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Open mike 15/04/2011

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 15th, 2011 - 49 comments
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49 comments on “Open mike 15/04/2011 ”

  1. mikesh 1

    The are a couple of interesting articles by Alex Newman and Ellen Brown on the Global Research website, concerning the invasion of Libya.
    Apparently the rebels have set up a central bank, a fact which most commentators find odd, given that a government has not yet been properly established. I would seem to point to the rebels being merely the puppets of foreign powers.
    Ms Brown concludes her article with the following:

    So is this new war all about oil or all about banking? Maybe both – and water as well. With energy, water, and ample credit to develop the infrastructure to access them, a nation can be free of the grip of foreign creditors. And that may be the real threat of Libya: it could show the world what is possible. Most countries don’t have oil, but new technologies are being developed that could make non-oil-producing nations energy-independent, particularly if infrastructure costs are halved by borrowing from the nation’s own publicly-owned bank. Energy independence would free governments from the web of the international bankers, and of the need to shift production from domestic to foreign markets to service the loans.
    If the Gaddafi government goes down, it will be interesting to watch whether the new central bank joins the BIS, whether the nationalized oil industry gets sold off to investors, and whether education and health care continue to be free.

    • Bored 1.1

      Light sweet crude US$108, Brent crude US$122 overnight. As I said months ago events in far away countries can have a big effect on us. We sit on the edge of our seats over events in the Middle East, and the “West” gets involved. Elsewhere we glance passingly in a dissinterested way at events in places like the Ivory Coast…they dont have oil. We might reflect that the civil discord of those other far away countries has a lot to do with events in places like Wall St and Lybia. Without the planning for oil prices and shortages from our so called government to what extent do we go down the same path?

    • Vicky32 1.2

      So is this new war all about oil or all about banking? Maybe both – and water as well

      So it seems!

  2. logie97 2

    I understand that Judith Collins has been heard to suggest a ready supply of, perfectly adequate, transportable, temporary shelter exists – converted shipping containers.  Apparently she is progressing the use of them already in some areas.

  3. Here we are, angry about the way National rams through far reaching laws with regards to being able to spy on it’s citizens, group punishment and assumed guilty until proven innocent copyright and lo and behold the same law is rammed through every were else. In fact it might even be a condition upon which countries may or may not be able to sign away their autonomy enter into free trade agreements with the US. This is what  activist, author and blogger, Cory Doctorow, (editor of the mega site Boinboing) has to say about it on the Max Keiser show for RT (Russia TV and worth getting Sky for) has to say about it.

  4. PeteG 4

    Was Lees-Galloway being hopelessly naive being apparently led into protest in his Palmie electorate? Or just stupid.

    • Startling strong conclusion there PeteG.  To provide some balance Iain’s comment should be posted:

      But Mr Lees-Galloway, who is Labour’s Defence and Land Information spokesman, said the location was chosen by his Young Labour supporters because of the heavy traffic flow.

      “There was no intention to target Leonie’s business and it hadn’t even crossed my mind,” he said.

      • PeteG 4.1.1

        Just a coincidence? If he thinks people will believe that he’s hopelessly naive. If he didn’t think about the location then he’s stupid. If he didn’t know anything about his opponent then he’s naive and stupid.
        All the nonsense politicking we are being inflicted with could put the MMP vote in serious jeopardy, that may be where a significant backlash of discontent happens.
        Are National and Labour deliberately trying to discredit MMP? I doubt they could even manage that successfully, so I’ll go for coincedence..

        • mickysavage

          Come on PeteG, you obviously do not know Palmerston North.
          Fitzherbert Ave is an ideal place to wave signs.

          • PeteG

            Do you think it the exact location as totally coincidental? That none of the Young Labourites nor Lees-Galloway had any idea it was outside her business? Of course it’s possible, but….

            • mickysavage

              Who cares PeteG?  Fitzherbert Ave is one of the busiest in Palmerston North and the particular site is a major intersection.  There was no mention of the National candidate on the signs, just the issue.  I presume she does not own the intersection.  Although if there was another term of a National Government this could be possible.

              • lprent

                Elegant bombing. You missed one above, so I fixed it for you. You should also set the title with the appropriate word. Wonder how long it will take?

