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16 comments on “Open mike 12/11/09”

  1. Gosman 1

    Where’s all the righteous indignation over the result of the ‘Alternative’ enquiry into the NZ Banking scene?

    • Herodotus 1.1

      6 comments on Red Alert sums up the energy out there for this enquiry. Also read the report?
      It is not for someone not aware of reading numbers, tables and cross fer comments. The report findings were not of a surprise were they!!??

      • Gosman 1.1.1

        The reports findings were not a surprise in that they were a complete waste of time and effort and mount up to nothing more than political posturing from the Opposition.

        Essentially it was the political equivalent of ‘Look at me! I’m still important. I really am’.

        • RedLogix

          Read it?

        • prism

          Gosman – Read, learn and think and come back with some statement and a fact to enlighten others with. All this yah-boo to the opposing political side is childish and non-productive.

          • Gosman

            I’m sorry but when the Greens are coming out and basically saying that ,as a result of this rather biased ‘investigation’ into the banking sector, that the N.Z taxpayer should be subsidising Kiwibank to compete with the other banks I hardly think I need to read the whole report to see it was just a bunch or political hot air.

  2. prism 3

    Performance pay for senior staff and chief executives. What is the matter with organisations’ human resources choices? Can’t they get someone who is able, why should executives need bribing with say a year’s salary to a low income worker for just staying in the position, as we know that some outfits pay whether or not they have ended the year in a healthy state.
    I suggest workers like the Auckland bus drivers get bonuses when passenger numbers rise. Here are people doing the hard graft, making the company work. Let all people at the coalface get reward for improvements and extra business in an amount that will pay for a month’s electricity say, not $5.55.

  3. Adrian 4

    A question, can anyone remember any details of John Keys trip to Oz last year during or close to the election campaign to talk to either KPMG or an Aussie insurance conference? I can’t remember the exact timing or details but would appreciate it if someone can supply clarification.

  4. The sad thing about Harawera’s outburt is that it will now give the red neck racists a reason to rally the faithfull to their despicable cause .
    Watch the racist rabble now justify their racist utterances. How are we defenders of equality able to put our case. ?
    That Key ( ofJewish decent ) just washes his hands of the affair is equally contemptible.
    Just when the majority of NZs were absorbing parts of Te Maori as the norm, ,just when many now add Aotearoa as part of our countries name this ouitburst undoes everthing. Mebers of the Maorti Party should be concerned , I certainy am..

    • gitmo 5.1

      Does any of the post you deliver make it to the right address ?

      Just wondering.

    • prism 5.2

      the pinkpostman – As for working at better bi-cultural relationships – we just have to keep at it. Parihaka wasn’t built in a day. Remember that Titewai Harawira caused Helen Clark to weep at a Waitangi Day celebration. Hone is just following a whanau tradition of being a stirrer.
      And Dick Scott says that Mrs Harawira in stating that women were raped at Parihaka is correct from what he was told by kuia, but says when Mrs Harawira goes further to say that some had their breasts cut off and used for tobacco pouches she isn’t correct.
      I read such allegations about the native American people in their struggles over land and against lawless elements. Don’t know if it really happened there either. Once would be one too much.

  5. I find it absolutly insulting that the PM has refused to take a few Sci Lankan refuges . \This refusal from a man who’s own mother was a refuge ;and I might add whose party used this fact for all it was worth..,every day they told us all that Key was the son of a refugee who made good. Now this same man is refusing 20 unfortunate people the chance of a good life.
    added to this is the fact that the majority of Sci Lanka NZ citizens
    are wonderful members of society who contribute to the countries well being.NZ been the winner with Sci Lankan refugees ,

  6. Anne 7

    Just seen your query gitmo. I think the answer is… no.

  7. gingercrush 8

    Why the fuck do media go and get some political academic to discuss current political events. They don’t actually seem to add any value and what they do say could be readily said by anyone.

    • Pascal's bookie 8.1

      I’m guessing the media go to the academics they know will give them the type of thing they are after, and the academics give the media the kind of thing they want. It’s in no ones interest to be against the current wisdom, even if that wisdom is wrong, boring, shallow or whatever.

      So I hear you bro, but I suspect the perecption of this:

      “and what they do say could be readily said by anyone.”

      …is a feature not a bug.

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