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Open mike 10/05/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, May 10th, 2022 - 66 comments
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66 comments on “Open mike 10/05/2022 ”

  1. Jenny how to get there 1

    Stop the War, an international on-line organising event on May, 12 leading up to the June 25 International Day of Action

    6 AM UTC (6 pm NZ time, I think. Hope I have got that right).

    ​​​​​​​Stop the War in Ukraine!
    Russian Troops Out!
    No to NATO expansion

    Organising meeting for the June 25th International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine

    MAY 12 AT 5 AM – MAY 12 AT 6 AM UTC+12


    • mikesh 1.1

      All the protests in the world won't stop this war. Russia will fight to end, and the US will fight to the last Ukranian. It would make more sense to protest against the supply of weapons to the Ukrainians, in the hope of bringing about an early Ukrainian surrender.

      • aj 1.1.1

        It's going to be interesting when Russia achieves its goals and starts negotiating a ceasefire, won't be too far away.. Peace will not be permitted by the USA.

      • Jenny how to get there 1.1.2


        10 May 2022 at 8:23 am

        …..protest against the supply of weapons to the Ukrainians, in the hope of bringing about an early Ukrainian surrender.

        Hi Mikesh,

        Do you think stopping the flow of Russian and Chinese armaments to the Vietnamese would have stopped the US invader in Vietnam?

        Stopping the flow of weapons to Ukraine won't stop this war, it will only provide a clear field of fire to one side. The Russian aggressor.

        Richard Nixon campaigned for the US Presidency on the same stop the war platform as yours.

        However Nixon's idea for stopping the war, (same as your idea), was through forcing a surrender. On taking office Nixon, to force the surrender he wanted (and end the war), Nixon began the most intensive bombing campaign of the war.

        Ukraine will not surrender, they cannot afford to.
        Already the Putin regime is recruiting the forces responsible for overseeing the genocide in Syria for the occupation of Ukraine. Ukraine knows the experience of the Syrian people, is what awaits them under Russian occupation. You only have to witness what Russia's ally the Assad regime behaves or how Russia itself behaved in Syria and Chechnya, to know what awaits the people of Ukraine under Russian occupation.

        The Tadamon massacre


        Even the total subjugation of Ukraine by Russia wouldn't stop this war. This war won't stop until Russia has achieved its full war aims. Which are the denazification of Ukraine, (ie Russia's code word for regime change in Ukraine).
        And the seizure of the whole of the Northern Black Sea Coast of Ukraine as a corridor to the invasion and occupation of Moldova. And for Russian Federation naval supremacy and domination of the Black Sea.

        Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in March that he will approve up to 16,000 fighters from the Middle East to deploy in Ukraine’s Donbas region to support Russian-backed rebel groups.


  2. adam 2

    From glitter bombs to cockroaches, what a wonderful way to deal with scammers.

  3. weka 3

    If you’ve noticed an increase of female violent crime, it’s not women doing this but trans identified males (trans women, or men pretending to be women). Some MSM will include in their report that the offender is male, some like this one don’t.

    “Our Fugitive Apprehension Team, other Detectives and assets are actively looking for this homicide suspect who we believe is armed and dangerous,” said Oakland Sheriff Michael Bouchard. “Please contact 911 if you see her or know of her whereabouts.”

    Ms Taverner has been described as being a white female with purple hair, is 5-ft-2 inches tall, and of a thing build weighing about 115lbs.

    Taverner is trans. This reporting is dangerous, especially for women. Humans intuitively recognise male from female most of the time. If Taverner dresses typically male they will look male. If they dress typically female then people afraid of or confused by gender ideology rules may find it harder to act appropriately because the rules that TW must be seen and treated as literal women at all times interrupts our instinctive responses atriums safety and safeguarding.

    People need to know what actual sex the dangerous offender is in their area.

    I see zero reason for this degree of inaccuracy in reporting a situation like this.

    I think this is not great for trans women either who just want to get on with their lives. The ideological push is going to backlash and that’s unfair on TW and women alike.

    • Molly 3.1

      "I see zero reason for this degree of inaccuracy in reporting a situation like this."

      I see zero reason for this degree of inaccuracy in reporting.

      As you mentioned, many transwomen don't support this either, and understand the impact it has on women. Unfortunately, anyone speaking against inclusive reporting guidelines are ignored.

      • Visubversa 3.1.1

        The cowardly and captured NZ Herald referred to Toko Shane (Ashley) Winter as a woman and showered him with female pronouns all through his trial, conviction and sentencing for the sadistic torture and murder of a young woman. Winter is serving his sentence in Paremoremo where he belongs. His appeal against his conviction and sentencing has just been denied. To add insult to injury, The Herald left the name of his victim off the list of femicides in their recent article.

        • Molly

          I recall that. It's surreal to read that obvious avoidance of referring to biological sex.

          It seems the Guardian has taken the small opportunity to be brave for this report:


          A paedophile has been jailed for 10 years after using social media to groom children.