        • Pascal's bookie

          Pete, so I imagine you are pretty disgusted with the Nat candidate in PN then. I don’t see a single word from her in a that article about policy. It’s all just passive agressive smearing.

          I doubt there are more than a dozen people who would have driven past the protest and associated it with either the coachman or the nat candidate.

          That’s why she came out and played the man, and tried to make a protest about policy into some bullshit about about ‘dirty tactics’. Frankly, she would have been glad of getting some profile.

          To take her actions at face value really would be naive to the point of the  official rube status.

          • PeteG

            Is possible part asset sales the most important issue in PN at the moment?
            It’s not even proposed policy at this stage, it’s only floated possibilities. Ok, trumpet the trivial, that’s sure to build some credibility for contenders to run the country.

            • Pascal's bookie

              Ok, trumpet the trivial, that’s sure to build some credibility for contenders to run the country.

              By having a wee cry that your opponent held a protest? Are you saying that candidate should determine what the single most important issue is for evryone in the electorate and only campaign on that?  If not, then what are saying? And in any case, how do you know privatisation isn’t the most imporatnt issue for many in PN?

              You’ve got nothing here Pete, you’ve been played, again, because you are a chump. You should wise up some.

              Have a look at his actions and her complaint. She is simply avoiding the subject and playing the man in order to so. Exactly the sort of thing that you say you oppose.

              So what’s up?

          • Draco T Bastard

            It’s all just passive agressive smearing.

            I got a distinct impression of I’m so important it must be about me from her as well. There’s no way that she’ll believe that it wasn’t directed at her and, from what PeteG is saying, he won’t as well and probably for the same reason – he thinks she’s important as well.
            Hint righties: Most people don’t know and don’t care who owns a particular building.

          • Deadly_NZ

            But maybe she’s bleating about this because she needs the custom, and you know they say, any kind of advertising is good.  Gives me a reason not to go there when i get up there next week.

        • Sanctuary

          Oh my God! Someone call me a whambulance to save me from PeteG’s trivial whining!
          What is it about masters of the universe and their need to snivel like babies when they think someone might be being a big meanie to them?

          • Pascal's bookie

            …and that campaigning = being a big meanie.

            Seeing that the National party has selected a candidate, everyone else should clearly and politely step aside and let her take her rightful and ordained place in parliament. Anything else would be dirty pool. Especially if they talk about policy! Who wouldn’t call shenanigans on such a low down dirty trick?

    • RobC 4.2

      I’m with PeteG on this. I bow to his superior knowledge of naivety and stupidity

  5. Back to Fukushima: Here is Arnie Gundersen a former Nuclear energy CEO and witness in the Three Mile Island nuclear accident case explaining how and he does so in a very accessible science experiment and why Fukushima is an Apocalypse of truly biblical proportions and Oh, about a thousand times wore than the worst case scenario dreamed up by the smarty-pants planning our green nuclear future.

    And just in case you’re wondering if NZ’s Radiation Safety laboratory a government appointed body to keep us from harm and informed is on the ball with the recent developments here is their website, it seems that the last time they updated the site was the 23th of March. Feeling safe do we?

  6. Carol 6

    I was pleased to hear these two significant items on RNZ this morning: the first was a response to an open letter from a bunch of media/broadcasting academics to save TVNZ7, and more generally to save public service TV .
    I’ve heard Peter Thompson before on the diverse possible ways to fund public broadcasting in lieu of not having a license fee.  It actually wouldn’t cost that much per household and there are various sources to get the money (from a small viewers’ subscriptions, a levy on producers, channels etc).  And Thompson has done extensive and thorough research on this.  But Nick Smith just kept trying to interrupt him and say there is so money & anyway NZ TV is already more diverse than ever…..huh?  Does Smith actually watch TV?
    The second is on the call from Auckland Council to do the postponed census in 2012.

    Auckland Council says it will not be able to plan accurately for the future unless the Government reinstates this year’s census.
    The nationwide survey was cancelled following the Christchurch earthquake in February.
    The council’s manager of research, Grant Barnes, says the council is relying on information from the 2006 census, which is becoming dated.


