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Open mike 11/04/2016

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 11th, 2016 - 232 comments
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232 comments on “Open mike 11/04/2016 ”

  1. Jenny 1

    John Key needs to immediately board a jet for Malta to explain to the people there that New Zealand is not a tax haven.



  2. Paul 2

    One of the ‘world’s scumbag multimillionaires’.
    Great definition for Key.

  3. Jenny 3

    John Key wanted his legacy to be to leave New Zealand with a corporate logo as its flag that would announce to the world that New Zealand Inc. was open for business.

    How did the dream go so wrong?

    John Key’s real legacy is to make New Zealand a safe place for corporate criminals and wealthy tax dodgers to hide their money.

    “We found pedophiles in the data, people, bad people, really bad people. We found mafia figures. Not just from Italy, but from Japan from America from everywhere, and they were convicted people.”


    …..criminals involved in drugs and human trafficking generated the greatest amount of illicit funds.

    But the criminals who had set up trusts in New Zealand were more likely to be involved in large-scale cartels, corruption and professional “trade-based” money-laundering.

    One New Zealand trust has already been associated with Unaoil, a Monaco company under investigation for helping multinationals bribe oil ministers and officials in the Middle East.

    …….Prime Minister John Key had said the OECD had “looked at our foreign trust rules in the past and had no concerns”.

    Labour leader Andrew Little said an OECD report published in 2013 showed that was incorrect.



  4. gsays 4

    Ahh.. The polls are in.
    Dear leader is taking a review to parliament.

    Good job this isn’t an issue that needed swift action.

    I suppose this is what happens when a manager rather than a leader is running the show.

    • saveNZ 4.1

      “Lets keep that review narrow and with a fellow tax avoiding crony who is linked to the Labour party. ”
      “Excellent suggestion PM.”

  5. The lost sheep 5

    Yup. The polls are in.
    Thought the Flag was the beginning of the end for JK?


    And Little is saying he thinks the debate about the UBI is a likely factor in Labours drop.
    That doesn’t surprise me at all. All of you who rushed to turn the UBI into a trojan horse for wealth re-distribution can take a bow.

    • adam 5.1

      One should read the comments under ones link, before one puts a link would be my guess.

      Scathing of poll much?

      Then a odd up down thumb ratio as well.

      Seems to me when you are doing propaganda – unless you do it well. It comes across as a bare faced lie.

      • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 5.1.1

        Can I understand this, adam? You rely on comments on the poll as more accurate than the poll itself?

        It’s no wonder the Left is completely fucked.

        • adam

          No, not what I said.

          What I said was if your going to do propaganda you had better do it well.

          Which I failed at myself I see, as you have spun it to suit yourself.

    • Ben 5.2

      Does this sum it up?

      “Three years ago National led Labour by 7% in the ONCB poll. Today it is a 22% lead. Do Labour really think they are on the right path?”

      Not only did Labour fall by 4%, but Peters is now at 10% for preferred PM, versus Little on 7%. He is simply failing to connect with traditional Labour voters, and showing no signs of winning back the center.

      Free education and money for all failed, so where to now?

      • adam 5.2.1

        You don’t get out much do you Ben, nor read other posts?

        • Ben

          I get out a lot, and read other posts. What’s your point Adam?

          • adam

            So where is it written that Andrew Little said money for all?

            • Ben


              Try and keep up.

              • adam

                UBI how in your head did that become money for all?

                And when did Andrew Little support a UBI?

                • Nessalt

                  Do you understand what the U stands for in UBI? “Universal”, which means for all.

                  Was Andrew Little not floating the idea of a UBI? not policy of course. just floating it.

                  • adam

                    And when did Andrew Little support a UBI? Your answer does not add up, it seems you are spinning. A lie, even. How could anyone who supports national not tell the truth? Or twist things for their own political ends.

                    Quick turn the Nintendo back on, or Nessalt will come up with some comment to hate the poor with. Or tell us greed is good.

                    And your obvious lack of understand of what a UBI is – shows. Do you want a napkin, as you seem to be dribbling all over the keyboard?

                    • Nessalt

                      Adam, you poor deluded sack of shit. obviously with no one to love you, you have decided to turn your vitriol to those who don’t care. annonymous commentators on the internet.

                      Either you really are the human incarnation of slowpoke, or you are a troll, here to make the mad left look even madder.

                      Please enlighten us with what you think a UBI is.

                  • weka

                    “Do you understand what the U stands for in UBI? “Universal”, which means for all.”

                    Universal in UBI means that everyone is eligible for financial support when they need it. It does not mean ‘money for all’.

                    • Nessalt

                      Hmmm, no. it means a universal benefit. obviously taking it is optional. Seeing as you plan to sting me 50-70% of my earnings to pay for it being universal, i’m going to take it however. as will all. as that’s what happens with these things.

                      weka, back to spinning for labour as if his sad life depended on it.

                    • weka

                      None of the models I have looked at give money in hand to everyone. Please link to the model you are referring to that does.

                      My comment isn’t making a point about Labour. Don’t tell lies about me or my views.

                    • adam


                      I’m not surprised at your smug hateful rant, you could try to be at least a wee bit funny with it.

                      Like pulling your phallus out and comparing sizes, I pretty sure at this point – mine is way bigger than yours. Or maybe you could try exercising a modicum of dignity when jumping in on a comment stream. Too soon?

                      Again – what is a UBI? Apart from the obvious paranoid delusions you showed when ranting at weka. That mode of crazy not-happy freaking about mythical tax rates. The Fox News porn star, who only has time for themselves. Ever wondered why we call your ilk, RWNJ?

                      Or are we going to get back to picking on people by calling them crazy, you seem good at that. Like kicking the poor when they are down. Bet you not so secretly hate single mothers, and absolutely love section with 70a.

                      I’d be amiss Nessalt to leave out that I have much love in my life. That is just one the joys of being a Christian, and a person who works for and in the community. I see self indignant wreaks like you all the time, give up the hate son, and let love into your heart.

      • Stuart Munro 5.2.2

        All this supposes that the poll is not a complete fabrication.

        There have been an abundance of scandals since the flag debacle – by selective questioning it’s perfectly possible to pretend that the flag had no effect on Key. But the people in Key’s own camp who deserted him over this issue are significant – even if they don’t show up in a fake statistical vehicle designed to attack Andrew Little. They’re taking a second look at Winston and saying ‘God I hate him – but he’s better than Key.’

        But it’s the TPP that has really dented John – and it won’t go away as the costs are up front and the supposed benefits won’t kick in till 2030. When Key brays about his surplus this year, and borrowing reaches $150 billion to support the fiction even Key’s clowns will be starting to notice the gilt paint is flaking off their little tin pot dictator.

        • Nessalt

          with comments like that i’m going to buy shares in tin foil manufacturers.

