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42 comments on “Open mike 07/12/2013”

  1. risildowgtn 1

    Now re Sky City and the Proceeds of Drugs ACT etc etc etc ,

    When will the Crown be confiscating Sky City or is only the poor who this Law applies to?

  2. Rogue Trooper 2

    Something for the Inequality observers to get their Teeth into.

    While “Doctors” (plural) come up pearly white.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      Something for the Inequality observers to get their Teeth into.

      What they’re describing there was one of the reason abortion was made legal and we ended up with a state health system. Time, it seems, to bring dentistry into state health and to stop kowtowing to those that just want to get rich off of other misery.

      • Colonial Viper 2.1.1

        All fine and dandy mate, but are we prepared to drastically cut down on the debt that doctors and dentists leave school with?

        • Draco T Bastard

          IMO, I think a lot of people would be in favour of dropping university fees to have access to the medical care that they need.

      • TheContrarian 2.1.2

        I agree – although I can afford dentistry and wouldn’t make much difference to me it is a cost that should come under the umbrella of state healthcare.

        It is goddamned expensive and having my wisdoms out set me back $1500 (could have been cheaper if I had elected not to go under but I wanted to be fully out for it. And the Fentanyl gave me a wicked buzz 🙂 )

  3. Rogue Trooper 3

    Money Talks and quotes Mao.

  4. Rogue Trooper 4

    Wang Lutong : 12th Ambassador : Very Diplomatic indeed

  5. All happening here in New Zealand – ‘perceived’ to be ‘the least corrupt country in the world’?

    SkyCity Casino is at the centre of a $120 million drug bust with key players in the alleged international crime syndicate spending millions of dollars in the VIP lounge.

    Inquiries by the Weekend Herald can reveal that the 18-month investigation started in the VIP lounge of the casino and police are focusing their attention on the millions of dollars gambled there by several individuals.


    Report cites link to laundering
    The link between SkyCity and allegations of organised crime gives more ammunition to critics of the Government’s deal with the casino for a $402 million convention centre.

    The Herald revealed last year the casino would get more cashless gambling machines, among other concessions, in return for the convention centre investment.

    The Ticket-In Ticket-Out machines make it easier to launder money, according to a Department of Internal Affairs report released under the Official Information Act.

    Money-laundering in casinos can be done in several ways. One is simply exchanging cash for casino chips, then cashing them in later in the day for a winner’s cheque, although doing this too often can raise suspicions among casino staff. Alternatively, money can be pumped straight into poker machines, which work on a mathematical calculation that the casino will eventually keep 12 per cent of the takings. That means that by spending enough time – and money – someone can recoup up to 88 per cent of the money gambled.

    The Green Party opposes the convention centre deal and last year suggested the casino should pay back the millions of dollars in criminal profits spent there.

    SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison said at the time that the Greens’ claims had no substance, and no one was convicted of money-laundering at SkyCity.

    Documents released under the Official Information Act show Justice Ministry officials believed the wording of the money-laundering offence did not meet New Zealand’s international obligations.

    Money-laundering is widely considered to include situations where criminals are prepared to deal with the profits or assets of criminal activity as apparently legitimate income. But court judgments have interpreted the charge to mean the Crown must not only prove that the alleged launderer converted assets from one form to another, but did so with the “very purpose” of “concealing” the property.

    A consequence of that ruling is that underworld figures have been acquitted of money-laundering because they publicly spent millions of dollars in cash or assets derived from serious crime such as drug dealing.

    Justice Minister Judith Collins has signed off on a change to the Crimes Act charge of money-laundering but it has yet to come into force. Official figures show that just 25 per cent of money-laundering prosecutions have been successful. ”


    Yet OFCANZ did NO ‘due diligence’ on the increased risk of money-laundering arising from the New Zealand Convention Centre Act 2013, despite their ‘stated focus’:

    About OFCANZ

    “Focus areas

    OFCANZ’s focus is:

    New Zealand Adult Gangs – particularly those identified as engaging in the illegal drugs market and serious violence,

    Asian organised crime networks – with particular interest in the money laundering processes associated with these criminal networks.

    Organised crime enablers – a particular emphasis on criminal offending that is aimed at enabling wider national or trans-national organised criminal activity (eg. Money laundering, identity fraud). ”

    The OFCANZ OIA which proves they did no ‘due diligence’ on the increased risk of money-laundering arising from the (now) New Zealand International Convention Centre Act 2013:

    There is a LOT more to this story, including the role of NZ Prime Minister John Key, and Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce in the railroading through of what I prefer to call the ‘Sky City Money-Laundering Act’ 2013, – because, in my considered opinion, that is EXACTLY what it is.

