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Open mike 12/06/2014

Written By: - Date published: 6:45 am, June 12th, 2014 - 109 comments
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109 comments on “Open mike 12/06/2014 ”

  1. (just found this one..)

    “..The top 10 feminist books..”

    ..Eleanor Marx’s biographer Rachel Holmes –

    • picks works from Jeanette Winterson – to George Bernard Shaw –
    • that address ‘the greatest global injustice’..”



    • Chooky 1.1

      thanks …interesting! ( I have a friend who is writing a book on Joan of Arc….Joan of Arc was really a very great feminist )….and good point that there have been feminists throughout the ages

      i want to see an International Feminist Party …like the Green party ….now that would really change the world!

  2. (a major breakthrough in america..)


    “..Attorney General Holder Just Took a Big Step To Help Prisoners of America’s War on Drugs..”
    Posted on 12/6/2014 by admin

    “..The Attorney General is urging the U.S. Sentencing Commission to let some people serving excessive sentences for nonviolent drug crimes –

    • get out of prison early..”



  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Looks like it’s going to be a warm year with El Nino predicted:

    The latest El Niño prediction comes from the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), which is considered one the most reliable of the 15 or so prediction centres around the world. “It is very much odds-on for an event,” said Tim Stockdale, principal scientist at ECMWF, who said 90% of their scenarios now deliver an El Niño. “The amount of warm water in the Pacific is now significant, perhaps the biggest since the 1997-98 event.” That El Niño was the biggest in a century, producing the hottest year on record at the time and major global impacts, including a mass die-off of corals.

    If it hits, and India is already 40% down on expected monsoon rains, then we can expect another year of record temperatures.

    • vto 3.1

      Yep and farmers crying drought, when it will be just another cyclical movement in weather patterns and not a drought at all – except relative to their unnatural expectations.

      Will be a glorious summer in the Hauraki Gulf though so get the boat ready ….

    • lprent 3.2

      Yeah, looks like a significiant el nino this year, next year, and possibly on to the year afterwards. Looks to me like the idiot deniers with their predilection for selective timescales will have to start a new base line.

      The image is the link to a explanation.

      • Poission 3.2.1

        Large el ninos tend to occur (counter intuitively) when solar forcing is minimal,or perturbed due to large volcanic excursions ie it has a chemistry mechanism by a decrease in stratospheric O3.

        This in turn creates enhanced polar vortex ( north and south pole) which decreases heat transport to the poles due to the jetstreams being transport barriers.


        • lprent

          Yeah but there are many effects influencing its triggering and a lot of it is still in the “to be proven” basket because of lack of data.

          Effectively it is a shift in the positioning of winter storms and its effect on the winds powering the movement of surface warm ocean water in the pacific. The effect is that a burst of heat comes from the oceans into the atmosphere with the inevitable downstream effects on weather.

          But the interesting factor (to me anyway) is so much the triggering as the reasons for the severity and duration. Since the 1970s, there has been the increasing severity and durations of the el nino/la nina events. That is a factor may be driven largely by how warm or cold the surface ocean water gets when these events happen.

          Most of the climate models indicate that having more energy buffered in the oceans from overall global warming is likely to make them much more severe and longer. The general weather data over the last 50 years tends to agree with those models. The problem is that at present is that there wasn’t much data stored about surface water temperatures and thermoclines before the last couple of decades. So while prediction of the onset of the events is pretty predictable, the degree of the effect isn’t.

          In the usual issue with much of climate science there really isn’t a particularly good baseline of data to draw on to isolate the noise of natural variation from the effect of climate change at a level of significance that would allow that effect to be unconditional. But the energy physics and theoretical climatology is pretty damn compelling.

          There is a reasonably accessible summary here.

          There is more (but still readable) detail in this April post on Skeptical Science, especially as to the amount of warm water.

          It is going to be really interesting this year and next to see if we get the same kind of massive heat pulse as happened in 1998. That’d go a long way to indicating that the increased volumes of warm water are a good predictor for a strong el nino (and the inevitable excessive weather for NZ and aussie).

      • Once was Tim 3.2.2

        Not a lot unlike how they view poverty, inequality and general social malaise. (see other recent threads).

  4. Tiger Mountain 4

    The tories are highly likely–as in definitely–going to sacrifice several of their lower profile bum boys (aka candidates) to try and secure a third term.

    So what are Standard readers going to do about it? At the very least assist some people to enrol and then vote.

  5. dimebag russell 5

    last night on teavee I heard Tracey Martin from NZFirst tell how Rodny Hide unsuccesfully tried to prosecute her mother who was at that time secretary of that party for filing false electoral returns. It would appear that ACT has just had its comeuppance!

    • ianmac 5.1

      Yes. What comes around…

      • vto 5.1.1


        Tough on crime eh. Tough on crime.

        Act is tough on crime.

        ….except when it is one of their own committing fraud or stealing baby’s identities …..

        shysters is what Act is – shysters and wide boys

  6. Chooky 6

    ‘A Favourable Reference: Why John Key’s biggest enemy is the Left’s friend.’

    By Chris Trotter / June 9, 2014

    “For those on the Left with a keen historical sense, the demonization of Dotcom should have raised a whole forest of warning flags. Individuals and institutions are only demonized in this fashion after they’ve been identified as clear and present dangers to the Right’s political hegemony….

    – See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/06/09/a-favourable-reference-why-john-keys-biggest-enemy-is-the-lefts-friend/#sthash.5XAvEWph.dpuf

    • veutoviper 6.1

      I suggest that you – and others – also read this post also on The Daily Blog on KDC and the Internet/Mana alliance for a different (and in my opinion, far more balanced) perspective.


