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Open Mike 07/09/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, September 7th, 2018 - 126 comments
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126 comments on “Open Mike 07/09/2018 ”

  1. Dennis Frank 1

    UK Green Party still can’t figure out how to market itself: “while we will always campaign with others to oppose Brexit, we think it’s time to say loudly and clearly that the Green party will never be part of any vapid centrist blob. Nor will we join the multimillionaires trying to start new parties in an attempt to return Britain to the centrism that so utterly failed people earlier this century.”

    The Greens’ new leadership duo of Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry present themselves in a Guardian opinion column, and fail to impress. No urgency, no big picture view as context, totally clueless about their political positioning. Very sad.

    Several days ago they did it better: “The Greens have been badly squeezed in recent years, seeing their vote share more than halve between the 2015 and 2017 elections, something put down in part to Corbyn’s approach with Labour. But the new leaders told the Guardian they wanted to counter the idea that Corbyn had moved into their territory, with Berry highlighting what she said was Labour’s equivocation over areas such as Brexit and migration. “It’s not tame – it’s a betrayal. They’ve utterly fudged those issues,” she said.”

    “They aren’t committed to proportional representation. The Labour manifesto had no real wealth redistribution in there. There was income redistribution, but they’re not tackling the elephant in the room of wealth distribution. There’s still this commitment to credit-fuelled growth across the every sector of the economy. There’s subsidies for fossil fuels, subsidies for the commercial arms trade. This is a social democratic party. It’s not the radical alternative the country needs.”

  2. Ed 2

    A story that caught my eye.

    ‘Years of doomsday talk at Silicon Valley dinner parties has turned to action.

    In recent months, two 150-ton survival bunkers journeyed by land and sea from a Texas warehouse to the shores of New Zealand, where they’re buried 11 feet underground.
    Seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased bunkers from Rising S Co. and planted them in New Zealand in the past two years, said Gary Lynch, the manufacturer’s general manager. At the first sign of an apocalypse — nuclear war, a killer germ, a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent — the Californians plan to hop on a private jet and hunker down, he said.

    ……The nation allows emigres to essentially buy residency through investor visas, and rich Americans have poured a fortune into the country, often by acquiring palatial estates.
    Billionaire hedge-fund honcho Julian Robertson owns a lodge overlooking Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, the South Island’s luxury resort destination. Fidelity National Financial Inc. Chairman Bill Foley has a homestead in the Wairarapa region, north of Wellington, and Titanic director James Cameron bought a mansion nearby at Lake Pounui.
    The Investor Plus Visa, which requires a minimum investment of NZD$10 million ($6.7 million) over three years, attracted 17 U.S. applicants in fiscal 2017, after President Donald Trump’s election. Previously, it averaged six applicants a year.

    ……A spokeswoman for the New Zealand Customs Service declined to confirm that the bunkers had arrived in the country, citing privacy reasons.
    It takes about two weeks to excavate the land and bury the average bunker, Lynch said. It’s all done secretly so local residents aren’t aware. Once installed, passersby would have no way of knowing it’s there.
    “There’s no clue left behind, not even a door,” Lynch said.”’

    Read it all here.


    • tc 2.1

      Excellent news if they work as in Ben Elton’s Stark.

      They bugger off into them and let the rest of humanity get on with it sorting out the mess they left behind. With these folk gone from the scene earth slowly recovers.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 2.2

      Hmmm…doomday prepper tax!

      They’re rich, mainly foreign, and NZ has a unique location. Plus if we have to attract weirdos I’d rather they be above ground where we can see what they’re doing.

      • AB 2.2.1

        Hmm – “bunker tax”. Let’s say $4 billion per square metre?
        Seems reasonable to me.
        We should let them all come here – then deliberately impoverish them or lock them up if they don’t pay. Perhaps an open-air refugee camp on the Chathams?
        Sounds like fun.

        • SaveNZ

          Maybe with climate change, better to invest in a submarine. Probably more likely a place to lie low (ha ha), if civil war breaks out in US for example or there is a financial investigation into their affairs.

    • chris73 2.3

      Being that one of the most important tenets of prepping is operational security (basically just keeping ones mouth shut) I’d be pretty pissed at all this information coming out

      You spend all this money to keep safe which means not letting anyone know what you’re up to and then all this comes out

      I’d be going to a different company for my shelter

      Not that I prep of course

      Apropos of nothing but this site is really good for prepping on a budget:


      and this site is really good for well lots of stuff: http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/

      just ignore the political and firearms side of it, unless you like to argue:-)

    • Gabby 2.4

      I hope they had all the appropriate consents for those earthworks eddy.

      • Ed 2.4.1

        Maybe the local councils should take an interest.

        • mac1

          Nah, just wait until the event they fear and then declare them public shelters.

          It must be the latest fad. Private islands, private yachts which are actually large ships, private jets, private golf courses, private resorts, private, and now private survival shelters.

          The question of legality is interesting.

          Are they fully permitted?

          Do they have features which might be considered unlawful regarding devices or traps designed to kill or injure people unlawfully, or have the capacity now to be so armed?

          I bet such survivalists would come armed, with private armed forces, and would have little regard for the citizens of the country into which they would insert their private fiefdoms.

          Meantime, our people go without shelter.

