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33 comments on “Open mike 14/08/2010”

  1. Jenny 1

    The news around the traps is that all Labour Party MPs are to be gagged from speaking at the Fairness at Work rallys on the 21st and 22nd.

    This gagging order reflects the disarray inside the Labour Party over the 90 day bill. Phil Goff has spoken against any widening of the Act, while Trevor Mallard has called for it’s full repeal.

  2. comedy 2

    Crap weather today – time for people to give their keyboards a workout and put in a submission to save New Chums

    • felix 2.1

      The comment from Goudie is priceless.

      “It’s a beautiful beach but we’re blessed with a huge coastline of beautiful beaches, and there are plenty more along the coast; they’re just not accessible.”

      So fuck it, there are heaps of beaches.

  3. Jenny 3

    The questions are:

    Will left leaning MPs like Trevor Mallard or Darien Fenton defy the gagging order?

    Does this gagging order also apply to prospective Labour Party MPs like Andrew Little?

    capcha – possibility

    • comedy 3.1

      No the question is why is the Labour party in such a factionalised state so as to provide such a piss poor opposition.

      I suspect that Helen and Heather’s greatest work was to not put up with the current shit that passes for a team work within caucus.

      • The Voice of Reason 3.1.1

        The question is actually ‘where is the evidence that a gagging order exists?’. Sounds like complete and utter bollocks to me.

        • Jenny

          VOR I sincerely hope that events will prove me wrong, and you right.

          I would be happy to be proved wrong by you. Sadly I feel I will be proved right after the event.

          As I said in an earlier commentt on this topic this will be “a lost opportunity” for the unions and Labour.

          Though time is growing short, I still hope that Labour Party MPs will speak at the Fairness at Work rallies and be allowed to say, that on being elected a Labour Government will repeal these laws.
          Obviously if Labour MPs are not allowed to say this on the day, then they will have very little reason for getting up to say anything.

          If no Labour Party MP is able to get up to address these rallies. This will be a message from the Labour Party to working people and their unions, that they are alone in this fight.

          To my mind this will be a terrible lost opportunity for the Labour Party to get working people’s attention and support.

          • The Voice of Reason

            So, no evidence at all, Jenny? It’s usually the right wing concern trolls who put up this kind of mischievous fantasy comment. I could see why a rightie would want to sabotage the rallies by inventing a split where none exists, but why would you?

            The important thing is that there is maximum turnout at the rallies from working people. Whether MPs from any party front is not the point. It’s not about them anyway, it’s about the most vicious attack on working rights in twenty years and needless division and dissent in the ranks does not help oppose that in the least.

            Hmmm, I feel a song coming on ….

            • Jenny

              The evidence will come on the day.

              Unless one, or maybe more Labour MPs decide to defy the ban.

              capcha – emergency

  4. Cnr Joe 4

    They Must speak at these rallies!
    Or phuk off Phil with yr ‘relaxed ‘attitude to a ‘tradeable’ fourth week and any other quisling tendencies!
    Love the rain.

    captcha – show

    • just saying 4.1

      Sad state of affairs.

      I guess we’ll just have to wait until they release policy, to see how far to the right the NZLP has swung since the last Labour government. As it is there is a big gap in the market for a left wing party to swoop in and take a bif hunk out of Labour’s woefully taken for granted base, and get the many disadvantaged stay-at-homes out to the polling booths.

      • millsy 4.1.1

        We had such a party. It was called the Alliance.

        Labour did its very best to destroy it and succeeded in 2002. The country slowly drifted right-wards since.

        • just saying

          I know. Again, sad.

          It must be said though, that Anderton’s undemocratic (to put it mildly) leadership style had a great deal to do with the Alliance’s decimation.

          There may be many good lefties looking for a movement to join, particularly with the likelhood of a second term of NACT to add petrol to fires in bellies.

          • KJT

            Greens are the only ones with any vision at the moment.

            • BLiP

              For sure. Pity about that MoU. The Green MPs should set up a stand at one of these rallies and use the document as part of a sustainable composting display for sandal-wearing yoghurt worshippers.

              On the other hand, my new friend Winston Peters would be just the populist front-man for a re-organised New Zealand First party. Winston as alpha male co-leader, Sue Bradford for cute blonde female co leader?

            • millsy

              Too bad they spoil it by letting Sue Kedgley and/or Keith Locke speak.

              (no disrespect to them, but they arent exactly flavour of the month..)

        • Draco T Bastard

          Last time I looked the Alliance disintegrated of it’s own accord.