          On another note, good to see you not threatening violence today. back on the meds? doctors do know best you see

          • Stuart Munro

            Given that the poll – with no measures of accuracy – was immediately weaponized by the MSM to attack Little’s leadership – we need not regard it as anything but a fascist ploy.

            One might just as easily have constructed a story about the Gnats dumping Key for his involvement in illegal and dishonest tax constructs – and it would have no basis in fact either – this generation of Gnats being crookeder than anything outside of prison, neither dishonesty nor tax cheating trouble them at all. But they trouble the public.

            Better that the MSM publish polls without comment and leave the speculative attacks to scum-sucking vermin like Farrar and Slater.

          • Stuart Munro

            I know that as a RWNJ you’re preternaturally stupid, but current technology doesn’t allow anyone to reach through and kick your worthless ass as yet.

        • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

          All this supposes that the poll is not a complete fabrication.

          Have a lie down.

          • Stuart Munro

            In the more than fifty years that I’ve been following NZ politics my landline has never been polled. Selective much? And who polices neutrality = no-one.
            There is a measurable political opportunity just lying there for any pollster unscrupulous enough to simply lie through their teeth.

          • reason

            Perhaps Key setting up NZ as a tax haven for rich criminals and other people just like himself has made him more popular in the polls ???????

            Or perhaps they were taken before the latest revelations about dishonest john and the type of laws he actually makes on our behalf.

            Personally I think key is walking on a tightrope made slippery with his own shit on this issue ……… I hope he does not slip 😉 .

            I also think that Mark Mitchell could be his next ‘go to expert’ and fill the role vacated by his other expert Mike Sabin.

            I see great things for national this term …………………..

      • sabine 5.2.3

        How sure are you that labour voters where asked and in which numbers.

        I had a look at the breakdown of the poll, and guess what it does state nowhere that the questions asked where answered by selfidentified labour/national/nzfirst/green voters, they were answered by voters. They might all have been National/ex conservative/exact/expeterdunneparty/exmaoriparty voters. you would actually not know.

        all the poll says is that of a sample of 1000 people polled on a landline on a monday 7% preferred Little. 39% said they preferred JK – that would have both of them down compared to the last poll and 10% said winston, a full 13% gave no answer.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.3

      And Little is saying he thinks the debate about the UBI is a likely factor in Labours drop.

      Nope, hasn’t been long enough and the majority in a NZHerald online poll of people actually supported it. Same as it hasn’t been long enough for National’s inaction and probable culpability on the Panama Paper to make a change.

      All of you who rushed to turn the UBI into a trojan horse for wealth re-distribution can take a bow.

      The UBI isn’t about wealth redistribution – capitalism is as it redistributes the nations wealth to the rich.

    • McFlock 5.4


      So the likely coalition of opposition parties is within a couple of percent of the government over a year out from the election, and nz1’s gains in the rural electorates seem to be pretty solid.

      But in most little tories I’ve known, a firm handshake and confident outlook is often used to compensate for actual achievement or skill. Nothing new, really.

      • The lost sheep 5.4.1

        The ‘likely’ opposition coalition is sitting on 38%, the current Govt. coalition 52%, and Winnie is 5% off the balance of power.

        I think you missed the bit last week where Winnie made it clear he was not part of any ‘opposition coalition’ McFlock.

        • McFlock

          just like how he said that the post-1996 election govt wouldn’t be a national government.

          And actually, he’s only 2% off the balance of power. I’m sure he’ll get that in rural votes after a few more months of fucked milk prices.

          He mightn’t be part of an ‘opposition coalition’ at the moment, the question is whether he’ll be part of a government coalition after the election. And he can see which way the wind is blowing, and it’s away from Key.

          But then, you’re a pointless mouthpiece sucking off the current regime, so whatever…

          • The lost sheep

            You have noted Winnie and Don Brashes recent romance McFlock?
            You are aware of his stance on Maori/Treaty issues?
            You have heard what he has said about the Greens financial policies?
            And you did get his firm denial last week that there would be any kind of shared platform between NZF and The Labour/Greens last week?

            And at this point he wouldn’t even be needed by JK…..
            If that’s a wind blowing against him, then that straw you are clutching must be a log.

            • McFlock

              What’s JK’s preferred pm rating again? 39%? Didn’t you bastards used to keep saying it was around 60%? Try that wind on for size. Or you can choose to focus solely on Labour’s results and pretend it’s a two-horse race.

              • The lost sheep

                At 50 to 28, and 39 to 7 it’s stretching it to call it a race at present McFlock.

                The Left are running the perfect race and JK is running into a strong headwind. What ever happens. Don’t change the plan.

                • Hanswurst

                  The relevant comparison isn’t between Key and Little, it’s between Key and the National party’s polling. The former, going by this poll, is at 39%, not enough to prop up the latter if it heads even slightly south. Key is no longer in a position to boost National’s polling greatly. His fortunes hold or crumble with those of the party, not the other way around. This poll is in the realms of “too close to call”, not a comfortable win for National.

                • McFlock

                  You’ve got an FPP IQ in an MMP environment, sheepie.

                  • The lost sheep

                    FPP would be another story altogether McFlock. Going by the electorate seats results at the last election, The Nats would be governing alone with a massive majority, and heading for the same situation next time around…..

                    That’s why I was a very early and energetic campaigner for the move to MMP.
                    At that stage I was convinced that MMP would destroy the Nat’s. If you’d told me then what the situation in 2016 would be I would have never believed it….

  6. burt 6

    There is still 28% that think unions taking money from low paid workers so highly paid Labour party politicians don’t need to spend their own money campaigning. Wow, lessons from history are completely ignored by that many people ?

    • Two straw men in the same sentence, burt. You’re on fire!

    • Halfcrown 6.2

      “Wow, lessons from history are completely ignored by that many people ?”

      You can say that again and that is why we are all suffering under this neo shit. Correction all except the 1%

      • The lost sheep 6.2.1

        We are all suffering except the 1% and that’s why 50% of us would vote for the Neo Libs Nats to stay in power, and another 35% would vote for parties that will only tinker slightly with the current paradigm.

        Think about it.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Yep, we’ve all been lied to for so long by the bludging, theiving rich that we’re don’t recognise the truth any more.

          • Paul

            The lost sheep certainly doesn’t.

            • The lost sheep

              It must be so frustrating to be one of the few who know the real truth, and yet not be able to open the eyes of the poor stupid masses who lack your powers of perception!

              What can be done in a world so full of easily deceived idiots eh?


  7. Ffloyd 7

    Honest John skewered by Guyon this morning. Honest John, preferred PM, riding high in the polls sounded like he was choking on his own tongue. Obviously lying through his teeth, his speech was virtually indecipherable. So he has had money in a blind trust in Singapore, divulged when questioned closely, with a nervous titter, but dodged any further questions in the same vein. All the rest……. don’t know, haven’t been advised, have to ask IRD, etc, etc. The man is a shameful horror.

