (50% to 47%).

            On the other hand, 60% disapproved of the coup and the mass resignations from the Shadow Cabinet and in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups, Corbyn was still clearly ahead in this YouGov by 10 points over Eagle, 11 over Watson and 17 over Jarvis. (Since the poll, the Soft Left’s Owen Smith has suddenly appeared as the new favoured contender for the PLP plotters).

            Polls have also shown that most Labour Voters (as opposed to just members) do not want him to stand down.

            Corbyn stand down ?

            YouGov / Times
            26-27 June

            Labour Voters: …….. 35………54…………11

            Com Res / Sunday Mirror
            24 June
            Labour Voters:……….40…….. 49……….. 10

            Having said that, 35-40% is much higher than you’d want – so I wouldn’t want to downplay the crisis and the degree of negativity toward Corbyn that’s emerged over the last few weeks among members and voters.

    • swordfish 3.3

      An almost 50-year brutal Occupation of Palestinian land, a never-ending process of ethnic cleansing and de-facto annexation, all in direct violation of International Law, regular large-scale massacres of men, women and children in Gaza and Lebanon by Israeli forces … and yet these spineless, ruthlessly-ambitious members of Labour (and Tory) Parliamentary ‘Friends of Israel’ have the absolute fucking temerity to accuse Corbyn of associating with racists and terrorists ???

      Jaw-dropping. Absolutely Jaw-dropping.

  4. Greg 4

    tackling a player who isnt playing with the ball,
    nothing on restricting foreign buyers to building new houses,

    jesus wept.
    its policy on the hoof, from this moronic Tory party

  5. johnm 5

    The U$ Neocon nightmare is set to get even worse.

    This week Eric welcomes back to the show author and filmmaker John Pilger to discuss the specter haunting Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America: Hillary Clinton. Eric and John discuss how Hillary represents a mortal danger to the world, and why Donald Trump has provided a very convenient bogeyman to hide the Democrat monster under our collective bed. The conversation also touches on the pernicious influence of the corporate media, the danger of liberal delusions and lesser evilism, the disastrous implications of a Hillary Clinton presidency for the poor and marginalized in the United States, and, of course, everyone’s favorite subject: nuclear war. It’s an uplifting hour with one of the leading anti-war, anti-imperialist voices of today.

  6. Puckish Rogue 6

    Who says NZherald doesn’t inform us of useful information:

    Just another reason I’m glad I live in the South Island

    • Colonial Viper 6.1

      Also why you should be suspicious of any one who has moved down here from the North Island lol!

    • mac1 6.2

      This just shows that we South Islanders don’t get around much any more. Gore used to be the STD capital of NZ back when we were young.

      “Been invited on dates
      Might have gone but what for
      Awfully different without you
      Don’t get around much anymore” -Duke Ellington

    • Draco T Bastard 6.3

      Seems that the article you linked to has now been removed.

  7. swordfish 7

    Turnbull has only himself to Blame
    Associate Professor Shaun Carney in the Sydney Morning Herald

    “Malcolm Turnbull has been leader of the federal Liberal Party twice – once as opposition leader, the second as prime minister. On both occasions he has blown it. He has not been the victim of outside forces, nor an ambush, nor terrible luck. He has inflicted the damage on himself.

    The narrative he and his Liberal deputy Julie Bishop tried to get up on election night – that the near-disaster of the result inflicted on their government at the nation’s polling booths was down to Labor lies about Medicare – is not convincing.

    This excuse goes to Turnbull’s real problem: he’s not a very talented politician. By focusing on Labor’s “Mediscare” campaign, he was as good as telling Australians who shifted their vote from Liberal to Labor that they were gullible dills.

    The one time in the political cycle when a politician should not be casting doubt on the wisdom and intelligence of voters is in the hours and days after an election.”

    • Ad 7.1

      The Liberal coalition expertise with Special votes appears to have borne very timely dividends this election with the marginals. A salutary lesson for the left here.

  8. Nessalt 8

    Oh look, the divinely happy workers in the peoples socialist paradise of venezuela have crossed over to take gifts to their columbian neighbours.

    Wait, no, no, it’s a civil invasion of a neighbouring prosperous capitalist country to steal basic food items.

