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24 comments on “Open mike 07/04/2019”

  1. WeTheBleeple 1

    I’ve found a website that collates a lot of US poll results. There is some interesting stuff to be garnered here. As one might imagine they do a lot of polls, some less useful than others. I had to laugh to see a couple of Fox News polls put Biden and Sanders ahead of Trump.

    And here’s a wiki with details about the site/ownership.

  2. cleangreen. 2


    Be careful what you hope for as ‘George Soros’ is bankrolling these Democrats and is spending millions on getting ‘his people into power’ – not for our benefit; – as he is inside the ‘corrupt Global elite’ who want the “one world government’ and he (George Soros is a convicted criminal(

    So if you are comfortable siding with criminals good luck.

    • WeTheBleeple 2.1

      ‘Siding with criminals’

      Get a grip.

      “NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website that frequently spreads conspiracy theories and political misinformation mixed in with real news stories. Originally named Your News Wire, it was founded in 2014 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway.”

      PJ Media (originally known as Pajamas Media) is an American conservative opinion and commentary collaborative blog that was founded in 2004. Its majority owner is technology entrepreneur, billionaire, and angel investor Aubrey Chernick.

      • cleangreen. 2.1.1


        And George Soros is a criminal you are siding with using his slush fund..

        You have questionable policies there.

        Find better more honest partners to use and I will be listening, and don’t use Hillary Clinton’s s Corporate backers people.

        • Macro

          Good grief!
          Here is a detailed analysis of the George Soros conviction.

          Yes he sailed close to the law. The law was amended at about the time he was involved in the deal to included the type of trade he was involved in. Other tribunals found him not guilty. The judiciary panel found him guilty by a vote of 4 – 3.
          Hardly a “Lock Him Up!” offence.

          BTW Your hatred of Hillary Clinton does you no justice at all.

        • WeTheBleeple

          What are you accusing me of?

          I laughed Fox News polled Warren and Sanders over Trump

          So you pull out all this conspiracy horseshit… tell me I ‘side with criminals’ and I have ‘questionable policies.’

          Fuck off dingbat.

    • So if you are comfortable siding with criminals good luck.

      Just to clarify:

      If I agree with a person who has any kind of past criminal conviction, am I then suspect for “siding with criminals,” or does it just apply to insider trading?

      Does being suspect for “siding with criminals” only apply to subjects on which wingnut sites have published conspiracy theory theories for the especially gullible, or is it a general principle?

      Does the “criminal” involved have to be Jewish, or does it apply to other ethnicities as well?

  3. reason 3

    I put this link up in yesterdays open mike …

    I’m putting it here as well …………… and I’d like people to think about it in the context ….. in the context of Wayne Mapp slagging of the people of Afghanistan …… right up to the day that “Hit and Run” was released.

    Or Jihadi Kittridege

    Or John Key and the Nats almost decade long fear-mongering about phantom boat people heading here ….

    Racist war talk from the top down ,,,,,

  4. joe90 4

    Andrew Yang isn’t particularly appealing to me as a candidate.

    But his central economic platform is.

    In the next 12 years, 1 out of 3 American workers is at risk of losing their jobs to new technologies—and unlike with previous waves of automation, this time new jobs will not appear quickly enough in large enough numbers to make up for it. To avoid an unprecedented crisis, we’re going to have to find a new solution, unlike anything we’ve done before. It all begins with Universal Basic Income for all American adults, no strings attached – a foundation on which a stable, prosperous, and just society can be built

  5. cleangreen. 5

    I think history teaches us enough to rely on who it was that we were forced to rely on in the past.

    In the last world war, it was three men’s steely resolve saved us from a global catastrophic future last time,

    Joe90 summed it up correctly.

    Lest we forget.

  6. joe90 6

    The conscience of America’s Jews.

    • greywarshark 6.1

      I just put up a link to a nice song about love by Carole King on How to get there –
      great words and moves the heart. (Had a thought and just looked up Google – Carole King is Jewish. So many great people, philosophical thought, inventions – mind stuff has come from the Jewish people.)

      Great young Jews. I love you for what you are doing. Shalom aleichem – Peace unto you and may you achieve your purpose and desires.

  7. Eco Maori 7

    Here how OUR justice system works if you end up on the wrong of some dick with a big EGO your in the shit fighting the whole NZ State.
    Ka kite ano link below.

  8. Eco Maori 8

    Eco Maori backs everyone who is reducing their CARBON FOOTPRINT Ka pai
    Courtney Simpson spent $22,000 on an electric car to bring down her carbon footprint.

    By the time she’s finished paying it off the Nissan Leaf, she will only be marginally ahead financially compared to running a petrol-guzzling car, but that’s not the point.

    “Driving an EV, or cycling has a much higher emotional return,” she says +I say that if one has to have a car why not go electric and save OUR Mokopunas future environment. Ka kite ano link below.

  9. Eco Maori 9

    Eco Maori say Maori have been tax enough and ALL OF US SHOULD BE TAX EXEMPT.
    Ngahiwi Tomoana said many iwi felt like they had been taxed enough.

    “Our treaty settlements, they were only settled at two percent of their real value, and we already think we have been taxed 98 percent of our treaty settlement.

    “One of the issues we were considering was how do we mitigate this huge tax burden of 98 percent on treaty settlement, whereas the Tax Working Group only wanted to consider current-day capital gains tax.”
    Ka kite ano link below.