    • b waghorn 7.1

      At least someone had a go at him henry came out from under the desk wiping his chin after his interview with key this am.

    • North 7.2

      It just doesn’t fly that we have a PM who so readily and repeatedly tells us that he knows nothing about so much. So what is it that he does know that he’s hiding ?

      • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 7.2.1

        He worked in Singapore. His employer had a super scheme. It is a trust. So, he has an interest in an off shore trust. But I’m not sure why we need to get excited about that.

        • Stuart Munro

          It’s Key’s MO – secret trusts and tax evasion are his hallmarks. You’re right there’s nothing to get excited about yet though – but it’s not because Key isn’t a crook, but because the proof hasn’t surfaced yet.

          Of course, as a far-right tr0ll, you’re comfortable with crimes of dishonesty, drug-dealing and paedophilia, but these are not qualities that most kiwis consider desirable in a leader.

          • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

            Secret trusts and tax evasion? Fuck are you talking about? He was part of his employer’s super scheme.

            • One Two

              Because the ’employer’ specializes in instruments which bankrupted entire nations

              The blind trust are where they hide the ill gotten gains being referred to as a ‘super scheme’

              It’s a scheme alright….

              Weak diversionary tactics…. best you phone in for backup

              • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

                No. Blind trusts are set up by politicians so that they do not know what their assets are invested in. In this way the decisions they make are not impacted by the assets they own.

                Why shouldn’t he participate in his employer’s super scheme? Is this rule going to be applied to everyone?

                • dv

                  No. Blind trusts are set up by politicians so that they do not know what their assets are invested in. In this way the decisions they make are not impacted by the assets they ow

                • dv

                  No. Blind trusts are set up by politicians so that they do not know what their assets are invested in. In this way the decisions they make are not impacted by the assets they own.

                  SO how can he say this

                  he had never used sheltering vehicles.

                  “I’m quite comfortable and very confident of my tax record,” he told Radio NZ.

          • Anne

            It’s Key’s MO – secret trusts and tax evasion are his hallmarks.

            Remember Mike Williams was tipped off a few years back about something dodgy involving Key and during the course of a visit to Aussie he did some digging. He didn’t find what he was looking for, but you can be sure there’s plenty of evidence of dodgy deals etc. somewhere. Sooner or later something is likely to emerge from the Panama Papers that will leave a clue as to the whereabouts of this evidence.

            If Labour want to prove they have what it takes they will throw everything at it when the time comes. Winston Peters owes much of his longevity to the Winebox papers. He never gave up, and I’m one of those who admired him for his tenacity. So, come on Labour… stop being shrinking violets and show some guts.

        • Kiwiri

          Hahaha. The Singapore employer’s super is a deliberate red herring that is meant to distract. JK offers that up and, well, of course, that will be found to be kosher but not others that will remain hidden and not disclosed.

    • Bearded Git 7.3

      Honest John-61% don’t want him as PM.

  8. Penny Bright 8

    More secret shares?

    Is UK Prime Minister David Cameron now mortally wounded and about to become a vulture picked-over political carcass?


    “David Cameron will have a humiliating public grilling

    Shamefaced David Cameron faces a public grilling over his personal tax affairs amid questions about a second secret stash of shares worth £72,000.

    The under-fire Prime Minister will make a humiliating statement to Parliament after his tax returns showed he secretly sold off another huge tranche of shares in 2010 alongside the £31,000 stake in his dad’s offshore fund.

    Downing Street is refusing to say which other investment funds or private firms the PM held a stake in – and if any more of them were based in dodgy tax havens.

    Penny Bright
    2016 Auckland Mayoral candidate.

  9. Whispering Kate 9

    On RNZ news this morning , the PM, when questioned about would he be prepared to declare his tax details to the public like David Cameron had just to let the people know he didn’t have any dodgy deals, he said “he certainly would not do that”. He has always tried to explain that the Government Spying Agency isn’t harmful if you have nothing to hide. Well, this explains it quite plainly, that the PM has tax matters that are dodgy and he does have something to hide. You can’t have a bob both ways. The whole situation stinks to high heaven and how on earth he still gets high ratings in the polls stinks too. They have to be rigged, nothing else for it. We may be stupid in NZ but nobody is that stupid that they could keep voting his popularity so highly, unless we are a nation of crooks and enjoy wallowing in the corruption that is going on. I just hope that the Government isn’t going to be the one to set the Terms of Reference for this “so called” enquiry the PM says he “may” set up. Beggars belief.

    • miravox 9.1

      He certainly will tell is his pissing in the shower habits but not his money habits. One of these things is not like the other…. nothing to hide, right?

      Although I reckon what he fears is the public reaction when the charity to which he donates his salary is revealed. He’ll have the other stuff covered.

    • Lanthanide 9.2

      It’s because it would show that either he hasn’t donated any of his salary to charity, or that he has and the charity is named “The National Party”.

    • Rosie 9.3

      The question of the PM’s potential dodgy tax free dealings could just turn into a side show of the bigger issue – NZ as a tax haven is HIS baby.

      Key changed the law to extend NZ as a tax haven

      He will always be able to fudge his way through an investigation into his own affairs but he should RESIGN for the major part he played in introducing a law that isn’t in the interest of NZer’s, and is harmful to the functioning of our society due to lost tax revenue.

      The poverty that tax dodgers create around the globe is criminal. Our PM is complicit in preventing tax funds going to the people that need it most. While poverty increases in NZ so does the wealth of those not paying tax in our country.

      Stand Down Key.

      And a song to go with it. Apologies for double posting

      • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 9.3.1

        Good to see Standardistas fighting the fights of the 1980s. Makies a change form the 1930s.

    • Justan Observer 9.4

      You lot are funny

    • left for dead 9.5

      That PM has become a colander with falling on his petard that many times, not much blood tho, is it human. 👿

  10. Sabine 10

    I would not pay to much attention to the polls, unless and until the pollster divulge how they achieved their results.

    If the government were to set up an inquiery into the shady dealings of NZ TaxHaven Inc. they would give it 5 days and announce they found nothing.

    Also my oracle tells me that a full 105% of the population will vote National next time around and until the Kingdom comes.

  11. Whispering Kate 11

    Nicky Hager, if you looking on please, we need you. Get in touch with that international consortium of journalists and start doing your thing. You have your notes and computer back, this country needs you badly right now. Keep safe.

    • Sabine 12.1

      The case is under strict name suppression……..MAINLY to protect the girls.

      it seems that someone at the NZ Herald is less then impressed?

      But to answer your question, props not.

      • saveNZ 12.1.1

        Very hard to get convictions for people who are well connected and above the law and with plenty of money for top lawyers.

        Not sure justice will be done here.

        poor girls.

    • Sabine 12.2


      don’t think so and i think the last line of the article gives it away.

      ‘The case is under strict name suppression MAINLY TO PROTECT THE GIRLS.
      Mainly….meaning also to protect the alleged offender, and any public body the prominent NZ’ler may work with?