    • Jim Nald 6.1

      I think that was Jonathan Coleman (rather than Nick Smith who was much earlier trying to go to bat, quite hopelessly, on the ACC issue .. but that is for another story).
      The Mercep-Coleman-Thompson interview podcast is here:
      [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mnr/mnr-20110415-0840-Media_experts_want_Govt_to_review_funding_for_NZ_television-048.mp3" /]
      Sounds like Nats gearing up for campaigning by using Coleman to test drive some feel-good phrases (no matter that they don’t address the issue, just keep repeating these phrases):
      “NZers have a lot of choice and frankly it is realistic and forward looking”
      Hah! My foot!

      • Carol 6.1.1

        Ah, thanks for the correction, Jim.  Yes, it was Coleman.  And he was also practicing the Nat modus operandi which is to interrupt the opposition as much as possible in order to foreground the Nat slogans.  This needs to be called for what it is as much as possible… NAct bullying and diversion from actual facts and sound arguments.

        • Jim Nald

          Some of Coleman’s lines and positioning there would be worth transcribing in order to analyse the attempts at crosby-textorising.

          He should appreciate that his repeated mouthing of ‘honest’ reduces the word into a cynical rhetorical device.
          Discerning listeners, beware!

          • Tigger

            Thompson is one smart guy – knows his stuff and has some good, sensible ideas.  Policy makers should listen to him (Labour, Greens?).
            Cut the spin, National.  Public broadcasting is affordable, you just hate public broadcasting.

    • Jim Nald 7.1

      Spent the past couple of minutes wiping off coffee that was spat on my keyboard

      • Tigger 7.1.1

        Next up – a sweetheart spot for Key on Morning Report…

        • Jim Nald

          Yup, give Key a really soft cock interview like what will Key and Bronagh wear for the royal wedding?

    • Jim Nald 8.1

      Ah! And I was looking high and low for the photo-op of the week.

    • “Key told that Brownlee has used CERRA powers to dissolve Parliament and appoint himself Emperor”

    • The Voice of Reason 8.3

      Having seen Japanese nuclear plant managers humble themselves on TV, the PM thought it would be good to apologise for National Standards. Labour Minister Wikinson joined in, tearfully accepting full responsibility for the lifetime of 90 day long Mc Jobs the students could look forward to when they left school.

  7. randal 9

    radio new zealand is really sinking low.
    all their interviewers or whatever they call them these days rely on interrogatives and their conversations are littered with them.
    this is a very disrespectul and basically dishonest style of dialectic but not only do the people at rnz disagree with this assesment of their style they positively relish it.
    “thats the way we do it here”.
    It is extremley irritating to listen to supposed top of the line newspeople descend to the level of the common harpies of coronation street and other low brow teevee progrAmmes to enforce THEIR viewpoint.
    kathryn ryan also now has only whining females singers on for musical interludes and its starting to become ghastly all round.

  8. M 11

    Got the picture for NACT’s economic policy:



    • Jim Nald 11.1

      Is this (11:58am) like the follow-through position from the one Gobsmacked pointed out (10:40am)?
      Very yoga-like … might there be a name for the pose?
      Salutations to Merill Lynch ?

      In the interest of good taste and decency, I am being quite restrained.

      • M 11.1.1

        Jim, not a direct follow-through but you could say a channeling of discontent.

        Position: the NACT nasty, perhaps? 

  9. MrSmith 12

    Can anyone help me, I want to change the thing beside my name is it called a avatar or something , anyway can someone give me a link or a heads up on how to go about it please?

  10. Salsy 13

    Nice to have is back up and running, moderated and not so crap thanks to a certain great web design company i know 🙂

    • chris73 13.1

      So I’m guessing comments that arn’t union approved will be “moderated”?

      • Salsy 13.1.1

        Its moderated by PSA, but i have noticed a lack in disgusting comments – mostly by men referring to their dicks, so yes you are right.

  11. Jan 14

    Great news about the open letter to Jonathan Coleman about TVNZ
    I thought the issue had died with out a trace.  Having TVNZ7 for the last few years has been wonderful – nothing short of it  -for new Zealand  and the sale to Sky of the broadcast rights for an undisclosed sum a and the subsequent announcement about funding is a huge blow to public broadcasting.

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