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34 comments on “Open mike 10/03/2010”

  1. Fisiani 2

    Go and watch Mao’s last dancer. Great movie especially if you like ballet. Then you will know why the communist sympathisers of the Left are such deluded fools.

    [lprent: Are you going to rank yourself as a deluded fascist?

    In any case a 2 week ban for being stupid, inaccurate, and generally a anti-social moronic troll.

    As far as I can understand your moronic mutterings you just labelled ME as a communist sympathiser because I support the left. You did it without even bothering to present an argument (which even deluded fools like redbaiter do). That fails the policy in many ways. First it is a flame starter. Second you offered an assertion without an argument. Third you offended the sysop.

    I’m intolerant of fools who want to label me. Now bugger off and learn some manners you idiot. Because next time I have to ban you, it will be permanent. That would be a pity, because when you aren’t doing stupid comments like this, you’re sometimes almost coherent. ]

    • prism 2.1

      10.05 9tonoon is right now discussing with USA designer of Obamas political foray. Should be interesting. Could hear on audio later if you miss it. It was a great effort and there could be useful tips for us.

      Not surprised that guy at top of health is stepping down, constant reshuffling is wearying – and goes beyond Japanese idea of constant small improvements in organisations – forgotten the name.

      Interesting guy written a book on successful communities that have grown in unlikely places. radnz morningreport Tue9/3
      11:30 Success in stressful times
      Hamish McRae is the Associate Editor and principal economic commentator for British newspaper The Independent. He is a visiting professor at Lancaster University and council member of the Royal Economic Society.
      Author of What Works: Success in Stressful Times – The Secrets of the World’s Best Organisations and Communities (2010) and The World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity.

    • Fisiani 2.2

      And you personalise my comments? WHY? I made no such assertion. I did not label you. You chose to accept a label. Get some help buddy.
      A posting about a ballet movie is hardly starting a flame.
      If you saw the movie there is no argument just a truism.
      Third you CHOSE to be offended.

      “Now bugger off and learn some manners you idiot” must be the height of the H word.

      [lprent: You chose to accept a label. Correct, I support the left, and you left your statement so wide open to ‘misinterpretation’ that anyone who supported the ‘Left’ could have taken offence. It is one of the classic flame-war start tactics. I always attack the person who I think started or is starting one on behalf of the other commentators on the site.

      You offered no support for your assertion, which bearing in mind your previous history is hardly surprising. But I’d have thought by now that you’d realise that I don’t like that tactic either.

      Moderators and especially sysop’s reserve the right to be offensive, and frequently extremely offensive. You just wasted some of our time by acting the fool. Because you and others like you do, we have to waste time reading *all* of the comments, when we’d prefer to be doing something else. Getting offensive drills home our annoyance at having to take the time to moderate (and it is fun).

      Oh and add another week to the ban because I had to write this note. See you after the end of the month. ]

      • prism 2.2.1

        captcha – biting
        I think Fisiani that lprent doesn’t find your wit biting or actually wit, rather witless. This right – left wing yah boo stuff is overdone, boring and suited for people who haven’t any interesting or constructive thoughts to pass on. If you have time on your hands there is probably a bouncy castle near where you could play, perhaps at Charmalot.

    • Iprent you said

      “Bugger off and learn some manners you idiot”

      Perhaps you need to look in ther mirror?

      [lprent: Moderators have to be deliberately offensive. It drives home the lesson about behaviour better than anything else does. The same reason why bouncers aren’t particularly gentle with people that they remove from night-clubs for bad behaviour. It discourages repetition. ]

    • gitmo 2.4

      Lynn that’s a pretty retarded response.

      The movie is indeed great and most would agree that the communist sympathisers of the Left, Right or any persuasion are deluded fools.

      Don’t see how you extrapolate that to you being called a communist sympathiser.

      [lprent: Explained further up. He left the statement wide open as to if it was all of the Left that are ‘communist sympathisers’. So I used the widest interpretation – ie a ‘godwin’ interpretation. Flamewars that start because someone is deliberately vague, or too damn stupid to be specific are totally annoying. I squash them, because then we don’t have to read the repetitious looping of comments talking about nothing much. I’ve already read far too many of them over the last 30 years.

      In F’s case, he framed it as an unsupported assertion – for which he has already had a ban for. My tolerance is low. Mind you, he was lucky. It could have been Irish…]

    • Draco T Bastard 2.5

      No, I’ll probably just get to see more RWNJ propaganda.

      • gitmo 2.5.1

        Drying and smoking your own turds again, I hear it’s all the rage amongst “deluded fools”?

  2. crib 3

    Check out the poll

    Youth Driving Age
    16 is too young
    16 is the right age
    It should be higher

    Where is the “it should be lower” option? instead they have two Higher options?