    • Puckish Rogue 12.3

      If found guilty then I hope no more details of the offending and the victims is allowed plus I hope the offender is named

      If found not guilty then all details of everyone involved should be suppressed

      • Stuart Munro 12.3.1

        In Scottish law they have a verdict of ‘not proven’. This indicates that ‘we know very well you’ve done something, but the evidence is insufficient thus far’. NZ culture is more Scots descended than English.

        • pat

          have always liked that quirk of Scottish law

        • Puckish Rogue

          I would like to see that brought in here, I get the feeling a lot of not guilty types would find themselves not proven instead…David Bain for example

          • Stuart Munro

            Bain – the police involved should be sacked they screwed up so badly – There’s a precedent in NZ law about circumstatial evidence that should be taken as disproved when there’s an abundance of physical evidence that fails to support the case. Christchurch creche thing was probably worse in terms of actual lack of evidence.

            • Puckish Rogue

              Yes. Peter Ellis deserves compensation and an apology, hes been let down horribly by National and Labour.

            • gsays

              hang on stuart..
              “the police involved should be sacked they screwed up so badly “,
              you aren’t suggesting that violence travel up the hierarchy, are you?

              as happens time and time again, responsibility isn’t for the rich or powerful.

              • Stuart Munro

                Competence issues.

                Can’t leave them in their jobs if they can’t manage a crime scene.

    • lprent 12.4

      Depends on if permanent name suppression is sort and granted. That probably depends on how the jury rule, the sentence, and if leave for appeal is requested.

  12. adam 13

    What the bet this won’t be on the evening news.


    And if it is, the spin and lies will be so profound as to make the story meaningless.

    Wait, here comes The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell to spin it before then.

  13. Key to Parliament: We will wait to join international coalition on trusts
    Woodhouse to media: We will wait to join international coalition on trusts
    Key to RNZ: We may appoint an independent expert
    hmm…….backdown? For Key and Cameron a week in politics is….
    Perhaps we could also look at other trusts, like say Aldgate & Whitechapel.

  14. The Chairman 15

    I merely asked a couple of questions.

    Here’s another, why did Labour oppose it?

    [BLiP: More derail – moved to Open Mike]

    • dv 15.1

      Here’s another, why did Labour oppose it?

      Do we have to explain every thing to you!!!!

      Labour opposed it because they were for it.

  15. Justan Observer 16

    So …
    No comments about the latest Poll ???

    • Puckish Rogue 16.1


      Don’t worry I’ll do it for them:

      The only poll that counts is on election day

      This poll only takes in landline phones/mobile phones/computers therefore poor people are excluded from the poll

      The media is in the pay of National


      Soon the people of NZ will understand that John Key is the spawn of Satan

      The missing million

      Winston Peters is in a coalition of the left

      and best of all…the right fear Andrew Little

      • Stuart Munro 16.1.1

        The Right do fear Little – even now Key and Donghwa Liu will be cooking up some piece of tripe for their MSM toadies to stick on Little like the Liu letter on Cunliffe.

        We should prepare something similarly discrediting for the traitor Key – if his trusts don’t provide conclusive evidence of criminality before the election.

      • Reddelusion 16.1.2

        You forgot all it needs is for labour to go far left and then all those flexible center voters will go with them as they just don’t want national lite, likewise the missing million will get out to vote, The CV and Paul doctrine

        • Stuart Munro

          Not true at all – Labour only needs to return to the centre – where the moderate centrists like Bernie Sanders, Paul Krugman and Robert Reich are.

          I still think we should have a few far lefties though, to put the fear of God and gulags into career criminals like Key, Shipley, Talley and yourself. With greater roles, greater responsibilities – Stealing public assets is ample reason to incarcerate an MP for life without parole.

  16. The Chairman 17

    Must of missed it. The post is rather long, thus I asked a couple of questions.

    It has nothing to do with Labour not having the numbers. It was in regards to Labour making National aware of this very concern.

    If they did, then National was aware, but allowed the change regardless.

    And this is the crux of it if you want to successfully pin the blame on them.

    [BLiP: More derail – moved to Open Mike]

    • pat 17.1

      National have previously been informed by both the IRD working party AND were also warned in the OECD report in 2013…..but obviously saw no need to heed that advice as things were operating exactly as intended

      • The Chairman 17.1.1

        Well if that is the case and National were fully aware of the consequence, then National are to blame.

        • Colonial Viper

          It’s the 0.1% serving the interests of the 0.1%.

          People are acting as if this is historically unusual or surprising.

    • The Chairman 17.2

      Really, BLiP?

      Play fair.

  17. The Chairman 18

    “Labour opposed it because they were for it?”

    Why would they oppose it if they were for it?

    Now try explaining that.

    [BLiP: Attempted derail – moved to Open Mike]

  18. joe90 19

    Scalps so far –

    Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson

    President of Transparency Chile Gonzalo Delaveu

    CEO of Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg Michael Grahammer (Austria)

    FIFA Ethics Committee Member Juan Pedro Damiani (Uruguay)

    BN AMRO Bank Board Member Bert Meerstadt (Netherlands)

    • One Two 19.1

      How many Americans have been exposed so far ?

      • Anne 19.1.1

        Its been reported that there are unlikely to be many Americans who have used this Panamanian law firm because they have plenty of dodgy companies of their own they can use.

      • joe90 19.1.2

        Perhaps, given the history, Americans think stashing their ill-gotten gains in a Central American country isn’t a particularly good idea.

        And a tax treaty.


        And this.

        Mathew Ingram Verified account

        Editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung responded to the lack of U.S. individuals in the documents, saying “Just wait for what is coming next”

        • Incognito

          Intriguing; I wonder whether it has anything to do with the US Presidential Elections – in politics timing is everything.

    • Rosie 19.2

      When do we get Key’s scalp – for his role in setting up NZ in 2011 as a tax haven?

  19. The Chairman 20

    “Labour voted against it. Seems pretty straightforward to me.”

    On what grounds did they oppose it?

    BLiP: Attempted derail – moved to Open Mike

    [lprent: Banned 2 weeks for persistent attempts to run diversions on a post. ]

    • The Chairman 20.1

      No. It wasn’t, BLiP.

      The grounds on which Labour opposed it was the crux of the discussion.

      Was it on the grounds that it would make NZ a tax haven? Thus, making National aware of this?

  20. Labour_Voter 21

    Yes, ask the hard questions mate. If hoping some how linking John Key to Panama papers is Labour’s winning strategy, I can’t see Labour returning to power for at least another two terms. This is the kind of attitude, tax and spend policies have driven former Labour voters like me away from Labour. Still they won’t learn and that is the sad part.

    [BLiP: Concern trolling – plus assuming that The Standard is involved in Labour’s strategy. VERY close to a ban. Moved to Open Mike.]