          Rachel Fenton, who police said was known as Richard Fenton when arrested and charged, pleaded guilty to 21 child sexual abuse offences and a drug offence and was sent to a male prison.

          The Guardian understands Fenton was living as a man when arrested in November 2020 and was later charged under that name.

          But during the sentencing hearing on Monday, Manchester Minshull Street crown court heard Fenton had changed their name and was in the process of transitioning to become a woman.

          What could have prompted Richard to initiate transition? Could it be the possibility of lighter sentencing and if convicted, being housed in the women's estate?

  4. weka 4

    Women are not even non-males and birthing bodies now. We’re an it.

    the woman gestating and delivering a baby to this man is his sister.

    She’s not a mother, she’s a machine.

    • JO 4.1

      Regard our cute replica placentas! Flaunting our blood tie without needing to admit it? And why do you mutter about Georgia O'Keefe, who's that? Anyway, how very dare you question our ineffable bravery – who do you think you are, our mothers?

    • foreign waka 4.2

      Next step Burka?

    • Molly 4.3

      Are we missing an opportunity for a pithy chant here?

      "It's Rights Are Women's Rights!".

      I'll alert the press.wink

      • Molly 4.3.1

        In fact, the "it" he casually refers to turns out to be his sister.

        Not likely to be a commercial arrangement, but one with its own considerations, not helped by referring to his sister as an 'it'.

        Have to change the chant, though.

        Have only my 70s and 80s music tastes to draw on for creative thought:

        "Sisters Are Doing It For Them Bros" or

        "We Are Family, I've Got All My Itsers With Me".

        Showing my age, and hopefully also, my mild disdain.

  5. Molly 5

    So… there has been a successful example dealing with the safety of incarcerated transwomen (and other vulnerable males) that has been going since 2014, which doesn't require the women's prison estate to accommodate.

    Who'd have thought such a solution was possible?

    (Apart from those that suggested it, that is.)

    At the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, a separate wing exists for gay, bisexual, and transgender inmates. Since its creation, the unit has gained a reputation as one of the safer, community-oriented units.

    But getting in isn't easy. A series of questions, past incarcerations, arrest records, and resources are utilized to determine whether an inmate can be classified for this special unit. If one doesn't pass, it's back to the general population.

    The unit, known as the K6G, is home to approximately 360 GBT inmates. It was established in 1985 after the ACLU filed a lawsuit urging for the protection and prevention of assault against LGBT inmates.

    Video included in the link:


  6. AB 6

    Moral panic over kids doing ram-raids mounts – meanwhile adults engaged in stealing much more money just as brazenly via wage subsidy fraud goes almost unnoticed.

    These are adults, so we can't blame their parents; they will be upstanding members of the community so we cannot point at material deprivation and childhood abuse. Their criminality seems to be entirely their own.

    But nobody is saying "where are the police?" or demanding that we "get tough on business". Why am I not seeing the shouty headlines about the disgraceful state of business ethics?

    Or maybe I am confused and this is just entirely normal and expected – and the way things have always worked. In which case, these ram-raiding kids are just expressing our real core 'values' and should be praised for such an exquisite understanding of them.

    • foreign waka 6.1

      2 wrongs do not make one right. How would you feel if you invested 20 years of your life working 7 days 12 hr weeks and some snotty kid destroy's it all for a thrill? That's all good? No, not at all. Solution: Why not get the army involved with stay in camps for 6 to 8 months? Discipline, contributing and getting to be part of a bigger society has to be thought. To just neglect this is like believing that a wild wolf will be one day your cuddly buddy.

      And just for the record, I am certainly – with exclamation mark – for the prosecution of those who stole a good porting of 16 billion dollars from the NZ Public. If only … same softly softly now courage, no ethics, no honesty approach. Go figure.

      • AB 6.1.1

        Agree with everything you say – and that's not in conflict with my original comment. I was pointing out the inconsistent ideological and media treatment of two different types of criminality – based on the social class and ethnicity of those committing the offences.

        • foreign waka

          Media is just going for sound bites. They are not trustworthy, I equate them to the same profession as car sales people. Anybody thinking they are, is very much mistaken. I don't even watch the news anymore. The language pattern used is sometimes cringeworthy, peppered with political correctness and so highly manipulative. Perhaps we can exclude some sport and the weather forecast, maybe 🙂

      • Molly 6.1.2

        I have family members in the Defence Force, that have had experience at being the trainers for LSVs (Limited Service Volunteers). The inclusion of young people redirected from the Justice System, or the benefits system impacts on those who are looking for an idea of what army life is like, and doesn't often produced the desired results of change from strict discipline and routines.

        I agree that both issues can and should be addressed.

        I think army discipline can work for some, but for many, it doesn't address the wider issues. They need specific programmes that address any addictions, trauma, environment and understanding of opportunities available and lost due to behaviour.

        • foreign waka

          Does this mean for the parents or kids – just being sarcastic mind you.

          We need somewhere to start and address this. Doing nothing is not an option.

          • Molly


            But there is a marked difference between just doing something and doing something effective. Unfortunately we often aim for the former without taking time for consideration.