          I spoke yesterday to a 60 year old man who is sleeping in a car. There is not enough accommodation in our town. He worked in traffic direction during the post-earthquake coastal reconstruction. Then he would have lived in purpose built and acceptable quarters.

          Now he has a mattress in a car in a car-park.

          And multi-millionnaires have 150 tonnes survivalist bunkers shipped to this country?


    • SaveNZ 2.5

      The government is so crap at getting any money out of these billionaires the so called 10 million just goes on their house or they take money from the taxpayers while they profit and then NZ has effectively given them citizenship for free. If they want to keep these billionaires coming in at least make the 10 million a one off fee and then they have to ‘invest’ more money, plus they don’t get citizenship but just long term visa to stay here PROVIDED they don’t get convicted of a serious criminal offence. Aka lets stop attracting rich and poor criminals white collar and otherwise here…

      For example so far Peter Thiel has earned millions more from NZ government than he paid in taxes (aka none), in fact looks like he was just here on route to OZ, and lets stop our billion investors only being forced (temporarily of course) in that non productive house/mansion/estate that apparently the government lecture constantly Kiwis not doing…

      “A scheme funded by New Zealand taxpayers netted billionaire Peter Thiel tens of millions of dollars while his publicly funded investment partner barely broke even.

      The partnering of Thiel’s Valar Ventures and the Government-owned New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) was launched by minister Steven Joyce in March 2012, nine months after Thiel took his oath of citizenship at the New Zealand consulate in Santa Monica.

      Joyce said at the time the venture was “part of the Government’s comprehensive business growth agenda”, but a Herald investigation has discovered the arrangement was quietly ended in October when Thiel activated a generous buyback option allowing him and his private partners to claim all profits from the venture by cheaply buying out his public co-investor.”


      • SaveNZ 2.5.1

        In short our government are yokels so lets make it simple. Pay up the $10 million for residency (with conditions) and then they can invest more money away from our governments pathetic attempts at deals.

        “A Wall St analyst told the Weekend Herald the clause left the Government facing a “horrendous risk-return proposition” that had no place in agreements between commercial parties.

        “If a professional investor signed this deal, they would be the butt of their colleagues’ jokes all the way out the door,” the analyst said.

        “This is a clear ‘heads I double win, tails I lose’, ‘heads the taxpayer loses, and tails the taxpayer loses’ proposition, and a very savvy deal for Thiel.”

        This assessment is echoed by Auckland-based Castlepoint Funds partner Stephen Bennie, who said he would leap at the chance to sign up to a deal if a partner offered such a clause.

        “You’d take it. And obviously a fairly smart guy did. Thiel didn’t need to be asked twice,” Bennie said.

        The play appears to have left Thiel with an investment worth least $30 million after contributing just under $7m. The NZVIF, by contrast, confirmed in a statement to the Weekend Herald that it received just $10.2m following the October move after having earlier contributed $9m”

        • SaveNZ

          Overseas investor invests 7 million makes 30 million on a short term trade (aka not a long term investment at all) and government body invests 9 million and makes 10.2 million…

          Seriously NZer’s are the worst deal makers in the universe. Please save us from all these councils, government officials and so forth giving away the country for peanuts while making the hard working kiwis pay for the folly and all the infrastructure needed (oh wait all these overseas firms can provide it for a very high fee) the next generation will be serfs.

          Not even mentioning the high country tenures…

          Please can we get a government or constitution to make laws to save us from these morons.

        • Gabby

          What’s Jawsie up to these days?

    • Exkiwiforces 2.6

      WFT, Customs and Police would have a few issues over the illegal importation of firearms and a wee matter over firearms licensing. As there is an awful lot of paperwork required to bring in firearms especially to bring them in and the issue of licensing requirements at short notice.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.7

      We really do need to stop selling citizenship. We really don’t want these people who obviously fail the Good Character test here.

  3. James 3

    I wonder where Clare Curran has gone onn holiday – seems she’s disappeared.


    • Ankerrawshark 3.1

      James Clare is on personal leave. Surely any foll can put 2 and 2 together and realise she is on stressed leave. She has lost her place in cabinet, blames herself, depressed people do that and then under pressure in parliament didn’t perform well, which was widely publicised. So I am going to ask you to quit with your somewhat snide remark about a holiday and others as well.

      • Chris T 3.1.1

        “blames herself,”

        You would hope so

      • chris73 3.1.2

        I’m now seriously considering if Clare Curran had anything to do with the leaking of Bridges accounts.

        Consider that Trevor Mallard with whom Clare Curran has had, shall we say, history with in the past has run interference, the leaker claims to have mental health issues and Clare Curran uses gmail and now has gone to ground.

        Balance of probabilities is now leaning towards Clare Currans, and by default Labours, involvement in the leaking.

        This is almost like a Jeffery Archer novel 🙂

        • Nick

          Chris, is Clare a member of National?

          • chris73

            Taking into account her performance of late I’d say yes she must be because shes doing a fine job of helping National win the next election

            • Ankerawshark

              Chris 73 by your reasoning Simon would then be a member of labour.

              You are at risk of making yourself look ridiculous by suggesting Clare leaked Simon’s expenses.

              The leaker knew details of what was discussed at national caucus meetings. But if you don’t mind looking ridiculous go for it.

        • James

          This would be so funny if true.

        • marty mars

          You are a scum – attacking suffering people, weaponising mental health issues. It’s people like you with your attitudes that help facilitate all the suicides and self harming in this country. You think you are above it with your diatribes but you are dirty deep in this countries suicide shame.