    [lprent: Add your handle in some form when moderatimg please. Good call otherwise. This twerp ticks all of the boxes for a stupid concern troll. Personally I’d have just banned him/her for their parrot stupidity. ]

    • RedLogix 21.1

      This is the kind of attitude, tax and spend policies have driven former Labour voters like me away from Labour.

      Nope .. you’re a National party voter. They’re the natural home of sociopaths who parasite on the ‘tax and spend’ the rest of us normal people are happy to pay as the price of ‘civilisation’.

    • Draco T Bastard 22.1


      The rich are only rich because they constantly steal from everyone else.

      • Reddelusion 22.1.1

        That’s a lie

        • Draco T Bastard

          No, it’s not as all the evidence shows.

          That’s what the Panama Papers are – proof of theft by the rich. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

          Being rich is, essentially, proof that you’re a thief.

          See, I actually know how to become rich and it’s got nothing to do with me working hard and everything to do with me taking from as many people as possible. It comes down to the saying: A little bit here, a little bit there and pretty soon your talking serious money.

          The rich steal little amounts from everyone to become rich. We used to call it usury and banned it but the powerful bribed the pope to allow it back a few centuries ago and now we’ve got a society that based almost entirely around theft.

          • Puckish Rogue

            This has to be the funniest comment of the day (sorry Adam)

            “See, I actually know how to become rich and it’s got nothing to do with me working hard and everything to do with me taking from as many people as possible.”


            • Draco T Bastard

              Understood, you understand what I said and, because you can’t argue with it, revert to standard RWNJ ad hominem.

  21. Puckish Rogue 23


    Rodney Hide on fire:

    Now Helen Clark has teamed up with Key for her tilt at the UN’s top job.

    That must rankle.

    It’s not just Key endorsing Clark. It’s Clark endorsing Key. They are now a team who talk and strategize. They are Richie McCaw and Dan Carter after the top prize.

    Labour under Clark was disciplined, cohesive and competent. Labour under Clark won three elections and the trust of middle voters. Little is the fourth Labour leader since her departure and the party still lacks the drive and traction she provided. Labour appears unfit for Opposition, let alone Government.

    That last line by itself is gold: Labour appears unfit for Opposition, let alone Government.

    • RedLogix 23.1

      This from the same man who used to attack Helen Clark as a she-devil intent on destroying democracy in this country.

      As my partner says, “Give that man a microphone, he’s so funny”.

    • fender 23.2

      A link to a Rodney Hide load of dribble!

      No more credible than your usual whalespew link, drunkish.

      • Puckish Rogue 23.2.1

        No no I assure you that is a link to a proper Rodney Hide article

      • adam 23.2.2

        Careful fender, Puckish Rogue loves rolling around in his own mud.

        The fact of the matter is it’s been a bad few weeks for this national government, and the only option the have is to lie. And of course they will reach for the big lie.

        Funny I don’t know anyone who takes rodney hide seriously after his abuse of the public purse.

        And truly odd, that act party hacks taking the led, must be the national party know they can’t front anything – otherwise they will look like the lying cretonnes they are.

        • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

          it’s been a bad few weeks for this national government

          And yet they lead the opposition by more than they did at the same point in their second term.

          • adam

            Oh look, we have a PM who lies, and PM who likes to pull young women hair,a national party that lost a referendum, a national party who reaches for corporate money, a national party who aids and abets criminals. A national party who is happy to rip apart this country for power. A national party who are happy to keep on hurting the poor.

            But I’m wrong, because you can produce a poll of people – who will vote.

            Grow up The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell, it’s like talking to a two year old. The world is a bit more complex that your one liners.

            Keep up the sneering, the smugness and the putting down of all who question that the self interested in this country do not speak for us all.

            Keep believing that creating a divided nation is good for your children, and your children’s children.

            If the polls mean anything – that to many of the people who support this national government, are self interested and self absorbed to the point of being amoral. Or let me put that in much simpler terms.

            To many people who support this national government are but the tools of the deceiver.

            • Nessalt

              So much irony in one comment there adam. you spouted off seven one-liners, then told ole gormy to grow up and not spout one-liners, Then spouted off 5 more one line slogans.

              learn the difference between to and too as well, it makes reading your gibberish more painful than it needs to be.

        • Puckish Rogue

          Yes absolutely Labour is going well and National is doing poorly (according to Labours internal polls which are never, ever published) so whatever you do not change what Labour is doing.

          Andrew Little just needs some more time for the voters to get to know him…


          • adam

            If nothing else works, again with the big lie ah Puckish Rogue. Everyone one on the standard is a labour party supporter.

            Grow up.

            The opposition is made up of a few parties, just in case you missed what a parliament looks like in M.M.P democracy.

            So in the real world, the opposition is not just labour, and the next PM may not be the leader of the labour party.

            I’m a lefty who says you and your ilk can’t stop lying and face the hard truth. You have lost the support of the majority of the population, and that was a while ago. The labour party have not picked up that support, and as an anti-authoritarian democrat I’m happy about that also.

            It’s not a world of your simplistic spun duality Puckish Rogue, and when ever you grow up and face that reality – I look forward to having an adult discussion.

            • Puckish Rogue

              “If nothing else works, again with the big lie ah Puckish Rogue.”

              – You don’t quite seem to grasp that , for John Key, it is working, it is working, really, really well.

              “The opposition is made up of a few parties, just in case you missed what a parliament looks like in M.M.P democracy.”

              – Yes, the parties that have let John Key win three elections so far and looking good for a fourth

              “So in the real world, the opposition is not just labour, and the next PM may not be the leader of the labour party.”

              – NZ under MMP is still strongly influenced by FFP thinking and if Labour ever want a sniff of power then they need to well above 30% come election time otherwise they’re going to be subjected to the will and whim of Winston Peters

              “I’m a lefty who says you and your ilk can’t stop lying and face the hard truth. You have lost the support of the majority of the population, and that was a while ago. The labour party have not picked up that support, and as an anti-authoritarian democrat I’m happy about that also”

              – I can say that until John Keys lose an election then the majority do support him

              “It’s not a world of your simplistic spun duality Puckish Rogue, and when ever you grow up and face that reality – I look forward to having an adult discussion.”

              – That you seem incapable of understanding the political realities of NZ leads me to suggest that: pot, kettle, black

              • adam

                – I can say that until John Keys lose an election then the majority do support him

                That is a lie. Out right, are you saying that every one not voting supports this national government?

                – That you seem incapable of understanding the political realities of NZ leads me to suggest that: pot, kettle, black

                Thanks for proving my point

                – You don’t quite seem to grasp that , for John Key, it is working, it is working, really, really well.

                So you are happy for our society being destroyed, and the poor being ground down. And the culture of greed and naval gazing wins.

                But again, you frame things to suit yourself. And don’t answer my questions so are you working for the deceiver? Or do you just worship him?