            • Foreign waka

              What would you suggest?

              • Molly

                I think you need a specialised unit for youth involving people from all types of disciplines. Therapists, skills training, and people finding opportunities or jobs for when they leave. Unfortunately, unless there is some way to give them a way out of their current life when they exit they programme, they will often go back to their habitual ways when they return. Jim Moriarty was involved in a programme years ago, and I attended one of the graduation events, as a relative was involved with sending students there from a high school. It was a six-week residential, and those completing the programme were energised, engaged individuals. I recall the talk afterwards being about how Jim Moriarty tried really hard to have a forward path for them all, because it became so much harder for his students when they returned home. I can't recall the name of the programme, sorry. (Just had a look, and it seems that he was able to get funding for a permanent programme – which was closed down in 2011 after allegations of sexual abuse, and failures of safeguarding. It's a problem with no simple solutions. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/110729832/news-drama-school-failed-to-keep-troubled-kids-safe-js-).

                I'm just against utilising existing programmes set up for young people actually interesting in joining the Defence Force as a pseudo punishment for them. The trainer/supervisor said the inclusion of such people created an off putting environment for those that did want to be there. They also had to deal with outsiders being called in by the young offenders, deliveries of drugs, assault and concealed weapons. They preferred working with people who wanted to be in the army, not act as de-facto prison or rehabilitation officers. They are not trained to do this either.

                • Foreign waka

                  That sounds like a good program, a wrap around set up so to speak. It is almost impossible to redirect young people if they go back where the started from creating the very reason they are there in the first place.

                  Perhaps a kind of boarding school might be the answer. It would also take care of nutritional aspects too? Maybe?

                  • Molly

                    I attended a graduation late 1990's early 2000's when he was still trying to get funding, course by course. IIRC, he deliberately tried to employ graduates whenever he could in order to give them gainful employment away from their home environment.

                    One very powerful part of the presentation, was when participants stood up to read letters of personal histories. For various easily comprehended reasons, the history of one was read by another. I remember vividly the delivery of one history read by a tall, imposing young man. It told of the gambling addiction of the father, who used to hold poker games at his house attended by a regular crew. Starting from the age of five, this young girl was added to the stakes when her father ran out of money. This sexual abuse by strangers continued for years.

                    These programmes need the expertise and employment of very competent safeguarding and health and safety officers. And they need to be given authority to challenge and conduct investigations by the book. I think that's an improvement that could be made to ensure that programmes that are succeeding in one major outcome, are not let down by failure of basic, necessary housekeeping structures.

  7. Blazer 7

    Short memories and the ubiquitous success of social media look like making Ferdinand Marcos the 2nd new President of the Phillipines.

    Campaigned on tackling poverty and corruption!angryDemocracysad

    From CBS…'

    Manila — Millions of voters headed to the polls in the Philippines Monday, propelling the namesake and son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos to an early lead in his bid to bring his family back to the top of the country's political hierarchy. Amnesty International estimates that during the elder Marcos' two-decade reign — about half of which the nation spent under Marial Law — some 70,000 people were jailed, 34,000 tortured, and more than 3,000 killed.

    "What the Marcoses have done is basically propagate an alternative history of the Martial Law period as a period of peace, progress, and prosperity," Sheila Coronel, a veteran Philippine journalist and professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, told CBS News. '

    • Scud 7.1

      It's more to do with population demographics & the way old mate Marcos used SM.

      The Philippines has a very young population 18- 39yrs makes around 40-45% of the total population (from memory) & are very social media savvy compared to the cohort of older voters in the Philippines.

      Marcos delivered his election pitch around SM by recasting the legacy of the Marcos Family in particular his Dad to these younger voters. As the younger voters never lived under the Macros Regime & nor understand what the family did to the country.

      As a result, he's been able to manipulate this cohort of younger voters to vote for him. As he only needs around 30-35% of the Young vote & the same with the older voters to win.

  8. SPC 8

    Chinese police are using modern psy ops tech on dissidents – but of course none of this is done in the West to discredit anyone …


  9. arkie 9

    Please sign Consumer NZs petition for Govt intervention in the supermarket duopoly:

    Every day, the major supermarkets are taking more than $1 million in excess profits from our collective back pockets.

    Excess profits mean you pay more than you should at the checkout.

    New Zealanders deserve better but the Commerce Commission’s recommendations don’t go far enough.

    We need more competition to drive down prices and give consumers better choices.


    • foreign waka 9.1

      Arkie, this is very noble as a concept. But you do realise that NZ supermarkets are all Franchised? This means that the parent company demands every higher "fees" to satisfy their shareholders and this keeps the profit line always at the same % year in year out for the person running the business. There is, in other words a ceiling to how much these proprietor can earn. Of cause no one will talk about that.

      If anyone needs to be held to task than it is the body corporate and also the distribution chain for local produce and meat. I mean we are paying overseas pricing but we don't get overseas wages. Do we?

