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Open Mike 13/04/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 13th, 2018 - 157 comments
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157 comments on “Open Mike 13/04/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    Robert Fisk writes an excellent article condemning Theresa May.

    Theresa May, your words about chemical warfare make you a hypocrite

    As Theresa May gears up for war in Syria, we should remember what hypocrites we are about chemical warfare in the Middle East.
    Not a soul today is mentioning the terrible war fought between 1980 and 1988, which was fought with our total acquiescence. It’s almost an ‘exclusive’ to mention the conflict at all, so religiously have we forgotten it.


    Meanwhile Craig Murray continues to shine the spotlight on the other lie. The one about spies. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has published its report on the Salisbury incident.
    It would appear Theresa May has been telling some massive lies.

    The word “Russia” does not occur in today’s OPCW report. The OPCW Report says nothing whatsoever about the origin of the chemical which poisoned the Skripals and certainly does not link it in any way to Russia.

    The technical ability of Porton Down to identify a chemical has never been in doubt, and the only “finding of the United Kingdom”the OPCW has confirmed is the identity of the chemical.

    There are scores of countries that chemical could have come from. For the BBC and other mainstream media outlets to pretend that the OPCW has in any sense endorsed Boris Johnson’s claims about Russia is to spread deliberate lies as propaganda. In fact what they have confirmed is simply the finding of Porton Down – and that finding was that it is a chemical which cannot be confirmed as made in Russia.


    What a wise decision by the Coalition government to refuse to get involved in all this.

    • McFlock 1.1

      So, just to be clear, the Skripals and the police officers weren’t affected by dodgy seafood, insecticide, or a weird planetary alignment. It was in fact a novichok agent, even though according to Craig Murray it couldn’t have been that because novichok is “instant acting” and Porton Down couldn’t identify it anyway.

      That’s some expert commentary, right there. /sarc

      • Morrissey 1.1.1


        • McFlock

          And yet if my summary were incorrect, you would have said why.

          So if even an idiot can see the contradictions and flat-out inaccurracies in Murray’s statements, why would anyone use him as an authority on this matter?

  2. Ed 2

    Another canary in the coalmine.
    Climate catastrophe is happening.

    We cannot afford to tinker.
    An international emergency needs to be declared.

    We need to mobilise for World War 3.
    The war to save life on our planet.

    Is the Gulf Stream about to collapse and is the new ice age coming sooner than scientists think?

    Two new studies published in the scientific journal Nature have brought a new threat to the world’s attention: the shutdown of the Atlantic Ocean currents including the Gulf Stream.

    Barely a day goes by without new research emerging warning humanity of its impending doom, but the collapse of the Gulf Stream is an event with particularly ominous connotations.

    Scientists have previously linked disruptions to Atlantic currents with everything from heatwaves in Europe to rising sea levels in coastal US cities.


    Meanwhile the Herald thinks this is more important.

    ‘Shopper claims she wasn’t allowed to try ring on because of her race.’
    ‘TV3’s in house war over Taika’s racist comment.’

    And Stuff thinks this is more important.

    ‘Khloe Kardashian gives birth to baby girl.’

    • cleangreen 2.1

      Yes Ed – and today on Newshub AM Show we witnessed more ‘biased’ industry reaction to the new Labour Government policy of “Energy Policy” using Duncan Garner as their trumpet sadly;

      Regarding Duncan Garner;

      Duncan Garner was this morning on the AM show’ viciously attacking labour’s newly released Energy Policy, while at the same time was seeming to be supporting National’s abysmal past policy again, and not following up with labour’s Phil Twyford asking Judith Collins when will national begin to plan to turn off the oil tap, then when Garner had the chance to drill Collins he failed repeatedly without asking national Judith Collins “when will National stop oil drilling in NZ” – a sorry sight there.

      Garner should feel ashamed of his bias shown today. His children will suffer if he doesn’t wake up now and fight to turn off the oil tap.

      • reason 2.1.1

        When National talk about energy there is a one worded reply which displays their pig ignorant beliefs ….. Lignite

        I wonder what happened to all the valuable farmland purchased to chase this national party rainbow of shite … it had the usual rainbow treasure hunters results.

        Th Pike river non-compliant killing zone …..and running solid energy into insolvency attest to Nationals slash and crash management skills.

        Garner represents color blind segregation …. Economic segregation favoring the wealthy

        • dukeofurl

          national is also telling lies about jobs in “exploration”

          Just looked at Fiztroy Engineering in New |Plymouth contract list

          This is a typical recent example
          “Managing the logistics and the erection of 6000 tonnes of structural
          steel for the new Christchurch Hospital Acute Services Building,
          Canterbury, New Zealand”

          There is work related to oil refining – in Australia

          “Ongoing onsite planning and coordination of the relevant
          subcontractors for the fabrication and installation of structural
          steel, pipe spooling and pump skids across all areas of the Caltex
          Lytton Refinery, QLD, Australia”

          Their work seems connected to Construction rather than Exploration.

          • Chuck

            Fitzroy’s main business is in oil and gas (look after the guys that look for the stuff). structural steel is a sideline brought in when the oil price nosedived.

      • Chris T 2.1.2

        Maybe if Twyford wasn’t screaming “lies!!” the whole time anyone else was trying to talk and making stupid promises that no jobs will be affected Garner could have actually got a word in edgeways.

        • Stunned Mullet

          Garner and Twyford went to high school together – old sparing partners, probably cak themselves laughing off screen.

          • Bearded Git


          • alwyn

            Your theory seems a little bit unlikely.
            The term “went to high school together” does rather imply that they were at the school as pupils at the same time.
            If this is actually true, and they really were at Westlake Boys High School at the same time, could you please tell me.
            Was Phil Twyford a really, really slow learner?
            Or was Duncan Garner a child prodigy?
            I ask because Twyford was born on 4 May 1963 and Duncan Garner on 6 March 1974. Twyford is almost 11 years older and it seems a little unlikely that they were actually at the school at the same time.