                – NZ under MMP is still strongly influenced by FFP thinking and if Labour ever want a sniff of power then they need to well above 30% come election time otherwise they’re going to be subjected to the will and whim of Winston Peter

                What does the sentence even mean? Gibberish or a new lie?

                • BM

                  That is a lie. Out right, are you saying that every one not voting supports this national government?
                  It’s a vote for the status quo, otherwise you’d be out voting.

                  • framu

                    if not voting is a vote for the status quo why do the nats chase reducing voter turnout as a strategy?

                    no one – you me or anyone else, can claim to know why someone didnt vote or what that means

                    • Puckish Rogue

                      Well apparently the missing million voters didn’t vote because Labour aren’t left enough… 🙂

                    • adam

                      Puckish Rogue, again with the lies. Let me remind you again, this is not a labour party web site.

                    • Puckish Rogue

                      Thanks Adam I hadn’t noticed that 🙂

                  • adam

                    I call BS BM

      • Gangnam Style 23.2.3

        Check out the comments fender, pretty much all call out Rodney Hydes BS. I didn’t bother reading the Hyde piece, why would I bother.

  22. joe90 24


    There’s one other little Mossack Fonseca connection in New Zealand, not obviously connected to foreign trusts, that will get special attention in a forthcoming post.


  23. adam 25

    OK, this has happened, and yes the rich have found another free ride.

    BUT, and I’m going to say this till I’m blue in the face, we know the economic system is corrupt, stop talking about it and organise!

    Who cares, seriously, bigger fish to fry, and other things to get done. This is just another distraction from the facts:

    People are homeless

    The poor, if housed are sleeping on the floor

    This economic system is destroying our world

    Disabled people are dying needless deaths

    Wages are flat-lining

    The lowest 25% pay the most tax, relativity

    Regressive taxation is evil and anyone who supports it, is in the service of the deceiver

    Poverty is growing

    The rich are never satisfied with their wealth, and always want more.

    This list could go on, and I’m sure people can add to it.

    The reality is, the Tory scum hate the poor, and love the rich. How many times do you need to be told this?

    Keep the message simple. This national government enables criminals and the already rich to hide their money. News flash we already knew this!

    So stop going over and over on the blame game – get out there and organise!

    [BLiP: Off Topic comment now turning into derail. Moved to Open Mike.]

    • saveNZ 25.1

      @Adam – in order to redistribute wealth we need to get the super rich to pay their share. This is very important stuff. If the left keep going after the declining middle class for taxes then they start voting right. By identifying that the super rich and in particular foreign super rich and/or criminals are using our laws to hide money under a law Key directly passed himself, then it does two things.

      1/ identifies Key is one who is for the 0.001% and to help foreigners hide money in NZ
      2/ Finds unpaid taxes from the super rich 0.001% and then can redistribute back to ripped off Kiwis.

      How about a Law, like for drugs where those found profiting from their ill gotten gains gets all their assets seized by the government? Would love to see Key and co’s wealth given back to the people he stole it from.

      At least we can pretty much guarantee that Little, Cunliffe, Turei and Shaw will not have foreign ‘trusts’ and tax havens in their past! They are honest politicians!

      Don’t think we can say that from Key, Mitchell and Collins and probably most of the rest of the National party.

      • adam 25.1.1

        So saveNZ, getting back to what I said – can I ask what you are doing to organise people to either be opposed to this? Or are you organising something else, part of anything else?

        I agree, it’s happening in NZ, and this national government have become overt enablers. It happen else were, but quite frankly I’m more interested in people’s needs. Like beds, food and healthy roof over their heads. I find this a distraction, we should let legal minds fight out. Whilst we work on improving things.

    • Puckish Rogue 25.2

      “The reality is, the Tory scum hate the poor, and love the rich. How many times do you need to be told this? ”

      Yeah I think you’ll find that the majority of NZers that voted National aren’t Tory scum that hate the poor and wouldn’t like being labelled like that

      • McFlock 25.2.1

        Let’s see, 36% of NZers voted for national, half of that is 18%… you reckon that we have a government like this even though the proportion of tory scum in NZ is less than one in five?

        Fairly bleak worldview, that – we’re all slaves to the most manipulative, sociopathic, small-minded fifth of the nation…

        • Puckish Rogue

          You’ve convinced me with your argument, you should contact all left wing MPs to get the message out and tell it to all that:National voters are poor-hating tory scum

          It’ll cause a huge upswing in the polls for the left for sure

          • McFlock

            Hey, I was just following your math.

            Personally, I reckon only about a quarter or a third of the country are fuckwits, but at least that means that our system is vaguely democratic. You’re the one who argued that we have a tax-haven-making, waterway-shitting, resource-stripping, carbon-puking, poverty-bludgeoning government of sociopaths and [details suppressed by the courts] despite the majority of people who voted for those pricks being quite nice and normal.

            • Puckish Rogue

              That might be a better message to give to the media just so the left don’t come across as too unhinged:

              “I reckon only about a quarter or a third of the country are fuckwits”

              • adam

                Just using you as the template 😉

              • McFlock

                Tell you what: if the nats campaigned honestly on their policies of stripping NZ resources for sale overseas, watching NZers die young, and leaving what remains as a toxic wasteland, then the Left should campaign on the slogan that anyone who votes for the nats is a selfish, stupid piece of shit.

                I’ve no idea what the polls would be, but at least the only bullshit will be in our waterways if you pricks win again.

      • adam 25.2.2

        Poor Puckish Rogue, do you not like being called a Tory scum bag. Who has no empathy, nor any compassion.

        And you are lying again Puckish Rouge, where is that majority of New Zealanders who voted Tory? I see no overwhelming Tory mandate by society.

        Tory is what Tory is Puckish Rouge, I can’t be held responsible for the utter lack of humanity, or just plan decency of the people they elect. That when you hurt people by being ideologically rigid – I get to call you scum.

        But go on, no doubt you will frame the debate away again…

        Here we go, oh wait Labour did it too…

        And yes they did.

        • Puckish Rogue

          I’m convinced by your argument, you just need to get the message out to the rest of NZ telling all National voters that

          Its a sure fire vote winner 🙂

  24. Bea Brown 26

    Last week I observed John Key on a visit to Hamilton where he spent time in a very posh retirement home.
    The interesting part of the visit to me was the reception he got from the cleaning, catering and carer staff. It ranged from delighted to rapturous, with one of the carers giving him a hug before he left.
    Key made a point of talking with the cleaners and cooks showing what seemed like genuine interest and friendliness and patiently posed for selfies.
    It was a bit like a visit from a rock star.
    What is the secret of his appeal? When he left everyone was smiling and excitedly telling about what he had said to them.

    • BLiP 26.1

      Hahahahahahaha!! Good one.

