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Open mike 15/09/2014

Written By: - Date published: 6:30 am, September 15th, 2014 - 179 comments
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179 comments on “Open mike 15/09/2014”

  1. Paul 1

    The Scots facing the same issue of a biased media supporting the establishment


    • Gosman 1.1

      Given the BBC is the sort of media model constantly pushed by lefties here as a solution to supposed media bias this is kind of an own goal.

      • Local Kiwi 1.1.1

        Gosman You are known to be just an ultra wing paid bloger where we are not, and some are not purely left wingers either.

        We will ignore your constant dribble as spam now so why do you keep wasting space?

        • Gosman

          Eh??? Who is supposedly paying me exactly?

          Interestingly it looks like you’ve been snapped by the moderators for posting material that maybe is fulfilling an external agenda.

          • McFlock

            If you’re doing it for free, I suggest you put a few dozen comments in a portfolio and send it to Carrick Graham. Might be worth a few thou a month, the work you put in…

            • Tracey

              Given he supports a party who has 17% ofi ts MPs convicted of deceit or fraud related crimes…

    • AsleepWhileWalking 1.2

      What many people don’t know is that you can vote at age 16 in Scotland. These young people aren’t going to be swayed by the establishment telling them what is good for them/what they should do and will vote for the cause (independence).

      • Te Reo Putake 1.2.1

        Not so. Teenagers, generally, are often conservative in attitude and less engaged in the political process. And a significant number in Scotland see themselves as British first, Scottish second.


        • Not a PS Staffer

          The 16-24 age group are currently 47 YES and 53 NO at present. The u-18s started out Cautious/NO: many moved to don’t know and then to YES. This pattern has applied across the board. As Don’t Knows go to YES rather than NO at a rate of 5:1 I expect the Youth will make a difference.

          The level of engagement is massive by any standard. Over 95% of eligible voters are enrolled. A vote by over 80% is expected. http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/referendum-news/voter-registration-is-highest-ever.25298968

          The Labour Party is finished in Scotland. After the YES vote (results out mid-day Friday onward NZ Time) and Independence in March 2014 Labour will lose its 42 Scottish MPs.
          Its Scottish Leader, Johann Lamont MSP, has been a shocker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBH55ZeZU4w

          The Tory Party was in a slow decline since the 1960s but went into a nose-dive under Thatcher. Unfortunately Westminster Labour lost touch with its roots and the Scottish outcome will cause the English Labour Party to either find its soul or become totally irrelevant.

          • Te Reo Putake

            “The Labour Party is finished in Scotland. After the YES vote (results out mid-day Friday onward NZ Time) and Independence in March 2014 Labour will lose its 42 Scottish MPs.”

            Yeah, nah. Labour and the SNP are both polling in the 30’s in Scotland. If anything, Labour’s support for the union will solidify their Scottish vote at the next general election.

            • Not a PS Staffer

              Alister Darling, Gordon Brown, Danny Alexandwer and many other senior Labour people have been seen to be the Tories poodles in the IndyRef. They have been part of “Project Fear”: they have used the Tory tactic of telling voters that prices and unemployment will go up and that all types of pestilence will rain down on them if they vote the other side. 50% of people who voted Labour in the last Holyrood election are now voting against the Labour led NO Campaign.
              Here is the list of Labour Westminster MPs who will be unemeployed after Independence.
              Danny Alexander, Douglas Alexander
              Willie Bain , Gordon Banks, Anne Begg, Gordon Brown
              Russell Brown, Malcolm Bruce, Iain McKenzie, Menzies Campbell
              Alistair Carmichael, Katy Clark, Tom Clarke, Michael Connarty
              Michael Crockart, Margaret Curran, Alistair Darling, Ian Davidson
              Thomas Docherty, Brian Donohoe, Frank Doran, Gemma Doyle
              Sheila Gilmore , Tom Greatrex, David Hamilton, Tom Harris
              Jimmy Hood, Stewart Hosie, Cathy Jamieson, Eric Joyce
              Charles Kennedy, Mark Lazarowicz, Angus MacNeil, Michael McCann, Gregg McClymont, Jim McGovern, Anne McGuire, Ann McKechin
              Michael Moore, Graeme Morrice, David Mundell, Jim Murphy
              Ian Murray, Pamela Nash, Fiona O’Donnell, Sandra Osborne
              Alan Reid, Angus Robertson, John Robertson, Frank Roy
              Lindsay Roy, Anas Sarwar, James Sheridan, Robert Smith
              Jo Swinson, John Thurso, Michael Weir, Eilidh Whiteford
              Pete Wishart

              • Te Reo Putake

                Your comment makes no sense, staffer, either politically or numerically. The referendum position the Labour party supports is also supported by a majority of eligible Scottish voters. That’s not going to hurt Labour in Scotland one little bit, and that is reflected in recent polling, which puts Labour and the SNP both in the 30’s. That level of support will remain electorally valid, whether or not Scotland votes for independence. Sorry to have to inject some reality into the discussion, but there you have it.

                • Not a PS Staffer

                  The UK Labour Party, along with the Tories, supports the Union.
                  Up to 50% of previously Labour voters are rejecting the Party on this matter. They are significantly less likey to vote for Scottish Labour again given the disgust many of them feel towards the scare tactics NO campaign.

                  Notwitstanding all that, Scotish politics will reshape over the next few years. When the Independence issue is put to rest with a YES vote on Thursday one of the maindrivers of the SNP has evaporated.
                  A purely Scottish Labour party will form: my contention is that will have no relationship with the current UK Labour Party and it be significantly smaller that the 30% it got at the last Holyrood elections.

                  • Te Reo Putake

                    Making numbers up doesn’t help your argument. The most recent yougov poll had 77% of Scottish Labour voters in the No camp, a mere 19% voting Yes.

                    The Scottish Labour Party already exists, btw. It is part of the UK Labour Party and has no plans to leave, whatever the outcome.

    • joe90 1.3

      The Scots facing the same issue of a biased media supporting the establishment

      It’s not bias, it’s dishonesty.

      Will the BBC issue a swift public apology for lying to the Scottish people so blatantly? Remember: YOU pay for the BBC. Are men like Nick Robinson the people you really want to trust?
      I think the kind of “reporting” exposed in this video is exactly why pensioners are slow to join the “Yes” campaign; they’re the least likely demographic to be active on social media and therefore have no alternate source of information to dispel the blatant lies of media outlets like the BBC.
      This is an uphill struggle, no doubt. But stay the course, do what you can, share the relevant media, and vote YES!

      Both pieces of footage used in this video were filmed on the 11th of September 2014. Nick Robinson’s report was broadcast on the six o’clock news mere hours after the international conference shown in the second piece of footage.

  2. North 2

    Herald this morning – “……..the news that Australia has raised its terror alert to the second-highest level would have sent more shudders down more spines than any filing cabinet full of the documents that Dotcom and the American journalist Glenn Greenwald may have.”

    Good old John Armstrong aye……..framing it for John Key before he/we even know what’s in that filing cabinet ?


    • Rodel 2.1

      Key this morning with Espiner sounding more and more like Farrar: “in the end”…”ultimately”…”initially” and “look..look” about 10 times and as Espiner obviously detected, no substantial information in between the cliches.

  3. Local Kiwi 3

    [r0b: Deleted in moderation. You have posted versions of that comment several times here on The Standard, as well as other forums. It is becoming spam – enough.]

  4. Raa 4

    I came home yesterday to find thick envelopes from national and local Conservative Party candidates printed on glossy paper with what seemed like acres of white space.

    One featured an emaciated character staring fixedly at camera backed by a grinning rouges gallery including a woman with partially peroxided hair and violet-red lipstick.

    Compounding these fashion crimes was a wishy-washy pale shade of blue headlining lack of conviction and a point by point comparison with New Zealand First on the other side. Is someone trying to get rid of Winston Peters ?

    • Gosman 4.1

      Wow! Political party targets rival political party in attempt to win votes. I would alert the media immediately if I was you [sar]

    • joe90 4.2

      I received a drugs are bad mmkay addressed glossy complete with hypodermic and a scattering of pills.