          • Chris T

            It is getting a little ridiculous when people start suggesting someone caught out doing dodgy things and them not being able to handle the flack from it, becomes them “suffering” from mental health issues.

            • Stuart Munro

              Right – like the Gnat leaker.

              Curran is struggling to manage her portfolio but she’s somehow infiltrated the Gnat caucus?

              Maybe you’re right – they’re pretty stupid – most of them wouldn’t notice.

              • Chris T

                I haven’t said anything about the leaker

                But I can see why you would want to divert attention away from her ineptitude

          • James

            Where did you get she had menta health issues?

            You are the one using it as an excuse – with no evidence she has any.

            I’m sure she will be happy to see left wing blogs just assuming she has mental health issues.

        • McFlock

          Except the leaker had details of nat caucus meetings – so now you have the nat caucus leaking to (or texting to cover for) Curran.

          Her mess is her mess. Bridges’ mess is the nat caucus.

          • chris73

            Well not wanting to go in circles but the Speaker shouldn’t have stuck his oar in (but then hes always been close to Clare) and the investigation run and it would have been very interesting to see what would come out

            Mind you this is like the good ‘ol days of when National would do something but you only had to wait for Labour to come along and take the heat off

            Good times

      • James 3.1.3

        She’s on stressed leave ? Really? I guess she’s been told to go on leave because she is an out and out embarrassment.

        She lost her positions for repeated behaviour- as she should (I would argue she should never had them in the first place)

        Blames herself- well that’s refreshing- as she should – she’s bloody useless. That’s all on her.

        As for depressed – do you have any evidence of this ? No? Funny that.
        You can’t use the possibility of this to hide from your responsibilities.

        • marty mars

          You are a scum – attacking suffering people, weaponising mental health issues. It’s people like you with your attitudes that help facilitate all the suicides and self harming in this country. You think you are above it with your diatribes but you are dirty deep in this countries suicide shame.

          • Enough is Enough

            Can you provide a source for your inference that she has mental health issues?

            From what I have read she is on personal leave.

        • Ed

          This comment is below scum.

          • mauī

            Scum of the lowest order Ed.

            • Ed

              James and BM are politicising mental health.
              Words fail me.

              James may pretend he’s a cheerful bloke who has lots of friends round for barbecues.
              His words at 3.1.3. show that to be a shallow front.
              Behind the mask, we see the ruthless and selfish attitude to the world.

              • Enough is Enough

                How are they politicising mental health.

                No one has confirmed she has mental issues?

        • Ankerawshark

          Actually it was the national leaker who raised their own mental health issues.

          I have no firm evidence ms Curran is depressed.

          I work in the field though and are well aware of how these things can play out. So I would always err on the side of caution. Also we.know when someone is being piced on when they are vulnerable it’s important for bystanders to stand up for them. This is how I see it at the moment for Clare. I would do the same for a Nat As I did for Paula whose policies I detest

      • Anne 3.1.4

        Ankerrawshark I agree with you.

        I’ve been critical of Clare in the past but now she is being treated like a football by people who get their kicks out of stomping on others when they are down. Melissa Lee who, imo, was always a suspect character is leading the charge.

        Having been through a similar experience in another forum [and I was actually the innocent party], I know how profoundly damaging this kind of behaviour can be on the personal and professional life of the victim. The affects can linger for years afterwards. So:


        • Ed

          You only have to look at those who have commented on the thread started by James (a troll) to see which political party wants this story to keep running.

        • James

          Leave her alone ???why??

          She’s a minister and failing appallingly at her job.

          Do we leave her alone because she’s on labour’s team?

          Or is it because she is a woman ?

          Don’t recall you making the same plea for Melissa lee?

          That because she’s National ? Or Chinese perhaps ?

          • ianmac

            James. Does your family comment on your lack of empathy?
            Must be a nasty experience for such members to be in need in your house.

            • Ed

              It is nasty enough putting up with his vile comments on this site.

              • Alan

                Hilarious, you are a class A hypocrite Ed, I could list many, many comments that you have made about politicians that are far more “vile” than those made by James above.
                Ed, making the left look good since forever!

          • Ankerawshark

            Yes politicians will be criticized. That goes with the territory. But at a certain point, a decent person will put two and two together and back off. As our PM did about the leaker with mental health issues when she said we are all human and didn’t point score off someone with mental health issues.

            I have also always refrained from critcizing politicians over their weight. I actually called people on a website who where critcizing Paula b over her weight.

            Give it some thought James.

        • BM

          The hypocrisy on this site does my head in

          People such as yourself gleefully spent months putting the boot into a young man by the name of Todd Barclay.

          Yet the walking clusterfuck that is Clare Curren should be left alone, why?

          • marty mars

            You are a scum – attacking suffering people, weaponising mental health issues. It’s people like you with your attitudes that help facilitate all the suicides and self harming in this country. You think you are above it with your diatribes but you are dirty deep in this countries suicide shame.

          • ankerawshark

            I never gleefully spent months putting the boot into Todd B.

            But its an interesting comparison. MP performs an illegal act, i.e. recording his staff member a loyal Nat who worked for Bill E for eons. This transgression gets covered up at the highest level, including using the PM’s slush fund to bail him out. It drags on because of the cover up.