      • greywarshark 26.1.1

        I consider the Hawthorne effect may have a bearing on this. While various summaries of it differ, I think its main results arise from the aspect of having friendly interest taken in people who are workers in unrewarding jobs. This interest gives them pleasure and a rare feeling of respect and affirmation and is received enthusiastically.

        Google heading –
        What is Hawthorne effect? definition and meaning
        Definition of Hawthorne effect: Observation that employee motivation is affected as much or more by recognition and show of concern, as it is by improvements in …

        • BLiP

          You’re assuming Bea Brown’s anecdote is true but, just for fun, lets assume it might be. In that case, I tend to agree; it will be some sort of manifestation of social ill-ease rather than any kind of display of affection or respect for John Key. It might even be as simple as the staff enjoying a few moments away from their duties, a brief respite from the drudgery of their zero-hour minimum-wage situation.

      • left for dead 26.1.2

        Hahahaha, that is a worrie, Hey Bea did you have your hand out as well, count all your fingers.

      • Puckish Rogue 26.1.3

        You think that’s funny? You’ll love this then: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/201/04/latest_poll-36.html

        Its a real hoot:

        It is almost half way through National’s third term, so it is useful to compare it to the same poll halfway through National’s second term.

        In April 2013 National was at 43% and Labour 36% – a 7% gap.

        In April 2016 National is at 50% and Labour 28% – a 22% gap.

        This is the lowest Labour has been since the election, and also the highest National has been. And taken after the flag referendum which Labour were convinced would damage National, so they opposed change against their own policy. Nice outcome guys.

        Key Little is also at 7% Preferred Prime Minister. This is the lowest for a Labour Leader since May 2010. He is now 3% behind Peters.

        Labour said in December 2014 their aim was to be polling at 40% by the end of 2015. It’s April 2016 and they’re in the 20s.

        If I was a Labour MP, I’d be asking what exactly do they think will change in the next 18 months, so it isn’t a repeat of the last 18 months?

        • adam

          This is the third time today you have harped on about polls. Really, who cares. Only one poll counts, and yes your mob won the last one.

          But in the mean time they don’t mean jack. Unless the Tory scum are on the ropes, then you and you ilk come on here, and write post after post, saying how wonderful Key is because of some poll. Forget, the flag loss, forget poverty, forget enabling criminals. It’s all about a bloody poll.

          Polls are to the public relations spin doctors like yourself, just another avenue to make stuff up, and do what you do best, lie.

          • Puckish Rogue

            The last three ones you mean 🙂 actually the ones who do come on here are quite consistent, we come on here when Nationals up and when Labours down and vice versa

            For the last 8 years its mostly been the former of course

            • adam

              Wow, can’t give the PR consultant Puckish Rogue an inch ah, or they will winge a mile.

              And let me repeat, this is not a labour party web site, and are you that dumb you can’t see the difference?

              I mean all day, and for some time now, the way you talk it’s all about labour and national. Are you that stupid, or do you not understand the left is a bit more divergent than that?

              We get you are a part of a group who lies. Thanks Frank for the great article by the way.


              let alone the other lie it has been caught out on.

              Key changed the law to extend NZ as a tax haven

              or would you like me to link BLiP as well, or are you old enough to do a Google search?

              • Puckish Rogue

                Ahh Adam I admire the way you ignore the difficult (ie Labour sucks and Labours the largest left wing party in NZ so when they suck it makes it harder overall for the left to gain power in an MMP environment) and instead focus on the less important

                Keep up the good work comrade 🙂

                • adam

                  Wow, so you almost get that this is not a labour web site.

                  P.S. comrade is for authoritarian swindlers – you one of them?

                  • Puckish Rogue

                    Just trying to fit in with all the other good socialists 🙂


                    • adam

                      You know the listener just had a piece expounding the virtues of eugenics recently? It is a magazine which these days is just odd. And that is the nicest thing I can say for it.

                    • reason

                      Puckish Rogue with his war fetish, his stereotype debasement and indifference to refugees, and his hard line support for the drug Alcohol is a keyboard warrior of the worst type.

                      When I look at what he supports with all its misery, damage and death I rate him on par with a pedophile….. I may get a ban for this statement but it is a 100% honest assessment of the regard I hold him in……. based on his own posting history that I have read.

                      Him gloating over a poll is the least of his sins but typical of his personality .

                      Everyone can enjoy the fact they are not a puckish rouge …..

                      Although BM and others do try to be as gross, idiotic and dishonest on occasion ………………..

                      I think they come to The Standard because they like being annoying arseholes and their sort are a dime a dozen over at kiwisewer or whalesoil so they don’t stand out there.

            • Paul

              Do you know how boring you sound?

    • fender 26.2

      It must mean they’re happy to receive slave-labour hourly rates and don’t mind missing the concert so long as the lead singer pretends to like them.

    • Sabine 26.3

      And that was not televised?

      Dang you would think that such outpouring of love and admiration of dear leader is captured on film (or what ever the digital equivalent) and shown to the fawning masses on telly, and printmedia

      Question: Was an appropriate amount of roses, undies and ponytails thrown at the stage?

    • Gabby 26.4

      It was gratitude for being allowed into the country.

  25. joe90 27

    The sewer seems to be morphing into a white supremacist site with commenters linking to the reactionary musings from the alt-right touting race realism.

  26. Bea Brown 28

    It is true and could easily be verified. I was a bystander with no involvement at all.
    Don’t we want to know the secret of his appeal?
    The carer who hugged Key was almost in tears, he was so happy and overcome. It was moving to see his emotion.
    I don’t think we can keep on saying these people are stupid, dumb slaves.
    Even in Dubai last year a hotel chef told me when he found out I was a NZer that our PM John Key had stayed there and he had gone out of his way to speak to many of the staff who looked after him and everyone liked him. This was far away from NZ and any political pay-off.
    Until we understand Key’s appeal, we cannot possibly defeat him.
    Hurling insults at me or him or one another gets us nowhere.

    • joe90 28.1

      he was so happy and overcome.

      Are you sure pony boy didn’t mistake him for a child and pull his hair?.

    • BLiP 28.2

      Hahahahahaha . . . tell me about the time when he walked on the surface of Lake Taupo to rescue the drowning kitten . . . gets me every time.

  27. North 29

    Not the usual complement of mouthy right wing trolls out today. Don’t tell me even their poxified morality is offended.

    [BLiP: Off topic. Moved to Open Mike. Been trying to reduce the clutter in that important post so, just to be consistent, here you are.]

  28. ianmac 30

    Most unusual. The Herald online is publishing heaps of stuff about murders, sport, Labour and the poll etc. But surprisingly, there is nothing that I can see about Panama, Trusts or Key blustering around. S’pect the Key edict to CEO is drop it!
    Except for Mike Hoskings Radio live interview.

    • BLiP 30.1

      Unbelievable. Had to check for myself. On the site’s front page, click-bait about Posh Spice’s thighs merits a higher ranking than any political story.

    • Magisterium 30.2

      The fix is in.