      • Chooky 6.1.1

        This article by Mike Treen, a prominent long time Lefty and unionist , is a very good and detailed examination and summary of the issues of why the Left should support the Internet /Mana alliance….and answers all the possible objections…. thankyou for drawing my attention to it!

        ‘Why the Mana-Internet alliance is a potential game breaker’

        By Mike Treen / June 12, 2014

        “Friends of mine, including some pretty staunch left wingers, have questioned the wisdom of Laila Harre taking up the position of Internet Party leader and of the Mana Movement forming an electoral arrangement with the Internet Party for this election………

        • veutoviper

          I am glad you read it, chooky, and hope that others also read it.

          IMO it provides an excellent examination of the issues as you say.

          • Colonial Viper

            The establishment political centre has always poured scorn on the real left wing, usually along the lines that the left wing are impractical radicals and extremists who are not trustworthy.

            In many ways then the job of the political centre is to limit the political discourse of the nation – to suggest what policies and parties are allowed and not allowed to be taken seriously in nationwide political discussions.

            • marty mars

              Hmmm we also see that limiting of discourse on the left too. Do the right do that?

              • Colonial Viper

                What kind of discourse is limited on the Left?

                • Sometimes those that come within the category of ‘identity politics’ can receive the hard word imo – you know, “don’t scare the horses” sort of thing. Do the right do that?

        • ianmac

          No wonder Key is so down on Dotcom. He is a real threat. Most people with brains and initiative brush the law at odd times. I have no doubt that Key’s trading broke ethical laws is not legal laws but hey. Too big to bust.
          I do hope that IMP does do well. Brains and initiative! Good luck chaps.

          • Mary

            I’m looking forward to the IMP’s campaign. I hope they use lots of the kind of graphics like there is in their ad at the top of TS homepage with key as a puppet etc. There are so many things the left could expose in really innovative ways that I often wonder why it hasn’t already happened – things that the centre-left haven’t got the guts to do. We should start brainstorming ideas here.

            • Colonial Viper

              things that the centre-left haven’t got the guts to do.

              Or the centre-centre, for that matter.

              • Mary

                I thought that if the centre-left didn’t have the guts to tell the truth about right-wing politics it’d go without saying the centre-centre wouldn’t, either. BTW – who are the centre-centre?

                • Colonial Viper

                  Both Labour and NZ First are quite close to the centre-centre.

                  NZ First has a more nationalistic streak that sometimes sounds quite left wing but is more a throwback to their old fashioned conservative nation-building roots. As a minor party it can be more radical and less establishment in its positions, however.

                  Labour still knows how to sound left given its early 20th century left wing origins but it is now largely pro conventional market capitalism. It is a party of the establishment. Labour will tend to moderate market capitalism from exploiting workers and the environment too much but is quite happy keeping the majority of beneficiaries and the under class at a day to day subsistence level.

                  • Tracey

                    i agree that nzf nationalism is not 50’s conservatism. Nzf is a good example of why boxes dont work for politics. Almost no party is all left or all right… Having some left and some right gets a party the description of centre…

                  • “..but is quite happy keeping the majority of beneficiaries and the under class at a day to day subsistence level…”

                    that is what makes me so angry at them..

                    ..they just don’t fucken care…

                    ..nine years of that uncaring/demonising shit from clark..

                    ..(‘working for (some/’worthy’-only) families’..

                    ..being the ultimate grinding the faces of the poorest into the gutters..

                    ..and labour just promising more of the same..?

                    ..and they reckon that’ll get the the missing/disenfranchised-million pouring into the ballot-box..

                    ..their votes ticked for labour..?


                    ..dream on sunshines..!

                    ..you really are so disconnected you don’t know how loathed you are..

                    ..by so many..

                    (for those fuck-the-poor!/clark years..)

                    ..do ya..?

                  • Mary

                    Despite my complete and utter disdain for Labour I still find myself automatically putting them in the centre-left basket. Of course they’re not, they’re neo-liberal filth merchants and we mustn’t forget the truth otherwise all will be lost.

                    • Clemgeopin

                      Oh, Mary,
                      You are so wrong about Labour.

                      Labour under the present leadership is the ONLY vehicle for change. That is because, a party HAS to be in a mostly left wing/slightly centrist GOVERNMENT to get elected and achieve justice and fair play for all. To form such a government, MORE than 50% of the voters need to vote for it. Labour NEEDS to attract ex Labour voters who shifted to National in the last 6 years or abstained from voting.

                      That is not easy to achieve by entirely left Labour alone or Greenies or the far left parties like Mana, as there simply isn’t enough electoral support for them. Without Labour, that is next to impossible to achieve. That IS the reality.

                      The thing to do is for more people to join Labour and influence the leaders and the there membership so that Labour has a better representation of social, environmental and economic policies in parliament.

                • lprent

                  BTW – who are the centre-centre?

                  Ah you don’t know? I’d have thought that was completely obvious.

                  According to Pete George he is it. Also the centre of the universe. 😈

                  It is hard to find anyone else who thinks either of these propositions are true. But he never ceases in this comfortable delusion. Reminds me of dad4justice or redbaiter without the personal self-awareness.

                  Note to self. I really shouldn’t provoke him. He might write another post about how terrible TS and I are and encourage people to investigate us.

                  But it really is hard to resist stirring such humourless pomposity.

                  • Mary

                    My question was kind of rhetoric, but it is interesting how some of us view or might categorise a particular party. The opinions of many on TS that Labour is a left party “through and through” never cease to amuse me. My guess is that they’re the same people who think that most of the poverty we see is caused by laziness or that at least welfare is something we can only have if we can “afford it”, which is ironically of course why Labour is not a left party. The times we live in…

            • marty mars

              I agree Mary – I hope we see those types of graphics, with lots of humour too – that will cut through the noise and help the message be heard.