      My feeling is that this is the reason the government and commerce commission has not acted. The ones to offend are too large to handle.

      • arkie 9.1.1

        NZ supermarkets are all Franchised?

        Incorrect. Countdowns’ are wholly owned by Woolworths NZ.

        While the other brands have majority franchised stores there also remain some non-franchised supermarkets under those brands.

        The duopoly uses its buyer power to drive prices down at the farmgate and thereby ensure excessive profits, that as the Commerce Commission noted exceed $1 million a day.

        Action is required and if signing a petition can help provide the impetus then it’s an easy win.

        • Blazer

          Only $1million a day for supermarkets?Sounds way too little.

          Look at the banks profits,getting exported….unbelievable.angry

          • dv

            I saw on the news? that it was excess profit of 1m per day.

            ($1m per day is abt 20c per person per day)

            • Blazer

              Thats what is reported….'New Zealand supermarkets are comprised of three main chains, Countdown (~150 stores), New World Market (~140 stores), and Pak'nSave (~60 stores), along with several small chains. The five largest supermarkets in New Zealand are run by two companies, Foodstuffs, and Woolworths NZ.

              I find it hard to believe…that's an ave of around $1million profit per store=$19,000 odd per week.(350 stores)

  10. joe90 10

    Respect to who. The Red Army soldiers who invaded Poland during Stalin's and his Austrian mate's effort to divvy up the country? Or the Red Army soldiers who liberated Poland so it could spend 42 years as Soviet satellite state?

  11. Woolly Mammoth 11

    Eternally grateful you were never my History lecturer, joe90.

    A low blow at the people who broke the back of Nazism. Truly unworthy comments.

      • Scud 11.1.1

        Or during & after the Warsaw Uprising was quite telling at how the Soviets conducted themselves. Then Post war with the returning Polish expats who serve with the British/ Commonwealth Forces who were treated like a 5th Columnists by the Soviets and the Polish Communist Party.

    • joe90 11.2

      On 17 September 1939, the Red Army broke the 1932 Soviet–Polish Non-Aggression Pact and invaded Poland. The Red Army returned on January 17 1945 to occupy Poland.

      This is how Central Eastern Europe remembers 1945.

      • foreign waka 11.2.1

        I just like to make the point that all wars are proxy fights for those in power and with money. None of the wars are for "democracy" or "decency" or "morality" or "for a better future" etc…. We are not learning seemingly, still haven't figured it out.

    • Jenny how to get there 11.3

      The Russian Federation is not the Soviet Union.

      The only back the Russia Federation has been breaking, is the back of the Syrian opposition, on behalf of Assad fascism, and the Russian Federation’s own geo-political imperial interests.

  12. Jenny how to get there 12

    Save The Date: Auckland Anti-War March. June 5th, 2022. 12pm.

    In any weather, join this march from Aotea Sq to Auckland Domain.

    March for peace and self-determination for the Ukrainian people, against war and authoritarian regimes!

    Organised by the Auckland Ukrainian community.

    The march is to start with any weather at Aotea Sq. 12:00 noon, and go to the War Memorial Museum at Auckland Domain, with 40 – 45 minutes final meeting by the Museum

  13. Woolly Mammoth 13

    Pataua4life, even if that supremely unreliable source is 100% correct, it does not diminish the gargantuan sacrifice of Soviet peoples in WW2 (including Ukrainians).

    Seems the master race who are the 'collective West' have found new Untermenschen.

    • Pataua4life 13.1

      WM – I don't disagree that the Eastern Europe bore the brunt of the Nazi aggression and the Russian in particular did the most to push back the invaders which makes it all the more ironic that now the Russian are behaving like the Nazi invaders.

      Even more ironic when Hitler invaded Russia to defeat the Bolshevik's. Now Putin uses the exact same excuse Hitler did using the exact same language.

      Putin is a Nazi in a suit not a uniform. that is the only difference. I guess given Putin background we should call him Himmler.

      • Blazer 13.1.1

        ' Now Putin uses the exact same excuse Hitler did using the exact same language.'

        What am I missing here…your statement does NOT make ..sense.

  14. it is time for the would be policy wonks and other intaleksalls to get their collective arses into gear and start reading their weekly giveaways and provincial tabloids which contain daily opinion pieces and editorials by right wing operatives like clare trevatt, mathew hooten and cake hoaxby. their utterances are a virtual torrent and need countering cogently and forcefully. get to work and flog them for free.

  15. mikesh 15

    In Syria the Assad regime is under attack from various outside forces, Hezbolla, ISIS probably, and of course Uncle Sam has his grubby mitts in there as well. Russia has been fighting wars in Chechnyna at various times for centuries. The problem with Chechnya is that it represents a main gateway to Russia, and one which the Ottomans would have had to pass through if they were to invade Russia. In Putin's time Chechnya was infiltrated by ISIS terrorists, – Chechnyans are Muslims – a circumstance which Putin understandably felt he had to react to.

    I don't think the Russians would want to take over Moldova, though the latter should probably maintain a neutral stance.

