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17 comments on “Open mike 09/07/2010”

  1. MikeG 1

    ‘Schools in poor areas face largest cuts’ – headline on Stuuf / DomPost this morning.

    What a great, aspirational Minister of Edukshun we have. Mr Key, can we please have a different one?

  2. Roflcopter 2

    “The Sea Shepherd group says banning Pete Bethune from its Antarctic anti-whaling missions was just a legal strategy during his trial, and the New Zealand activist is welcome to join them on future trips.”

    Awesome… lying to pervert the course of justice.

  3. prism 3

    Good News – A New Zealand firm has come up with a new and exciting positive environmental product and has found a market for it. A move to raise our brains based business to one day match our primary resources sector.

    On Morning Report on RadNZ this morning-

    New Zealand firm to turn deadly gas into fuel in China deal
    From next year, a New Zealand company will be starting to turn the toxic gas emissions of China’s biggest steel producer into fuel.

  4. Has the welcher paid his bet yet?

    • felix 4.1

      Nah, and he’s still feeling hard done by about it too. Thinks it’s a commun1st plot.

  5. prism 5

    Just refreshing myself on the Crafar family. Here are some links on this long running saga. (Hope they are all right – just updated our Opera system and don’t understand what it’s up to at times.)

  6. joe90 7

    Wanna watch a riot?.
    Live from Oakland following the verdict on the Oscar Grant killing..

  7. Pascal's bookie 8

    Hey. Knows how whenever the ‘who-is-to-blame’ question re the great economic clesterfeck comes up and the usuals are all “hey look at the damn sociamailsits with their forcing the banks to loan money to the brown people, I mean the people who couldn’t afford it, fapfap subprime only happened cauise of the state”.

    Well anyone with google can tell that’s bullshit, if their dectector is even partially unclogged by ideological goop that is.

    But take a lookie at this:

    Different wrinkle on the same fuckin story. Subprime loans were only ever a teeny part of the problem, even if every single sp loan had defaulted, we would have been fine. ‘cept for that the money boyz had leveraged themselves out of their own pants in betting that they wouldn’t of course, but that ain’t the poor folks fault, nor is it the governments. But that’s all bye/bye.

    Who’s not paying their debts?

    The ones you’d expect, as it happens.

    • Draco T Bastard 8.1

      The rich understand that when you borrow money you don’t have to pay it back. The poor, on the other hand, always try to do so as they understand that you can’t get anything for nothing.

    • just saying 8.2

      I hadn’t heard the alarming story about about the crash being caused by the banks loaning to “poor brown people” but I’m becoming ever more aware that history is being rewritten all around us.

      Caught a bit of the BBC covering the recession in Europe and was angered to see the reporter lauding German working people for not having had a pay rise for ten years, and being less likely to use credit. They reported that because of this, the country had bypassed the worst of the recession because unlike profligate working people in other countries, they had been living within their means. There was no mention of the actual causes of the recession and the item talked of the ‘austerity’ measures (slashing social spending) taken by affected countries as being inevitable and unavoidable. There was a clear inference that it was the excesses of the masses that had caused the recession and that the only solution was slashing the incomes, spending, welfare and communities of ordinary people to their rightful level. Eventually, I fear, this will become the accepted story, by almost everyone (if it isn’t already). I see in NZ already, a vicious blaming of welfare recipients, and the public service, amongst ordinary NZanders, and a tacit acceptance of ‘austerity’ as the only possible response.

      I’m becoming furious at Labour for cravenly refusing to challenge this dangerous meme, and it’s clear that if elected Labour will continue National’s work with just a fraction less viciousness, and thereby become more right wing than it has been since the eighties. If they really wanted to challenge it, I would have thought that Key’s previous employment in the real cause of the recession would have been a gift to them. But it seems they too, would rather blame the workers.

      Please prove me wrong Labour.

      • prism 8.2.1

        Have heard comment recently about how Labour is not the left party it was, been overtaken by a middle-class sector, this was possibly about Britain. But the same is here I think. Helen Clark and Michael Cullen just balanced the see-saw and then tilted it a little to the right again.

        Where are all the working people who recognise that they are not going to get policies that give them a fair deal unless they support a dedicated party? I have the uncomfortable feeling that thinking along Labour lines is not cool, sexy but thinking of being middle class is, and moving up to wealth is what everyone but the feckless will experience, so the Labour Party isn’t needed to help the lower paid.

  8. Fisiani 9

    National-led Government (58.5%, up 3%) further ahead of Opposition Parties (41.5%);
    National up 2.5% to 53%, Labour down 4% to 29%

    Finding No. 4531 This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by telephone with a New Zealand-wide cross-section of 849 electors from June 21 July 4, 2010. Of all electors surveyed, 6% (down 0.5%) did not name a party.: July 09, 2010

    The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for John Key’s National-led Government has strengthened to 58.5% (up 3%), comprising National Party 53% (up 2.5%), Maori Party 3% (unchanged), ACT NZ 2% (up 1%) and United Future 0.5% (down 0.5%).

    Support for Opposition Parties has fallen to 41.5% (down 3%); Labour Party 29% (down 4%), Greens 8.5% (down 1%), New Zealand First 3% (up 1.5%), and Others 1% (up 0.5%).

    If a National Election were held today the National Party would be clearly returned to Government.

    The Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating is well up, 7.5pts to 144 with 65% (up 4.5%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 21% (down 3%) that say New Zealand is ‘heading in the wrong direction.’

    • gingercrush 9.1

      National’s support highest since February 2010 and Labour’s lowest since October 2009. Though the pattern will be next time National will fall and Labour’s vote go higher as occurs every month and the confidence rating will fall next month. And may begin to fall long-term as well since there are some very mixed economic data coming out as of late and troubled economic times should make people less confident about this government and the direction its taking.

  9. bunnykinz 10

    Surprised no one has commented on this yet:

    I am sure I am not the only one who finds these comments from Key pretty creepy:

    Key immediately apologised to Xi for the security lapse that led to the incident.
    Asked this morning if he had apologised in person to Xi over the incident, Key said: “Yeah, I pointed out to him that I thought we had let him down in terms of security.”

    Are we to understand that our elected officials are a still being considered a security threat in Parliamentary grounds, even after the whole debacle with Keith Locke and the SIS spying on him as an MP?

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