            • Stunned Mullet

              Old boys get togethers Alwyn… discussing all the jolly good radishings and all that..

              • alwyn

                I take it that you went to the same school, did you?
                Did you enjoy your time there?

                I notice that the school doesn’t seem to be very keen on publicising the fact that Twyford went there. Their entry in Wikipedia lists Duncan Garner as being an old boy but there is no mention of Twyford. The only politician listed is an Auckland Councillor, John Watson. I guess if he was an old boy of my old school I wouldn’t boast about it either.

  3. Goodness, you just know things are complicated when even Fox News urges caution on Syria!

    Just over 7 minutes long.

    • Ed 3.1

      Sanity from FOX.
      Now I know this just a bad dream….

      • Jenny 3.1.1

        Business as usual from Fox

        Fascism and fascists always get a free pass from Fox News

        • Did you actually watch the clip?

          Just asking because your response seems completely at odds with the content.

        • reason

          Business as usual around here is Jenny calling al-nusra / ISIS types … ‘rebels’

          White helmet speak.

          Regarding Fox, …did they criticise the Banderite / right sector in the violent western backed coup in the Ukraine Jenny ??…….

          How about the Croatian Ustashe linked fascists in the NATO driven destruction of Yugoslavia http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/croatjews.htm

          “”What worries us is that those in power in Croatia now are largely the same as during the Nazi era,” said Dr Klara Mandic, a senior Jewish community leader at yesterday’s ceremony. ”In some cases, they are exactly the same people, now in their seventies and back from exile under the Communists. In other cases, they are the children of the Ustashe.

          ”They wear the same black shirts, the same black trousers, many carry the same ”Serbo-seks” knives for the Serbs . Tudjman the Croatian President would not dare touch Jews now that we have our own state to protect us. But he has prepared an atmosphere similar to that at the start of the Second World War and the fact is that many of the Croatian groups are out of his control.”.

          Fox definitely pick and choose which fascists they diss ….

          Apart from war …. whats your other preferred road to peace in Syria Jenny ??

        • mikes

          Jenny, do you even know what fascism is?

    • AsleepWhileWalking 3.2

      I’d say a great job by alternative media and people who share it. Puts pressure on everyone else to either attempt truth or risk their braindead viewers seeing through their façade.

    • mauī 3.3

      Excellent work from Tucker. A journalist really doing his job.

  4. Jenny 4

    Trump’s phoney war on Syrian fascism.


    The US has bombed Syria lots of times, (but, just not the regime, if he can avoid it.)

    America bombs Syria,

    Syria bombs Syria,

    Israel bombs Syria,

    Russia bombs Syria,

    Turkey bombs Syria.

    None of those doing the bombing can tolerate a free Syria.

    Or indeed a free Middle East.


    • Wayne 4.1

      So in your mind a free Syria would be one which can attack Israel with impunity, have Assad use chemicals on whichever his people he wants, and which is a secure haven foe ISIS terrorism.

      Strange definition of free.

      Countries are limited in the amount of freedom they are allowed. Being a base to attack other countries (ISIS), using chemical and nerve gases are generally seen as being a limit on state freedom.

      • Stunned Mullet 4.1.1

        I believe you are incorrect with your assertions Wayne.

        Jenny’s position on Syria, which she may choose to explain herself, is more nuanced than many and she is staunchly pro the Syrian people and anti all those who are making their lives miserable in particular she is very critical of Assad and his enablers.

        • reason

          you sound like a bit of a war crime enabler yourself stunned mullet

          • Stunned Mullet

            Whereas your comments have all the intelligence of the follow through from a bottom belch.

            • reason

              I presume thats your effort at a derail Stunned Mullet

              more info on Waynes darling ….. Israel ….

              neither side owns the moral high ground during this period.
              This same scholarship also reveals that the
              creation of Israel in 1947-48 involved
              explicit acts of ethnic cleansing, including
              executions, massacres and rapes by
              Such atrocities have taken place
              in many wars, of course, but their occur-
              rence in this period undercuts Israel’s claim
              to a special moral status.”

              “Israeli personnel have tortured numer-
              ous Palestinian prisoners, systematically
              humiliated and inconvenienced Palestinian
              civilians, and used force indiscriminately
              against them on numerous occasions.
              During the first intifada (1987-91), for
              example, the IDF distributed truncheons to
              its troops and encouraged them to break
              the bones of Palestinian protestors. The
              Swedish “Save the Children” organization
              estimated that “23,600 to 29,900 children
              required medical treatment for their beating
              injuries in the first two years of the
              intifada,” with nearly one-third sustaining
              broken bones. It also estimated that
              “nearly one-third of the beaten children
              were aged ten and under.”
              Israel’s response to the second intifada
              (2000-05) has been even more violent,
              leading Ha’aretz to declare that “the IDF
              … is turning into a killing machine whose
              efficiency is awe-inspiring, yet shocking.”
              55″ http://mearsheimer.uchicago.edu/pdfs/IsraelLobby.pdf

              “Since 1970, China has used its veto power eight times, and Russia (and the former Soviet Union) has used its veto power 13 times. However, the United States has used its veto power 83 times, primarily in defense of allies accused of violating international humanitarian law. Forty-two of these US vetoes were to protect Israel from criticism for illegal activities, including suspected war crimes. To this day, Israel occupies and colonizes a large swath of southwestern Syria in violation of a series of UN Security Council resolutions, which the United States has successfully blocked from enforcing. Yet, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insists that it is the Russians and Chinese who have “neutered” the Security Council in its ability to defend basic human rights.”

            • Gabby

              Colostomy bag salesman Stunted?

            • mikes

              Did you guys go to school together?

              Hang on, I meant to say did you guys go to the same school but not together?