  3. prism 4

    This government has shown us (though we already knew) that its social policies to help as the country sinks lower into recession, are a 9-Day Wonder. King John the Clueless of Charmalot rides to succour the poor maiden Aotearoa in her need – NO. The nine-day week has helped some industries keep going but the policy is not being continued. That is ‘propping up industry’ so it’s wrong. Let them go cold turkey say the NACT turkeys.

    At least those workers are still in jobs bringing in PAYE and GDP positives. Why not extend it to ensure the continuance of work and revenue. Any cost of assistance would probably balance out with tax taken.
    The end result of NZ NACT attitudes would be to end up like Haiti with a small, wealthy elite and the children of the vast majority becoming slaves. (Hear 9tonoon story this morning).

    Turning right rule at intersections, the government is going to make changes here. See on Stuff. It’s been in since 1977 and nobody else in the world does it. It apparently was a ‘bright’ idea from Victoria Oz just another case of trying to uplift policy from other countries instead of tailor-making our own. They changed back in 1993 but we were then in political turmoil trying to get a better more thoughtful and representative set of politicians to bother with lesser worries like intersections.
    The AA is quoted as saying it would cost about $1m to change. I very much doubt that the road markings and lights etc. could be done across the country for such a low figure. The Automobile Association has long lobbied for the rule to be changed and blames it for 2560 intersection crashes, and one or two deaths, and a lot more driver-side impacts each year.
    “It is estimated changing the rules to align with other countries would reduce intersection crashes by 7 percent and the social cost by about $17 million a year.
    It would improve pedestrian safety at intersections, where there has been an 88 percent increase since 2000 in pedestrians being hit, many of them hit by a turning vehicle. (Peds are their own worst enemies sometimes though, from observing their carelessness crossing the road.)
    It estimates that in summer there could be up to 100,000 tourists at any given time driving on a foreign licence following the give way rules that they learned at home.
    AA spokesman Mike Noon said a change to the ”ridiculous” rule would require a $2m driver education programme and engineering changes, such as rephasing lights and changing road markings in some places, which could cost $1m.
    We need to do this now that we rely on tourism so much. It might be funny at first to hear that we do things back to front because we are at the bottom of the world but many tourists want to drive here, we want them to enjoy the country and go home happy, not injured or dead. We can’t afford to do it because we are in a recession, but we can’t afford not to do it. I vote that we do it and delay work on the cycleway a little if necessary, also the education national standards and that will save a goodly amount.

  4. BLiP 5

    With claims of child slave labour in relation to the soccer world cup, do we know where the rugby world cup merchandise is being made? Something to keep an eye on, I feel.

  5. lukas 6

    BLiP, I have intimate knowledge of where a number of the products being made for the RWC and All Blacks. I can assure you that no slave labour or child labour is used.

    • What country is it being made in? Im guessing it will be on the label.

      Isnt a lot of the merchandise being made in China?

    • BLiP 6.2

      dox or GTFO

      • lukas 6.2.1

        Sure, let me just post supplier details on here for you… oh wait…

        Seriously though, beside the fact that it goes against everything I believe in to use child or slave labour, the damage to the brand if any one found out would be irreversible.

        If you don’t trust me, fair enough.

  6. poverty ahead 7

    firstly, i was in a vehicle with a 24year old card carrying National party member the other day. mummy and daddy overseas, he was minding the store (flash car yard) we got talking as we drove along and within the 40 minute drive he had come to the decision that he was never voting National again. Just thought you would all like some good news

    on another topic ( and yes posted elsewhere) at 2:33 approximately in this video is a very scarey number that i do not recall being announced by our leaders$9 billion USD
    and it is an interest bearing loan, god knows at what rate

  7. On a different subject, I thought readers of The Standard a very strange affair unfolding in the little Northland town of Dargaville at the moment, where the local paper is hailing a controversial local amateur ‘historian’ responsible for stealing bones from Maori burial caves as the winner of the New Zealand Senior of the Year Award, despite the fact that the title, which is given out as part of the wider New Zealand Awards, was given to the South Island businessman and philanthropist Sir Eion Edwards. Kiwibank, which sponsors the Awards, and Awards coordinator Grant McCabe have both contacted the Dargaville Online paper and asked it to retract its claims – and the paper has responded by running a special issue and sticking by its story, using what appears to be a bogus certificate! It appears the paper may be the victim of a hoax, or be taking part in a hoax. Details and links here:

  8. Sorry – that first sentence lost a few words! It should have been:

    ‘I thought readers of The Standard might be interested in…’

  9. reddy 10


    TVNZ manages to run a whole article on the high petrol costs without even mentioning public transport once.

    They did a man on the street camera- 2 out of 3 who said “err well, might have to walk then.”

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