      • Tracey 6.1.2

        i have no problem with how that is laid out.

        For my part, i respect what laila harre has achieved. Some seem to be objecting on the basis harre has sold out her principles for dotcom’s money. I think that is people projecting. THEY would drop their principles in a heartbeat for money, so they assume she has.

        I dont think she would. I have seen no proof she has.

        • aerobubble

          Mass media live in the moment. Clarifications that bring in history or future prospects harm the ability of big media to shock and thus remain in contention for the next news cycle.

          It should have been obvious to any analyst on The Nation, NR or Q&A, that Mana/internet is going after the non-voter, whether poor or internet citizen.

          Whereas Labour goes after the middle ground. And Greens after the progressive vote.

          Goff lost because some idiot decided to out do the Greens over selling off our dams.

        • Colonial Viper

          Some seem to be objecting on the basis harre has sold out her principles for dotcom’s money

          When in fact, it appears to me that she has acquired Dotcom’s money in order to pursue her principles.

          Quite different altogether.

          • phillip ure

            “..When in fact, it appears to me that she has acquired Dotcom’s money in order to pursue her principles..”

            ..+ 1..

          • Tracey


            some in political realms struggle with the concept of principles so that could explain the teeth grinding

  7. swordfish 7

    Pasifika Deja Vu – Old Wine in New Bottles

    I’ve been amused by National’s on-going (and relatively successful) attempts to convince the MSM that a significant proportion of South Auckland and Porirua Pasifika voters are about to defect to the Tories this election.

    Particularly amusing was Farrar’s contention (April 2, Kiwiblog) that such a suggestion “…is basically unheard of”. Either Farrar’s being disingenuous or he has a remarkably poor memory. The reality is that National seed this story in the MSM on a regular basis. Back in 2008, National’s Mangere Electorate Secretary was on television news proclaiming the end of the Pasifika community’s historically overwhelming support for Labour. Apparently, a huge swing was about to occur – not to Field’s Pacific Party, but to the Nats. And she lined-up a couple of prominent Pasifika “leaders” to prove it. The 08 election results suggested no swing to National whatsoever.

    You would hope the MSM would have learnt, but unfortunately not. Come the 2010 Mana By-Election and precisely the same sort of claims were being made. The Dom Post, The Nation current affairs programme and various other media outlets reported Porirua “Samoan Community leaders”, Paula Masoe and Liz Tanielu, backing Parata and prophesying a significant split in the Pasifika vote in Mana. Many, it seems, were about to swing to National. (A few days later Masoe and Tanielu appeared on the front page of the Dom Post facing serious allegations over the disappearance of more than $100,000, grossly-inflated expense claims and various other questionable financial activities associated with their Trust – see Here ). So what was the Mana By-Election result ? Did a whole swathe of the Pasifika community desert Labour in a truly historic electoral earthquake ? – Nah, the polar opposite: an actual swing to Labour in the Eastern Porirua Pasifika stronghold. See my comment on Pundit here (scroll down to swordfish, point (3)). (I was replying to David Beatson’s post-By-Election claim that “Parata had done her groundwork with the influential Pacific Islands church leaders in Mana …Two traditional support bases that Labour should have been able to depend on last weekend had been undermined long before Fa’afoi’s feet hit the street.”.

    And I then prophesised on Bowalley Road a few days later: “Will the MSM ever learn ? I doubt it. Expect similar Shock-Horror claims next year. Well, I was almost right. Didn’t happen in 2011 – perhaps the Nats were too embarrassed. But fast-forward to 2014 and it’s Deja Vu all over a-friggin-gain !!!

    • Tracey 7.1

      what happened to the nats great brown hopes in michael jones and inga tuigamala? Werent they going to save the people of south auckland from labour?

      • Populuxe1 7.1.1

        I rather thought they were being eyed up by the Conservatives. The Cons have considerable appeal to the god botherers among the PI community, which is a rather worrying thought

        • Clemgeopin

          These two were sucked in and fooled by Key and English and said they wanted their people “not just to work in car yards but to own them, and not just to fly in the planes but to drive them” That is why they were voting National! I wonder how many of “their people” are now owning the car yards and how many are driving planes.

          They just forgot how much effort the Labour party put in over the years to help the pacific Island people in health, education, child care, welfare, housing and career opportunities. Two ungrateful sorts.

  8. Te Reo Putake 8

    I think RedFred meant to post this on today’s OpenPhil rather than an earlier one (http://thestandard.org.nz/open-mike-09062014/#comment-829667):

    Supportive comments from Brian Fallow this in the Herald regarding IMF warning on overvalued NZD and Labours policies to combat it.He also pointed out how they have taken a swipe at National head in the sand approach.

    Goes to show National have no idea in how to manage the economy, apart from making a few of their mates rich.


    Oh yeah and Reserve bank Governor… current account deficit widening, interest rates up….

    (For mine, I’d suggest making a few of their mates rich counts as managing the economy brilliantly in Tory terms.)

    • Draco T Bastard 8.1

      (For mine, I’d suggest making a few of their mates rich counts as managing the economy brilliantly in Tory terms.)


    • Tracey 8.2

      and so the dollar jumped…

      • Draco T Bastard 8.2.1

        So it does:

        The Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised the official cash rate for a third time while keeping its track for interest rates broadly in line with its March projections, suggesting the bank sees no need to pause in removing stimulus in an accelerating economy. The New Zealand dollar jumped three quarters of a cent against the US dollar following the announcement.