    As for Nixon. He manged to get himself forced out of office, I seem to recall.

    • Jenny how to get there 15.1

      The Spanish Civil War was to Nazi Germany, what the Syrian revolution is to Russia.

      The German Nazi invasion was to Poland , what the Russian Federation invasion is to Ukraine.

      The first was ignored by the world, the Second became the ground zero for world war.

      You said so yourself Mikesh. Russia will not stop this war.

      Russia will not stop this war unless they are stopped by one of two things, either by a broad front international anti-war peace movement, spanning both sides, or by something much worse.


      10 May 2022 at 8:23 am

      All the protests in the world won't stop this war. Russia will fight to end

      All the protests in the world will stop this war. They must, before this war becomes a global conflagration.

  16. Peter 16

    On seeing Mark Mitchell a couple of times recently, I was disappointed he didn't get to be Leader of the Opposition. Previously he'd come across as a bit like a rock on the foreshore but without the personality of it. The latest sightings have confirmed that.

    He might be a most charming, quick-witted and effervescent character. If so I congratulate him on his skills of disguise.

  17. Jenny how to get there 17

    Four more settlements to east of Kharkiv have been wrested from Russian control and liberated today.

    That should piss off the Ukraine can't win and should surrender now crowd.


    • Ad 17.1

      Little point gaining the whole of the Kharkiv oblast when you are about to lose the whole of the Donbass. Ukraine better watch its' over-extended front line.

  18. Ad 18

    It's pretty weird when the AA, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Auckland, the Helen Clark Foundation and plenty of others all supporting a tax every time you take the car into town (at peak times).

    Move Forward With Congestion Charging But Put Fairness In The Driver’s Seat, Says Helen Clark Foundation & WSP NZ | Scoop News

    This is a move to make better use of the motorway at peak, push people onto public transport, and raise a bit of revenue as well.

    Presumably the Minister of Transport who lives in central Auckland will pick this up into the required legislation.

    • Sabine 18.1

      And that will come in right after the half price public transport goes back to fullprice?

      Poor worker of akl who pays for his full commuter costs, sucks to be you in public transport and private transport as you will be fleeced.

      Who will not pay for this?

      The dudes/and non males of the AA, Chamber of Commerce, Helen Clarke Foundation, Greater Auckland, Ministers and such will all just use their tax payer funded vehicles, with the tax payer funded gasoline/electricity and the tax payer funded congestion charge. Or the big businesses that cause a lot of that pollution who will simply write of this 'congestion charge' on their tax bill as an expense, no worry sir, no not at all the Tax Payer provided and payeth.

      Non of them will pay just even one cent of this charge and thus they have no issue with it.

      But sure it sounds like something is being done. lol Done again to the working poor.

      • Ad 18.1.1

        9 days to find out what will happen to the Public Transport 50% discount. My suspicion is that it will be permanent. It is hugely popular in Auckland.

        Also surprising that the $8000 subsidy for electric cars is one fo the most popular policies this government has generated. Electric car sales are now over 20% of all vehicle sales, and sales of utes has plummeted now that the ute tax is in.

        The report from the Helen Clark Foundation shows that those coming into the CBD every day are mostly from wealthy suburbs. Less well off are in the southern and western areas, going from job to job and far less within the CBD.

        I also suspect you will something in the Budget on the company vehicle and whether it's still attracting any tax benefit at all.

        • Sabine

          You know what, if i were a rich person who could spend 30.000 + on a car outright, i too would have the 8000 courtesy of the tax payer, i means like, take a family of five (a rich family of course) and that subsidy will get you a brand new car for free!!! What is not to like, maybe we should ask Mike Hoskin and his wife and the kids. I wonder if they all drive a brand new electric car 🙂

          Or like the dude that got his car and then sold it on Trade Me for a tidy profit of 8000. Mind, that is just kiwi ingenuity and a right entrepreneural spirit.

          So yeah, if you are rich, and NZ has rich people, that is a little give a way that is nice to have.

          As for the utes, that is just people now not buying a car, maybe they are too poor for the non existing electrice utes? So they might be saving up for that vehicle when it comes available, i am sure at that stage no 'incentives' will be made available.

          The Helen Clark foundation, can you link to that? I used to live in the 'richer' subburbs, simply because the extra in rent was cheaper then the time wasted in the car and the cost of the maintenance. And i have always considered my time to have a cost/price.

          And i do hope that that report from the Helen Clarke Foundation is from times before the pandemic when people actually still had to travel to the CBD and surrounding areas.

          Not sure how much value a report about travels into town from the outer suburbs make sense when mostly everyone is working from home, has spend several month in lockdown over a 2 year period and had strict 5 km radius rule , and people generally move less then they used too thanks to Covid. That report would be not very realistic unless of course that is the intended outcome to pretend that this will be something 'rich' people will pay cause rich people travel more to the CBD. LOL. If working remote is going to be an ongoing thing in the future – and the occasional lockdown, then the CBD are going to be dead and deserted, and then you will need to find a different way to milk the worker in order to get that 'congestion charge' of the workers.