            Because the Nat employee (Glenys??? ) is obvious very, very upset about all of this and actually was only blowing the whistle on a poor performer, (Mr Barclay)………..Nats were put under pressure by this cause they kept lying and changing their story. Still no idea why Bill E sent all those text to Glenys.

            Compare and contrast.

            Curren mucks up with the meeting with Hirshfield. Its made public and she faces a consequence. She mucks up again and she’s lost her port folios and is out of Cabinet. Consequence. Clearly this has been stressful for Curren and embarrassing. Faltering as she did in public, in parliament would for most people be pretty humiliating. She takes personal leave which I suggest on this website is likely stress leave. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to have a very got hunch that she will be suffering (even Judith Collins showed some compassion)………………………………..So she realizes she just can’t continue and resigns. She has done the right thing and I wish her well.

            As for Jacinda “lying” by saying her job was safe this morning when she already knew Curren had resigned. …..Please…..She would have her reasons for waiting to make the announcement in her own good time. Like maybe Ms Curran had people to tell, or Ardern had to update colleagues and make sure others were ok to take Cullens role e.g. Faaifoi. Imagine how it would have looked if she had of told Am in journalist “oh actually Clare is resigned” oh yeah and I think I have got someone for her port folios, just waiting to hear back from Chris about it. Anyway the Am station, doesn’t deserve any breaking news stories from the PM. They were rat bags about trip to Nauru.

            • gsays

              While agreeing with most of that ankerawshark, I feel the PM could have done better answering the ‘curran question’.

              It sounds deliberately misleading.

        • Anne

          As for you Chris 73 and James:

          Typical responses from misogynist neanderthals who have no conception of the psychological violence – let alone the physical violence – many women have to face in their lives and often with extreme deleterious effects. It can destroy their lives altogether.

          And the joke is, men like you two wouldn’t last 5 mins under the same kind of pressure.

          Clare made some mistakes. She has to pay a price but have the nous and the decency to leave it at that.

          • James

            Ahhhhh so we do have to treat her differently because she’s a woman.

            According to Anne at least.

            Didn’t see you being so nice to Paula Bennet calling her a bitch and the like.

            • Stuart Munro

              No, you are to treat her respectfully because she did the honorable thing and resigned.

              I can think of any number of Gnat ministers who should have and didn’t.

          • James

            I’m commenting on her exactly the same as if she was a male – how does that make me misogynistic?

            It’s you wanting her to be treated special because of her sex.

            • Anne

              I know from personal experience what goes on behind the scenes when a woman is deemed to be in trouble. It’s covert, it’s nasty, its misogynistic and sometimes extremely threatening. It rarely makes it into the public arena because the person on the receiving end is too afraid it will make things worse.

              I have no idea whether Clare is being bullied and threatened behind the scenes, but it would not surprise me one iota if she is.


              • James

                I think you are projecting Anne.

                Curran is a master of her own demise.

                It should be open to comment on. Personally I think your comments are more sexist than anything else said on the subject in this thread.

                Again – didn’t see you sticking up for bennet or Melissa lee ? In fact you piled in calling bennet a bitch.

                • Anne

                  Sticking up for Bennett?
                  After she maliciously released the details of two solo mums who had dared to criticise her axing of the extra tertiary education for solo parents etc? Especially repugnant given she took advantage of it herself.

                  I don’t recall calling her a bitch, but she certainly was behaving like one at the time.

                  And you’re trying to equate that with Currans indiscretions? Pathetic.

              • Reality

                James and Chris – guess you enjoy pulling the wings off butterflies. Pity your family members who have to associate with you if they have any human frailties.

                Clare Curran has shown she is not really up to ministerial responsibilities and has obviously been affected by all the strident criticism. She may not have a thick skin like you James and Chris. Leave her alone for now. The PM will get this sorted in due course.

                • chris73

                  Shes been an MP for 10 years so if she hasn’t got a thick skin by now she should do the right thing and resign

                  “The PM will get this sorted in due course.”

                  The PM is to blame for this current debacle by not firing her in the first place

                  • Reality

                    I hope the day never comes when the only people suited for parliament are hard- hearted, cold types like the ones you admire.

                    Julie Bishop has the other day spoken about the horrible time in their parliament she and other women have had to endure.

                    Why do you think Jacinda is so well liked – because she is likeable herself and she likes people. She has emotional intelligence and wanted to give Clare Curran a chance, which may or may not have been the best thing to do in hindsight. James/Chris have you ever looked back at something you have done and been wise after the event?

                • Ed

                  He certainly supports the torture of animals.

          • chris73

            I’m not picking on her because shes a woman I’m picking on her because shes a Labour minister

            Please go over my comments and let me know where I’ve attacked her gender

          • chris73

            ‘Typical responses from misogynist neanderthals who have no conception of the psychological violence – let alone the physical violence – many women have to face in their lives and often with extreme deleterious effects. It can destroy their lives altogether.”

            Considering how Clares good friend Trevor Mallard treated Erin Leigh I find that comment highly ironic

        • Chuck

          Anne, you do realise you have contradicted yourself?

          As you say “I’ve been critical of Clare in the past” now you have moved onto Melissa Lee “who, imo, was always a suspect character is leading the charge.”

          Clare Curran should have been sacked by Ardern when it was clear Curran was not up to the job. If you want to blame someone blame Ardern for prolonging the inevitable.