    • Rodel 4.3

      I got the conservative one. The photos are as you described. Reminded me of a joke photo some years ago with a bunch of monkey like morons (apologies to morons) with the caption “Our qualified and capable staff are here to serve you”

      Batsh*t Colin grinning like a toothy nutty bush baby, Rankin that family friendly woman who is a great consolidator of marital relationships, Garth wotsisname and the other forgettables ….Geez what a bunch of visual f*ckwits.

      To think they could remotely consider themselves as my (read your) leaders.

      Incidentally I don’t actually want or need a leader, especially ones like these.

  5. Local Kiwi 5

    Dirty politic strategies no doubt?

  6. Chooky 6

    This article by lawyer Denis Tegg is a very good good clear summary of questions with implications for John Key’s NACT government

    ….especially question number 9. …about whether New Zealand could now be sharing information with Mossad on New Zealanders? ( We have already seen Slater’s connections with Israel…what other NZ journalists and PR operators also have connections with Israel?)

    ….this question if proved to be true has VERY SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS for New Zealand’s sovereignty , independence and democracy…and Foreign Relations…United Nations status….participant in the World Court and world justice system …and Human Rights and the justice system for New Zealanders!

    ‘Which of John Key’s many statements on the GCSB will Glenn Greenwald challenge and refute?’

    By Denis Tegg / September 15, 2014 /

    “We already have Glenn Greenwald’s assertion on The Nation that John Key has misled New Zealanders as to whether the GCSB has engaged in mass surveillance of Kiwis. But Key has made many other statements about the GCSB’s powers and activities. So which of these other public statements made by Key will Glenn Greenwald challenge and refute ?….

    – See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/09/15/guest-blog-denis-tegg-which-of-john-keys-many-statements-on-the-gcsb-will-glenn-greenwald-challenge-and-refute/#sthash.pgRm6CDk.dpuf

    • crocodill 6.1

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important issue. It’s just that personally, if those guys knew the full truth of my life, they wouldn’t spend thousands “surveilling” me. I’d just tell them up front what they don’t want to hear, what they can’t bear to hear. A single fifty cent 9x19mmm parabellum from the American division of Kmart could save them heaps of time and cash. Those guys have killed so many “by accident” and “in self defence” why on earth would they hesitate with me? Or you?

    • Clemgeopin 6.2

      Watch live: ‘The moment of truth’.
      Details below:

  7. AsleepWhileWalking 7

    “His comments on this matter have changed considerably, almost every single day so I’m not actually entirely certain what it is that he is denying…” Glen Greenwald on the Prime Minister’s preemptive rebuttle.

  8. ‘At the End of the Day’

    This was my contribution to yesterday’s ‘Off Key’ concert in Wellington to support artistic freedom and protest the censorship of Darren Watson’s ‘Planet Key’ song and music video. I’m posting it here before real-life political shenanigans overtake anything satire can conceive.

    • Weepus beard 8.1

      Cheers Grant. Loved it!

      • phillip ure 8.1.1

        @ w.p..

        ..had a re-think on those vegan-sossies..?

        • Weepus beard

          Heh. What would you put in them? Beans, nuts (for a bit of texture), and herbs I suppose. A binding agent might be a problem as eggs are not allowed I take it?

          I might have a play around in the kitchen.

        • Rosie

          Oh, just while we’re in the lifestyle section of The Standard, I would like to add that I have switched tofu allegiances. Whilst living in Auckland it was always Tonzu tofu, as Tonzu is made there (and pay their staff living wage), here in Wellington it has always been Hing’s as that’s made here, but recently I ventured out and tried the Soyworks one. It is a winner, hands down!

          The G.E free soy is grown right here in NZ, in Nelson and the flavour (yes, flavour!) of the tofu is something else. My tofu biryani will never be the same! Looking forward to it in summer on the BBQ with grilled polenta, marinated mushrooms and my home made salsa!


        • Chooky

          @ phillip ure …i gave you my special award winning recipe for Vegan Sausages some time ago

    • weka 8.2

      Nice one Grant!

    • riffer 8.3

      Great work Grant. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve shared it on facebook (and potentially got you in the shame shit as Darren Watson and Jeremy Jones now…)

      • Grant Buist 8.3.1

        I’m fairly sure it doesn’t breach the Electoral Act, but when they come and drag me away to Satire Prison I’ll shout “Curse you, Riffer!” just for laughs.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Well, according to the retweets, it’s now gone international. I have NFI why Canadians are watching #nzpol though.

    • Chooky 8.4

      +100 great song !…hope “The END OF THE DAY” comes SOON!

  9. Raa 9

    Is a Scottish oligarch any better than an English oligarch ?

    This question is posed at http://tarpley.net/ where it is pointed out that

    “The answer to this question at the heart of the upcoming referendum appears to be no. If we ask who ranks as the most hated public figure in Great Britain during the twentieth century, the answer might well turn out to be the very Scottish Field Marshal Douglas Haig, a scion of the famous whiskey distillery. As supreme commander of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France and Belgium, the Edinburgh-born Haig became infamous as one of the greatest butchers of World War I with his futile frontal attacks at places likes Ypres and Loos. Worst of all, Haig was responsible for the most catastrophic single day in all of British military history with his bungling, incompetent attack plan for the July 1916 offensive on the Somme river, which resulted in 20,000 dead and 40,000 wounded during the first 24 hours, and 625,000 total casualties over five months – all to gain a few miles of terrain.”

    Further ..
    “There is no reason to expect better leadership from the medievalist banker-demagogue Alex Salmond (..), Scottish Prime Minister and boss of the Scottish National Party, who cynically offers pseudo-independence as the universal panacea.”

  10. Tautoko Viper 10

    An excerpt from the latest piece from the impartial jonolist, Tracy Watkins:

    “As the final week of the campaign begins, the latest stuff.co.nz/Ipsos poll has Labour on barely 22 per cent. At Glen Innes yesterday Cunliffe posed a lonely figure as one of his MPs took to a megaphone to round up stragglers for a street corner meeting. Across town, Key was a political rock star – mobbed, patted, loved.”


    There will be many jonolists requiring PTSD therapy if this election doesn’t go the way that they have been actively supporting.

    • Raa 10.1

      Yeah, I saw that too .. are these dice loaded ? You might get better odds at a casino …

    • Chooky 10.2

      This analysis of poll possible results is of interest…not all is lost for Labour…and there is the question of the overhang :

      ‘Election 2014: Numbers and Faces’

      By Keith Rankin / September 15, 2014

      “Democratic politics is a game of numbers and faces. How can we translate the numbers into the 120 or more faces that will be in the next Parliament?…

      – See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/09/15/election-2014-numbers-and-faces/#sthash.jgBLRnxk.dpuf

      ( quite a part from anything else …bugger the polls!…the msm polls are lying…Labour is going to do well on Election DAY …especially when the undecided and former non voters get out and VOTE!)

  11. Undecided 11

    I need some help here please, I want National gone as they’ve done a decent job the last couple of years but the sleaze and underhand tactics is simply too much so I’m thinking the best way to remove National is party vote Labour however this article from whaleoil (its a guest post) raises some issues with potential conflicts of interest

    Whaleoil guest post that looks like a usual denier trying to raise doubts and who appears to be unfamiliar with much about Climate Change – read at your own risk via donotlink

    While i’m loathe to take onboard anything from the site the post itself raises some questions so I’m wondering if anyone can say theres no potential for conflict of interest or should I be looking towards the Greens?

    [lprent: You look to me as being more like a “concern” troll. All of the usual types of comments. ]

    • weka 11.1

      I’m not willing to click through to WO and many others here will be the same. Even people who do click through are unlikely to give WO any credence. Can you outline what the issues are that you are concerned about?

      Party voting Labour or the GP, either is best support for a change in govt.

      Edit: here’s the article without having to go to WO’s site http://www.donotlink.com/bmja

      [lprent: “to be fair” (that awful phrase that really means “I am about to try to stick the knife in”, Disturbed tried to drop the entire contents of the post on this site. Classic denier astroturfer. But we’ll let him dribble on a bit for amusement. I see that they have already gotten warnings from several people. ]

      • Undecided 11.1.1

        Essentially its about Karen Prices work (shareholding and directorship) with NZs largest (according to the post) broker in the trade of carbon credits

        On first reading it doesn’t look good but then it may well be a storm in a teacup but it is worrying

        • weka

          What specifically are you worried about?

