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Open mike 10/11/09

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, November 10th, 2009 - 24 comments
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24 comments on “Open mike 10/11/09 ”

  1. Winston Smith 1

    Goff grows a spine – it’s only a small neural tube at present but it’s a start…

    Goff on Hone:
    “I think if he was a member of the Labour Party, for making such an offensive comment with racist overtones, he wouldn’t still be in our caucus.”

    He said the comments were “purely racist”.

    “He was excusing his conduct by blaming it on white people. He could apologise for it, but would it have any meaning if that’s what he really believes? And I think it is what he really believes, that every problem he has is caused by white people. Well, it is not about that – it’s owning up to the fact that he stuffed up, that he took time off when he was paid by the taxpayer to be at a meeting he was leading.”

    Mr Goff said it was up to the Maori Party to decide Mr Harawira’s fate. “But if somebody was using vile racist abuse in the Labour Party to excuse their own actions, that wouldn’t be acceptable and that person would not be in the Labour caucus.”

    Felix and Sprout remain invertebrate in their belief that Hone’s a man of integrity…

    • felix 1.1

      If you’re going to say that every day then it’s about time you linked to some examples.

      You still haven’t found one for yesterday’s spurious claim either.

  2. Winston Smith 2

    Felix to me – November 7, 2009 at 6:20 am
    not only are you a racist scumbag, you’re thick as pigshit to boot. See here where I explained it to some other slow learner this morning.

    [links to ]

    What Hone said was “white motherfuckers have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries’. If you accept the part about the lands and the ripping off (which is uncontroversial to anyone with even the briefest reading of accepted NZ history) then to find the first part racist you have to believe that Hone thinks all white people are guilty of this . As he doesn’t say this it’s a bit rich for you to state it as a “fact’ that he’s racist

    Evidently Phil Goof is also a racist scumbag and thick as pigshit to boot as well ‘cos he’s come to the same outcome as I.

    Quod erat demonstrandum pussy

    • prism 2.1

      Winston Smith Your language and attitude is as bad as Hone’s. And racism is just an excuse for you to throw around foul language What sort of fatherfucker talk do people think is appropriate in addressing each other. (Why direct all the nasties at females? It is just another sort of violence and disrespect).

      Maori women definitely come off badly here. Not only do they have racism to put up with but scumbag sexist language coming out of the mouths of their own men and happily used by every antisocial male.

      • Winston Smith 2.1.1

        Haha that’s really funny Prism – if you reread the post you will realise that those words that you take such umbrage to are Hone’s with a little trash talk at the start from Felix – Defender of the Faith. My apologies for not making this clearer – neither MY language nor My attitude… rather, it’s the language and attitude of Hone and his defenders

        I agree with you Pris – it’s trash talk, racist, sexist and whatever other -ists you want to throw at it. Frankly I’d rather see Hone addressing the plight of Maori wimmin and the mokopuna than troughing around Paris at the taxpayer’s expense, lying to his own people and arrogantly treating the public like fools.

        • felix

          Hello Winston. Still no reply to my comment below I see.

          Are you still working your way through it?

          Or are you still looking for an example of me claiming that Hone is a man of integrity? Have you given up looking? Are you busy writing an apology?

          Have you forgotten all about that? Will you be repeating the same bullshit tomorrow?

          Why don’t you provide links so we can see the context? Are you trying to obscure the context to save face?

    • felix 2.2


      You’ve shown two examples of me insulting you and calling you slow.

      Is that why you’re upset? Because I was rude to you? Not so much because Hone was?

      I honestly think you have a reading comprehension problem, and I’m not saying that just to wind you up.

      p.s. QED is usually used when something has been conclusively proven. The way you’re using it is the “whale oil” style where it signifies that that’s the best you’ve got.

  3. toad 3

    Great that we have an open mike, because we can still keep Dipton Watch going here, even though the comments thread there has closed.