  9. ianmac 9

    Interview with Dr Marilyn Waring has this to say about the flaw in Government policies:
    One of the problems with governments and policies is this silo thinking. You can justify anything as long as it’s not connected. You can justify building the Huntly Power Station, which happened under my watch, because you don’t count the externalities – the pollutants, the burning of coal, the effect on the Waikato River. Of course it looks good, as long as you stay narrowly focused and see one thing in isolation.
    So true. Every action is connected with other actions. Connectivity should be part of everyone’s automatic thinking. Think of a cup of tea whether it was David Lange or John Key. Connections?

    • Draco T Bastard 9.1

      Connectivity should be part of everyone’s automatic thinking.

      And that is why I think people actually need a broad education outside of their specialisation. Knowing even a little bit about something else helps you to make the connections between what you do and what someone else is doing. Make it broad enough and you can start to see how the entire community actually works and why neo-liberalism, and capitalism in general, don’t.

    • Tracey 9.2

      marilyn waring is a great nzer. She was way ahead of her time in her economic thinking. Rethinking GDP measures, measuring unpaid work. It took the Canadians to make a documentary about her.

      If she would do it, i would love listening to her doing a weekly spot on nine to noon.

    • weka 9.3

      Great interview, thanks ianmac.

      I never understood before why Waring was in National, but look at this explanation,

      I was studying politics at Vic Uni and the day Norman Kirk said he would not support the homosexual law reform bill I got up, walked out of the library and walked down to National Party headquarters and joined.

      “Were you always just in the wrong party?”

      It was the only one that had a constitution that meant I could cross the floor. I knew I didn’t want to be in the Labour Party because why would I put myself in a position where you were constitutionally overruled and not be able to vote how you wanted. I’m a free spirit and knew I wouldn’t agree with everything.

      Would that still be true of Labour now i.e. could Waring cross the floor in a similar situation? What about NACT?

  10. greywarbler 10

    Interested in football with Brazil about to hit the screens?
    Go to google touch the logo and the games will be shown in NZ time. The first seems to be Brazil and Croatia at 8am Friday.13/6.

    Nothing you see could beat the football and fame tragic story of the Colombian two Escobars.
    Here are links that might work on your computer.
    http://www.primewire.ag/watch-769816-The-Two-Escobars 100 mins
    or – shorter

  11. Clemgeopin 11

    NZ Herald editorial supports Labour’s policy of reintroducing Community Education Night Classes.

    “The axing of four-fifths of the funding to night schools in 2009 made little sense. The saving was just $54 million, a drop in the tertiary education bucket. The then Education Minister, Anne Tolley, made much of taxpayers not being liable for the funding of hobby and recreational courses such as Moroccan cooking and twilight golf. The subsequent outcry, however, made it clear that many people valued adult education, and that it served a social and economic purpose which was easy to underestimate. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the Labour Party has promised to restore the funding for night classes.

    Its policy is welcome. For every retired person who had been studying the type of subject cited by the minister, there was someone learning a potentially employable skill in a short and sharp course. Better still, they were learning this at a school that was otherwise unused at night, and from tutors who were practical and hands-on. For that reason, and notwithstanding the dubious nature of some of the courses, the saving extracted by the Government seemed hardly worthwhile.

    Its cuts resulted in the number of schools offering a wide array of courses falling from 212 to 23. What remains are largely English language and literacy and numeracy courses, for which the Government wisely retained funding. Labour says it will reinvigorate adult and community education by doubling the current funding. That will involve $13 million in the first two years and a further $9 million in following years.”

    Read full editorial here:

    • blue leopard 11.1

      Am very pleased about these being re-introduced. 🙂

      Unsure about how correct that statement about literacy classes being kept is though, I know someone whose literacy classes were stopped due to government funding being cut back….

  12. dimebag russell 12

    rosemary mcleod going to bat for banksie in this mornings dompost. but re my earlier post about the NZF MP whose mother was sued by rodney hide then why did the media never mention this during banksies trial?
    the media in NZ is stunted and lacking any ethical or moral standards. they are convinced of their own rectitude and probity when at every turn they are exposed for being weak as piss kiss arses and suckups.

    • vto 12.1

      rosemary mcleod needs to learn what fraud is. bloody dingbat.

      • Once was Tim 12.1.1

        We need to make a few allowances for wee Rosie …. she’s been like that her entire life. Starting from her desperado attempts to attach herself to a liberal left she perceived as ‘trendy’ at an early age – but never really fitted into, to her current disposition of comfort – resulting from various ‘attachments’.
        Noone I’ve ever come across actually LIKES her (except maybe Jim Mora, and maybe Josie Pagani since they’re of similar ilk), rather they tolerate her and make all the right signals and pleasantries.
        Gorgeous Darling!

        • greywarbler

          I think Rosemary Mc is on the left side of Deborah Coddington though.

          • Once was Tim

            Ah yea well @ grey. Let’s not get started on the disingenuous Dearbra!.
            Remind me tho’ @ Grey – It was that supercilious holier than thou bitch that published the names of all those ‘crims’ (just so we could all protect ourselves from them with combination locks and fences).
            Rosie IS left of Dearbra for sure (she has a conscience) as well as a lavatory that’s full of ‘try hards’, and no doubt she has a greater affinity with Jim M.
            I think she probably drives a better car as well – it looks quite flash.

            (Once was Tim < in training to be a bitch :p Where’s that Pop btw? I need his advice).

            They just make me feel like puking!

    • Tracey 12.2

      she said months ago he is very honest and full of integrity, when on the panel.