  10. Eco Maori 10

    Kia ora Newshub.
    Commissioned by who business NZ well there you go that’s a huge conflict of interest that poll would have been minupulate by the people who commissioned the poll to make the people think no one backs the GT TAX. Wealthy business people want to take all they can from government and do there darndest to not give anything back to government.
    What a storm in a teacup the police are making over The christchurch desaster and the ANZAC parade it must make them feel – – – -.
    trump is ruining Alot of people lives at their Mexican boarders he is just playing to his redneck supporters the tamariki are the ones who suffer the most from his boarders controls what a DICK just like him insisting his father was born in Germany playing to the rednecks.
    Mike the R&R show has a episode about bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics government have to step in and fund the reasurch
    That genocide in Rwanda was sad and shocking you see atrocities have happened around the world that makes christchurch look like a traffic fine what happened in Rwanda backs my calls for equal representation of Wahine in most government as its the men who are the warmongers and Wahine are the Aroha peace full cares of humanity. I Back a cap on interest rates loansharks can charge the poor common people Ka kite ano P.S do listen to the sandflys spinning SHIT.

  11. Eco Maori 11

    Kia ora The AM Show.
    How much would it cost for a commissioner whom is a publicater get air to the issue at cips ect .
    You no that old saying if the people who are carrying for the vulnerable don’t care about the vulnerable then they won’t be cared for what I’m saying is Maori culture caring for OUR tamariki for our tangata they will get the Aroha and they will be able to climb back up there ladders of Life.
    Fuck off this mess lies at the feet of the state what could Maori do to fight instertutional racism when the media the government and state services denied its existence . Like I have said if you have people who think Maori are savages than they are not going to give the loving care that is needed to fix our problems with tamariki if you have one culture hogging all the resources and leaving what drips of their plates 1.5 cents in the dollar for tangata whenua than you will get big problems this phenomenon is well documented in America Canada Australia with their native population colonialism at its best but you keep kicking MAORI about the bad stats DICK.
    Good on you Shona for rasing money for mennacocal vaccinations. I did not know we have to pay for it.
    Maori caring for Maori is the solution DICK. Ka kite ano

  12. Eco Maori 12

    Mark the crap wages are a big part of the problem most wages have not kept up with inflation that magic thing governments like to strive for is actual taking the purchaseing power from the people so if wages don’t keep up with inflation the poor people end up in the SHIT quite easy to work OUT.MOST Māori are on the minamim wage 10 years ago it was easier to live 20 years ago it was easier still I can not even find a house to live in Rotorua what does that tell you

  13. Eco Maori 13

    Here you go Whanau a story on how the Tangata Whenua O America have the same problems as Tangata Whenua O Atoearoa all thoo their problems are much bigger than OURS.

    KA KITE ANO links below

  14. Eco Maori 14

    Here you go Whanau more evidence that shows how colonialism works is all about SUPPRESSING THE tangata whenua this is on Canada
    Last year in Manitoba, the family of Brian Sinclair withdrew from the inquest into his death. Citing systemic racism within the health care system, the Sinclair family lost confidence that the inquiry would address the root cause of death for the aboriginal man who suffered for 34 hours in the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre Emergency room. Mr. Sinclair was referred there by a clinic for a routine procedure, a catheter change and antibiotics prescribed. Instead, his health deteriorated, despite vomiting several times and then motionless. He was never triaged or examined by medical staff until he was found dead and rigor mortis had set in Ka kite ano links below

  15. Eco Maori 15

    Here you go Whanau some more stories of tangata whenua atrocities and abuse tangata whenua have suffered in other countries but to the simple mind its the MAORI AT FAULT WTF.
    Ka kite ano links below.

  16. Eco Maori 16

    Kia ora Newshub.
    There is no intergreaty in the system Michael.
    I agree jenny and Co should pay for the losses of money the sub contractors losted working for Mainzeal.
    That’s cool Emilia Clark championing people who have had a brain hemorrhage & other brain injuries.
    I’m quite sure that the culture in the ational party is corrosive and throwing people under the bus with no consern of the harm there actions do is OK to them look at the guy who whale oil hounded the police did not provide him the service he is granteed as A Kiwi.
    That hunt on the American celebrities is from one of my nemesis he knows that the celebrities don’t like the mess he is making of their country. We have been given animals to use but abusing animals is not on they must have a humane life. Let’s concentrate on BANING CARBON that will save OUR planet for our Mokopuna the vegin movement is just another distraction being funded by the oil barrons.
    I think that the whenua in Auckland should be given back to tangata whenua full stop.
    The Geckoes getting released in the Quarry is cool they can live to be 50 years old. Ka kite ano P.S I no someone’s who’s a master conservationist

  17. Eco Maori 17

    Kia ora The AM Show.
    Pharmacy needs to be investigated to see why some drugs are funded there seems to be issues with the funding for drugs some people get drugs and Maori do not get the drugs cancer drugs.
    seenothings money is working just fine for his profile I bet that bill was selected no random selection going down there.
    There you go governments change they get in parliament with all the best intentions but its the civil servants whom really run the country not the pollies with labour promise to fix the cancer treatment lack of drugs problems.
    Eco Maori does not celebrate War that is for fools I celebrate deplomacy not WAR as it is the tamariki who suffere the most they starve the lose mothers and fathers also it is the lower classes that fight war for the ruling classes Ka kite ano P.S juggleing the Mokopuna

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