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32 comments on “Open mike 09/06/2010”

  1. Pascal's bookie 2

    Daily Mash: Pretty much true I’m picking.

  2. gobsmacked 3

    The rhetoric on the Foreshore and Seabed is heating up.

    Mark Solomon of the Iwi Leaders’ Group was pretty emphatic on Morning Report. They won’t accept National’s proposals as they stand (and the rejection was unanimous, he said)

    Meanwhile Key says he won’t do a deal without the Maori Party. That lets Labour off the hook.

    It’s D-Day for the Maori Party MPs. Looks like a split is inevitable, one way or the other – either between National and the Maori Party, or within the Maori Party itself.

    I’m guessing it’ll be the latter. Stay tuned …

    • Bored 3.1

      All very amusing, lets see if one side can avoid losing face. Betcha the Maoris get dished up some cold sick, and Turiana dutifully eats it.

    • Clarke 3.2

      The Maori Party is John Key’s bitch – he can slap them around all he likes and they’ll always come crawling back, saying how it was really all their fault and begging to be allowed back in.

      • gobsmacked 3.2.1

        It’s tempting to enjoy the Schadenfreude, but mostly it’s just very sad.

        The self-delusion of the Maori Party (or at least, its leaders) has been remarkable. For a year and a half they’ve been celebrating something they didn’t have – like this:

        Do they really not understand politics?

        It’s real when it’s happened. When it’s passed into law. Until then, you can call it all the nice things you like – a promise, a commitment, an agreement, a dream – but those all mean the same thing …

        You haven’t got it yet.

    • coolas 3.3

      Seems a major sticking point is the status of 12,500 freehold titles of foreshore land, 3000 of which are Maori.

      Did Solomon mean that these titles should be extinguished so all foreshore is included in the new ownership deal?

      If so there’s no way Key will agree because one such title is Great Mercury Island owned by the King of Casino Capitalism Michael Fay.

      • prism 3.3.1

        It seems that Mark Solomon was pointing out that 12,500 titles exist under private title holdings belonging to various people, in contrast Maori as tangata whenua are denied a position appropriate to them as original inhabitants of the country. (Who had lived in the country and built a working society over thousands of years and believed that they should have rights overarching besides any given away to pakeha Johnnie-com-latelies. Sounds reasonable to me.)

  3. Lazy Susan 4

    There is a public meeting in Auckland tonight on the privitisation of water chaired by David Shearer MP

    The meeting is being held at the Mt Albert Senior Citizens Hall (beside Rocket Park) at 7.30pm and will be hosted by Labour and the Greens, with MPs Phil Twyford, Carol Beaumont, Jacinda Ardern, Sue Kedgley and David Clendon

    All welcome.

    • Bored 4.1

      Hope it goes well, we have the same issue here in Wgtn, and Chch has the Ecan (2010) Ltd giving it to their mates…..then there is the prat who “runs” the NZSX (stock exchange) who wants to see more “private investment opportunities” (aka privatise public assets and rent them back at a profit). They want the water and everything else….so no narrow front on water only please, its everything that the neo feudalists want.

  4. MikeG 5

    From The Press this morning re the ECan cost cutting to avoid a rates rise: “Other savings include $125,000 by not holding council elections this year and $150,000 through the Government’s new legislation for ECan that stops appeals to the Environment Court.”

    Democracy, who needs it when we can save $275,000?

    • Bored 5.1

      This is just the start for Ecan (2010) Ltd , Wodders wants it to have a capped income level so cost savings are everything, best thing is to get all the assets and tradables such as water off the ledger and give them to their mates….then theres nothing left to control or deliver, ergo no cost needed either. Great business if you can get it.

  5. Bill 6

    I guess there will be a few comments being made on the excellent interview this morning with Robert Ayres on nine to noon.

    Two points come to my mind.

    1. Yet again the scientist has to take a back seat to the high priests of economic orthodoxy to the detriment of us all.

    2. Johnny Boy and his troupe of shitbags keep banging on about efficiency gains and looking for that to come from workers working smarter or longer for less pay or whatever.

