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12 comments on “Open mike 08/03/2010”

  1. I have just had a look at the Nat MP’s version of Red Alert. All that I can say is what a bunch of tossers. The blogs are full of vacuous nonsense. The blogs (in order) include:

    Nicky Wagner talking about the Flower Festival
    Amy Adams talking about Selwyn
    Simon Bridges arguing whether Rotorua or Tauranga is better
    Craig Foss talking about the Hawkes Bay Lawmakers vs Lawyers Cricket game
    Aaron Gilmore talking about someone a la George Jetson developing a jetpack
    Colin King discussing how he has recently been painted
    Eric Roy analyzing the decision to allow opossums into the country
    Nicky Wagner talking about the opening of a new Habitat for Humanity home.

    There is nothing about climate change, or unemployment or environmental protection or even how we are going to catch up with Aussie’s average wages by 2025.

    Are these guys really in charge?

    • Tigger 1.1

      Clearly it has been through the PR mill and checked over by Floor 9. How else to explain how utterly bland and meaningless all this piffle is. If that’s so they need a better editor…this from Colin King (who I’d never heard of until now).
      “I have just finished my first ever sitting for the local Art Society who this month are focusing on portrait sketching to be featured at the local library after they have completed other portraits of local identifies.”

      Also someone needs to teach Wong the trick to a good punchline.
      “But the best part of the weekend of celebration was a date with my son for Valentines Day – we went to see a movie (of his choice). A coke each with a bucket of pop corn between us, we enjoyed our special date but his comments made my night. “The book was so much better”.
      The book of what? What was the movie? Afraid of offending the other movies if you name the one you chose to see? I can see they’re trying for chatty but it’s so edited they come across as the most boring people on the planet.

      Then again, maybe they’re not edited at all…

    • bobo 1.2

      Has the excitement and flare of a chartered accountancy website blog minus any useful or relevant tax information. Colin King wasn’t posing nude I hope…

    • Yes, they are in charge, they won a election.

  2. Anne 2

    An interesting comment by Trevor Mallard on Red Alert re- the Don Brash leaked emails saga.

  3. bobo 3

    So a disgruntled deputy PM mole ? .. Key better make sure he uses carrier pigeon, cant trust email these days..

    Anti spam word “Bill”

  4. Anne 4

    @ bobo Thank-you… best laugh of the day. Those spam words are freaky 😀

  5. bobo 5

    🙂 is weird how the anti spam code knows more than our police 🙂 TV3 implied the mole was still in politics unlike TV1 which made no mention of the mole and blamed it on contractors.

  6. bobo 6

    Just on a side note, while watching TV3 John Campbell says stayed tuned to see Rodney Hide interviewed about supercity CCOs, then no mention of it on his show maybe I missed it?? turn over to closeup to see Rodney talking to Sainsbury.. So within a week John Campbell has been snubbed by Destiny Church and Rodney.. maybe i’m getting the two shows confused..

    • Bill 6.1

      No Hide on Campbell according to TV3 On Demand

      Like you, I heard it being punted. I also remember quite a few months ago Campbell running through a shopping list of government ministers who wouldn’t front on his show.

      It could all be coincidence, but if there is a deliberate strategy by government ministers to refuse to appear on a given show…whether Campbell or any other current affairs slot….then something has to be done about it.

      Maybe Campbell should dedicate ‘declined invitation’ slots to outrageous and thoroughly embarrassing but audience grabbing satire or some such? Force the bastards in?

      Or move away from ‘sound bite interviews and pass on substantive informatin in their absence.

  7. bobo 7

    Yeah Bill I agree, just find it weird Campbell says Rodney is coming on then no reason for Rodney not being on, Holmes used to talk to empty chairs when they didn’t front, then again Holmes talks to himself alot on camera but I digress..

    On Closeup Rodney stated that the CCO heads are to be selected by the gov but could be changed at any time by the newly elected mayor, but I wonder if they are to be changed before their contract ends if huge golden handshake packages would apply..

    Another strange thing on Campbell Live was the TV3 political guy running John Banks mayoralty campaign, I guess at least TV3 stated it upfront which seemed the main purpose of the story?

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