          Are you familiar with the GP and Labour policies from reading the policies themselves?

          • Undecided

            Its not the policies so much as the possibility of a massive conflict of interest ala Oravida which is one of the reasons I’m not voting National

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Why don’t you change your name to Slater?

                • One Anonymous Bloke

                  You spread his lies like a sock-puppet, why pretend to be a person at all?

                  • Undecided

                    Have you read the post?

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Have you worked out why associating with criminal trash makes you look like criminal trash?

                      Why don’t you tell us what the Mongrel Mob think too?

                    • Undecided

                      And you’re proof you don’t need a long neck to be a goose

                    • Ad

                      Why not do your homework on who would stand to gain or lose by attacking her? Because they will be paying Whaleoil for that service. I think there’s a book written on this somewhere.

                      Ask around about who attacked Karen as David he smashed the Telecom monopoly.

                      Unlike people here, we don’t take money from multinationals to attack political and commercial opponents.

                      BTW, if you really want to slander her, you will end up facing the toughest defamation lawyers in town. Trust me you do not want to be on the losing side of that one. Think hard before you go there.

            • weka

              “Its not the policies so much as the possibility of a massive conflict of interest ala Oravida which is one of the reasons I’m not voting National”

              You’re not making sense Undecided. What’s the conflict of interest? Bear in mind that probably no-one here is going to read the article, so if you don’t clarify what *you* want to know you will probably get treated as a trole by more than just OAB.

              • Undecided

                Its a very long article but essentially its suggesting there might be a conflict of interest between Karen Price being involved with carbon trading and her husband

                However if people won’t read it (and thats fine I understand why) then theres really not much more to be said

                • Te Reo Putake

                  Which party is Karen standing for? And what’s it got to do with her husband, whoever he may be? Is the husband not capable of independent thought and action in your opinion?

                  • McFlock

                    and, more precisely, until “undecided” can point out an instance where cunliffe travels halfway across the globe on the public purse with the apparent primary objective of violating the Cabinet Manual by publicly endorsing his spouse’s company, there’s no comparison whatsoever.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          It’s your offering support to criminals that’s the issue. What sort of person are you that you spread Cameron Slater’s smears?

          Ratfuckers belong in prison, ratfucker.

      • weka 11.1.2

        Ok, that’s an extremely longwinded post about CC and polluter pays taxation that I can’t be bothered reading. It’s apparently written by a ‘long time reader’ of WO, for what that’s worth (which is less than bugger all).

        If on the off chance you are not just link-whoring, I suggest that you read the policies of the GP and Labour on their websites and then come back here and ask specific questions. If you have read the article you should be able to describe the conflicts of interest pretty easily.

        • Undecided

          I read most of it but I confess the dullness of the article didn’t help, I vote not so much on policies but on who I believe is working the best for NZ (which may not be the best way to vote) and articles like this does push me towards the Greens

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            That’s right, reinforce the Slater narrative, that way your facile deceit will stand out like a dog’s balls.

            • Undecided

              Slaters narrative is to want people to vote Green?

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                No. that The Greens will prop up a corrupt barrel of weasel-word motherfuckers like you and Cameron and John Key.

                • Undecided

                  You are a strange individual.

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    Contempt for ratfuckers: get used to it.

                  • Rosie

                    Undecided, you would be wise to take Aunty Chooky’s advice.

                    A couple of things:

                    You need to ask yourself why you are being influenced by whale oil when everyone knows he is at the heart of the sleaze and underhand tactics you refer to.

                    You need to know that Karen Price will not be the leader of the next government. David Cunliffe will.

                    You also need to consider whether you are in an electorate such as Epsom or Ohariu where tactical voting is a pressing issue. If so you need to consider your electorate as well as party vote.

                    Good luck with voting the government out.

                    PS: Giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming you are asking a genuine question and not being a you -know -what t***l.

                    • Undecided

                      You need to ask yourself why you are being influenced by whale oil when everyone knows he is at the heart of the sleaze and underhand tactics you refer to.

                      – Thats why I’m not voting National, i want a change of government

                      You need to know that Karen Price will not be the leader of the next government. David Cunliffe will.

                      – Thats the thing though, is there a potential conflict of interest going on here similar to Oravida? Another reason I’m not voting National.

                      You also need to consider whether you are in an electorate such as Epsom or Ohariu where tactical voting is a pressing issue. If so you need to consider your electorate as well as party vote.

                      – Where i live its cut and dried whos getting in

                      Giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming you are asking a genuine question and not being a you -know -what t***l.

                      – National have done a good job the last couple of years dealing with the GFC and earthquakes and I’d be voting for them now but for the behind the scenes sleaze and lies and half truths but because National is doing it doesn’t mean Labour isn’t (they may or may not be)

                      So since i’m changing my vote on the sleazy things National has done it means that i’m not keen on voting Labour if it looks like they doing the same things that National have been doing so I’m leaning towards Green

                      Yet I also know that the best chance to change the government is party vote Labour

                      Like i say conflicted, maybe tonight will clarify things

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      You need to ask yourself whether your first and second answers conflict with one another, and what you reveal about yourself thereby.

                    • Rosie


                      So, what it boils down to is you feel unsure about Karen Price’s influence on her husband should he become leader? (still going with the idea that you’re not t****ing).

                      The idea that “because National did then Labour does is it too” is a right wing meme promoted by the Government and supported by the right wing media. (see the reporting and opinion from stuff.co.nz and The Herald over the last month) It was one of the easiest and lamest ways that the Government could respond to the crisis that the publication of Dirty Politics created.

                      It is no more a sophisticated response than your average seven year old would give when found guilty of some form of unacceptable behaviour. (sorry seven year olds!)

                      If you’ve read Dirty Politics you’ll know that New Zealand has never in it’s history seen such a level of corruption, dishonesty and deceit at it’s centre of political power. This unparalleled series of events is relatively recent in our history. It is unique. It’s probably not what you expect as a National voter right?

                      Don’t buy into the meme that other leaders are capable of such a stunning lack of integrity. Such sociopathy is rare and it is our responsibility to keep those with such traits out of power.

                    • greywarbler

                      @ Undecided 11.36
                      This is priceless.
                      National have done a good job the last couple of years dealing with the GFC and earthquakes and I’d be voting for them now but for the behind the scenes sleaze and lies and half truths but because National is doing it doesn’t mean Labour isn’t (they may or may not be)

                      You silly person, you have given thinking a try and learned to put words together in a sentence and sent an early draft to us. There is a lot of work to do yet before you deserve to get the kind help you are asking for. Do your homework before you come to The Standard. Don’t waste our time. Come back next year.

                    • Rosie

                      This is a reply to Warbs, not sure where it will turn up, run out of reply buttons.

                      Yeah, I saw that support for all the amazing work National has done with the GFC and CHCH. I chose to completely ignore that as there’s no point arguing with that – it just diverts the course of conversation. I thought it might be useful to park that belief (and it is a belief, it’s not knowledge) to one side and focus what Undies is really trying to say and ask.

                      Could be completely wasting our time, Undies could easily be a t***l, has all the hallmarks BUT what if he/she isn’t?

                      Rather than attack them for their support for National prior to Dirty Politics is it not better to set an example of those on the Left by cooperating with those on the Right in an effort to help them out? For all we know this could be a genuine question from a sincere person. It’s not impossible for former National voters to be disgusted with their party’s behaviour and take their votes away from them is it? If anything, good on them for not denying it as so many stuff type commenters do.

                      Not everyone has the same level of political engagement as the folks of the Standard Community and if we can help out when RW folks have a genuine querie that’s a good thing. Education an’ all!

                    • weka

                      Hmm, I think it’s pretty clear by now that we’re talking trole undies. Gross.

                      btw, if you want to keep in thread, just use the last available reply button (scroll up to find it).

                    • Rosie

                      Hi weka. Yes, got that with the reply button, it’s what I’ve been doing. I never quite know if the comment is going to land where I expect it to 🙂

                      I’ve ruled out Undies as being genuine as he/she would have been back to follow up. Or maybe they had to get back to work, I don’t know. I won’t bother again.

