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37 comments on “Open mike 07/05/2016”

  1. lprent 1

    Problem with the backup system using up the spare space on the root drive reoccurred. It stopped comments overnight. I have disabled it while I figure out what it has been doing.

    Good thing it is the weekend.

  2. weka 2


  3. left for dead 3

    Good morning everyone. 🙂

    edited : if I could spell that would help

  4. Gangnam Style 4

    “Man who leaked Panama Papers singles out Prime Minister John Key” – odd, doesn’t seem to be any journalist named here.

    • vto 4.1

      It is gobsmacking
      the difference
      in attitude

      in John Key and National Party people

      that exists
      between the blind eye they turn for the very rich
      (almost an admiration I would suggest)

      and the scathing hatred for the very poor
      (a loathing of herculean scale hypocrisy)


      these people have it all wrong in their heads


      in their hearts

      lowly and poorly go they

    • whispering kate 4.2

      The person also said they do not trust authorities and media either as some media outlets he offered the files to didn’t want a bar of it. He also has said in return for helping the police to bring about prosecutions he wants his freedom from being arrested. The person is being naive. The Police, the Law and governments everywhere cannot be trusted. Countries worldwide have a vested interest in shutting this person down and he could be extradited to anywhere on the globe. If he wants to keep his anonymity and his life he needs to remain incognito.

      • whateva next? 4.2.1

        I was wondering why a government may want to take up his offer, given they are the ones benefiting? It was always in their power to prevent corruption, or investigate at least. If it weren’t for a very few brave people, we would be “blissfully” unaware. It will be a test for those in power, and I hope there are some left with integrity.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.1

      “The prognosis for the IOCs [international oil companies] was already grim before governments became serious about climate change and the oil price collapsed … their old business model is dying,” said Stephens, a visiting professor at University College London.

      He hasn’t figured out yet that capitalism itself is not fit for purpose and never has been and thus what we see is capitalism dying.

  5. Colonial Viper 6

    Women to be drafted into US military

    Another big step forward for gender equality.

    Women to be forced to serve, fight and die in the military for the oligarchs’ wars, just like men.

    I have heard a military specialist say that women make more reliable soldiers, they do not go AWOL, they do not start bar fights, they have far fewer problems with drugs and drink.

    Essentially, that women can make better soldiers and war fighters than men can.

    House lawmakers took a large step toward putting female soldiers on the front lines on Wednesday, approving legislation requiring women to register for the draft…

    …Hunter, along with former SEAL and Montana Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke, initially proposed the plan to require women to register for the draft in Feburary, shortly after the Pentagon lifted its ban on female service members from serving in combat infantry units and special operations forces.

    • Er, women aren’t being drafted into the US military. Neither are men.

      • Colonial Viper 6.1.1

        So these changes are just meaningless PC posturing?

        • McFlock

          not quite – they’re meaningless social conservative posturing that backfired.

          The US has recently officially allowed women to be in combat operations (rather than being shot at while driving trucks, they’re now allowed to join the infantry as combat specialists), and a republican felt the logical extension of this would be for women to be drafted if conscription were reintroduced. The nation, horrified at the thought of little Tammy being forced to become a killing machine, would be repulsed from the thought of women in combat.

          Except everyone else said “good point, we should dot that ‘i’ right now”….

  6. Colonial Viper 7

    Scottish Labour relegated to third place – first time in a century

    Coming in behind the Tories. Scottish Labour losing 13 seats to 24 and the Tories up 16 seats to 31 seats.

    SNP dropping 6 seats to 63, and will be forming a minority government in the 129 seat parliament.

    • save nz 7.1

      How about the good news CV?

      Sadiq Khan easily beats Zac Goldsmith to become London mayor

      After the extensive MSM and government propaganda on war on terror, it shows Londoners can think for themselves and vote accordingly.

      Life is starting to get harder for the .1%.

      • Colonial Viper 7.1.1

        How about the good news CV?

        For the sake of clarity, an SNP government returning to Holyrood was the good news.

        • adam

          I would have thought two left wing governments; in Scotland, and Wales with allies on the left was great news.

          What the hell is wrong with labour party supporters on this site?

          UKIP also got crushed in Scotland.

          And of course a real left wing mayor, who is opposed to austerity, and third way politics is a massive victory.

          All good News,

          But if you need more good news, the Blairite Muppet’s got a kicking, the people have spoken, and that villainy has to stop.

          • Colonial Viper

            What the hell is wrong with labour party supporters on this site?

            It’s not really a Left win unless it is a Labour win. Those other parties are just pretenders.

            • Sabine

              can you attribute your quote to a Labour supporter here?

              Or did YOU just say that, cause it’s what you believe to be true?

              the left, or what is currently the political left in NZ (from the very left to centre left in that order) , Mana, Green, Labour and heck even NZFirst -sometimes they are downright left, can not win alone. They need to win together.