    And yet Ayres has done the scientific study and shown that 75% of all economic growth comes from energy efficiencies: that labour and capital account for only 13% of growth.

    The Greens should be picking this up and hammering this relentlessly from now until the next election and beyond. But I’m not holding my breath.

    here’s a you tube link as an alternative or in addition to the Nat radio interview

  6. True Blue 7

    Ah, Pirate Pete getting disowned by Sea Shepherd, classic…..

  7. ianmac 8

    This morning on Nine to Noon a Jim Bolger spoke clearly and succinctly about the problems facing postal deliveries. Wow! What a pleasant change to hear an exPM express himself so well! And what have National given us instead? Smile, Wave, and Duck! What a contrast! And I think that Jim Bolger has appeared more times on National Radio this year that Sir John.

    • prism 8.1

      I agree! Jim Bolger sounds so good. Capable and experienced, makes his points well, and thinks things through, trustworthy and dedicated to finding the best solution to ‘moving forward’ (my term). Why did he get thrown over by Nats, was it for spinning jenny?

      “Don’t it always seem to go, You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone!” Dah dah.

      • felix 8.1.1


        Doesn’t seem so long ago we thought Jim was the National Party’s dumb illiterate international embarrassment.

  8. How about that knob Paul Henry being duped by a comedian. How embarrassing for the state broadcaster. Maybe he can help Buffoon out seeing as they have both share gullible as their middle names

  9. rod 10

    Had a bullshit and begging letter from John Banks today, to help him become Super City Mayor. Anybody else get one?

  10. Lanthanide 11

    Seems the credit card reports are going to be released tomorrow, not last week as forecast (was just wondering what happened with that, too).

    • gobsmacked 11.1

      From the NZPA report:

      “Internal Affairs spokesman Allen Walley told NZPA the cost of the release was in excess of $50,000 and three staff had worked full-time on it since requests came in February, when the first release of credit card records for the National Government were made public.”

      I wonder at what point there will be more taxpayers’ money spent on revealing the spending than was actually (mis)spent!

    • bobo 11.2

      Looks like Shane Jones has to do a bit of grovelling tomorrow , will be interesting to see who else and for what embarrassing items, not going to be a good day for Labour… are they releasing the nats spending over last nine years as well?

  11. The MP’s who spent a tad too much on their public funded credit cards, what should happen to them and Im guessing peiople here will be outraged at these funds being wasted.

    • gingercrush 12.1

      Any MP that used their Ministerial credit cards for personal use should front up to the media and apologise. There shouldn’t be consequences other than for all money to be paid back. That shouldn’t be the case. Unfortunately with both the Labour government of 1999-2008 and this government a clear precedent has been set where one can abuse the use of taxpayers money and it simply gets paid back and there is barely any consequence other than the public thinking politicians are shit.

      As for outrage. Partisans are nearly always only outraged when it involves the opposite side. Look at the most recent example. Mayor of South Auckland uses ratepayers money for personal use by abusing his mayoralty credit card. On the right-wing blogs its all outrage and what a fucking trougher the mayor is. There is barely anything even mentioned on the left-wing blogs except for Eddie’s post where he call its all dirty smears. Even though had that been a right-wing mayor/politician it wouldn’t be a dirty smear. Oh no it’d be, “justification for democracy” bullshit.

      If we’re perfectly honest. When its our side that’s been dirty. The most we’ll feel is disappointment but then if the other side does it we’re outraged. A small few and its only a small few are ever outraged most of the time. Even those people are bound to be a hypocrite at least some of the time.

      • Bored 12.1.1

        “Unfortunately with both the Labour government of 1999-2008 and this government a clear precedent has been set where one can abuse the use of taxpayers money and it simply gets paid back”…….

        GC I think you do us a favour with this statement. I dont care who does it, left or right, its just not on. It deserves opprobrium from everyone. Well said.

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