                      I was prompted to respond as we’ve had quite a bit of feedback at PPO about strategic voting, and people asking advice about how to vote Dunne out. You would be amazed at how many people just don’t know the basics of MMP. So I’ve got into a pattern of responding to those sorts of queries.

                    • weka

                      I agree, we really need a civics education programme in NZ.

                      I know what you mean about wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt. I started with Undies on that too wherease OAB went straight to trole patrol. But like you I am aware of the many readers and reckon it’s better to not either just call the commenter a trole and be done with it, or present useful information.

              • Macro

                Now that’s a damn good idea! Party Vote Green!
                But the Green’s would have nothing to do with that sleaze bag, and won’t condescend to advertise there, (along with P&S, and many others) so I guess he has to suggest you Party Vote Green in his post..

                • Undecided

                  See I’m thinking Green because they seem to be more keen on doing right for NZ but Labour with more party vote will more likely get a change of government

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    A zero-sum game. Do you think anyone is going to fall for the idea that the Left vote can be boosted by carefully choosing which of Labour/Greens you vote for?

                    Spread Cameron Slater’s effluent then ask a very stupid question like a complete innocent.

                    Your low ethics are showing.

                    • weka

                      I really don’t think that’s helpdul OAB.

                      edit, even if undecided is doing what you suggest, the many other people reading this may need clarification rather than having to wade through contempt and ridicule. Lots of people still don’t understand how MMP works.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Weka, either Undecided is a tr*ll, or has trouble working out basic concepts of MMP and whether to take Slater’s word for anything.

                      I’m making the charitable assumption that they’re a player, are you suggesting I treat them as a cretin instead?

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Then I suggest they seek out the Electoral Commission’s website: this is a forum for partisan political opinion, with a minor infestation of right wing tr*lls whose expressed aim is to seek a low turnout.

                      Either that or work out the meaning of “zero-sum game”.

                    • weka

                      “I’m making the charitable assumption that they’re a player, are you suggesting I treat them as a cretin instead?”

                      No, I’m suggesting you don’t fill OM with ratfucker insults, as witty as they are.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      “An accomplice in a systematic attempt to pervert democracy and the rule of law” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

                    • weka

                      It’s more an issue of volume than content style 🙂

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      😆 ok ok less is more

                  • weka

                    “See I’m thinking Green because they seem to be more keen on doing right for NZ but Labour with more party vote will more likely get a change of government”

                    That’s not true. Labour will have to use the GP to form govt. Under MMP it doesn’t matter if Labour has one less MP and the GP one more, or vice versa. It’s the total that counts. So, vote for either, whichever one you prefer.

                    • Undecided

                      Well you learn something everyday, see I thought that the stronger the Green representation was in government the stronger the influence they could exert

                      For example if the Greens had 1/3 of the seats in government they’d have more influence then if they had 1/4

                    • One Anonymous Bloke


                      Right on cue, the mask slips.

                    • Undecided

                      What are you on or on about?

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Sheesh! Do I have to spell it out <i.again! I think you’re arguing in bad faith, what part of that don’t you comprehend?

                    • Undecided

                      So spell it out because all I’m trying to confirm is whether to vote Labour or Greens and all you’re doing is talking in circles without saying anything of substance

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Simple: if you were sincere I’d tell you to vote for either of them: it’s a zero-sum game so far as I’m concerned.

                      What I’m predicting is that you will pretend that Slater’s smear (the one you’ve been promoting) is putting you off Labour, to later pretend that another smear has put you off the Greens too.

                      Of course that includes besmirching your character, and the alternative is to assume you don’t know what a zero-sum game is and you’re too stupid to understand Slater’s toxicity.

                      Choose one.

                    • Undecided

                      I personally think that you see what you want to see, that your mind is closed and nothing will change that

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      That’s not a denial.

                    • Undecided

                      You’re an idiot, i know its not a deniel however i feel its a pretty good summation you and your character

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Call me a little butt henchman, you know you want to.

          • Tracey

            if you dont read policies how do you form your belief about who is working the best for nz?

            • Undecided

              Blogs, media, TV, Newspapers as I find reading policies is a great way to cure insomnia which i know isn’t a good way of forming beliefs but genrally i find politics to be quite boring

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                Here’s a prediction for you. Once Slater has pushed his conflict of interest lie, the ratfuckers will all pretend that they’re being drawn towards the Greens.

                Then Slater will make up another smear against the Greens, and all his little helpers will announce that they’re all as bad as one another but at least National will be a stable government.

                Trash will out.

                • Chooky

                  yes another reason why one should never go near Slater’s whaleoil…it is a pollutant of the Truth…and way too tricky for the average punter…especially those that need ‘Politics for Dummies’…i sympathise with Undecided…he/she needs to de-tox and then make a decision to vote for Labour or the Greens imo…these are the most solid bets with the best past form of opposition to John Key’s Nactional

                • Undecided

                  Quite possibly he will however the last few years there hasn’t been any sort of scandel to have affected the Greens, no real conflicts of interested, no real election law breakings or financial irregularities so probably won’t find much traction there

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    Spot the platform on which this low character will help construct Slater’s coming smear.

    • Chooky 11.2

      @ Undecided ….from Aunty Chooky ( you must NEVER go on whaleoil..it is bad for you!)

      …the Greens will do well!….they can look after themselves…however if you want to vote Green for the environment and everything else …go ahead!…GOOD CHOICE…because they are married to Labour and will influence Labour

      …otherwise VOTE LABOUR….because they need your VOTE to get rid of Nactional and dirty politics

      …as a wild card is Internet MANA….also well deserving of your VOTE…because it is at the vanguard of attacking dirty politics and corruption of New Zealand’s democracy and NZer’s human rights !…and it is for ALL New Zealand kids and free tertiary education

      Winnie and NZF will also look after themselves and will probably be a partner of Labour ….they are also for New Zealand for New Zealanders and their rights to their own land, housing , State Assets… and for NZ democracy…which is under attack at the moment

    • KJT 11.3

      It is a beat up. Every one of the national party caucus have much larger potential conflicts of interest. Even if you only look at their declared interests.

    • emergency mike 11.4

      Wow long discussion about something very simple.

      ‘Undecided’ you smell an awful lot like a concern tr0ll. But just it case you’re for real, let me help you out:

      Whaleoil = 100% pure bullshit (Read even one chapter of Dirty Politics if you need evidence.)

      You’re welcome.

  12. Te Reo Putake 12

    Desperate Nats breaking electoral law?

    Tory hoardings around my way have had a large sticker added to them saying that ‘every party vote is important’. Nothing wrong with the wording, but, presumably in order to confuse or mislead the public, they have used the Electoral Commission’s own colour, orange, for the sticker. Apparently, a party vote for National is now authorised by the Commission.

    In reality, according to the Electoral Commission, orange is not allowed to be used by political parties because it can confuse or mislead. I’m guessing that the Nats misunderstood that injunction to be an endorsement of their usual behaviour.


    In addition, the stickers don’t appear to have an authorisation statement on them, which I presume is a second breach of the law.

    Nasty Nats.

    • Peter Matthews 12.1

      Stick to your first point. Haven’t seen an authorisation statement on the stickers added to the Sue Moroney hoardings around me.

      • Te Reo Putake 12.1.1

        Touche! To be fair, I’m unsure whether things added to already authorised signage are covered by the original authorisation and if Labour are doing it, I’m sure it’s OK ;)*

        However, the orange colour, and its misuse, are clearly covered. This picture may also breach the law:


        *Labour also have similar stickers (presumably the ones you’ve seen on Sue’s hoardings). They carry an authorisation statement!

      • Tracey 12.1.2

        the labour stickers are white with black writing?

        • Te Reo Putake

          Yep, I think that’s the ones, Tracey (not one close to where I am for me to check, unfortunately). Wording like ‘only a party vote for Labour can change the government’? I’m told that they all have the authorisation notice because that is what is required by the Act. Funny that the Tory ones apparently don’t comply with the law.

          • Tigger

            It’s an orange banner that read Your party vote is crucial. I’ve seen it on Epsom, Mt Roskill and Mt Albert National billboards.