          But this charge will only be paid for by the working public who will have to travel by car to the CBD as they are the only ones that pay the full cost of everything without any chances of write offs. Those that have public transport available will use that if they can afford it. And that is the big question, and fwiw, they could have announced the half price forever with the announcement of the congestion charge. But they did not. I wonder why?

          And let me just remind you that National/Act will follow this labour government, do you really believe that any removal of business write offs etc in regards to transport/cost of transport will stand? I might have a bridge in Northland on sale for you, its double laned and has a kauri on either side too.

        • Molly

          Congestion charges work in cities like London, where the public transport systems are well established, accessible, affordable and efficient. So the congestion charges mostly fall on those who choose to drive in London, and have the money to afford the car and the parking.

          This is not the case in Auckland. The public transport system is neither accessible, affordable or efficient for those in the outer regions. For students travelling into Auckland to study it is abysmal. They have a choice of three-four hours commute into town, at quite a high cost OR trying to find accommodation in town while studying. Adding to the student loan.

          The electric car subsidy might have been 'popular' but was a discount for those who could already afford an electric car but couldn't be bothered getting one. A more equitable policy would have been to offer free registration for those with electric vehicles (particularly rewarding the early adopters), which would have been a small recognition, but a just one.

          The fuel tax for Aucklanders also affected the wage earners who had to travel distances more. They were more likely to be those who lived where they could afford, and commuted by car because that was the cheapest and most timely (or only option). Those who voted it in most likely travelled short distances, in cars or by transport paid by their employers. Our representatives only representative a particular demographic.

          • Ad

            Yup agree getting beyond Stage 4 is no place to live in Auckland without a car. Except North Shore. They have the best PT of anyone in t he country.

            You won't have to sorry about congestion charges being a reality until at least 2025 which is when CRL completes. Or if National get in it will be never.

            Everyone is subsidised up the wazoo in Auckland on transport – every time you buy a ticket, use a road, ride a bike or buy an electric car. Very little point arguing about what is more or less 'equitable' after 70 years of road investment dominance.

            • Molly

              "Everyone is subsidised up the wazoo in Auckland on transport – every time you buy a ticket, use a road, ride a bike or buy an electric car. Very little point arguing about what is more or less 'equitable' after 70 years of road investment dominance."

              Transport – for those who are struggling – is only part of the hits that they have currently. It is compounded by housing costs, rising utilities and food costs, rising petrol costs, etc.

              To say that everyone is "subsidised" by the priorities of governments to spend money in certain ways is missing the point. Taxes are collected to deliver services. You can refer to them as government delivered services, or subsidised services, but they are the same.

              What is apparent is that successive governments, and councils have had little care to make a priority of looking after the most financially vulnerable in any of these necessary areas. Even when they do look at issues like housing costs, and transport, they still ignore the impact on those with lower incomes – and fewer choices.

  19. Foreign waka 19

    Something to think about?