          • Anne

            The truth is now “contradicting yourself”? Fiddlesticks. Melissa Lee has showed up in the past as being a nasty little piece of work. I saw it in action in Mt.Albert in 2009.

            And Lee was leading the charge on Curran. Get up to speed with what has been going on before you go off half cock.

  4. Ed 4

    Tenants in our own land,

    ‘Mainland Chinese purchased $1.5 billion of residential real estate in New Zealand last year, according to a real estate website for Chinese investors.

    Juwai.com said that was an increase of US$130 million (NZ$197.2m) on the year before, although there was a lack of reliable data in 2016.

    The New Zealand figures did not include commercial property. “We do not have good data on Chinese investment in commercial property in New Zealand so have conservatively estimated it at zero,” the website stated.’


    • AsleepWhileWalking 4.1

      That’s a wealth transfer from NZ taxpayers straight overseas.

    • SaveNZ 4.2

      @ ED and AsleepWhileWalking, and our government is actively encouraging it. Not only with this, but clauses in free trade deals which was supposed to be one of Labours non negotiable bottom lines for the trades deals but seems to have been reneged on with Singapore being allowed to still buy up investment apartments here, the same apartments that are being touted as the ‘affordable’ option for Kiwis….

      “On 14 August, the Government passed the Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 which bans the sale of existing homes to non-residents as a means of easing the housing shortage in New Zealand. Australians and Singaporean nationals were made exempt from this ban due to free trade rules. The Bill was supported by Labour and its coalition partners New Zealand First and the Greens but was opposed by the opposition National and ACT parties. It passed its third reading on 14 August by 63 votes to 57 votes.[56][57][58][59]”


      • SaveNZ 4.2.1

        One of the reasons we have all our property being bought up by Chinese is because in the free Chinese trade deal the Chinese are allowed to buy NZ land but Kiwis and Chinese are not allowed to buy Chinese land. The government could have challenged it, but too gutless to get a fair deal for it’s citizens born here. So guess what 1.42 billion people can buy here… we have 3.5 million people who live here… totally will be owned by overseas interests because our government does not see the future.. nearly 6 million in Singapore… in OZ they can buy their own land so it has not been so much of an issue, but Chinese can’t buy their own land and Singapore has little to zero land to buy…

  5. bwaghorn 5

    Is it glyphosphate and not gluten that’s causing some of us problems . ?
    Surely glyphosphate is used on none gluten containing crops that replace wheat in our diets?

    • veutoviper 5.1

      There are a lot of theories based on anecdotal experience but very few strict scientific studies of the causes of gluten problems and similar. So the jury is probably out as to whether or not glyphosphate is a possible contributor to problems with grains/crops containing gluten. It seems to be raised as a possible contributor to cancer – but again few strict scientific trials etc.

      As you say it is probably used on non-gluten crops such as sorghum which is a very similar grain to wheat and grown in the same way and in the same places – eg it is now being grown in Australia by wheat growers alongside or in place of wheat.

      Another theory re wheat and gluten problems is that the hybrid forms of wheat developed continually over the last century to increase productivity etc bear little chemical makeup etc resemblance to the original wheat. Again, anecdotally, people with gluten intolerances can sometimes find they have better tolerance to wheat from places like Italy, Turkey etc where they still grow the older forms of wheat than the highly developed newer forms grown in Canada, US and Australia. For example, some advice on gluten intolerance suggest people try Italian made pasta for this reason rather than that made in Australia and NZ.

      As I have lived with a medium degree of gluten (and diary) intolerance for years, this is a subject I have followed a lot. LOL. Luckily not a full allergy with all of their complications. And finally now probably a symptom caused by an autoimmune condition only diagnosed in the last couple of years. Treatment for that which includes regular vitamin B12 injections and the need to supplement low stomach acid by daily use of raw apple cider vinegar (yes, an old medically acceptable treatment for that and certain other conditions) has actually considerably improved both intolerances. But forget the claims for ACV leading to weight loss!

      Thanks for the link. That website is really interesting and I have now bookmarked to watch regularly.

      • bwaghorn 5.1.1

        On the plus side being g free keeps one thin .
        More should be done on the links of food alligies and mental well being .
        Before I went off gluten I was an anxious barely functioning mess .
        The site turned up.on my Google feed if you are relaxed about the fact their super computer is tracking things you look at and pushing of interest topics your way all sorts of interesting things pop up .

      • Prickles 5.1.2

        Happy to back up that anecdote re being able to tolerate wheat/gluten in some European countries. That is definitely the case for me and I have relayed that information to many friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are heading to that part of the world.

        Invariably they have returned waxing lyrical of the joys of being able to enjoy a croissant or a danish with their coffee whilst travelling.

    • gsays 5.2

      Different but similar: my horticultural in law’s – mum, dad, and son living at home on the farm develop diabetes.
      The three sisters who go to boarding school do not develop diabetes

  6. Dennis Frank 6

    “Thinktank calls for major overhaul of Britain’s economy” “IPPR commission suggests changes on a par with Labour’s post-war reforms” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/sep/05/thinktank-calls-for-major-overhaul-of-britains-economy

    “Ten points for a better Britain” https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/sep/05/ten-points-for-a-better-britain-institute-for-public-policy-research “The IPPR commission on economic justice sets out a 10-point plan to improve the British economy and make it fairer for its participants.” Whoopee! Jump into Labour’s De Lorean for an exhilarating ride back to the future!! “The policy proposals include reviving trade unions in workplaces and raising the minimum wage.”