              Hang on…

        • Jenny

          Thank you Stunned Mullet for your show of support.

          But personally, I don’t feel that my position on Syria is that nuanced. In fact my position is quite simple.

          I will never support a regime that commits genocide. Simple as that.

          It is one of the reasons I keep posting the video of the destruction of Homs, and inviting the pro-regime commenters, or authors, to give me their remarks. Despite giving them many opportunities to do so. Not one of them has ever had the courage to venture an opinion, on what clearly is vision of hell on earth. (or at least its aftermath).

          What is unique about the drone footage of the genocidal destruction of the rebel city of Homs, is that it was taken by a camera fitted to a Russian Drone and was first aired on RT the Russian propaganda channel.

          Weirdly, everything else that RT put out is frequently cited uncritically by supporters of the regime.

          I also, don’t support shooting of unarmed protesters in the streets.

          Nor can I support detention without trial, and/or disappearances.

          Nor do I support torture.

          Nor can I support, the silencing and murder of journalists.

          Nor do I support, the murder of singers.

          In forming my opinion, it helped, that I had actually been to Syria. (admittedly not when the revolt broke out, but only a matter of months before). And I can attest to the deep hatred and contempt for the Assad regime commonly held by the Syrian people. I can also attest to the regime as an oppressive Orwellian police state, that none of us would want to live under.

          Most of my time in Syria I spent in the Northern city of Latakia, and mostly in the company of Palestinian refugees in the camp there. This camp was one of the very first civilian areas shelled by regime in 2011.
          I was back in New Zealand at the time, but I followed the live feeds of the bombs falling on a place I knew well.
          No doubt some regime supporters will have the gall to tell me that the live feeds were fake and I mistook the places I was familiar with.

          These same people may have the gall to tell me that a person called Ibrahim Qashoush was an unperson. A comment that George Orwell’s Winston Smith’ could have related to.

          Some of these same people will no doubt tell me, that the Arab Spring which, by sheer weight of numbers of the millions who took part is the biggest popular revolt in human history, was a CIA plot. They may even provide links to prove it.


      • reason 4.1.2

        HHHmmm Who to believe????

        Wayne Mapp ….. or an Israeli generals son.

        Just who is telling the truth about war, violence and Israel?.

      • Macro 4.1.3

        No Wayne – that is not Jenny’s stance on Syria (a country in which (I gather from a previous comment) she has lived and worked). As Stunned Mullet says, her position is more nuanced than most here, and I support her stand on this.
        The people of Syria have ben starved, bombed, gassed, cast out of their homes, murdered, and generally abused by a tyrannical regime since the major drought of 2005. I’m sure that in Jenny’s eyes – a free Syria would be one without conflict, without the oppression of Assad, and at peace with its Neighbours. The people of Syria have had enough.

        • mauī

          A free Syria could be modelled on a free Iraq, free Afghanistan and a free Libya I spose… The tyrants are gone, are you happy now? Was it worth it? Why do countries always turn into hell holes after the west takes an interest in them..

          • Macro

            One of the consequences of war, whoever the antagonist, is just that – a power vacuum that results in a breakdown of stabile government. The situation in Syria will inevitably result in an unstable region for some time to come. But let’s get this quite clear – the revolt of the people in Syria erupted not from insurgents from the west – but from within. People have been fed up with the corruption and abuse of power from the Assad regime since at least 2005. Food prices in 2006 were skyrocketing following the worst drought in history – and the drought persisted. Assad did nothing to assist the people and lived in obscene luxury. The resulting chaos and the arrival of ISIS was inevitable.

      • dukeofurl 4.1.4

        “syria a secure haven for ISIS terrorism’ ?

        The country doesnt matter, the Saudis who back the ISIS group will just find another country…. surely you noticed where Osma Bin laden and his supporters were based.
        They will just move to another country even if Syria and Iraq were occupied by US troops.
        Remind us again how ISIS ended up in Iraq and how the Syrian civil war backed by US , Turkey and Saudi/UAE grew into a larger conflict

      • One Two 4.1.5

        Interesting exposure in your comment, Wayne…

        Seems a nerve was touched in your interpretation of Jennys comment…

        Were you as open about the Palistinians who were gunned down by IDF recently…

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 5

    Power outage – is it true that if you live in the city but are off grid that you still are forced to pay line charges??

    Seems unfair.

    • savenz 5.1

      I think that if you are truely off the Grid then you don’t have to pay line charges.

      But if you have solar or what have you but still are connected to the grid then you pay. In countries like Germany they gave incentives to have solar energy so they did not have to pay to upgrade the grid as well as more sustainable in the long run.

      But in NZ they have decided to target people with solar and charge them more. We are a world joke!

      Here is an article on way-to-be-cleared-for-big-electricity-players-to-prey-on-lowincome-households

      Remember you can have a heat pump and insulation but if people are too poor to pay for power (or the power is off due to storms) then you have no heating.

      Obviously investment in solar will reduce the amount that people have to pay, but that gets the power company up in arms because their profits will be effected. So what does the government do – cave in.


      • tracey 5.1.1

        Note also that selling back to the grid used to be as high as 17c. It is now 7 or 8 cents.

        • AsleepWhileWalking

          And that is outrageous too. Should be able to set a take it or leave it price.

          • alwyn

            Who do you propose should be able to set a “take it or leave it price”?

            I suspect that the power companies would be quite happy not to have to take any power from people with their own Solar generation. If they could I am sure that they might set a price of 0.001 cent/kwh. Such power tends to be erratic and is only supplied back to the grid at a time when there is little demand for it. It really isn’t easy to store surplus electricity for use when it is in demand.

            • Stuart Munro

              “It really isn’t easy to store surplus electricity for use when it is in demand.”

              Unless one has glommed public hydro generation assets.

            • mikes

              “It really isn’t easy to store surplus electricity for use when it is in demand.”