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      Venezuela is under attack by its own elite supported by outside capitalist forces.

      The US corporates have never forgiven the Chavez government for nationalising their oil operations there.

    • Colonial Viper 8.2

      Also – the US completed a soft coup of Columbia after their last elections. Columbia is regime fully supported by US bankers and corporations.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 8.3

      You managed to find a government that does a worse job than the National Party? Good thing not a single one of NZ’s opposition parties is proposing anything remotely like that, eh.

      Is pretending they are the only security blankie you can clutch at? Sad,

    • Ad 8.4

      Those Venezuelan governments have been even worse than the Saudis for managing to take the national endowment of the second-biggest oil deposits in the world and over half a century and the greatest resource boom we will ever see, and simply piss their bounty away.

      I don’t care which version of the elites were doing their elitist thing.
      Excuses are useless once there’s food riots.

  9. swordfish 9

    UK Labour Party membership applications surge to 100,000 since EU Referendum / on-set of Leadership Coup – meaning total membership will reach an astonishing half million

    A week ago, sources revealed 60,000 people had joined Labour since June 23 – with questionnaire-based research suggesting roughly 60% had done so specifically to ensure Corbyn remains Leader. The latest figures show the party continues to add members at a rapid rate.

    It’s understood that 30,000 people applied to join the party on one day alone last week.

    • The Lone Haranguer 9.1

      So who is the “anti-establishment” candidate for NZ?

      Winston has been around for ages, but traditionally sells out for the baubles of power, so he doesnt fit the bill. In the UK, Corbyn has been around for ages too, but unlike Winston, he has remained honest to his principles.

      Hone cant win the mainstream, and nobody in Labour can get the “missing 800,000” out to vote.

      Wheres our Champion?

      • UncookedSelachimorpha 9.1.1

        “Hone cant win the mainstream”

        Seems to be the case, but why is Hone’s popularity so limited? I’ve sometimes wondered.

        • b waghorn

          He was getting there till he jumped into bed with a dodgy millionaire

          • marty mars

            He wasn’t getting there and imo never will – thank the Gods for that. Hone isn’t mainstream and once again imo never will be – the big bloated middle that every dog and his man go for is not his base.

            Eventually the mainstream may move or be pushed by climatic, economic and traumatic events towards the Hone end of the spectrum – when that happens another leader further along that spectrum will emerge.

            • b waghorn

              ok mainstream was probably the wrong term but mana was gaining support slowly and steaderly and had the best chance of getting a decent % of the non voters on board. btw id love to see mana rise again as long as its an inclusive party not a maori only party.

              • “btw id love to see mana rise again as long as its an inclusive party not a maori only party”

                I don’t see how legally it could be Māori only let alone trying to check everyone. Luckily that is not the kaupapa for Mana – anyone can join – I can’t imagine it would work if you didn’t believe in tino rangatiratanga and equality via the Treaty though.

                • b waghorn

                  Just reflecting on his last musings on the direction of mana and having minto and co take a back seat.

                  • Anyone of any colour, creed or belief system can believe and support equality – in fact I say it is incumbent on us all to do so.

          • weston

            that millionaire wasnt even that dodgy i can think of a far more dodgy one cant you ?? but feel free to continue the primeministers character assassination work for him though

            • b waghorn

              dot coms first mate and beneficiary was banks . if you want to live under the delusion that dot com is a benevolent robin hood good luck , but i see a chancer who wanted to buy his way out of a bind.

        • Gabby

          Because he’s a fairly unpleasant fellow, maybe?

    • Ad 9.2

      That’s a major split looming.

      I feel a “New Labour” coming on fast.

      If there’s just one good thing coming out of Brexit, it’s democratic revival within both major parties.

  10. b waghorn 10'going-to-be-very-upset

    Another day a another CC story . surely its sinking in to the masses that we should do something.
    Oh and its a big no comment from blinglish .

  11. Tory 11

    Update over here in Tory Land. “Iron Lady” mk2 about to be new leader of Conservatives while Corbyn and Labour about to split. Oh Happy Days 🙂

    • Gangnam Style 11.1

      Collins & Bennett must be green with envy, they just ain’t got it.

  12. The Chairman 12

    Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

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