            Took pics when I was stopped at traffic lights. Will complain.

          • Tracey

            The one I saw in Mt Albert had the authorisation (Labour’s I mean).

            Kiwiblog will have been onto this story in a flash won’t they?

        • yeshe

          yep to Labour b/w, just saw one on my way home. The Nat ones are bright orange.

  13. fambo 13

    Small news item I noticed in at http://www.democracynow.com

    Philadelphia Set to Decriminalize Marijuana

    Philadelphia is poised to become the largest U.S. city to decriminalize marijuana. Mayor Michael Nutter has pledged to sign a City Council bill imposing a $25 fine for possession of an ounce or less of pot. Those cited would reportedly have to appear before a judge, but would not have a criminal record. People caught smoking pot in public would face a $100 fine, which could be waived through community service. The measure could prevent thousands of arrests each year.

  14. seeker 14

    To add to this moment of truth day, here is a 3min videoclip showing our PM in untruthful action:

    PM John Key grilled on Fletcher’s GCSB appointment

    Key says Rennie put forward Fletcher’s name @ 40 secs but changes his story @1.46 in, and Very Unusually was actually queried on it by a journalist @ 1.55 and repeats truth or lie @2.05mins. Only video I’ve seen and still able to access that shows him lying.

    • yeshe 14.1

      that’s a treasure trove of multi-duplicitous Keys isn’t it !@! Have saved it in case it disappears .. thx for posting.

  15. SouthDeez 15

    Vote Internet MANA for cannabis law reform

    • yep..!..internet/mana have the strongest cannabis policy..(pun intentional..)

      ..and laila harre has stated her ‘personal commitment’ to ending cannabis prohibition..

      ..it doesn’t get much better thn that for cannabis activists..

      ..i really hope those 12,000 people who voted for the aotearoa legalise cannabis party in 2011..can also see that..

      ..and will this time cast their vote for the best chance for cannabis-reform we have had since forever…

      ..the internet/mana party..

      ..and i hope they heed the words of one of their (deserved) heroes..the longtime cannabis-warrior dakta green..

      ..i am sure he won’t mind if i paste his reply to my open letter to the aotearoa legalise cannabis party..

      ..this issue is very important..those 12,000 voters are one and a half times the total number of people who went to the internet/mana roadshow up and down the country..

      ..that is a serious wedge of voters..

      ..and i really hope laila harre is reaching out to them..as we speak..

      ..(here is the good dakta..)

      “..daktagreen says:
      12/9/2014 at 12:40 am (Edit)

      Phillip Ure. I was part way thru writing a piece with similar sentiments when your letter appeared. My piece had neither the style nor wit of yours so please allow me to endorse your thoughtful and timely letter addressed to all cannabis law reform activists.

      I am well known for my activities around cannabis law reform. I have been fielding questions for some weeks asking why am I not voting ALCP. My answer has remained consistant. I want my vote to count.

      As a member of Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party I stood in the Mt Albert by-election following Helen Clark’s resignation. Not for one second did I think I could win in Mt Albert. But the campaign gave me a good reason to drive a big green bus around town with ‘Legalise Cannabis’ emblazoned down the side and park in front of a captive audience. If I was able to educate anybody about issues surrounding cannabis then that was a bonus.

      I was planning to stand for ALCP last election in the New Lynn electorate where I lived at The Daktory. Judge Gittos sentenced me to a term of imprisonment which would have had me released in time to campaign. Unfortunately, the Court of Appeal on a Crown application increased my sentence from eight months to twenty three months. My political activities last election were therefore limited to casting my vote in prison for the ALCP.

      I have made it clear to my friends and supporters that I cannot and will not waste my vote as a form of protest. We must all vote strategically. I have suggested people vote for any party other than the morally bankrupt administration of Key and his minions including his bum-boy parties Act and United Future. But today that is no longer enough. We must be more targeted.

      There is no room for a protest vote. This election is much more important.

      I love the Greens but cannabis law reform is my priority whilst saving the world is theirs. Greens will continue to grow in size and stature because they are right. But my party vote is valuable and I must use it carefully. My party vote becomes more valuable when it may be just the vote needed to get another MP from Internet/Mana into Parliament.

      I want Laila Harre to represent my interests in Parliament.

      Whilst the Greens would normally get my support, I believe the Internet/Mana ticket will be the sleeper this election. Some weeks ago I predicted Internet/Mana will poll between 6 and 8% on election day. I have seen little in the last few weeks to change my mind.

      Just 3% of the Party vote will see Laila Harre in Parliament.

      As a country we have endured a bruising six years under Team Key. The issue this election is leadership. National have played dirty one time to many.

      Hone Harawira has transformed from activist to statesman as the Mana movement has grown and matured. Mana have clearly defined goals I can support.

      I endorse Laila Harre and the Internet Party to represent me and the cannabis community in Parliament.

      Dakta Green, Internet/Mana Party voter..”

      (the conversation then continues..)


  16. weka 16

    Just had a conversation with a left voting friend who doesn’t follow politics but she reckons that thing about so many people don’t use the MSM for their political information. Does anyone know what the figures are on how many people still get their news predominantly from the TV and radion networks or newpapers (irrespective of whether they are accessing them online or not)?

  17. Poission 17

    Oh dear oh dear.Transmission gully Wellington Gateway Partnership (WGP) ppp Australian partner is under investigation by Australian federal police.

    Federal police probing alleged bribery by Leighton Holdings are finalising a brief of evidence to present to prosecutors in what looms as Australia’s next major white-collar crime case.

    The revelations come with Fairfax Media obtaining a freshly leaked batch of company files, including correspondence between two top Leighton executives in 2011 describing a “disgusting history of incompetence and misbehaviour” and improper “rewards, special bonuses, travel rorts” in the company’s overseas operations.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/police-close-in-on-leighton-bribery-allegations-20140914-10gpgt.html#ixzz3DKuLyzmB

    • Chooky 17.1

      …oh dear more of NACT’s business buddies turn out to be crooks!

      Labour /Left should axe NACTs big motorways and put the money into free Tertiary education for young New Zealanders

    • Draco T Bastard 17.2

      And that is prima facie evidence that National now needs to be investigated for taking bribes.

  18. Hanswurst 18

    I was prepared to think that Slater’s recounting of Key’s unprintable comments regarding Jo Hall were almost total embellishment on Slater’s part. However, seeing his castigation of Glenn Greenwald as “Dotcom’s little henchman” and a “loser”, I can easily see Key making comments that were similar to what Slater reported, if not quite as foul-mouthed.

  19. bad politics 19

    Sad news, NZ guitar legend Peter ‘Gutman’ Gutteridge has died. In the original line ups of both The Chills & The Clean, he went on create Snapper, recording a handful of amazing singles, eps & lps. He just had a solo album released this year (a re-release of a cassette he recorded in the 90s). A sad day for Dunedin.

  20. Penny Bright 20

    Here you go folks – some BREAKING NEWS.- in an OIA reply just received today (15 September 2014) from the Reserve Bank.

    The Reserve Bank will NOT reveal:

    “The names of the banks, financial institutions and the like, which have facilitated, enabled and/or provided derivatives market services, in any form, since the John Key led National Government took office in 2008″

    Dear Ms Bright

    On 29 August 2014 you made a request to the Treasury, under the provisions of Section 12 of the Official Information Act, seeking information relating to legislation that affects the derivatives market; Government exposures to the derivatives market; names of participants in the derivatives markets; and the value of derivatives exposures.

    The Treasury transferred to the Reserve Bank the second part of your request. The transferred part of the request seeks: The names of the banks, financial institutions and the like, which have facilitated, enabled and/or provided derivatives market services, in any form, since the John Key led National Government took office in 2008.

    Given the context provided by the remainder of your request, I assumed that you’re particularly interested in organisations that operate in New Zealand and that are counterparties to derivative transactions involving New Zealand Government organisations. You confirmed to me in a telephone conversation on Monday 8 September 2014 that my assumption is correct.


    The Reserve Bank enters financial derivatives contracts with a range of counterparties. The names of counterparties are being withheld under the following provisions of the Official Information Act:

    · Section 9(2)(b)(ii) – to avoid unreasonable prejudice to the commercial position of the person who supplied the
    information or who is the subject of the information.

