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17 comments on “Open mike 15/07/2010”

  1. Jenny 1

    Kia Ora Gaza!

    More Kiwi heroes


    Kiwi volunteers plan to join an international convoy delivering aid to besieged Gaza this September

  2. just saying 2

    Has anyone else been unable to access the comments section since last night? It may be a problem at my end, or the comments may have been moved. There is an ad which used to cover the comments briefly when the page was refreshed. That ad no longer disappears, on my screen anyway.
    Any suggestions?

    • ianmac 2.1

      Yes. Missing in action too. Presumed wounded.

    • loota 2.2

      Yes something has changed there…I’ve just taken my adblock off for The Standard so the site can get some $$$ from my hits, but I still can’t see the comments section which used to be there, just an ad. I think the configuration of this particular ad may be at fault.

    • Pascal's bookie 2.3

      Yep, and the drop menus for the links to other blogs is also out

    • r0b 2.4

      I have let Lynn know about this and other issues, but he’s a busy person, so please bear with us…

    • lprent 2.5

      My fault.

      Been trying to get the async google analytics code in a custom plugin with all of the features of the old non-async code. Which I finally did, and put onto the site last night. But I didn’t notice that it broke some of the other features of the site whilst I was testing.

      Back to the drawing board. According to the instructions it is pretty damn simple. But it has real issues in practice. I’ll have to leave it for the weekend and try to sneak the retesting in between the objectively unimportant (to me) social events.

  3. Carol 3

    ATM, I find clicking on the “comments RSS” is useful – it opens a page with the most recent comments.

  4. prism 4

    News on RadioNZ Canterbury health say that new looser government regs on water open up the possibility of disease and polluted water. The new laws are apparently similar to some from Ontario which changed to a less regulated system and that was followed by about 7 deaths from ecoli.

    I hope this is not a case of packaged law innovation. Just because some other government in an English speaking country does something it doesn’t follow that it is good practice and that we can just uplift and use the legislation without proper consideration of what is best for us.

  5. just saying 5

    Thanks for the fix technical person.

  6. NickS 6

    On top of making the hire and fire for no reason 90 day period more available, National’s also putting through the below gem:

    The government also wants to change employment laws so bosses can refuse unions access to the workplace.

    “The employer should be in charge of his workplace, but we still want good faith to remain and we still want the employer to have reasonable grounds to withhold consent – we doubt that will happen very often,” says Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson.

    What decade is it again? Because last time this sort of anti-union stuff managed to fly in NZ was the early to mid 20th century.

    But of course, the Minister reassures us that companies already known for anti-unionism wont abuse this with “reasonable” reasons just to save on the usual union-busting costs.

    To quote the Tui billboards “Yeah Right”.

  7. jimmy 7

    Has anyone seen this tripe yet?

    “At least six boatloads of asylum seekers have considered heading for New Zealand in the past year, and those who don’t believe a ship could one day reach these shores are “deluding themselves”, Prime Minister John Key says.”

    • loota 7.1

      The frakkin’ Herald was worse. Their headline:

      Six boatloads of refugees headed for NZ

      Of course when you read the first paragraph of the actual story its clear that this is some xenophobe’s wet dream and there are zero boatloads of refugees coming.

      Just appalling MSM ‘journalism’.

    • Luxated 7.2

      Absolutely hilarious. The article needs to be rewritten as follows:

      “According to sources unnamed by John Key beloved well liked tolerated occasionally amusing leader of New Zealand. Some people on boats may have considered coming to New Zealand., but decided against it. In one case the mysterious source indicated that someone was sent to deter the ship, reportedly the exchange was as follows:

      “You guys know where Australia is? Reasonably close to Indonesia isn’t it? Well here is a map, see New Zealand? Look at all that open ocean, you boys wouldn’t want to cross that now would you?”

      In other news, John Key was gutted to recently discover that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.”

      Really cynical attempt at a beat up. Completely hypothetical scenario that is nearly impossible to prove or disprove which completely ignores the facts, all so John can get to cut a ribbon on the reopened John Howard memorial prison.

      The question is of course, will the regional processing facility also receive refugees who arrive via plane? Somehow I doubt it.

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