    “The report calls for an activist government with an expanded industrial strategy, focused on spurring economic growth through investment in infrastructure such as transport links… The commission also proposes an industrial strategy act to set out clear goals and criteria for state support for industry”. Yet more growth, but spiced up with a return of subsidies for corporations! Wow, this is so exciting, how radical can Labour get? This radical: “inclusion of workers on company boards” just like back in the sixties!

    • Dennis Frank 6.1

      “The commission suggests setting up a sovereign wealth fund with the sale of Royal Bank of Scotland shares and gains from wealth taxes that could be worth £186bn in next 10 years. The fund would use its proceeds to pay 25-year-olds a lump sum of £10,000 as a “universal minimum inheritance”.” So just as they hit peak earning in their careers, the govt would gift them capital as well – so as not to give it to the needy, I presume.

    • Dennis Frank 6.2

      “The Institute for Public Policy Research is a left-wing think tank based in London. It was founded in 1988 and is an independent registered charity.. Founder: Baron Hollick” [Wikipedia]

  7. Herodotus 7

    I have read on many occasions how useless the previous govt was, and in order to achieve a surplus the likes of govt employees wages were surprised. Whist this govt hides behind “meeting budget responsibility rules” then enter into dodgy off balance sheet accounting.
    The current Gove goes on and on about the last 9 year’s and how corrosive that period was to workers
    Then why does the current govt think that 2% pa will cut it ?

  8. Ed 8

    Solutions to the deal with the corporate media

    • Ad 8.1

      Corbyn and any other remaining progressive leader should look hard at the Trump model of working successfully around the corporate media.

      Trump won an election using these techniques.

      It doesn’t take Corbyn’s arcane and reversible policy about public ownership.

      The left should study why Trump won using new media, and why the Republicans are consistently better at deploying its use than progressive campaigns.

  9. Observer Tokoroa 9

    Three Blind Mice

    Hi James; Chris 73; BM

    It does appear that you three are making stuff up against Clare Curran. Accusing her among other things, of entering National Caucus and Leaking information about Simon Bridges. Simon as you know, is not well able to defend his poor standing in New Zealand.

    Winston may well ask you to explain your apparent character assassination in Court .

    He may well include National Politicians and RNZ Reporters for implying that Clare Curran acted criminally and thereby broke the Law of the land.

    But I suppose you have lots of money to pay any penalties and Court Costs.

    PS: have you paid the costs of the Music you stole at election time? It is awful living with an opposition that cannot even pay its Bills.

    • chris73 9.1

      Thats rather specific, please copy and paste where I said Clare Curran entered National Caucus and Leaked information about Simon Bridges

      “PS: have you paid the costs of the Music you stole at election time? It is awful living with an opposition that cannot even pay its Bills.”

      I suppose National could a Labour and, eventually, pass legislation to say its ok or do a Winston and just say they paid it to charity

  10. Ankerawshark 10

    Chris 73 by your reasoning Simon would then be a member of labour.

    You are at risk of making yourself look ridiculous by suggesting Clare leaked Simon’s expenses.

    The leaker knew details of what was discussed at national caucus meetings. But if you don’t mind looking ridiculous go for it.

    • chris73 10.1

      “You are at risk of making yourself look ridiculous by suggesting Clare leaked Simon’s expenses.”

      Re-read what I wrote and then come back to me

      • Ankerrawshark 10.1.1

        Ok Chris 73i did re-read what you wrote and you said Clare Curren May have been involved in the leak …..how would that have worked?

        Prey tell what your hypothesis is????? The only theory I can come up with is the Nat caucus leaker passed on the info to Clare, but that has shades of “listen very carefully I will say this only once”. And the idea that a Nat caucus member would pass it on to Clare who is labour and has slipped up is……..IMO ridiculous

  11. OnceWasTim 11

    Claire Curran has resigned. A thoroughly decent and ethical woman. She obviously realises she fucked up and has fallen short, and has done the decent thing.
    It’s a bloody shame many of her gNatzi critics (including Melissa) don’t see fit to look at their own behaviour and do likewise.
    Oravida Collins, Benefit Bennet, Immigration-scam Bakshi, Soldier of Fortune Mitchell, Never inhaled Nafe, Green cowshit Smith ……
    There’d probably be nothing left (or should that be nothing remaining)

  12. ianmac 12

    Clare has resigned from Cabinet. As a fellow human being I feel sad for her. She may have been brilliant behind the scenes but stumbled in the public eye.
    Hope that she regains her strength.

    • OnceWasTim 12.1

      Indeed, and there’s no doubt that while she remained, she was going to be a target.
      Better she takes time out to get her own shit together and consider her options.
      gNatzis will be screaming, but then they always did sound like the cat’s chorus

      • OnceWasTim 12.1.1

        Oh Christ …. here they come! I just scrolled up: Christ T, James, BM…… they’re all on shift
        Whoar, they’re so fucking tuff eh? I wanna be like them

  13. Observer Tokoroa 13

    Hi BM

    Hi BM

    Just quoting you verbatim –

    ” Yet the walking clusterfuck that is Clare Curren should be left alone, why? ”

    You are letting yourself down – and not Her.