    · Section 9(2)(d) – to avoid prejudice to the substantial economic interests of New Zealand.

    · Section 9(2)(i) – to enable a department or organisation holding the information to carry out, without prejudice or
    disadvantage, commercial activities.

    · Section 9(2)(j) – to enable a department or organisation holding the information to carry on, without prejudice or
    disadvantage, negotiations (including commercial and industrial negotiations).

    This response meets in full part two of your request, as transferred to the Reserve Bank.

    Under the provisions of section 28 of the Official Information Act, you have the right to seek a review by the Ombudsman of the Reserve Bank’s decisions about your information request.

    Yours sincerely
    External Communications Advisor | Reserve Bank of New Zealand


    Is this information ‘commercially sensitive’ or POLITICALLY sensitive?

    Given that NZ Prime Minister John Key, former Foreign Exchange Advisor for the New York Federal Reserve, and former head of derivatives for Merrill Lynch, is currently a shareholder in the Bank of America?


    (Pg 30)

    Rt Hon John Key (National, Helensville)

    2 Other companies and business entities

    Little Nell – property investment, Aspen, Colorado
    Bank of America – banking

    Serving WHOSE interests?

    Try following the dollar …..

    Penny Bright

    • Chooky 20.1

      +100 Penny… good work!…but what does that mean in two sentences and plain English for dummies with short attention spans?

  21. Ennui 21

    Looks like Winnie will be the balance of power……now what might that entail?

    I reckon he has it within his grasp to destroy National as “the” party of the Right, and install NZ First as the party holding the “conservative centre” (left and right). How? He only has to insist on a Royal Commission with independent cross party appointees to go into the issues ion Hagers book. And into any other accusations.

    The end result I believe is that the Governor General would be forced to call another election and “Brand Key” would have disappeared from the ballot sheet. Corporate NZ would be running tails between their legs.

    The question is “will Winston?” How deep is his animosity to National? I suspect that Winnie would still be National if it was not so aligned with the corporate sponsors who clearly nobbled the Winebox enquiry. Some fun times ahead methinks.

  22. greywarbler 22

    Just had another look at Taco doing Puttin on the Ritz. His portayal of a good time johnny amongst the poor street people is pretty much like National and Act. Conservatives wouldn’t countenance any street people – they would be arrested and jailed for being layabouts or, just, alive.

    Wonderful tap and effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG3PnQ3tgzY

    There was a gerfuffle about this clip because some performers have black-face. It is an important symbolic thing to protest about. Black people were discriminated against for too long. They were also leaders in show biz, and happy to be there during the Depression, anyone blacking up was copying them. Black people wouldn’t have got acknowledgment of discrimination in 1964 without their unrelenting and intolerable pressure on the authorities. But appearing to care about the convention of respect and being PC about black-face is important to the leading bigots, even if in their hearts still they think, no.

  23. AsleepWhileWalking 23

    Good luck to Kim tonight.

  24. Tracey 24

    “Mr Peters said he was the first MP to back Mr Parker in 2006 when he resigned as Attorney-General following an allegation he had filed an incorrect return to the Companies Office.

    Mr Peters said he stood by Mr Parker because he was a “man of honour” and was being “unfairly vilified”.

    He also said he admired Finance Minister Bill English’s integrity on the issues of dirty politics and the affordability of tax cuts.

    “Like Mr Parker, he has a certain integrity and honour. Consequently I see both of them as capable of being Ministers of Finance.””

    I guess Winston considers double dipping at the tax payer’s expense a sign of honour and integrity

    • greywarbler 24.1

      Awww it was just an involuntary reflex. A short-term operational matter. A momentary slip of the pen. ‘And Labour did it sometime!’

  25. Rosie 25

    Great to see stuff are keeping up their high levels of professional standards and making a joke out of an issue of immense national importance:


    Coz we haz a profeshunal jealousy?


  26. greywarbler 26

    Cartoon on the state of Western democracy from bold Australian cartoonist, Bruce Petty.

  27. greywarbler 27

    @ Rosie 1.47
    You are a good person, patient etc. Undies comment just got my antennae twitching. Just so naive with so many questions. Actually if wanting to vote, I think someone should be able to think things out for themselves.

    An irritation, personal to me. I wish that my piece on transport and rail would get as much attention. So much to think about and we run rings around some pseudo pseudonym. There is a case for having to pass a simple test before voting. I understand those wanting to live in the United States have to answer all sorts of deep questions, and from what I have read of their general knowledge, citizens would have failed.

    If this Undie is young let her/him look on google. I do. And then come and discuss what I have found out. Latest thing that I haven’t found out is what Scotland will use as cash money if they go solo? Anyone know that? I would probably find it in the archives here.

    • Rosie 27.1

      Hi Warbs. Super quickly because the Moment of Truth live stream is about to start. Understand your points and for what it’s worth I have given up on Undies. I won’t bother again.

      Scotland to retain the the pound. That is my understanding of the form of currency in an Independent Scotland.

      Gotta go! Let her rip M.O.T! (not the former Ministry of Transport)

      • greywarbler 27.1.1

        @ Rosie
        I made people laugh when I said that seeing and hearing Edward Snowden was the biggest celebrity event for me since the Beatles came here. Great to hear and overall may nothave delivered all that was hoped but was anothr step up to getting info out there.

  28. yeshe 28

    Just fwiw .. just enjoyed lunch with a close friend from the oh-so-blue Pakuranga electorate. She told me, unsolicited, that she and her family, and all their closest friends have always voted Nat and Maurice Williamson. Never again. They are all angry and changing their votes.

    Not only are they distrustful of Williamson, they are now in the anyone-but-Key voters — this is at least 8 or 9 votes. Decent Kiwis just seeing the light now they have had their eyes forced open.

    Yes, just an anecdote but I know this one is 100% true.

    Happy trails ….

  29. Morrissey 29

    Radio NZ continues to seek comment from the Sensible Sentencing Trust.
    Why doesn’t it seek comment from the NZ National Front as well?

    The Panel, Radio New Zealand National, Thursday 11 September 2014
    Jim Mora, Lavina Good, Tim Watkin, Zara Potts

    ZARA POTTS: Boeing has SLAMMED an upcoming Al Jazeera documentary about its new Dreamliner plane. A worker secretly filmed conversations with fifteen of his colleagues, during which ten of them said they would not fly on the plane themselves. He also exposed a high level of drinking and drug taking at the Boeing factory. But Boeing says that the workers were simply letting off steam.

    JIM MORA: Just irresponsible banter, essentially….

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

    STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Yes it is true. You were not dreaming when you heard that. Jim Mora actually said that. He actually had the chutzpah to pass comment about “irresponsible banter”. That is beyond parody. You just could not make that up.

    Now it is quite clear that, after close to a decade of delivering this crap chat show, Jim Mora has the hide of a rhinoceros. He is, patently, inured to irony. But even Jim Mora, that glib, determinedly trivial and insincere chatterbox, must have realized, even as he mouthed the words, just how hypocritical that comment was.

    Late in the program, we were given a stark example of just how grievously Mora and his producers lack not only basic common sense, but more importantly how they lack integrity, or even a rudimentary sense of decency. Mora, his voice carefully modulated to convey the impression of deep concern, brought up the topic of the parole hearing for Akshay Chand, the murderer of Christie Marceau.

    After a brief discussion with the two Panelists, neither of whom belongs to an organization that applauds or advocates murderous violence, Mora announced that they would be talking to someone who most certainly does: Stephen Franks, an “active member and adviser” for that bloodthirsty pack of knife-killing enthusiasts the Sensible Sentencing Trust. I know that many regular posters on this forum have remonstrated with Mora, and with the management of Radio NZ, about their practice of routinely seeking comment from the S.S. Trust, which is beyond doubt a monstrous and disreputable organization.

    It is quite obvious that Mora and his producers have not taken these protests seriously. That is the reason that listeners were treated to the absurd and obscene spectacle of Franks said something about the Christie Marceau case, then, in answer to another question, took the opportunity to embark on a wandery rant against what he sneeringly calls “well meaning” prison reforms which have, according to him at least, taken the “top dog” status in prisons away from the wardens. Of course, trifling concerns like prison officers no longer being licensed to torture, abuse or degrade prisoners obviously count for nothing to the kind of person who belongs to the S.S.Trust.