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  • Government invests to minimise gambling harm
    The Labour government has announced a significant investment to prevent and minimise harm caused by gambling. “Gambling harm is a serious public health issue and can have a devastating effect on the wellbeing of individuals, whānau and communities. One in five New Zealanders will experience gambling harm in their lives, ...
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    52 mins ago
  • More free flu vaccines and a second COVID-19 booster to groups at risk of hospitalisation
    The Government has widened access to free flu vaccines with an extra 800,000 New Zealanders eligible from this Friday, July 1  Children aged 3-12 years and people with serious mental health or addiction needs now eligible for free flu dose. From tomorrow (Tuesday), second COVID-19 booster available six months ...
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    6 hours ago
  • Government backs action to drive strong wool growth
    The Government is investing to create new product categories and new international markets for our strong wool and is calling on Kiwi businesses and consumers to get behind the environmentally friendly fibre, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said today. Wool Impact is a collaboration between the Government and sheep sector partners ...
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    20 hours ago
  • Veterans Minister pays tribute to service and sacrifice at Korean War commemoration
    At today’s commemoration of the start of the Korean War, Veterans Minister Meka Whaitiri has paid tribute to the service and sacrifice of our New Zealand veterans, their families and both nations. “It’s an honour to be with our Korean War veterans at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park to commemorate ...
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    2 days ago
  • Prime Minister’s Matariki speech 2022
    Matariki tohu mate, rātou ki a rātou Matariki tohu ora, tātou ki a tātou Tīhei Matariki Matariki – remembering those who have passed Matariki – celebrating the present and future Salutations to Matariki   I want to begin by thanking everyone who is here today, and in particular the Matariki ...
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    3 days ago
  • First Matariki holiday marked across New Zealand and the world
    Oho mai ana te motu i te rangi nei ki te hararei tūmatanui motuhake tuatahi o Aotearoa, Te Rā Aro ki a Matariki, me te hono atu a te Pirīmia a Jacinda Ardern ki ngā mahi whakanui a te motu i tētahi huihuinga mō te Hautapu i te ata nei.    ...
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    3 days ago
  • Minister to attend second United Nations Ocean Conference in Portugal
    Oceans and Fisheries Minister David Parker will represent Aotearoa New Zealand at the second United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, which runs from 27 June to 1 July. The Conference will take stock of progress and aims to galvanise further action towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, to "conserve and sustainably use ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government supports innovative dairy sheep sector to scale up
    The Government is boosting its partnership with New Zealand’s dairy sheep sector to help it lift its value and volume, and become an established primary industry, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has announced. “Globally, the premium alternative dairy category is growing by about 20 percent a year. With New Zealand food ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government supports Buller flood recovery and longer term resilience
    The Government is continuing to support the Buller district to recover from severe flooding over the past year, Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty announced today during a visit with the local leadership. An extra $10 million has been announced to fund an infrastructure recovery programme, bringing the total ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government outlines plans for future COVID-19 variants
    “The Government has undertaken preparatory work to combat new and more dangerous variants of COVID-19,” COVID-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall set out today. “This is about being ready to adapt our response, especially knowing that new variants will likely continue to appear. “We have undertaken a piece of work ...
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    5 days ago
  • Next steps for NZ UK free trade agreement
    The Government’s strong trade agenda is underscored today with the introduction of the United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement Legislation Bill to the House, Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor announced today. “I’m very pleased with the quick progress of the United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement Legislation Bill being introduced ...
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    5 days ago
  • Five new members join education Youth Advisory Group
    A ministerial advisory group that provides young people with an opportunity to help shape the education system has five new members, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins said today. “I am delighted to announce that Harshinni Nayyar, Te Atamihi Papa, Humaira Khan, Eniselini Ali and Malakai Tahaafe will join the seven ...
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    5 days ago
  • Address to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons First Meeting of States Party
    Austria Centre, Vienna   [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] E ngā mana, e ngā reo Tēnā koutou katoa Thank you, Mr President. I extend my warm congratulations to you on the assumption of the Presidency of this inaugural meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. You ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt makes sure support workers have right to take pay-equity claim
    The Government is taking action to make sure homecare and support workers have the right to take a pay-equity claim, while at the same time protecting their current working conditions and delivering a pay rise. “In 2016, homecare and support workers – who look after people in their own homes ...
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    6 days ago
  • Targeted second COVID-19 booster a step closer
    A law change passed today streamlines the process for allowing COVID-19 boosters to be given without requiring a prescription. Health Minister Andrew Little said the changes made to the Medicines Act were a more enduring way to manage the administration of vaccine boosters from now on. “The Ministry of Health’s ...
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    6 days ago
  • Commerce Commission empowered to crackdown on covenants
    New powers will be given to the Commerce Commission allowing it to require supermarkets to hand over information regarding contracts, arrangements and land covenants which make it difficult for competing retailers to set up shop. “The Government and New Zealanders have been very clear that the grocery sector is not ...
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    6 days ago
  • Plasterboard taskforce set up to ease shortages
    Ministerial taskforce of industry experts will give advice and troubleshoot plasterboard shortages Letter of expectation sent to Fletcher Building on trademark protections A renewed focus on competition in the construction sector The Minister for Building and Construction Megan Woods has set up a Ministerial taskforce with key construction, building ...
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    6 days ago
  • First Matariki public holiday celebrated with a unique broadcasting collaboration
    Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson and Minister for Māori Crown Relations Te Arawhiti Kelvin Davis announced today the inaugural Matariki public holiday will be marked by a pre-dawn hautapu ceremony at Te Papa Tongarewa, and will be a part of a five-hour broadcast carried by all major broadcasters in ...
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    6 days ago
  • Health volunteers recognised at Parliament
    Volunteers from all over the country are being recognised in this year’s Minister of Health Volunteer Awards, just announced at an event in Parliament’s Grand Hall. “These awards celebrate and recognise the thousands of dedicated health and disability sector volunteers who give many hours of their time to help other ...
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    7 days ago
  • Trade Minister to travel to Europe, Canada and Australia to advance economic recovery