    Penny Bright

    ‘Anti-corruption / anti-privatisation Public Watchdog’

  6. bad12 6

    Ex Green Party candidate David Hay apologizes unreservedly to Green Party leader Metiria Turei for His comments that She was involved in His ousting by the Party Council from the list of candidates to contest the 2014 election,

    What got Hay spanked by the Party was that He campaigned for electorate votes in the Epsom electorate in 2011 despite being expressly told by the Party not to,

    Between them, Hay and Labour’s David Parker gathered up some 5000 electorate votes and had they done the intelligent thing and identified those who were willing to vote FOR their parties and urged them to vote for the National candidate we might not have suffered John Banks or Slippery’s National Government since 2011,

    To gain, and maintain the Treasury Benches the ‘left’ have to learn Tactical Voting along with advising their supporters of the specifics simply plodding along in some out-dated first Past the Post dreamworld just wont win elections of the future…

    [lprent: link it in the future please. ]

  7. greywarbler 7

    Some of my comments seem to be vanishing. As I move around I have been presented with a page that is blank under the heading portion.

    • lprent 7.1

      Odd I saw that this morning as well. I think that the file server has an issue. I’ll give a a good kicking (ie check processes, memory and restart some services)

      • alwyn 7.1.1

        You brute you! How dare you kick a poor innocent server. All that does is to make it sulk and refuse to do anything at all. Any server psychologist could tell you that.

  8. the ‘family guy’ promotion is over..

    ..brian is coming back to the show..

    ..anyone else feeling ‘used’..?

    ..phillip ure..

  9. greywarbler 10

    Really interesting interview on Kim Hill radionz this a.m. On alcohol with a woman who became an alcoholic and has found out some important things about it. She is very frank and worth listening to – a nice person and to the point.
    Ann Dowsett-Johnston : women and alcohol ( 35′ 28″ )
    09:05 Canadian writer, editor, and co-chair of advocacy group the National
    Roundtable on Girls, Women and Alcohol. Her latest book is Drink : The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol.

    Alao there is a kim hill interview on cannabis for those interested in how we are hdnling our mood uppers and downers.
    Hear Kim Hill’s interview with Steve Rolles, author of How to Regulate Cannabis: A Practical Guide in Great Encounters

  10. greywarbler 12

    Just some bits from Dr Jam who I think is really Nury Vittachi.
    My mentor/ bartender says there are four types of pay packet.
    1) The Christmas Gift Salary: You accept it gratefully but wish it happened more often.
    2) The Onion Salary: you open it and start weeping.
    3) The Letter Bomb Salary: You open it and your head flies off in shock.
    4) The Molecular Salary: You open the envelope and find yourself reaching for an electron microscope.


    Underpaid folk may enjoy this Buddhist-style joke.
    Dad enters son’s room to find him relaxing.

    DAD: You should be studying.
    SON: Why?
    DAD: You’ll get a good job.
    SON: Why would I want a good job?
    DAD: So you can earn a lot of money.
    SON: Why would I want to earn a lot of money?
    DAD: So you can have a good life, retire early and spend your days relaxing.
    SON: Right. That’s what I’m doing now.

  11. logie97 13

    In the Herald today we read some “experts” telling us why we are failing. When were Gluckman or Hattie last inside a classroom not to mention the rest of the academic and political experts?

    The time of this demise in standards would appear to match the introduction of a 4 x 10 week term into primary schools. From early in the 2nd and 4th terms the teaching would appear to be being put on hold while teachers do individual assessments in Reading and Maths (apparently these individual assessments can be very time consuming meaning the rest of the class are kept “busy”) and then the teacher sacrifices another couple of weeks writing reports on the children. All apparently in the interests of meeting ministry requirements. How wonderful it would be if the 40 weeks at school were actually devoted to learning. Any teachers out there might like to comment …

    • greywarbler 13.1

      I know that the teacher in my family is up to 11 pm many nights marking, writing, assessing, working out plans and is a dedicated teacher giving the kids a very rich educational background.

      She has had and other teachers also, problems with hard-driving fault-finding senior people in the school that she has had to defend herself against. The little hitlers that run some of the schools, and the mean board members are usually better at criticism and carping rather than positives for success and do not offer support to the lifeblood of the school, the teachers. Money is important but keen and staunch teachers are essential. In Dunedin St Columbas are having trouble over a principal and one went out and also in the Nelson region last year etc.

      An example that indicates the lack of respect and the depth of superciliousness was the shocking tale of Anne Tolley. A meeting of teachers was talked down to by her in 2009 playing a ‘prank’ reading them a children’s tale.
      The book, The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley, said Riley the rat wanted some fruit “and maybe a couple of slugs” on Tuesday or Friday.
      “People, of course, want more than that, which is a shame because it is about all you need apart from a cup of tea and some toast and maybe not the slug,” the book had said.

  12. Colonial Viper 14

    Chris Hedges interviewed by Richard Wolff. If you’re in a class warfare mood, listen to this. “The ruling class always determines the configuration of rebellion.”

    And a main point: “what if the elite can’t respond rationally”?

  13. Rodel 15

    Oh Boy! Only four more sleeps before Banksy gets his come-uppance. His tearful appeals for sympathy are highly amusing to watch. And the other John’s reference to his being such a nice honest fellow. That’s a condemnation/ damnation in itself.
    Sympathy? Nah Not when I recall his endless nasty radio retard talk-back “communist” comments about my friend Helen which may have prompted the “ditch the bitch” posters around Auckland..
    Al Capone thought he was a benefactor to society too.
    RIP John. (P =prison)

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