              So if they’re not that fussed about getting power back does that means there is quite a surplus of power in the system. And if there’s a surplus, why are we charged so much? Let me guess, power prices have gone up so much in recent years because privatization is always cheaper, more efficient and provides a better deal for consumers…Wait a minute!!

      • AsleepWhileWalking 5.1.2

        Thanks for this.

        Govt should be encouraging independence even if just solar hot water. One storm and half a major city is pathetically waiting for rescue.

      • The Chairman 5.1.3

        Taken from your link, savenz

        “These regulations, Minister Woods has now signalled, are to be dumped overboard to clear the way for the industry to increase its squeeze on the poor. Recognising that will probably leave more and more poor households unable to pay, and so cut off from supply, the industry’s solution is for taxpayers to subsidise electricity purchases by the poor, thereby underwriting the electricity industry’s profits in the same way as the Accommodation Supplement has enabled landlords to hold up rents.

        “Woods duly refers to ‘the wider context of supporting New Zealanders to afford their energy bills’.”

        Are these subsidies going to be in the form of the Winter Energy Payments the Government has announced?

        • David Mac

          Chairman, you seem to be in a state of perpetual dismay over what New Zealand isn’t doing for you.

          For anything beyond getting by it appears you’ll need to make your own arrangements.

      • OnceWasTim 5.1.4

        They managed to get away with all sorts of things @savenz.
        We should for example, be telling suppliers to relocate their meters onto the nearest lamp post, since at the time of privatisation, they managed to shift ‘demarcation’ points such that they could have it both ways.
        You’re responsible (financially) to fix any cable problems from the lamp post, YET their meters (their property) is more often than not way past the demarc point.
        Cost shifting.
        I also seem to remember a guy around the bays in Wellington with an efficient wind generator. Most of the time his electricity was sufficient to keep his Ferranti Meter going backwards.
        Oh NO! they thought – we can’t have this. Think of what might happen if others do the same!!
        We want to be able to charge you for electricity at OUR rate, but if you give us electricity, we want it at OUR rate too!
        Ekshully, don’t get me started. We could go through all that spin an shit about ‘baseloads’ and other stuff, and smart meters versus the basic ripple control.
        It’s bloody tedious.
        I think it’ll eventually come back to the point that where there are natural monopolies, such as with reticulation of the basics (water, shit-pipes, electricity, fibre – or copper, gas supply, etc., railway lines, roads et al), these things must be in public ownership or government [local or central]), OR they need to be heavily regulated.

    • mikes 5.2

      Depends how off the grid you are. But it’s simple really, they can’t give you an invoice for line charges if you don’t have an account with them.

  6. tracey 6

    Gordon Campbell takes David Parker to task over his announcement of the Afganostan inquiry. The NZDF commander is sounding strong and confisant but still not being pressed on why he said the name of the village in Hit and Run was wrong, when it was right. There is a difference between no comment on the groubds of National Security and lying to the NZers whose lives and fundamental rights you say you fight for.

    Parker was playing politics yesterday and if you closed your eyes it coukd have been National speaking.


    • OnceWasTim 6.1

      Well there’s the worry @Tracey. Not too dissimilar as to whether other Munsters want to confront the obvious spin and bullshit from “their officials” busy trying to protect their arses, be they in MPI, OR MSD, or MoT (NZTA), or MBIE, or Health, or Education, or, or, or….
      Expediency, or pragmatism, or whatever bullshit excuse they want to offer to an uncritical MSM, it’ll eventually end badly for them (the spin meisters or the Johnalists).
      It’s why I don’t get too upset or emotionally involved these days. They’re unknowingly experts in shitting in their own nests and self-copulation

  7. adam 7

    OH look Yanks have more spin than Kiwis.


    Our slumlords get a free pass every time in Auckland, well they have a compliant media and Tory party to back them up.

    • savenz 7.1

      What do you think the Natz were up to in Auckland… if you get off the racial profiling and just look at the concept of displacement which in NZ is bringing more people into Auckland, and pushing those out into other parts of NZ, pushing those out, you will be more on the money.

      Even if you somehow got enough money to buy back into Auckland, you need to be able to earn enough to cover the increasing rates and costs that brings with how the Auckland council is behaving giving away rates money like a lolly scramble to big business while depriving non core areas or siphoning it off into consultants pockets so that nothing is being upgraded ahead of time.

      Which is turning our city into a slum while creating ‘shock doctrine’ thinking… to ram through ill thought out plans that are counter to democracy or even reasonable thinking.

      • adam 7.1.1

        The Tories had no plan, that is why we have so many problems in Auckland.

        It’s more cock-up theory than a conspiracy.

        • Stunned Mullet

          Who are these tories you speak of ? Goff, Brown, Hubbard, Banks ?

          • patricia bremner

            The Council has had many National members and the Mayor gets one vote.
            They fought any improvements and hog tied changes quite often. Real nimbys, the Citizens and Rate payers Association.

            • Stunned Mullet

              There’s also a considerable number of City Vision and openly Labour candidates as well as the independents.

              I’d prefer the general public to have more of a say myself rather than the council cabal.

      • mikes 7.1.2

        I certainly wouldn’t disagree with your views on this, but am more inclined to give council, etc less credit. I think that they really have no clue and are winging it..

  8. savenz 8

    I hope the 50 million spent of emergency housing in hotels, is being beefed up… because the new housing is more of what you would call the gentrified type….

    • OnceWasTImothy and others 8.1

      Isn’t a ‘crisis’ enough reason to perhaps declare a state of emergency and call in the army to erect some temporary shelters?
      Oh no, that’s right, it’s only those bloody poor people and beneficiary bludgers that can’t handle putting a roof over their heads. It can’t really be a crisis

      • Exkiwiforces 8.1.1

        I’ll think there is bugger all tradies left in the Green in the Machine, unless they trained a heap more the during the PRT deployments? as they had stuff all during the ET deployments as a result of the No Mates Party defence cuts in the 90’s. The manta back then was you don’t need these tradies all doing in house work, like the old MoW so you can get rid of them. Then along came Bosnia, the Sollies , ET and the Sandpit deployments etc etc.