  13. Sanctuary 13

    I tried to read Claire Trevett’s piece in the Herald this morning…

    And all I can say is wow. It reads like an emo 7th former who just necked a sixpack of Woodstock while just watching GoT then realised he had to write a piece for the school paper before he passed out.

    • dimebag russell 13.1

      look dude that is the default position in the media these days. employ some teenager who might become adult in time and let them go. they dont have to know anything, done anything or been anywhere. they get shoulder tapped in j-school becausethey wash between their ears or their father was an endocrinologist or some other mind boggling criteria and nek minnit they opining on the world as if they are somebodies. nup. they just kids and the owners know it.

      • Sanctuary 13.1.1

        “… or their father was an endocrinologist …”

        Grandma Audrey Young, Brooke Sabin and Kate Bradford, I am pretty sure they all got to be political journalists purely on their own merits….

  14. Penny Bright 14

    FYI – in case you missed it, plus an update about my position:

    (This has now been sent already to all MPs, mainstream media and widely circulated on social media and some blogs.

    Grace Haden is a fellow ‘anti-corruption whistleblower’ with whom I have worked closely over the last 10 years.

    Grace will stand in Epsom on a clear anti-corruption platform, as I shall do in Helensville against Prime Minister John Key. – Penny Bright)

    PS: It is my considered opinion that if an Epsom by-election is held, which would help keep a huge public spotlight on CORRUPTION, then the dark shadow arising therefrom will spread over the rest of NZ.

    Given that PM John Key is seen as National’s main ‘asset’ – then anything that detracts from his ‘personal popularity’ – will directly affect support for National.

    Which is why I’m standing against John Key in Helensville – to help keep that public spotlight on CORRUPTION, including HIS!

    Remember this?

    My 2008 (pre-election) complaint to the Police and SFO about John Key’s corrupt ‘insider trading’ over TranzRail, and my subsequent private prosecution – not ONE sentence of which was ever reported in the NZ Herald …

    Those who might attempt to write off this bold plan , may care to remember that John Banks was not expected to be committed to trial – then to be found guilty for electoral fraud?


    Calling on ALL Labour MPs to please support the work of we anti-corruption ‘whistleblowers’ who have helped to get John Banks removed from Parliament and to NOT support any move by National to prevent the Epsom by-election!

    PRESS RELEASE: Epsom Independent candidate ‘anti-corruption whistle-blower’ Grace Haden

    “I have decided to stand as an ‘Independent’ candidate in my home electorate of Epsom. I am seeking accountability from government and to achieve this I will be campaigning for an Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)”), says ‘anti-Corruption whistle-blower’ Grace Haden. (https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/treaties/CAC/

    “I believe that a by-election in Epsom is essential to keep the public spotlight on the corrupt practices surrounding the resignation of ACT MP John Banks, but also shine it on the reality of the widespread corruption which is becoming more and more evident in New Zealand.

    “The harsh reality is that New Zealand’s “least corrupt country in the world “tag line is not reality but a perception and as such ,the perception is a false illusion a façade . The perception index (http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2013/results/) is frequently misquoted and does not correlate with the fact that we are one of a small handful of countries which have not ratified the United Nations convention against corruption.


    “Despite New Zealand claiming to be “the least corrupt “ , I , a former long-serving Police officer, (and Police prosecutor), now a licensed Private Investigator, have found it impossible to get corruption investigated in New Zealand by any of the so called public watch dogs. I have discovered that we do not have corruption because we do not define it and turn a wilful blind eye to it, as occurred in the John Banks case. “

    “8 years ago, I questioned serious public corruption, provided facts and evidence to support my allegations, but so far, to no avail. I have discovered that Corruption does ruin lives – It tore my family apart.”

    “Enough is enough. No one else should have to go through what I have had to endure. Lessons need to be learned from the past and solutions found for the future. Cancer cannot be treated without a diagnosis and this is also true with corruption. Ignore corruption and like cancer it will consume us.

    “New Zealand desperately needs an Independent Commission Against Corruption, and I am pleased to report that I now have an MP who will present a petition which I initiated, seeking

    “That the House legislate to set up an independent Commission against Corruption, tasked with the prevention, education, detection and prosecution of corruption in New Zealand.”

    I have a well-established background in fighting and exposing corruption in New Zealand, these are documented on the following web siteshttp://www.civiljustice.co.nz/, http://www.transparency.net.nz/,http://www.anticorruption.co.nz/

    Grace Haden
    visit us at http://www.transparency.net.nz

    • Tracey 14.1

      8 years ago she began tearing her own world apart and didnt care which innocent people she took with her. One was my partner. If it was between grace hayden and unclecousins boy, i would vote for unclecousins boy, thats how strongly i feel about ms haden

  15. Chooky 15

    +100…great you are on the case Penny Bright and now Grace Haden, who is standing as an INdependent in Epsom:

    ….“Despite New Zealand claiming to be “the least corrupt “ , I , a former long-serving Police officer, (and Police prosecutor), now a licensed Private Investigator, have found it impossible to get corruption investigated in New Zealand by any of the so called public watch dogs. I have discovered that we do not have corruption because we do not define it and turn a wilfull blind eye to it, as occurred in the John Banks case. “

    ……“New Zealand desperately needs an Independent Commission Against Corruption, and I am pleased to report that I now have an MP who will present a petition which I initiated, seeking..“That the House legislate to set up an independent Commission against Corruption, tasked with the prevention, education, detection and prosecution of corruption in New Zealand.” ”


    Question: Will this split the vote and help or hinder ACT?

    • Tracey 15.1

      Answer: she will get less than 100 votes imo

    • Penny Bright 15.2

      No disrespect Chooky – but you’re missing the point.