    New Zealand’s trade agenda continues to build positive momentum as Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor travels to Europe, Canada and Australia to advance New Zealand’s economic interests. “Our trade agenda has excellent momentum, and is a key part of the Government’s wider plan to help provide economic security for ...
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    7 days ago
  • Prime Minister to travel to Europe and Australia
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will leave this weekend to travel to Europe and Australia for a range of trade, tourism and foreign policy events. “This is the third leg of our reconnecting plan as we continue to promote Aotearoa New Zealand’s trade and tourism interests. We’re letting the world know ...
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    7 days ago
  • Remarks to ICAN Nuclear Ban Forum session “The Ban is the Plan and this is Why”
    [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] Nga mihi ki a koutou. Let me start by acknowledging the nuclear survivors, the people who lost their lives to nuclear war or testing, and all the peoples driven off their lands by nuclear testing, whose lands and waters were poisoned, and who suffer the inter-generational health ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Zealand leadership contributes to significant progress at the WTO
    New Zealand’s leadership has contributed to a number of significant outcomes and progress at the Twelfth Ministerial Conference (MC12) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which concluded in the early hours of Friday morning after a week of intense negotiations between its 164 members. A major outcome is a new ...
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    1 week ago
  • Meth addiction service launched in Eastern Bay of Plenty
    The Government has delivered on its commitment to roll out the free methamphetamine harm reduction programme Te Ara Oranga to the eastern Bay of Plenty, with services now available in Murupara. “We’re building a whole new mental health system, and that includes expanding successful programmes like Te Ara Oranga,” Health ...
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    1 week ago
  • Creatives in Schools Round 4 open for applications
    Kura and schools around New Zealand can start applying for Round 4 of the Creatives in Schools programme, Minister for Education Chris Hipkins and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Carmel Sepuloni said today. Both ministers were at Auckland’s Rosehill Intermediate to meet with the ākonga, teachers and the professional ...
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    1 week ago
  • Opening speech for MEETINGS 2022
    It is my pleasure to be here at MEETINGS 2022. I want to start by thanking Lisa and Steve from Business Events Industry Aotearoa and everyone that has been involved in organising and hosting this event. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to welcome you all here. It is ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Reconnecting across the Tasman: Australia – Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations
    Aotearoa New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Nanaia Mahuta and Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Penny Wong, met in Wellington today for the biannual Australia - Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations. Minister Mahuta welcomed Minister Wong for her first official visit to Aotearoa New Zealand ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Global challenges reflected in March quarter GDP
    The volatile global situation has been reflected in today’s quarterly GDP figures, although strong annual growth shows New Zealand is still well positioned to deal with the challenging global environment, Grant Robertson said. GDP fell 0.2 percent in the March quarter, as the global economic trends caused exports to fall ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • One million New Zealanders vaccinated against flu
    More than a million New Zealanders have already received their flu vaccine in time for  winter, but we need lots more to get vaccinated to help relieve pressure on the health system, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “Getting to one million doses by June is a significant milestone and sits ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • NZ Principals Federation MOOT SPEECH -Friday 10 June 2022 
    It’s a pleasure to be here today in person “ka nohi ke te ka nohi, face to face as we look back on a very challenging two years when you as Principals, as leaders in education, have pivoted, and done what you needed to do, under challenging circumstances for your ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Provincial Growth Fund already delivering jobs and economic boost to the regions
    The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is successfully creating jobs and boosting regional economic growth, an independent evaluation report confirms. Economic and Regional Development Minister Stuart Nash announced the results of the report during a visit to the Mihiroa Marae in Hastings, which recently completed renovation work funded through the PGF. ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Pre-departure tests removed from June 20
    Travellers to New Zealand will no longer need a COVID-19 pre-departure test from 11.59pm Monday 20 June, COVID-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall announced today. “We’ve taken a careful and staged approach to reopening our borders to ensure we aren’t overwhelmed with an influx of COVID-19 cases. Our strategy has ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Foreign Minister to attend CHOGM
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta will travel to Rwanda this week to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali. “This is the first CHOGM meeting since 2018 and I am delighted to be representing Aotearoa New Zealand,” Nanaia Mahuta said.  “Reconnecting New Zealand with the ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Joint Statement: Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability (ACCTS) at MC12
    We, the Ministers for trade from Costa Rica, Fiji, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland, welcome the meeting of Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability (ACCTS) partners on 15 June 2022, in Geneva to discuss progress on negotiations for the ACCTS. Our meeting was chaired by Hon Damien O’Connor, New Zealand’s Minister for ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New Chief Censor appointed
    Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti has today announced Caroline Flora as the new Chief Censor of Film and Literature, for a three-year term from 20 July. Ms Flora is a senior public servant who has recently held the role of Associate Deputy‑Director General System Strategy and Performance at the Ministry ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Government tackles elder abuse
    Eleven projects are being funded as part of the Government’s efforts to prevent elder abuse, Minister for Seniors Dr Ayesha Verrall announced as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  “Sadly one in 10 older people experience elder abuse in New Zealand, that is simply unacceptable,” Ayesha Verrall said. “Our ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New connectivity funding for more rural homes and businesses
    More New Zealand homes, businesses and communities will soon benefit from fast and reliable connectivity, regardless of where they live, study and work,” Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications, David Clark said today. “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us time and again how critical a reliable connection is for ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Phil Twyford to attend Nuclear Ban Treaty meeting
    Disarmament and Arms Control Minister Phil Twyford will lead Aotearoa New Zealand’s delegation to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) First Meeting of States Parties in Austria later this month, following a visit to the Netherlands. The Nuclear Ban Treaty is the first global treaty to make nuclear ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Australian Foreign Minister to visit for talks
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta will this week welcome Australian Foreign Minister, Senator the Hon. Penny Wong on her first official visit to Aotearoa New Zealand as Foreign Minister. “I am delighted to be able to welcome Senator Wong to Wellington for our first in-person bilateral foreign policy consultations, scheduled for ...
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    2 weeks ago