        Bring back the MoW I and the DSIR I say?

  9. savenz 9

    He’s baaaack….

    Trump wants US back in the Trans-Pacific Partnership – report


    If your first thoughts are ‘get us out of here’ then


    I’m not against a trade agreement but it’s not a trade agreement… it’s a security arrangement, asset striping double speak, that has been piggy backed by corporations to asset strip countries and leave the mess behind… and if you don’t like it, they can sue you in their illegal (EU Ruling) court.

    Seriously if there is some blow out between China and US, probably the Pacific would be a good place for the show down, and it hasn’t worked out too well, for the Middle East civilians to be in the middle of oil/cultural war…

    Even worse if China and US get together and we have some sort of hybrid of their business and human rights style come to the Pacific…

    • James 9.1

      Great news about this.

      It will be even better with the US in there.

      Best thing labour have done signing this.

      • Pat 9.1.1


        • savenz

          Yes, Trump is also my idol and so is Xi Jinping. If only we can bring their wise ways to NZ and both join TPPA and exploit all the holes in the agreement for their economic and strategic gain, it would be my dream country.

          I’m also truely grateful for David Parker, who cleverly negotiated that ‘7 out of 10’ agreement. 10 out of 10 was too much pressure, obviously. And Jacinda has banned new oil but luckily when Natz get in again, we will already be in TPPA to get their agenda back on track.

          Likewise the rise of the right and totaliarialism across many countries. Luckily we will be tied into an agreement that does not really consider any future risks including changes of government, new policy and climate change.

          • cleangreen

            Ha ha savenz

            Donald Trump is just firing blanks here, – as he knows he needs to change TPP far more than it is now.

            So it may make our new labour Government now own up and declare now that it’s new ‘side’ agreement’s may be in jeopardy?

        • cleangreen

          Yes James the “EX Aucklander always is a stirrer see my reasons for opposing TPP.

          • Pat

            theres every chance that Trump will change his mind in a 3a.m. tweet tomorrow….James delights in winding everyone up.

          • James

            I’m not an EX Aucklander. Currently live in Coatesville – very much part of Auckland.

            • savenz

              Could be a mining plant, chicken factory or some thing else coming your way, there James, I’d have a contingency plan to bail out.

              Unfortunately once there you generally can’t sell that easily or get enough to move somewhere of the same quality of life.

              I know quality of life is something that is alien to both left and righties these days. It’s seems to be more important to just be alive and consuming stuff as an economic unit, the quality is irrelevant.

              • james

                “Could be a mining plant, chicken factory or some thing else coming your way, there James, I’d have a contingency plan to bail out.”

                Im confident you are wrong on this one for sure.

                • savenz

                  Life is such a lottery these days. I’t didn’t use to be like that, but one stoke of a Auckland council’s pen or the RMA and there will be nothing you can do about it, because their is only the pretence of democracy – the reality Auckland is starting to run like China – top down.

                  • patricia bremner

                    Not all together savenz. Twyford stopped the State house sell off. Had those tested for P retested treated if needed and people back in them.

                    Repairs and upgrades are now happening. I laughed when the Nats said “Costs are 7 times what landlords are spending” Well … when some landlords spend nothing on improvements, it would be easy to out spend them. Twyford is doing great.

                    Granted “affordable” is a poor choice of word by MSM. $600 000 is much better than $1000 000 though, and there has been $300 000 for a 1 bed apartment and $ 450 000 for two.

                    Yes winter is coming, but this government will do their utmost to house people and keep them warm and fed.

                    • The Chairman

                      Labour’s shortcomings in the number of state homes they are prepared to build is problematic, thus a concern.

                    • McFlock

                      thanks for your concern

                    • patricia bremner

                      The Chairman, the Coalition are committed to building refurbishing and giving a bit more certainty for those in a state house.

                      The huge numbers brought in each year through loose immigration, has stressed housing beyond belief. You must admit that at least, and that the last government did not provide public housing to match it, or private either. Hence the horrific prices.

                      So Key did well when he sold his house in their created market of shortages. $ 21 000 000 Makes me fume. “What shortage?”
                      “What a fekker!!!” As my Irish ancestors would say

        • James

          No I mean it.

          I’ve always been in support of it.

          • Pat

            Im sure you do…the wind ups a bonus,eh

            • savenz

              Maybe’s Parker’s ‘7 out of 10’ scenario means he only thinks we could have a 30% chance of something bad happening. 30%, quite good odds, ah, maybe,

              • Pat

                this is Trump we’re talking about here….it may become of concern if there is some official action regarding reopening negotiations…think the US may have its hands a little full at the moment.

            • James

              It’s not a wind up. I really believe it was the best thing for New Zealand.

              The fact that labour were dishonest and misled people who were against it – when they were always going to sign – makes me laugh because it was always going to happen.

              It IS good for New Zealand. That’s why both main petite will be supporting it.

              People arguing against it simply are ideological or have less knowledge than the people actually working on it.

              Besides muttonbird on here tells me most kiwis have had all their concerns addressed by labour and are all ok with the signing now – so that must be right.

              • savenz

                I guess that potential 1/3 of 1 percent gain over decades is worth all the risks, eh James.

                • james

                  Ask Cindy – Her government signed it.

                  • savenz

                    Yes but your preferred government negotiated it. The reality is, they both sold us out because seriously, you trust that they did a good job?

                    Our Met service can’t even predict bad weather that accurately and tens of thousands of people have no power. It does not sound like fingers on the pulse of our government and officials.

                    • james

                      I trust National did a good job – yes.