      The point being that National and John Key in particular are VERY vulnerable on corruption.

      John Key is National’s main asset – so if the voting public are put off John Key when the TRUTH (at last) gets into the public domain, instead of being effectively censored, then National will plummet in the polls (in my considered opinion).

      My personal goal in standing against John Key in Helensville is to help slice 20 points off his ‘preferred status’ as Prime Minister.

      Imagine if National went down 10 points in the polls?

      In my considered opinion, concentrating on corruption is the way to do this, because
      a lot of New Zealanders know diddley squat about corruption, and believe the load of hogwash that New Zealand is ‘perceived’ to be ‘the least corrupt country in the world’.

      For a corruption reality check – try this:


      eg: A little test:

      Who knows of these two forms of ‘grand’ corruption which are endemic in NZ?



      Try looking these up for yourself on google if you don’t know – then it will sink in more …. 🙂

      In my view, some folks are fixated on Epsom, and may be forgetting that indeed, EVERYTHING is connected, and the issue of corruption applies all over NZ.

      ie: A real focus on corruption during an Epsom by-election, will create a large ripple all over NZ.

      A tiny handful of us have been VERY focused on whistleblowing against corruption for the last six years – now it seems a lot more folk are ‘getting it’?

      (I polled 4th in the recent Auckland Mayoralty with nearly 12,000 votes, campaigning against corrupt corporate control of the Auckland region, and ‘potting’ who really runs the show – the unelected, (invitation-only) highly powerful and secretive http://www.committeeforauckland.co.nz

      Tracey, I take people as I find them, and primarily judge them on how they treat, and have treated me.

      Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, good points and bad points.

      In my view, the fair thing to do is to try and make a reasoned and balanced assessment, and try and have some understanding of the underlying circumstances that may contribute to behaviour or actions that you may find untoward or unacceptable.

      (As you might want folks to do with you – given that nobody is perfect – and we all make mistakes?)

      My experience of Grace Haden is that she is a very capable woman, has helped me when times were tough, and I regard her as a friend and fellow anti-corruption ‘Public Watchdog’.

      Grace has been fighting corruption for the last 8 years, and it has had a devastating effect on her life and personal circumstances. It has been extremely stressful, but Grace has NOT ‘dropped the ball’, and at last – the tide seems to be turning …..

      Your view and experience may be different Tracey – but that’s mine.



  16. McFlock 16

    goddam chemtrail planes are now pulling barrel rolls 🙂

    • marty mars 16.1

      Pretty, but pity Saddle Hill missed out – still nice to see the hometown is still attracting weird stuff like those ‘clouds’.

  17. I love space, sci fi and all that stuff but jeepers this is pollution in orbit.


    • Chooky 17.1

      Wow that is amazing on screen ..especially at night …but what pollution!

    • Draco T Bastard 17.2

      Wow, that’s a rather large gap in geostationary satellites over the Pacific. Not unexpected though I suppose – there’s no one there.

  18. Clemgeopin 19

    I just received this invite by email from Mr Cunliffe:

    Inviting you to my Congress 2014 speech

    I’d like to invite you to my speech at the Labour Party’s 2014 Congress. I’ll be speaking at 1.00pm at the Michael Fowler Centre on Sunday, July 6.

    Congress is where our party comes together to plan our campaign to change the Government and deliver the positive change New Zealand deserves.

    In my speech I’ll lay out a major policy announcement that will help make New Zealand the fairer, more decent society we know it can be.

    If you’d like to join hundreds of other Labour members and supporters at my Congress speech please RSVP by clicking the button/link below and claiming your ticket.


    I look forward to seeing you there.


    David Cunliffe
    Labour Leader

    PS. We are saving special seats for Labour Party members. If you are a party member or a member of an affiliated union, just bring proof of membership along and we will make sure you get the best seats!

    • Mary 19.1

      “We are saving special seats for Labour Party members. If you are a party member or a member of an affiliated union, just bring proof of membership along and we will make sure you get the best seats!’

      Good to see Labour’s still in touch with its target group.

  19. Morrissey 20

    ABC News: Iraq on the Brink as Islamists Have Own Surge


    A revealing quote from the article that speaks volumes about the writer’s sense of moral outrage….

    “The U.S. spent upwards of $1 trillion in Iraq between 2003 and 2011, and 4,486 American men and women in uniform died there. All that blood and treasure: For what?”

    Of course, the human and material cost to Iraq is completely discounted from consideration.


  20. bad12 21

    Mark Mitchell, the current butt of the political joke among the Thorndon Vagrants and Vagabonds is being quoted as saying ”No Way” in capitals over the game of Eeeny meany miney mo doing the rounds at the moment in the rarified air down there,

    Discussions surrounding the possible ”gift” to Colon the Conservative have largely gone round and round ”Will Paula move aside”, ”Will Murray retire to the list”, and then there is that well known National MP, insert rap beat with elongated scratch, Mark something, Mark Who, now there’s a generous bloke full of kindness and light only to willing to ”take one” on the chin or any other part of the anatomy for the team,

    Not according to Mitchell, He will be contesting His election and there will be no moving from that position, well not until Slippery the Prime Minister in the form of the Party henchmen tell Mark exactly how it is,

    The blood on the National Party Caucus room floor is already spilling to such an extent that its leaking out under the door, i am starting to doubt that the PM can survive the fall out even in the unlikely event that he does lead National to victory in September…

  21. Morrissey 22

    Is New Zealand’s notorious IPCA the most embarrassing public body in the world?