    I will not burden Standardisti by subjecting them to Stephen Franks’s sardonic and deeply hypocritical reproach of “well meaning” liberals, which was pretty much the same speech he always gives whenever he gets the chance. What is interesting, and deeply concerning, is that this vicious, utterly discredited vigilante gang is still being treated with unwarranted respect, is still routinely asked for comment by Radio NZ, and is still referred to as a “victims’ rights organization”.

  30. Hanswurst 30

    Not being in NZ, I don’t pick up much about this sort of thing, but I just caught the National campaign ad in an ad-break on Campbell Live online. They appear to have changed the backing music. It’s no longer the D-minor Eminem doppelganger that sounds like it’s been pulled straight out of a documentary about illegal spying. It might be a clip from another part of the same piece, but it’s in a major key, is much more upbeat and no longer has those ultra-sinister overtones that make it sound like National are sending agents into your home at night to confiscate your red scarves, paint your pets blue and teach three-way handshakes to your children.

    Has anyone else noticed that change, or when it happened?

    • RedBaronCV 30.1

      Right up there with the radio ad I heard promoing Nact the other evening. Smarmy voice goes ‘we look after NZ’s mosty vulnerable”. Code for Slater & Ede?

  31. McFlock 31

    Caught seven sharp while channel flicking – hosking’s rant at the end was outrageous. The pm’s lovely, we should trust him, everyone else are horrid liars.

    I’m paraphrasing. What he said was even worse – I can’t find a link yet, but it really was desperate, blatant propaganda.

  32. weka 32

    Retweeted by Russell Brown
    Maiki Sherman ‏@MaikiSherman 3 hrs
    #TeTaiTokerau Poll: Hone Harawira (MANA) 38% Kelvin Davis (Labour) 37% Te Hira Paenga (Maori) 9% #MaoriTV #TeKaea 7pm #NativeAffairs 8.30pm


    *bites tongue about Labour*

    Fingers crossed it’s distorted by being a landline poll.

  33. Inky 33

    Now the Aussies are seeing how our spy boys tapping the cable also affected them. Big story in SMH:

    Edward Snowden reveals tapping of major Australia-New Zealand undersea telecommunications cable


  34. aj 34

    Did anyone catch Campbell Live’s partial broadcast of the IP big reveal tonight.
    Campbell had as a guest former head of the GCSB Sir Bruce Ferguson running defense for Key and the GCSB.
    Although he departed the organisation in 2010 (?) he said fairly categorically that they would not be collecting wholesale metadata on New Zealanders.
    Campbell then quizzed him on whether the GCSB used Xkeyscore, which Ferguson did not deny existed and then in the last few moments of the interview totally contradicted his earlier statement “that they don’t collect data” by saying that ‘they have tools like that so they can go through the data”
    Campbell didn’t seem to pick up on this.
    Paraphrased, happy to be corrected or confirmed.