    There’s a doozie in the NZ Herald this morning:

    Finance Minister Bill English was also in the top five – although a significant portion of his $16,000 bill was the cost of shuttling up to six children to Southland and back. MPs’ children can get up to four return trips from the home electorates to Wellington each year.

    • Tigger 3.1

      Great toad, saw that too and had a laugh. Why is he dragging his entire clan around like the Patridge Family? Aren’t two of them old enough to vote? He must be desperate to keep up the pretence of living in Dipton if he’s dragging a couple of adult children around with him like they’re newborns who can’t be left alone at home…

  4. Pat 5

    Hone on Phil Goff:

    “Him and his mates should be lined up against the wall and shot.”

    Looks like a Labour/Maori Party coalition is looking a little way off yet.

    • Pat 5.1

      Ha Ha. the sprout on Hone:

      “Hone is the most talented, politically astute and hard working MP in the Maori Party”

      • Pascal's bookie 5.1.1

        Do you have a point Pat?

        • Pat

          A simple fisk of Hone’s statement:

          “Him and his mates…”

          This assumes that Phil Goff has some mates, for which there is no clear evidence. Certainly Cunliffe does not count.

          “…should be lined up against a wall…”

          This is clearly unacheivable, since so many Labour MP’s are away overseas on their MP travel perks at any one time, so you could never get them all together to line up against a wall”.

          “…and shot”.

          A stupid statement. Unless he means Phil Goff’s chances of ever becomong PM are shot. Then it would be factually correct.

          • Pascal's bookie

            So the mates Goff doesn’t have are always overseas, unlike Hone, who is apparently stupid because he’s a firebrand that says firebrandy things (who knew?), which goes to prove that Goff is something or other because the Key govt sent Hone to Europe?

            Ha ha sprout you nonce!!eleven

            Is that it?

  5. BLiP 6

    And . . . we’re off!

    The first 41 kilometres of John Key’s 3,000 kilometre “Kaitaia to Bluff” cycleway are being laid as we speak. But, hang on a sec . . . lets have a look at the figures. Under Key’s original plan, the 3,000 kilometre cycle way was to have cost $50 million, or $16,337 per k – the 41k’s now underway in the Waikato are to cost $3 million, or $73,171 per kilometre which makes the true cost of the national cycleway $219,513,000 !!

    • Tigger 6.1

      In your face left wing blogosphere! The cycleway has started so take that you communist-hugging, tofu-munching, intellectualistic pundits! You said it would never get off the ground but here it is – I’m turning sod as we speak! Booyah!

      Ahem – anyone else think it’s ironic that the icon for the cycleway has only half a back tire – like no one could be bothered to finish it? Or maybe, given Blip’s point here – they ran out of money before they drew the other part of the circle…

    • Adders 6.2

      In comparison, makes Labour’s railway buy-back look like a bargain.

      • BLiP 6.2.1

        ap·ple (pl) n.
        a. A deciduous Eurasian tree (Malus pumila) having alternate simple leaves and white or pink flowers.
        b. The firm, edible, usually rounded fruit of this tree.
        a. Any of several other plants, especially those with fruits suggestive of the apple, such as the crab apple or custard apple.
        b. The fruit of any of these plants.

        or·ange (ôrnj, r-) n.
        a. Any of several southeast Asian evergreen trees of the genus Citrus, widely cultivated in warm regions and having fragrant white flowers and round fruit with a yellowish or reddish rind and a sectioned, pulpy interior, especially C. sinensis, the sweet orange, and C. aurantium, the Seville or sour orange.
        b. The fruit of any of these trees, having a sweetish, acidic juice.

        2. Any of several similar plants, such as the Osage orange and the mock orange.

        • felix

          Apples and oranges? More like apples and topical ointment I would’ve thought.

          • Adders

            Precisely. Apples and whatever.

            A track for bicycles—$219,513,000.

            Try then building an entire railway network from scratch for less than $690,000,000.

  6. Why are there different standards when it comes to offending brown people to offending white people in this country?

    And do those who believe there should be one law for every one believe in the protection of ones private property under that one shared law?

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