    Imagine if the punishment for Anders Breivik had been “extra rifle training”. If the wise men of New Zealand’s hilariously mis-titled Independent Police Conduct Authority had been involved in the sentencing, that might well have been the penalty handed out….

    Another case for Graham McCready
    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    Back in 2011, a Whakatane police officer attempted to arrest a man who had fled from a traffic stop. When he resisted, he was pepper sprayed and beaten, after which the officer retrieved a taser from his vehicle and tasered him twice while he was lying on the ground.

    Today, the Independent Police Conduct Authority released its report into the incident, finding that the police officer used excessive force by beating and tasering the man. Despite this, they recommend that merely that he face disciplinary proceedings. If you or I had done the same, we’d be looking at prosecution, and five years imprisonment for assault with a weapon.

    But what really takes the cake is the police’s response to the report: basically a “fuck you”. They are “satisfied his actions were not the result of any ill will or malicious intent” and claim that they “initiated remedial action through the employment process some time ago” and as a result they can’t do anything more. That “remedial action”? Extra taser training. Break the law, bring the police into disrepute, and they protect you and teach you how to do it better.

    Once again, its clear that the police cannot hold their own to account, and that the IPCA won’t do it either. Which means that if we want justice and equality under the law, we’re left with Graham McCready’s solution: private prosecution.


    • bad12 22.1

      The Law surrounding the powers of the Independent Police Complaints Authority obviously need be changed to include prosecutors along with the investigators,

      It would then become the role of the Authority to both investigate and prosecuted complaints against Police, and the role of all remedies surrounding the fate of police where a complaint has been upheld need be moved into the jurisdiction of the Authority across the whole spectrum from prosecution, to retraining, to the cessation of employment as remedy…

      • Colonial Viper 22.1.1

        Well no, you don’t want the investigating body to be the same as the prosecuting body to be the same as the executing body. There’s good reasons why they are separate. Police management need to be doing much better than this.

        • bad12

          Nice little business as usual solution CV, which will simply ensure that the song remains the same, and the power devolved down to Police Management in the provinces will trump whatever the Authority thinks should be the remedy every time they so wish…

          • Populuxe1

            Not quite sure why every second comment of yours seems to be advocating for fascism

            • bad12

              Not really sure Populuxe why Every comment of yours seems to emanate from deep within your rectum, this particular one is simply a snivel of abuse with no contextual basis for anyone to ascertain why it is you seem to talk in a language best described as Wah Wah Wah,

              Thus the comment far from being a point of debate is simply a snippet of the abuse that is the sum total of what i consider your mind, albeit genetically enfeebled,is capable of producing…

  22. bad12 23

    Graham Wheeler the esteemed Governor of the Reserve Bank and the Minister of Finance ‘Gypsy Bill English’,(now a confirmed member of the Thorndon Vagrants and Vagabonds) have now finished their mid term papers discussing exactly who is in ultimate control of the New Zealand economy,

    Rumor has it that those allocating the marks for the dissertation on the subject submitted as a joint paper by Wheeler and English will mark the paper AAA+++,

    Those who have been privy to what is being described as a stunningly insightful academic dissertation of such a clarity as to have caused more than one member of the marking panel to swoon, have also been heavily swayed by the brevity of both Wheeler and English’s conclusions which are said to simply say:

    ”Not us, the Banking Cartels run the show”…

    • Tracey 23.1

      the press went to john key for commentary on todays announcement. high interest rate and high dollar great news. move along please.

      • bad12 23.1.1

        Said Slippery the Prime Minister the head New Zealand Rep representing the Banking Cartels…

      • millsy 23.1.2

        The sole (unadmitted) purpose of the Reserve Bank Act 1989 is to hold down wages, conditions, and social spending.

        Those people who live in that shithole caravan park in Ranui. They are the ones who have made the greatest sacrifice to ensure we dont have to pay an over exorbitant price for that flat screen TV.

  23. Yes @ the WC! Less than 24 hrs to go until kick off!

    for those interested, my friend and my football WC blog will have new posts up at 7am tomorrow, a little earlier than usual so as to be ready to read pre-game.


    My friend has touched on the other issues facing brazil around the WC, including the fact that the multinationals are basically using stereotypes to boost sales and not care about what Brazil is really like

  24. fisiani 25

    From June 20, Labour’s caucus has a three-month window to change the leader without having to go through the party’s new primary-style process giving its membership a vote.
    Roll up Roll up. Barbecues a burning.

  25. fisiani 26

    Are you disagreeing with my reading of the rules? The Cunliffe would lose a caucus vote but who would accept the hospital pass. The numbers are being counted.

    • McFlock 26.1

      Fuck off.
      I’m questioning your motives, your knowledge of Labour caucus members, and your sanity. All questioned looooooong before I’d bother looking up the party rules.

  26. Jenny 27

    A post we are unlikely to see in the feeds column of the Centre Left TS any time soon.


    Actually looking at the feeds now, I couldn’t see even one link to openly Left website TDB

    Is the TS becoming more partisan and sectarian closer to the election?

    • lprent 27.1

      sigh. That is because you aren’t looking at the tabs. Have you just noticed this? I changed it at the start of the year.

      It seems pretty clear to me that “Daily Blog” contains the feed from “The Daily Blog”, just as “Parties” contains the press releases from the left parties and “Scoop” contains the political feed from scoop. I didn’t put the “The” in because it causes problems with the available text space.

      Like the other two tabs the reason why the Daily Blog contains its own tab is because of the number of items in its daily feed. Most of the volume are in fact reposts of some of the press statements from the parties. This overwhelmed the posts from the unions and other smaller blogs, especially in the morning dump that Bomber favours.