          • millsy

            Didnt help that the EMPU and the Labour Party campaigned to keep Laila Harre out of Waitakere in 2002. Then cougar girl got it in 08.

  5. Sanctuary 5

    So Jenny’s evidence is to quote herself from an earlier post? What is that? the whaleoil school of journalism?

  6. BLiP 6

    Sssup with the Southside coppers at the moment? My local was visited on Thursday and Friday nights and not once was there a search, or aggro, or pepper spray, not even a broken glass. Normally when the booze-bus goon squad turns up there is almost inevitably some sort of grief. On both recent occasions there was some of that tragic late-adolescent half-pissed bravado our young males can’t help but display, yet this was treated with humour by the police. They made an effort to get along with those they were speaking to, rather than usual bristle the baton and assert “who’s boss” A couple of way-too-pissed bar flies were gently led to the door when, in the past, there’s been some sort of nasty shitty exchange of words which has led to a scuffle and the said pissed punter wrestled to the door then pushed around outside. This time, one old fella had his details taken and was then cheerfully accompanied across the road to a bus stop; another poor soul was not arrested but “taken into custody” (what’s the difference?) for de-tox and, I have to say it was actually a good call. No doubt there were various substances in the possession of one or two patrons but no one taken outside was subject to a search. A couple of likely larrikins were required to empty their pockets and display their waistline, which was a bit of a presumption, I suppose, but nobody seemed to be annoyed about it.

    Altogether, if the police have to turn over pubs, they way they did it in Manukau last week is the way to go about it. So, what are they up to?

    Are we seeing a change in style derived from international experience where winning hearts and minds is the way forward, I wonder.

    • KJT 6.1

      A return to the past when we respected cops for just that. Tolerance and common sense.

      Seems to be far to many wannabe Rambo’s attracted to the police these days.

      • lprent 6.1.1

        Especially concentrated in the Team Policing Unit. Sometimes I’d swear that a pre-frontal lobotomy is a requirement

  7. joe90 7

    Believe it or not BLiP there are communities where the area commander has the nous to realise that respect is a two way street and that they have to earn it. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a nation wide change although the powers may have realised that police who are estranged from their communities end up behaving like this.

  8. millsy 8

    From the “its only abuse when a young brown single mother on a benefit does it file”:

    Woman acquitted for shoving hot sauce down her foster daughter’s throat named

    I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but things like work got in the way (yes lefties do work). This case has been in the papers for a while now, but the woman, was aquitted a couple of weeks ago (because she was white and middle class).

    So, if you are thinking of buying property in New Plymouth, steer well clear of Tracee Pigott.

    (she will probably force feed you with wasabi unti you give a better offer)

  9. KJT 9

    Don’t people realise the nuttiness of. We exported our jobs to China. Now we have to sell to them because we do not get paid enough to buy things locally.

  10. North 10

    Oh so poetically a karmic spotlight has shone down upon the wickedly narcissistic polemicist, the Wahanui of Whanganui, His Worship Michael Laws. Good job !

    Not that any of his idiot doings are my business or concern me. It’s the karma that tickles me….

  11. This site stills exists??? I see it’s still the same. Politics is all the same no matter what country your in, everybody thinks their side is the good side. Im done with it all.

  12. BLiP 12

    W T F ! ! !

    TriOptima, the OTC derivatives market infrastructure provider, today announces that the total notional amounts outstanding for all interest rate derivative transactions reported by the G-14 financial institutions to the Global Interest Rate Trade Repository as of June 30, 2010 was $449.202 trillion.

    Have the banksters and their co-dependant enabling economists learned nothing??

  13. Pascal's bookie 13

    Randian child rearing…



    – – – –

    I’d like to start by saying that I don’t get into belligerent shouting matches at the playground very often. The Tot Lot, by its very nature, can be an extremely volatile place—a veritable powder keg of different and sometimes contradictory parenting styles—and this fact alone is usually enough to keep everyone, parents and tots alike, acting as courteous and deferential as possible. The argument we had earlier today didn’t need to happen, and I want you to know, above all else, that I’m deeply sorry that things got so wildly, publicly out of hand.

    Now let me explain why your son was wrong.

    When little Aiden toddled up our daughter Johanna and asked to play with her Elmo ball, he was, admittedly, very sweet and polite. I think his exact words were, “Have a ball, peas [sic]?” And I’m sure you were very proud of him for using his manners.

    To be sure, I was equally proud when Johanna yelled, “No! Looter!” right in his looter face, and then only marginally less proud when she sort of shoved him….


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