                      Labour – Im sure they stuffed parts of it up.

                    • solkta

                      Our Met service can’t even predict bad weather that accurately and tens of thousands of people have no power.

                      I think you can blame Woolworths for that. The MetService have the same problem as James Shaw, those magic wands are just shit.

                    • The Saudi sheep deal’s a great example of just how good a job National did.

                    • James []

                      So Robert – you all happy with the new tpp?

                      Think that’s a good dea ?

                    • Robert Guyton

                      National do a great job when negotiating deals – remember the Saudi sheep deal debacle?

              • Draco T Bastard

                It IS good for New Zealand.

                Except for the fact that it isn’t. From it we’ll see more poverty and deprivation while a few make out like the bandits that they are.

                As we’ve seen over the last thirty years.

      • tracey 9.1.2

        Maybe james. The US have shown themselves to be protectionists and bullies.

        • savenz

          I don’t even know why protectionist is such a bad word these days. Surely you want to protect workers, your environment, your country?

          • Draco T Bastard

            Because protectionism stops the rich pricks from stealing everything and they really don’t like that and as they own the MSM and the economists we dutifully get told that it’s bad.

      • Cinny 9.1.3

        Lmao James, I wonder if those who signed will let him back in, I think Agent Orange is feeling left out and is bloody dreaming re TPP.

        • James

          I think you will find they will be extremely happy to have them back in.

          • Cinny

            Maybe they would be exempt from recent USA tariffs as a result?

            • McFlock

              lol there’s the rub. He wants to start a trade war with China at the same time as joining a trade agreement with countries that have FTAs with China.

              TPP was soft power. Trump doesn’t understand soft power. He’ll probably fuck it up somehow, even if he’s serious about trying to get back in.

    • cleangreen 9.2

      Yes if USA joins then they will shaft us all as they did Canada and Mexico already in the NAFTA trade agreement which is in tatters.

      Canada has more lawsuits against itself now in this NAFTA agreement then any other country globally.


      Do we want to go bust trying to keep our Government control over keeping unscrupulous so called investors out NZ that could totally undermine our futures?

      • James 9.2.1


        Labour always knew it was a good deal. That’s why the signed it so quickly.

        • savenz

          Yes, Labour, James is pleased, not enough to vote Labour though I’ll expect.

          Quite a few Labour voters are vitriolic though, but no worry, just like the houses, bring the people in and the market will provide the houses, transport and wastewater and power.. oh and if they don’t then the taxpayers will and we will raise the taxes. simple.

          • james

            “Yes, Labour, James is pleased, not enough to vote Labour though I’ll expect.”

            Of course Im pleased and no wont be voting labour.

            At least National said they were going to sign it – Labour sucked you in.

            • McFlock

              By cunningly saying what they’d do? Damned fiendish, these Labour politicians.

  10. cleangreen 10

    Why the hell are the municipal Authorities using chlorine in all drinking water around our country now as it has been proven to cause cancer?????????


    Can’t we use “food grade” ‘high purity’ Hydrogen Peroxide instead?

    Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to not cause any serious medical effects and also prevents many diseases.

    Florida USA also uses Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in many residential and commercial pools now. – Time we woke up here in our so called “clean green” country.


    • Stunned Mullet 10.1

      😆 that’s some fine drivel cleangreen, next it’ll be no flouridation for water supplies and and an anti-immunisation diatribe.

    • Planet Earth 10.2

      I hear they bring the chlorine into Gisborne on great big trucks too.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 10.3

      Cool stuff the good old HOHO juice.

    • Draco T Bastard 10.4

      Can’t we use “food grade” ‘high purity’ Hydrogen Peroxide instead?

      I don’t know about you but I don’t want to die from drinking the water in the tap.

      But, hey, I’ve pointed that out to you before as well.

      And, no, I’m not going to go to your delusional websites – again.

  11. adam 11

    We really have been quite slack on the renewable energy front. Portgale on the other hand.


  12. Pat 12

    Say what you like about Shane Jones but this is the most coherent and rational I have heard him…maybe there is some intellect behind the flowery language.


  13. Kat 13

    Shane Jones….. https://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player?audio_id=2018640454

    “Simon Bridges is the “Chicken Licken of climate change”………..”National believe the economy is a gramophone”

    • tracey 13.1

      Funny that Bridges says National cares about tge environment but every time they have a chance to prove it, they fail.

    • More on Siomon on the 3pm news – I’ve got to say I’m coming reluctantly to admire the guy!

      He virtually said, forget whose fault it was that Middlemore’s in a mess, why doesn’t the Labour Government stop moaning and get it fixed! (And is wasn’t our fault anyway!)

      I mean, he takes denial to a whole new level! What a l**** politician!

      • OnceWasTImothy and others 13.2.1

        Just as an aside @Tony V,
        I recently had someone chastise me for moi pathetic attempts at ridiculing him over his prinunseeayeshun. Genuinely though, sometoims I really can’t understand him without a translation, but then Fill Stein was sumtoims a chellunj too.

        Their justification was that he’d apparently had a speech impediment that he’d overcome.

        I called bullshit because the impediment had nothing to do with what is effectively just laziness (apologies to Toika Woititti ).

        Loik Key though.. Lazy speech, lazy moind. Oidilogikill commitmunt is lot simpla en ya done hefta rilly think to much, speshly when ya learn the spin an torkin points.

        You can account for different eggsents built up from location over toim – there’s even some ekademuk thet toll us orl we’d better get use twit goan forward – can’t remember where, but Soimun is jiss over the top. Oi suspek it wuz on radio layba maybe, or maybe red radio.

        Sometoims I wunna what Phil Stein and Soimun’s IELTS points would be (goan forwid) … but of course they’re for the ‘others’

  14. Anne 14

    Audrey Young’s latest in the Herald is a reasoned piece about Labour’s recent woes. She’s right in my view. The government has left itself open to attacks from the opposition. As she says they’re not on the ropes yet… but imo they will be of they don’t tighten up the ship. Worth a read:


  15. The Chairman 15

    The Government’s $1 billion a year regional fund was launched in February. About $40m had been allocated thus far.