      I’d happily have left TDB in the main feed for the much smaller volume of actual posts written by their authors. However there is nothing in the RSS feed that splits the press releases from everything else. Eventually I moved it into its own tab because the TDB feed was pushing all of the other sites off the limited list of feed posts (50?). The trade off was that TDB gets the full amount of past posts but in its own tab.

      But the feed is there to provide a diversity of left opinion which it does by having 73 (and ever growing) feed sources that it picks up every 10? minutes at the file server.

      Perhaps you should observe more clearly first rather than developing a instant conspiracy theory?

  27. Jenny 28

    Thanks Lynn for this kind pointing out of the obvious, to a struggling hopeless techno luddite like myself. (born in the 50s, when the sliderule was the king of everyday computing).

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    ·       Increased Special Needs Grants for dental treatment are available to eligible New Zealanders available from today ·       New criteria means more Dental Treatment covered ·       People can now receive more than one grant in a year (any 52-week period), up to the maximum of $1,000 ·       Recent increases to ...
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    Primary industry exports to reach new record high of $55 billion in 2023 Forecasts $2.9 billion higher than in June 2022 Tracking strongly towards a 4 per cent increase in the year ending June 2023, despite global downturn New Zealand’s record food and fibre export revenue is projected to reach ...
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    A single blood test that can diagnose heart attacks in minutes instead of hours, saving the health system millions of dollars and getting patients treated faster, is being rolled out in New Zealand hospitals, says Health Minister Andrew Little. “This research, led by emergency doctors at Christchurch Hospital, is ground-breaking,” ...
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    New Climate Action Centre launched to support farmers reduce ag emissions through R&D investment 50:50 joint venture between Government and agribusiness to accelerate product development First Centre projects launched to get farmers the emissions reducing tools sooner Indicative funding commitment rising to $35 million per year by Joint venture partners, ...
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  • Progress on firearms register and safety authority
    The launch today of a new firearms regulator to ensure the legitimate possession and use of firearms, and an online portal to apply for licences, marks a significant step towards modernisation and improvements in gun safety, Police Minister Chris Hipkins says.     Police is moving from being an administrator of ...
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    Government to work with primary sector on developing a sequestration strategy Government confirms today it will bring all scientifically robust forms of sequestration into the Emissions Trading Scheme, starting from 2025. This will be done at full value, rather than at a discount, so farmers can realise the true potential ...
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  • Plan to boost value & lift sustainability of NZ forestry sector
    Sector ITP to grow domestic processing and low-carbon wood products Grow the wood processing sector by 3.5 million cubic metres (25%) by 2030 Grow export earnings from value-added wood products by $600 million by 2040 Increase the use of domestic timber in construction by 25% by 2030 The Forestry and ...
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  • Government supports more energy-saving projects to help more Kiwis save money
    17 community energy-saving education projects share $1.7 million Builds on success of previous Government projects that have supported more than 13,000 households and 440 energy education events with more than 80,000 LEDs distributed Helping households to reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer and more energy-efficient, is the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Govt funds new 80-bed mental health unit for Canterbury
    The Government has granted final approval for a new 80-bed acute mental health facility at the Hillmorton Hospital campus, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “This is the second stage of Hillmorton’s major infrastructure redevelopment programme and is one of the largest investments ever made in New Zealand’s mental health infrastructure ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Māori education momentum rolls on with new wharekura
    A new Year 1-13 wharekura will extend Māori Medium Education into Porirua West from 2027, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. “The establishment of Te Kākā Kura o Ngāti Toa Rangatira will over time provide a local option for up to 200 tamariki and rangatahi on the western side ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Easing administrative burden on farmers through new integrated farm planning projects
    37 new investments to simplify planning and reduce paperwork for farmers and growers Targeted projects for Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Manawatū-Whanganui, West Coast, Canterbury, and Otago Resources, a digital wallet and template tools to help farmers develop and integrate their farm planning. The Government is ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • New Commerce Commission Chair appointed
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark has today announced the appointment of Dr John Small as the new Chair of the Commerce Commission. “Dr Small has made a valuable contribution to a broad range of the Commission’s work in his roles as associate member and member, which he ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Realising housing dreams for the Kāpiti Coast
    Much needed public housing is on the way for the Kāpiti Coast thanks to the Government’s purchase of a large vacant plot of land at 59-69 Raumati Road in Raumati Beach. “This purchase will ultimately mean more families have a place to call home and demonstrates our commitment to resolving ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Decarbonisation industry milestone reached in Timaru
    A pioneering boiler conversion project is now up and ready to go, using woodchips to make potato chips, while slashing emissions. “McCain’s newly converted coal boiler will reduce CO2 emissions at its Timaru factory by 95% and is an excellent example of the great climate gains we can achieve through ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Fiftieth Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations With China
    Chinese Embassy Reception Te Papa, Wellington   Tēnā koutou katoa, Da jia hao Let me first acknowledge Ambassador Wang Xiaolong, thank you for the invitation this evening, it is a pleasure to be here. I would also like to acknowledge current and former Parliamentary colleagues, as well as members of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Govt keeps AM on the air in Northland
    Minister of Broadcasting and Media Willie Jackson and Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty today announced a $1.48 million package to fund the repair and replacement of three transmission masts in Northland to ensure AM radio can stay on air in the region. “This funding will secure the reinstatement of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Multi million dollar package to tackle retail crime and reoffending
    A multi million dollar package to tackle retail crime and reoffending is the most significant crime prevention financial package in recent memory  New fog cannon subsidy scheme set up. Government to provide $4000 for all small shops and dairies in New Zealand who want a fog cannon installed, with shops ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago