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13 comments on “Open Mike 13/02/2017”

  1. Dose of double dipper in herald. –sickening.

  2. Carolyn_nth 3

    Just looking at article based on the excellent NZ Herald documentary “Under the Bridge”.

    This part gives me pause:

    Rohs has come from Aranui High, a co-educational decile 2 in the earthquake-ravaged eastern suburbs of Christchurch. He was recruited under a scheme that sees effective principals paid extra to take on struggling schools, and is tasked with turning Papakura around.

    That was the Key government scheme many of us were not happy about, because it seemed to not put the money or energies where they were most needed. But this doco and article makes it look like a very good scheme.


  3. saveNZ 4

    Farmer Studies Law For 16 Years To Sue Company That Polluted His Farmland And Won The Case

  4. rhinocrates 5

    Good for a laugh:

    Trump was reportedly bothered by Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Sean Spicer a week ago on “Saturday Night Live.” Not so much because it was over-the-top, mind you, but because a woman played Spicer.

    Politico reported that “it was Spicer’s portrayal by a woman that was most problematic in the president’s eyes, according to sources close to him.”

    SNL’s response to that? Have more women play members of Trump’s team — and even Trump himself.

    • gsays 5.1

      i said to a friend in the weekend that rosie o’donnell doing trump may be the tipping point for him.

  5. mauī 6

    More tips for organic gardening by Patrick Whitefield, sometimes referred to as ‘mumbo jumbo’ by some in the farming community.

  6. Penny Bright 7

    GREAT development!

    Seen this?

    Monday, 13 February 2017, 10:30 am

    Press Release: Joint Press Release

    Church Leaders Statement of Concern About Deportation of Indian Students:

    To the NZ Government and Public:

    As leaders in our 3 Churches we wish to publicly state our concern about the proposed deportation of several students from India for falsification of their visa papers.

    We do not believe they intended to deceive the NZ government in this way.

    “Having looked at their situation it seems to us that these students have been duped by unscrupulous immigration agents in India.

    In a previous similar cases we understand that where documentation had been deemed falsified by immigration agents then the group was allowed to stay.” Archbishop Philip Richardson said.

    This points to an inconsistency in policy and an unfair treatment of this group of students.

    The students were up-to- date with course fees at their educational establishments.

    They could not draw NZ benefits because they are not citizens or residents.

    Most of them were tax-paying workers according to their visa conditions and they were contributing to the NZ economy via their taxes, course fees and general living expenses.

    We do not deny that the NZ government has a duty to carefully scrutinize immigration applications, nor that applicants have a responsibility in regard to their applications.

    However these can be complicated processes and the role and legitimacy of immigration agents also needs careful scrutiny.

    Immigration New Zealand seems to have erred in its processes as well.

    “We urge the government to re-consider the case of these students.

    We do so on the basis of concern for the human situation of the students, our Christian responsibility to care for ‘the stranger, the widow and the orphan’ among us, and a concern for just application of NZ’s immigration policy.” Cardinal John Dew said.

    Cardinal John Dew
    Archbishop of Wellington.

    Archbishop Philip Richardson
    Archbishop and Primate of the

    Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia.

    Reverend Prince Devandanan
    President – the Methodist Church of New Zealand.

    • Jenny 7.1

      Good one Penny. 100+

      This is a welcome challenge to global Trumpism in this country.

      Breaking down barriers.

      Speaking out instead of staying silent.

      All power to these students and their multi-faith supporters.

  7. Peter Swift 9

    The reality of the situation is, no matter how rabid ultra left you claim you are, if you don’t tactically vote for the labour constituency candidate and then party vote for either the greens or labour, you are actively participating in the continuation of the national government you say you detest.

    Dress it up or strip it naked, debate ideology over pragmatism, but that’s how it is.

    So what did you do in the war, Daddy?

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