    Ref: Open Mike 07/09/2018

  14. SaveNZ 14

    Apparently safety is everything for AT and our accidents have increased remarkably in the last five years. Clue, what has changed in Auckland in the last five years???

    Nope they don’t seem to worry about things like people who can’t drive and people on fake licenses – this judge Johns described Lovepreet Brar who was convicted of 107 corrupt transactions between 2014 and 2016 for giving false drivers licenses. He received over $56,000 in bribes. More bribe money was passed on to his co-defendants.

    Judge Johns described Brar as a 25-year-old with potential. She gave him time off for his previous good record and his early guilty pleas.

    The judge ignored the pre-sentencing report and downplayed the cost of potential road fatalities from his actions. She did not make him pay the money back or give him a prison sentence.

    That’s sending a message that 107 corrupt transactions and making money from bribes in NZ is just a weak slap on the wrist…


    So what is AT’s take on what’s gone wrong in the last 5 years, yep you guessed it, too much speed (in a place where practically every headline is about congestion and slow traffic) so they are bringing down the speed limits in congested Auckland to 30k p/h in many places… as if we were not as unproductive as possible without even lower speed limits.

    Bonus, more speeding tickets to be handed out and if you live in Wellington or central Auckland you don’t need to worry about even slower traffic! Win win!

    Teach people to drive properly when coming into NZ and jail people who commit fraud and corruption on our roads might be a fairer and more effective solution as would have been getting those elected members on the AT board like Mike Lee and Christine Fletcher who might actually have a bit more of a clue about the effects of even slower traffic!

    • SaveNZ 14.1

      Now lets imagine if the offender was a 25 yo Maori or Pakeha with 107 corruption charges do we really think he would be given a non custodial sentence and described as a man with potential from the judge??

      Sadly we seem to have reverse racism working in the judiciary in NZ with fraud and financial gains from migrants just being waived aside as a non consequential.

    • Herodotus 14.2

      Again (Commented on similar post) why doesn’t the IRD just investigate this guy for undisclosed earnings and tax him + interest + penalties ?
      Our govts and their agencies are crap when dealing with “white collar” crime 🙁
      From my few dealings with white collar crime, what is reported is only the tip of the ice berg of offending by an offender, as this is what can be EASILY proved or the low hanging fruit. Once you can prove a few incidents the other (suspected) acts are not investigated as it becomes too hard.

  15. Exkiwiforces 15

    I just received my birthday present a book called “Mad on Radium, New Zealand in the Atom Age”.

    Page 95, mentions the USA 9 Jul 1962 conducted a bomb test at Johnston Atoll, where the US lanuch a rocket fitted with 1.2 Mt H Bomb which the USA exploded above Johnston Atoll at a height of 320km, which was designed to test the effects of a nuclear explosion on radio- and radar- communication, it also disrupted NZ’s telecommunications systems and created an artificial aurora across the northern hemisphere.

    Did anyone here witness the aurora or experience issues with their radios etc and would like to share their experience, thoughts or feelings on what they saw that night.

    Cheers, EKF

  16. joe90 16

    I reckon an innocent person would like to be exonerated.

    NEW: President Trump will not answer questions, in person or in writing, about obstruction of justice.That declaration from Rudy Giuliani tonight is the most definitive rejection yet of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s efforts to interview the president https://t.co/pgmN0x6Hin— Jonathan Lemire (@JonLemire) September 6, 2018

  17. indiana 17

    There must be a few red dots illuminated on Tywford from the opposition as a result of him reaching out for feed back on this:

    From this:

    “Heating – what minimum achievable indoor temperature should heating devices be sized for in rental homes, where should heating be located, should landlords only be required to provide heating devices where portable electric heaters are insufficient and should certain heating devices be not acceptable?”

    Easy answer – Landlord purchases additional chattels, adjusts rent to recover costs.

    “Draught stopping – what appropriate measures should landlords take to stop draughts in a rental home?”

    Easy answer – landlords given additional rights to visit regularly to ensure tenant keeps doors closed, as Government doesn’t believe tenants are capable of doing these sorts of things themselves.

  18. Prickles 18

    Don’t even know what to say about this.

    As one commenter below the article suggests – maybe we just wait until next week’s vote.

    Definitely no democracy in Tasman. It was supposedly a closed meeting – strange then that the irrigators were allowed to stay – only the general public (read dissenters) were made to leave.

    • Ad 18.1

      A very long road ahead for the Waimea Dam proponents.

      – Forest and Bird will have a crack at them for the DoC land requirement

      – The Company does not yet have a viable business

      – The government will be considering whether a new dam should be in public hands as per Minister Mahuta’s direction to the local government and water industries

      – The costs of the dam will continue to escalate.

      – There will be a Council election before a construction contract is signed.

      These guys are still further back in the programme than the Hawkes Bay one got to before it was killed off.

      • Prickles 18.1.1

        Thanks Ad – a glimmer of hope then that it still may not progress. Our water rates are already the highest in the country and our land rates second highest.

        There is no doubt the cost of the dam will continue to escalate as they have not even factored in that they will have to clear the land first. They are saying that it won’t need to be fully concreted because the clay will seal it. Unfortunately there is no clay – they already know that it is mostly shale based so any clay will need to be trucked in. They don’t even know if it will actually hold water!