    What’s totally disappointing is there are no strings attached (such as employees receiving a living wage) with the taxpayer money being splashed about.

    Shouldn’t we on the left be calling out for this?

    • savenz 15.1

      Yes we should Chairman. But will anyone in Labour, NZ First or Greens notice? Too busy hobnobbing and showering mates with money? Of course we expect that from Natz, but maybe left voters expect more accountability?

      • The Chairman 15.1.1

        “Yes we should Chairman. But will anyone in Labour, NZ First or Greens notice? Too busy hobnobbing and showering mates with money?”

        Dead right, savenz. Their silence on the matter pretty much sums it up.

        “Of course we expect that from Natz, but maybe left voters expect more accountability?”

        Indeed. If this was National splashing taxpayer money about with no strings, I’m sure the left would be far more vocal. It seems many here are happy to turn the blind eye when Labour do it.

        Labour are wasting an opportunity to improve the living standards of many by failing to ensure a living wage is paid. As a result, robbing workers of their fair share, hence reinforcing the status quo.

  16. savenz 16

    You got a Marae and you want fresh air too!

    Marae threatened by proposed chicken farm – locals

    Next this Hong Kong based firm, will be explaining how they are really there to help the poor get cheap eggs, make a selected few in NZ richer, and the shitty town, good for nothing Maori, farmers and stupid chooks are not worth worrying about, and just collateral damage for their egalitarian ways and cheap exports.

  17. ianmac 18

    Editorial Herald. Who would have thought that the writer would put a reasoned view regarding the “oil exploration.” A good summary.

    Someone needed to rip the scab off because this day was always coming for the fossil fuel industry.

    The question was would it be swallowed up by clean energy? Would it run out? Would it burn with the planet?

    Or would it be a conscious decision?

    The Government wants to make it the latter with its ban on offshore oil and gas exploration….
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be heaped with plaudits and criticism in equal measure.

    But the charge of economic vandalism levelled at this decision is either scaremongering or a genuine reaction to the unknown.

    Major industries have fallen in quicker time and the economy has carried on its merry way.


  18. Kay 19

    Now this is interesting. I just had a phone call from Colmar Brunton, specifically asking for me. They’re doing a random survey of WINZ clients on behalf of MSD to get our feedback of our experiences dealing with said agency. Being highly suspicious and not quite believing it would be totally anonymous as she assured me, I was the one doing the interviewing initially but it seems to be legit.

    Unfortunatlely I was screened out- going on the initial questioning it was obviously because I hadn’t had phone or face to face contact with real people there in the last 4 weeks. Bugger- the one time I get a chance to tell them what I think!!

    Are any of my peers here aware of these surveys ever taking place in the past, or perhaps this is something new? A small glimmer of hope would be someone with influence is at least making a start on getting an idea of reality. One can only hope…

    • AsleepWhileWalking 19.1

      They have been going for a couple years I think. Of course like many things it trains clients to be great scam victims.

      You should always be able to ring back through a known number to ensure it is legit and one should be set aside for this purpose.

      The best people to scam are people who are poor because they tend not to be on top of, heir statements and slow to pick up fraud.

    • Cinny 19.2

      Hiya Kay, the same thing happened to a friend a few weeks back, unfortunately, they had not been to WINZ in the last 4-6 weeks so they were ruled out as well.

  19. JohnSelway 20

    I’m beginning think instead of just having a hamster in a wheel for a brain this guy has two hamster and two wheels going in opposite directions.


  20. AsleepWhileWalking 21

    Finally my new oven is delivered!

    Exciting times. While waiting this AM I came across Jump, an electric bike thing used in San Fan. Like Uber but you take yourself.

    Users are taking 5-7 rides a day!! So popular.

  21. Morrissey 22

    That pisspoor cartoonist Emmerson is substandard, even by the
    abysmally low standards accepted by the New Zealand Herald.

  22. OnceWasTIm 23

    as in the programatic criteria used to determine legitimacy in submitting comments.

    Not too dissimilar from the ‘smarts’ used to determine demography by the likes of INZ, or Facebooks algorithms.

    I suppose we just have to put our faith in some of the greatest programmers on Earth.

    By the way, I’ve NEVER been ‘Tim’ or anything like it.

    I’m looking forward to any/if any comments asking WTF I’m on about

  23. eco maori 24

    I went home to Te tairawhiti East Coast I went through Turangi Gisborne and went back to Putaruru around the Cape so I travelled right around Te tairawhiti. What I notice was that a lot of trees are gone in the Gisborne district and the landscape was dry and in Te tairawhiti heaps of trees native and exotic planted forests the landscape was green and lush. I’m watching David Attenborough Natures Curiosities this program shows we have learnt a lot off mother nature and I say we have much more to learn from her and her beautiful creatures.
    My point on Gisborne is you cannot cut all the trees down without a negative effect on the environment this is a fact that is right in front of our eyes on one 13 hours driveing around the East Coast. Of Atoearoa New Zealand. If the trees are left intact on the steep hills around the rivers and creeks all the waterways They attrack the Rain the hold the Wai in the ground they stop tawhiti the wind drying the land out. I say if the trees are left in all the right places all the flat to rolling land would be much more productive and will easily make up for the land left to mother nature and more + more deer wild pigs ect. Man has to respect mother nature and use her wisely if we carry on abuseing her we will be the ones that ultimately will lose with OUR society collapseing because we abuse mother nature all for the Dollar and to have utopia we just have to respect her all all the creations she has given us including all HUMAN BEINGS show respect for all and reap the GOOD KARMA.
    Ka kite ano