  29. starboard 31

    yes..its all John Keys fault……………………………

    [BLiP: Troll clutter. Moved to Open Mike. First and last warning]

  30. Draco T Bastard 32

    A history of NZ money

    New Zealand has had an official currency for about 160 years. Here is a brief history of our notes and coins.

    Very brief but thankfully the rugby player didn’t make it on to the coins. I do like the marlin though.

  31. Whispering Kate 34

    Bea, some people have an uncanny knack of walking the walk and talking the talk, Clinton was another one who had smooze oozing out of him. Its automatic to them but its hardly a sacrifice what they are doing, nothing these people do is out of the goodness of their hearts, believe me there is motive behind it. It’s not in their DNA to actually do good things and not expect payment of some kind. The PM from the moment he wakes up is “playing to the crowds” – he adores admiration, sucks it up like a neglected child, ever see him walking the Matakana Markets – he is like royalty itself, waving and smiling – its his life blood – he needs it like oxygen. He is a Leo for God’s sake – look up what their personality is like – they have to be the centre of attention to survive, pity his poor missus is I what I say – how she fits in his life I have no idea.

    But, he is as cunning as a weasel and lies like a stoat, everything he does has motive behind it – he desperately needs a legacy, he couldn’t survive without having good things written about him in history books – he is an attention seeker and a fraud. A hollow man, the poor sods in the retirement home probably thought he was a super star. They wouldn’t have a bloody clue what he gets up to. Very sad really, they probably all live in rented homes, on low wage rates and long hours and up to their hocks in debt, slaving away with difficult clients to manhandle into bed each night. Be sorry for them they don’t know any better. He has nothing to show for his life’s work so far whatever the adoring crowds think of him and he is dangerous to our country.

    The higher they elevate the greater they fall – it never fails.

    • Rosie 34.1

      Can we please ease up on the Leo’s Kate? Not all of us are narcissists. 🙂

      • Whispering Kate 34.1.1

        Apologies Rosie, but some Leo’s certainly like being the centre of attention, I have known a few of them in my life time. Social animals and crave attention – you may be the exception so once again apologies.

        • Rosie

          Lols, no apologies. I don’t think I’m in on the astrology anyway. According the zodiac map at the Aotearoa Henge in Carterton there are 13 signs, not 12. The designers of the henge believe we’re a bit off with our astrological signs.


          fwiw, Bill Clinton is a Leo………….!

  32. Sabine 35


    The poll in question. Frankly i don’t know what the excitement is about. 1000 people were polled. Not really a huge sample. And again only People with Landline got the pleasure to answer. Most of the phone calls were conducted on a Monday, so I would guess that a lot of working age people were not the ones that answered. Which makes this sample of the NZ public a very small segment of the population.

    National as a Party is up, but then all their allies are down. These voters are not likely to swing to Labour in the first place, and I think that the ACT/Conservatives/Peter Dunne Party (as far as mentioned in the Poll still at 1%) voters have to go somewhere. I am not venturing a guess with the Maori Party(also at 1%) members, as I can see them spread throughout the political landscape should/if/when they desert what is currently the Maori Party.

    However John Key, Dear leader is down a 1%.

    And up – are the undecided/confused/wont answer by 2%, now up to thirteen.

    So for those that want to say that John Key is at 50% approval, sorry he ain’t. The National Party is, he is at 39%.

    I also have an issue with only Landline polling as about 20-25% of the population by now would only use Mobile. (the consensus stated somewhere 80+% use of landline in 2013 and the trend is decreasing Landline use). Only calling Landline also has a fair chance of over polling a certain segment of the population, mainly those with properties owned, older and generally speaking more conservative vs Mobile phones only use seem to indicate a younger and a more transient population).

    Consider as well the sampling error +-3 and frankly this poll is where the last one was.
    National not moving, Labour/Greens/NZfirst shifting – especially that the same poll last month had the Greens at -4%. Are we really to believe that the Greens would just shave 4% of its voter base from one month to the next? Cause the Green Voters that I know are rather committed and would not switch to another party.

    So as i said elsewhere, i need more meat on my poll. This one is the same as the last one. But it delivered the Headline needed, namely that the Flag Change did not affect the PM. How convenient for the cowardly run away PM – holidaying in Hawaii is so much more pleasant then to to answer any question re the Flag Change, the money squandered, the opportunities squandered.

    Really, not worth the fear of those that despair with John Key and not worth the elation of the John Key 101st keyboard brigade.

    • Planet Earth 35.1

      Quite right Sabine – with NewFlag polling 43% and Labour polling 28%, you definitely need more meat on your pole.

    • Reddelusion 35.2

      All is well with labour Sabine, you keep believing that

      • sabine 35.2.1

        actually no, there are a lot of things that not well with labour, and i know that.

        but i will not pull my hair, clutch my pearls and bang my head for a poll that is essentially meaning less without a bit more information.

        And considering that we have people here complaining about lack of information either way, either the media is too liberal or it is too rightwing, make of that what you want, i think we can all agree that having good information is something we all value.

        So no I am not going tp bury my head in the sand just because there is another poll that buries the Labour party.

        What you guys forget in all of that is that Labour alone will not form a government. Full stop. Right here. And you know what, it does not have too either. Welcome to the World of MMP were one or several parties can form a government.

        All Labour has to do is stay steady, develop some good policies, and form a working and functioning coalition with the other opposition parties and a victory for National might not be so casually gained.

        To me the poll results are such where National has to have a huge majority as it seems it has lost all its coalition partners for 2017. Having your supportive parties trending at 1% simply can’t be good. And while 36% are form him, 64% are against him. An uphill battle you may say. 🙂

        All the while Labour, The Greens, NZFirst and maybe even the Maori Party could very well work out a coalition / support agreement and form a decent enough government.

        And for me that is good enough. I rather have a left/centre left coalition government than another several years of the gruel we are having currently.

  33. Smilin 36

    Winston calls for a royal commission on the foreign trusts but we get from Key ,one man as competent as he may be, the point is that govts since 1988 are responsible for this .Therefore a royal commission should be called to do this job .For one reason so we can watch the amount of money all this is going to cost but I fear Key has eroded the powers of royal commissions since he has been PM, ie I believe there is enough in Dirty politics to warrant a royal commission but we didnt get that. Key is always finding ways to short circuit in depth inquiries that will tie up his govts speedball processes but its ok to waste shit loads of time on a fuckin flag change

  34. Nick 37

    They’re all in on it…. https://youtu.be/dMB3hyu0Pek

  35. gsays 38

    while i am here, gotta say, love the improvements, the quality of the posts and the less tolerant moderating.

    keep up the good work.

    • Paul 38.1

      Yes and I’d have given Pr the red card for repetitive and dull comments about polls.

  36. Jenny 39

    Mr Key told media , he was totally 100 per cent confident that his tax affairs are absolutely, and totally secret.


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