              So to fix your quote,

              Labour can’t win on its own, and the Left can’t win on its own. However the Parties to the left of Labour, and Labour with its centre left leaning can win together. And make a fine government if they want to.

              So again, CV to whom to you attribute your

              ” It’s not really a Left win unless it is a Labour win. Those other parties are just pretenders.” Cause I don’t think i have heard or seen a Labour supporter who ever utter such stupidity.

  7. weka 8

    Fort McMurray fire jumped from 25,000 acres to 210,000 acres in 24 hours. That’s nearly the size of Auckland. Possibly going to double over the weekend.

    • Sabine 8.1

      realise that in the event of a major crisis there is virtually no evacuation plan for AKL, nor are assembly points made public nor are any evacuation plans online i.e. how to get outta town, where are the emergency medical centres, how to manage your neighbourhood, etc. nor are there any civil defence type training for the public to participate in to have some semblance of readiness in the event of a major catastrophe in AKL. We are for the largest part depended on the voluntary and paid first responders to be there when we need them. Considering the ‘on call schedule’ of my partner for this month i can only say that we have a woefully understaffed professional fire service and a stretched thin voluntary force, and frankly we are so very fucked in the event of any large scale disruption.

      I have nothing but pity for he people of McMurray and its environs.

      • weka 8.1.1

        I think that’s true for many places in NZ. Anyone living on any of the coasts know what the plan is for a tsunami? Do civil defence people themselves have a plan so that at least in the aftermath we have trained people organising things?

        Fire are going to be increasingly an issue in NZ and we don’t yet have a culture that knows what to do in big fires.

        The thing that amazes me about Fort McMurray is that there have been no deaths. That suggests a level of organisation.

        • Sabine

          There is only one place in NZ where you have to attempt to evacuate 1 million plus people.
          And there is nothing there. I mean nothing. Go check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

          I do however agree with you that generally speaking NZ is not prepared for anything to happen.
          As for fire safety, heck have a look at the ]’infill housing’ that is build, and ask yourself what will happen if one of these houses catches fires.

          The thing is, i know that should something happen, i am on my own. Literally, my partner will try to get to the next station where ever that would be and i would hopefully find a road large enough to pass on a bike and make it mineself to the next station. There is no plan in the system for the spouses and kids of voluntary fire fighters or other first response voluntaries. 🙂

          • Draco T Bastard

            I do however agree with you that generally speaking NZ is not prepared for anything to happen.

            Worked that one out ages ago. Christchurch and the Rena disaster should have been a wake up call for the government with the result that they increased response teams and general preparedness. Instead they cut taxes, implemented austerity and generally rewarded rich people for being rich.

  8. ianmac 10

    Wouldn’t be great to have this happen here.
    “Seven police forces launch investigations affecting at least 10 MPs over #electionexpenses. @MichaelLCrick reports:

  9. Sabine 11

    well done

    Quote” Voters in St Ives, Cornwall, went to the polls yesterday to vote in a referendum on whether to ban second home owners from buying houses in any new developments in the seaside town.
    The referendum came as figures revealed 25% of property in St Ives are second homes with locals priced out of the market. One resident, Andrew Mitchell, said:
    The second-home market creates misery for people in St Ives by pushing up house prices artificially. It’s a ‘financial cleansing’ of the local people. My concern is that in another generation St Ives will only be open for the summer because the local population will be living somewhere else.
    83.2% of the electorate voted for the ban with a 42.7% turnout. Another resident, Amy Milton, welcomed the ban:
    It’s jam-packed with holiday lets, but hopefully this ban will make it stop.
    This should be good news for all Cornish residents given the huge levels of poverty in the county. In 2014, Cornwall was the poorest place in the UK and the only place in England to receive European Convergence funding, having a GDP 75% below the average of other European areas in the period between 2007-2013.

    However, due to the demand for second homes average property prices are £210,000, 10 times the average wage. In fact, according to the 2011 Census Cornwall topped the league of registered second homes with 23,000 owning property. In areas such as Fowey and Lostwithiel the figure has reached 1 in 3 properties.” Quote end.

    could be easily applied here in dear ole NZ.

  10. Draco T Bastard 12

    High-altitude thirst

    The manufacturing of bottled water consumes three times more water than ends up being sold.

    An interesting point about bottled water and one that seriously needs looking into but the real line that needs considering is this one:

    Tibet’s government is bribing bottlers with tax cuts, tax holidays and cheap loans. It charges companies only 3 yuan (50 cents) to extract a cubic metre of water, compared with up to 50 yuan elsewhere. But the government in Beijing may have other plans. Alarmed by water scarcity, it wants to reduce groundwater extraction. It has plans for a nationwide cap in 2020 and wants all provinces—even water-rich ones like Tibet—to set quotas for water use.

    Well, that would explain why Oravida is buying up our water really cheap.

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