    • eco maori 24.1

      I use to fly out of Hawkesbay quite a bit 25 years ago I noticed that the landscape was baron of trees and dry I would bet even though I don’t gamble that before the beautiful trees were cleared that the rainfall was higher than Hawkesbay has now if we work with Papatuanukue mother earth we will reap the rewards we have to stop poisoning the land with sprays we pour nitrogen on the land and this just causes the humus to break down faster you don’t get nothing from nothing this is basic science the way we are farming we are exporting our humus. We need to work with Papatuanukue mother nature and use no to low till cropping and use organic farming to produce our export products.
      The pro intensive farm advisors say that Organic farming is less productive that high input chemical / poisonous farming. The reason that our land takes a few years of Organic farming to become as productive as chemical farming is the land is hooked on chemicals and the chemicals have damaged all the natural orginmisams that provide the nitrates that OUR crops need to grow.
      If I was to grow Organically on soils that have no man made chemicals in it the land would produce more that chemical farming I have heard the storys when they first cleared the land here of how fast the crops grew how fast the grass grew but you have to feed the land organic fertilisers worm casting compost crushed rock lime or your harvest will decrease leave some land in fallow as well.
      The pro Organic farming organisation don’t have the money to spend on getting there facts out there like the Chemical backed farming people have. Ka kite ano

      • eco maori 24.1.1

        Here we go a article that tells us exactly why Aotearoa New Zealand is Racist Iv had it from both ends being called white and moving to Hawkesbay and hearing the racist story that have not been research about Maori and the land and being called a black Maori. Now w I have the system Breaking all the rules just to try and suppress me because some people underestimated Me. I see all there players they paid to use against me. They don’t underestimate ECO MAORI now I learn fast???? . All I want is to be paid compensation for this fasard of a suppression campaign against me and be left alone to raise my Whano. I know my destiny and that is to lead us into a bright and prosperous future for all OUR Mokopunas and all Papatuanukue creatures into a bright and prosperous future.
        Here’s the link Ka kite ano.

        • eco maori

          This is the actions of a desperate man willing to sacrifice the Whole World to give him more power to put out the fires he has started on all of his fronts he started trying to go to War against Korea everywhere he turned he was trying to start a War. Everyone knows that the American President gets more power when they are at War. The American people are letting him damage there reputation there future there Mokopunas future just so he can do as he wants which is become a 300 billionaire who is untouchable someone has to have the Mana to stand up to this BULLYING idiot as all bullies underneath are shit scared when the shit hits the fan they are the first to run and hide look in the books you will see what Im saying is true.


  24. eco maori 26

    Newshub the sandflys must not have liked my comments on trump they stuff my phone up for a bit got it sussed now. Good on the Kiwi Restauranter for telling it like it is on trump and supporting his workers. Looks like OUR Lady’s are doing excellent at the commonwealth games Mana Wahine. Looks like Auckland is get more bad weather Climate change is real. Ka kite ano

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  • Ultra-fast Broadband programme hits major milestone with more than one million connections
    The Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media has congratulated the Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) programme on its major milestone of connecting more than 1 million New Zealand households and businesses to UFB. “This milestone has been 10 years in the making and demonstrates the popularity of the UFB network. “Uptake ...
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  • Vaping legislation passes
    Landmark legislation passed today puts New Zealand on track to saving thousands of lives and having a smokefree generation sooner rather than later, Associate Health Minister, Jenny Salesa says. The Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill regulates vaping products and heated tobacco devices. “There has long been concern ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government repeals discriminatory law
    A discriminatory law that has been a symbol of frustration for many people needing and providing care and support, has been scrapped by the Government. “Part 4A of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Bill (No 2) was introduced under urgency in 2013 by a National Government,” Associate ...
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    4 days ago
  • More competitive fuel market on the way
    Kiwi motorists are set to reap the benefits of a more competitive fuel market following the passing of the Fuel Industry Bill tonight, Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods says.  “This Act is where the rubber meets the road in terms of our response to the recommendations made in the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government delivers on rental reforms promise
    The Government has delivered on its promise to New Zealanders to modernise tenancy laws with the passing of the Residential Tenancies Amendment (RTA) Bill 2020 today, says Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing), Kris Faafoi. “The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 was out-dated and the reforms in the RTA modernise our ...
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    4 days ago
  • New rules in place to restore healthy rivers
    New rules to protect and restore New Zealand’s freshwater passed into law today. Environment Minister David Parker and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor welcomed the gazetting of the new national direction on freshwater management. “These regulations deliver on the Government’s commitment to stop further degradation, show material improvements within five years and ...
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    4 days ago
  • Foreign Minister announces new Consul-General in Los Angeles
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced the appointment of Jeremy Clarke-Watson as New Zealand’s new Consul-General in Los Angeles. “New Zealand and the United States share a close and dynamic partnership, based on a long history of shared values and democratic traditions,” Mr Peters said. “Mr Clarke-Watson is a ...
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    4 days ago
  • Rental reforms provide greater support for victims of family violence
    Victims of family violence can end a tenancy with two days’ notice Landlords can terminate tenancies with 14 days’ notice if tenants assault them Timeframe brought forward for limiting rent increases to once every 12 months Extension of time Tenancy Tribunal can hear cases via phone/video conference Reform of New ...
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    4 days ago
  • Apprenticeships support kicks off today
    Two employment schemes – one new and one expanded – going live today will help tens of thousands of people continue training on the job and support thousands more into work, the Government has announced. Apprenticeship Boost, a subsidy of up to $12,000 per annum for first year apprentices and ...
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    4 days ago
  • Infrastructure to transform Omokoroa
    The Government is funding a significant infrastructure package at Omokoroa which will create 150 new jobs and help transform the Western Bay of Plenty peninsula, Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced today. Phil Twyford says the Government is investing $14 million towards the $28 million roading and water package. This ...
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    4 days ago