        Additionally, despite the Council et al talking about it being for urban use as well as irrigation, there is no inclusion of cost for any pipes to the urban areas. Most locals don’t realise this, they have bought the lie that water will be available for everyone and the dam will bring an end to water restrictions each summer. Apart from the water drawn off by the irrigators, any water that is released from the dam will simply flow out into Tasman Bay.

        Roll on the election – and I shall remain hopeful that this madness will end.

        Meanwhile I shall continue to avoid Estel water and Appleby icecream and encourage others to do the same.

  19. Prickles 19

    Thanks Ad – a glimmer of hope then that it still may not progress. Our water rates are already the highest in the country and our land rates second highest.

    There is no doubt the cost of the dam will continue to escalate as they have not even factored in that they will have to clear the land first. They are saying that it won’t need to be fully concreted because the clay will seal it. Unfortunately there is no clay – they already know that it is mostly shale based so any clay will need to be trucked in. They don’t even know if it will actually hold water!

    Additionally, despite the Council et al talking about it being for urban use as well as irrigation, there is no inclusion of cost for any pipes to the urban areas. Most locals don’t realise this, they have bought the lie that water will be available for everyone and the dam will bring an end to water restrictions each summer. Apart from the water drawn off by the irrigators, any water that is released from the dam will simply flow out into Tasman Bay.

    Roll on the election – and I shall remain hopeful that this madness will end.

    Meanwhile I shall continue to avoid Estel water and Appleby icecream and encourage others to do the same.

    • Prickles 19.1

      Sorry – didn’t mean to post that twice. Can someone remove the second one? Thanks.

    • Gabby 19.2

      I’m sure Dicky Kempthorne will be keen to clarify all those matters, and won’t pretend it’s all out of his hands now. I guess this Cawthron Institute has no skin in the game.

  20. Gabby 20

    Deliverance and Mystery Alaska, I think.

  21. Ed 21

    Right on cue, the Guardian starts repeating US propaganda about Idlib and chemical weapons.
    Right after another bout of Novochok and ‘Russia did it’ in the UK.
    How predictable.


  22. Eco Maori 22

    This is a good study into human mind and why people keep believing the Unbelievable. Link below. Ka kite ano

    https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12120189 Most of the time I research the topic and read the feed back and come to a logical conclusion.

  23. eco maori 23

    I seen a good story on Horohoro just 10 minutes out of Rotorua.
    There Marae has set up a 3 micro hydro turbine I think they were the design of Michael Lawley of Taranaki ECO innovation he’s has been designing and manufactureing alternative energy solutions for about 15 years he started by converting a gentle Anne washing electronic motor so it can be used as a generator this can be used in a wind turbine hydro turbine or one could hook one up to a combustion engine.
    I have learnt a lot about alternative energy from Mike website. If you can build it yourself it’s cheap and easy to do. Solar energy is the way to go it’s cheap now thanks to CHINA and if you are not a handy man solar is low maintenance.
    What Questions ECO MAORI is asking is why there are no big electrical generation assets on the East Coast Gisborne or Up North both regions with high Maori populations and extremely high power bills.
    The big picture is generating your own electricity is the way to a prosperous positive productive future.
    I have been harping on about the whano generation there own electricy for 15byears Ka kite ano link below Ka pai Horohoro


  24. eco maori 24

    These countries that are fighting over Syria BETTER BE CAREFUL THEY Could Start World War 3 This is just a power struggle between the People with Big ego
    If they start bombing the city of 3 million in Idib this will cause a massive wave of refugees flooding into Turkey and EUROPE and the MIDDLE EASTERN country’s
    They all read have a big problem with refugees now. Millions of people are going to DIE.
    I Back Turkey President Erdogin for a ceasefire WAR IS FOR IDIOTS. Intelligent people use deplomacy this move is a win win for all especially the common people who will suffer and DIE enough said.
    Link below Ka kite ano


  25. Eco Maori 25

    Here how much one can trust the NEW ZEALAND JUSTICE SYSTEM This mam has been harrest buy the police probley because he would not be a informer once you do they never let anyone out of there net.
    Link below Ka kite ano.

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/106807345/george-moulden–twice-imprisoned-for-crimes-he-didnt-commit–now-fighting-for-compensation Ana to kai

  26. Eco Maori 27

    To the trump supporters

  27. Eco Maori 28

    Good evening Newshub common Kiwi will not get the correct breast cancer diegnosed and treated.
    The wealthy can buy the best treatment.
    I Back banning 1080 animal poison. It commonly known that large multi nation chemical companies are using there money and lobbying power to keep this poison going in NZ only.
    There you go the Syria situation could start world wars 3 there are at least 4 different fraction fighting in Syria and the rebels switch sides quite often it all depends on who has the biggest suitcase full of greenbacks these people always have different motives for their actions the don’t give a shit about the poor people.
    That’s the way Elon to me some one threatened to realse the fact that you smoke pot so you let a podcast speak a thousand words nothing wrong with smoking pot so long as you are over 18 years old it’s only going to give you a sore face it’s legal were you smoke it Kia kaha Elon
    That cool DOC trying to find that whale with rope around its mouth.
    Many thanks Newshub for the story about young man who has come up with a plan to clean the plastic waste from Tangaroas Kiki we have a smorgasbord of sports on this weekend there will be a bit of hollering going on tonight
    Ka kite ano

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