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  • The APEC police state enabling bill
    I've joked before about how hosting international summits effectively turns part of your country into a police state for the duration. Well, New Zealand is hosting APEC in 2021, with events throughout the year in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. And the government has put up a bill to give itself ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    21 hours ago
  • Why coastal floods are becoming more frequent as seas rise
    Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to climate.change@stuff.co.nz I saw an article claiming that “king tides” will increase in ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    23 hours ago
  • The cost of a range clearance.
    It has been revealed that firing ranges used by the NZDF while deployed to the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, contained unexploded ordnance that caused numerous deaths and injuries after the NZDF withdrew the PRT in April 2013. In 2014 seven children were killed when an unidentified ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    24 hours ago
  • Still denying responsibility
    Stuff's story on NZDF's negligence around its Afghan firing ranges has produced a result, with a commitment from the Prime Minister for an urgent cleanup. But this doesn't mean NZDF is accepting responsibility for the deaths and injuries that have occured - they're still refusing compensation. Which given that the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • A corrupt practice
    Last week RNZ broke the news on NZ First's mysterious "foundation" and its dodgy-looking loans. The arrangement seemed to be designed to evade the transparency requirements of the Electoral Act, by laundering donations. But now Stuff has acquired some of their financial records, and it gone from dodgy to outright ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 days ago
  • Democracy “A Bit Bonkers” – Thoughts Inspired By Lizzie Marvelly’s Latest Co...
    Didn't See It Coming: NZ Herald columnist Lizzie Marvelly's latest column merits serious scrutiny because such a clear example of anti-democratic thinking is encountered only rarely on the pages of the daily press. Which is not to say that the elitism which lies at the heart of such social disparagement ...
    2 days ago
  • Colombia: historic memory, massacres and the military
    by Gearóid Ó Loingsigh Initially it was reported that in an aerial bombardment that took place on August 30th seven children were massacred; the figure then went up to eight and then on November 11th Noticias Uno reported that, according to people from the community in close proximity to the ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 days ago
  • On the road to Net Zero, the next step is to update our UN pledge
    A lot has happened since the UN’s report on 1.5ºC was released in October 2018. New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill has passed, and enshrines the 1.5ºC goal in law. The UK and France have also legally strengthened their targets to Net Zero 2050. The School Strike For Climate and Extinction ...
    SciBlogsBy Robert McLachlan
    2 days ago
  • Corruption as usual
    Next year is an election year, and Labour needs money to fund its campaign. So naturally, they're selling access:Labour is charging wealthy business figures $1500-a-head to lunch with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at its annual conference later this month. [...] On the weekend beginning November 29th, around 800 delegates will ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Fairer rentals
    Yesterday the government announced its changes to tenancy laws, including an end to no-cause evictions, limits on rent increases, and anonyminity for tenants who defend their rights against bad landlords (sadly necessary because landlords are scum who maintain blacklists of "uppity" tenants). They're all good moves, and have resulted in ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Another NZDF coverup
    In 2003 New Zealand sent a Provincial Reconstruction Team to Afghanistan to support America's doomed war there. While there, they conducted regular weapons practice on local firing ranges, littering the landscape with unexploded ammunition. These ranges weren't secure - they're on land used by locals for animal herding - so ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • A loss for the Greens
    Green MP Gareth Hughes has announced he will retire at the election. Its understandable - he's been there ten years, and wants to actually see his children grow up rather than miss it while drowning in the toxic parliamentary sewer. But his departure is also a huge loss for the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • New era for Ngāti Kuri and Auckland Museum
    Words and images by Jacqui Gibson Gone are Auckland Museum’s days of doing science using a museum-centric academic approach, after Māori land rights holders Ngāti Kuri gave the museum an ultimatum.
    Tom Trnski holding a fossilised whale tooth from the Far North.Aussie-born Head of Natural Sciences at Auckland Museum ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    3 days ago
  • Circling vultures: Why MediaWorks TV is really in trouble
    MediaWorks announced in October 2019 that it intended to sell off its struggling television business and cancel or cut back on several popular local programmes, including New Zealand Today, Married at First Sight New Zealand and 7 Days. Its radio and outdoor advertising arms are currently performing well, but MediaWorks’ ...
    Briefing PapersBy Peter Thompson
    3 days ago
  • Scary Opinium Poll
    Westminster voting intention:CON: 44% (+3)LAB: 28% (-1)LDEM: 14% (-1)BREX: 6% (-)via @OpiniumResearch, surveyed this weekChgs. w/ 08 Nov— Britain Elects (@britainelects) 16 November 2019 This, of course, doesn't look good.  Labour have been chucking big, headline grabbing policies left, right and centre ... Well, maybe not right.  Left, left ...
    3 days ago
  • A coward’s ploy.
    Some readers may remember that I mentioned last year that I was applying for NZ citizenship. I filled out the paperwork and had my original citizenship interview in February. Everything went well until they discovered that, because I had spent five months in the US in 2017, I had not ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    4 days ago
  • Left censorship and exclusion against gender-critical women: a Marxist critique
    by Deirdre O’Neill It is becoming quite acceptable for certain sections of the left to declare that people like me – women who are ‘gender critical’ – should not be allowed in leftist or anarchist spaces. Leaving aside the arrogance and implicit authoritarianism of this claim, its lack of critical ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    4 days ago
  • “Uncertainty” can be better solved with a better grasp of life’s inherent complexities…
    There is an article in The Conversation, written by Jeremy P. Shapiro (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University), about what he sees as the psychologically-based underpinnings of three main matters that seem to vex people all around the planet. The article is titled “The Thinking ...
    exhALANtBy exhalantblog
    5 days ago
  • Citizens vs the Rogue Deep State
    . .   Blogger Martyn Bradbury has won his case against unreasonable search and surveillance against the NZ Police; and subsequent Police attempts to produce evidence in secrecy, in a closed Court. His case highlights a disturbing growing trend in Aotearoa New Zealand for State power to be used against ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    5 days ago
  • Massey University’s free speech policy double-plus-good
    The Committee of Disobedient Women has intercepted an email from Dr Emma Eejut, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Massey University to the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Jan Thomas. Dear Jan, Thank you for your courageous move.  I think 10 pages of blether** should tie any of the students game enough to try holding ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    6 days ago
  • Unacceptable
    That's the only response to the findings of the Ombudsman's investigation into LGOIMA practices at the Christchurch City Council:My investigation identified serious concerns about the Council’s leadership and culture, and its commitment to openness and transparency. In particular, Council staff raised concerns with me about various methods employed by some ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • There is what corruption looks like
    NZ First seems to be nakedly trying to enrich itself from public office:A powerful New Zealand First figure helped establish a forestry company that then pushed for money from two key funding streams controlled by a New Zealand First Minister. An RNZ investigation has found Brian Henry, lawyer for Winston ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Escape from Manus Island
    Behrouz Boochani is an award winning author and journalist. He is also a refugee, who for the past six years has been detained in Australia's offshore gulag on Manus Island, and in Papua New Guinea. But last night, with the cooperation of the WORD Christchurch festival and Amnesty International, he ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • When World’s Collide.
    Different Strokes: If a multicultural immigration policy imposes no obligation on immigrant communities to acknowledge and ultimately embrace their host nation’s most cherished traditions and values, then how is that nation to prevent itself from being reduced to a collection of inward-looking and self-replicating ethnic and cultural enclaves?THE COALITION GOVERNMENT’S ...
    6 days ago
  • Could There Be Method In Massey University’s Madness?
    Protective Zone: Reading the rules and guidelines released by Massey University, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that its governing body considers the whole concept of free speech a disruptive threat to the orderly imparting of orthodox academic knowledge.IN TRUE ORWELLIAN fashion, Massey University has announced its commitment to ...
    6 days ago
  • Climate Change: We need more trees, not less
    Farmers held a hate-march on Parliament today, complete with MAGA hats, gun-nut signs, and gendered insults. While supposedly about a grab-bag of issues - including, weirdly, mental health - it was clear that the protest was about one thing, and one thing only: climate change. And specifically, forestry "destroying" rural ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • The IGIS annual report: Dead letters and secret law
    The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security released their annual report today, and I've been busy reading through it. In amongst the usual review of what they've been doing all year, there's a few interesting bits. For example, a discussion on "agency retention and disposal of information", which points out that ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • A referendum on bigotry
    The End of Life Choice Bill passed its third reading last night, 69 - 51. Thanks to a compromise with NZ First - which looks to have been necessary on the final numbers - the commencement of the bill will be subject to a referendum. Given the ugliness of the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • Political parties and GMOs: we all need to move on
    Recently more than 150 post-graduate students and young scientists presented an open letter to the Green Party via The Spinoff, encouraging them to reconsider their position on genetic modification. Their target is tackling climate change issues.[1] Can any party continue to be dismissive about genetic modification (GM) contributing to ...
    SciBlogsBy Grant Jacobs
    1 week ago
  • Class, Identity Politics and Transgender Ideology
    by Deirdre O’Neill Under Thatcher and then Blair and continuing up until our contemporary moment, the working class has seen its culture slowly and progressively destroyed. The change from an industrial society to a service society produced a marked shift in focus from the working class as the backbone of ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Irony
    Since 2013, the Australian government has detained refugees without trial in Pacific gulags, where they are abused, tortured, and driven to suicide. The policy is not just an abuse of human rights and possible crime against humanity; it has also had a corrosive effect on the states Australia uses as ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • An age of protest.
    It seems fair to say that we currently live in a problematic political moment in world history. Democracies are in decline and dictatorships are on the rise. Primordial, sectarian and post-modern divisions have re-emerged, are on the rise or have been accentuated by political evolutions of the moment such as ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    1 week ago
  • Another captured agency
    Last month, Greenpeace head Russel Norman surrendered his speaking slot at an EPA conference to student climate activist Sorcha Carr, who told the EPA exactly what she thought of them. It was a bold move, which confronted both regulators and polluters (or, as the EPA calls them, "stakeholders") with the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • NZ First’s dodgy loans
    The core principle supposedly underlying New Zealand's electoral finance regime is transparency: parties can accept large donations from rich people wanting to buy policy, but only if they tell the public they've been bought. Most parties abide by this, so we know that TOP was wholly-owned by Gareth Morgan, and ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Member’s Day: The choice on End of Life Choice
    Today is a Member's Day, probably the second-to-last one of the year, and its a big one, with the Third Reading of David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill. last Member's Day it was reported back from committee, after MPs voted narrowly to make it subject to a (rules TBA) ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • How growth in population and consumption drives planetary change
    Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to climate.change@stuff.co.nz The growth of the human population over the last 70 ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • The disappearing Women …
    by The Council of Disobedient Women In her excellent oral submission to the Abortion reform select committee on 31st October on behalf of Otago University’s Department of Public Health, historian and public health researcher Hera Cook stated: “We would ask that the committee not use the term ‘pregnant persons’ and ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • “A Passage to India”: enduring art in changing times
    by Don Franks In 1957, E M Forster wrote, of his greatest work: “The India described in ‘A Passage to India’ no longer exists either politically or socially. Change had begun even at the time the book was published ( 1924) and during the following quarter of a century it ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Contemptuous
    The Referendums Framework Bill was due back from select committee today. But there's no report on it. Instead, the bill has been bounced back to the House under Standing order 29593) because the Committee didn't bother to produce one. They probably tried. But given the membership of the committee (which ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Zero Carbon: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law
    Two years into New Zealand’s Labour-led government, the long-delayed Zero Carbon Bill became law on 7 November. Passed essentially unanimously, the lengthy public debates and political manoeuvring faded away until the final passage was even anticlimactic: Flipping through the @nzstuff @DomPost I was starting to wonder if I’d dreamt ...
    SciBlogsBy Robert McLachlan
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: What happens next?
    Now the Zero Carbon Bill is law, what's next? Obviously, the ETS changes currently before select committee are going to be the next battleground. But we're also going to get a good idea of where we're going, and if the progress the Zero Carbon Act promises is good enough, during ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Climate change will fuel bush fires
    Grant Pearce The effects of the current Australian bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland (and also again in California) are devastating and far-reaching. To date, the fires have resulted in several lives being lost and many homes and properties destroyed. Here in New Zealand, the impacts have been only ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • Participation rates
    A passing comment in a post the other day about the labour force participation rates of older people prompted me to pull down the fuller data and see what we could see about various participation rates over the decades since the HLFS began in 1986.   As it happens, the ...
    SciBlogsBy Michael Reddell
    1 week ago
  • Not So Much “OK Boomer” As “OK Ruling Class”.
    Distract And Divert: The rise of what we have come to call “Identity Politics” represents the ideological manifestation of the ruling class’s objective need to destroy class politics, and of the middle-class’s subjective need to justify their participation in the process.THE RELIEF of the ruling class can only be imagined. ...
    1 week ago
  • Asking for it …
    "I saw a newspaper picture,From the political campaignA woman was kissing a child,Who was obviously in pain.She spills with compassion,As that young child'sFace in her hands she gripsCan you imagine all that greed and avariceComing down on that child's lips?" ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand’s Poor Pandemic Preparedness According to the Global Health Security Index
    Dr Matt Boyd, Prof Michael Baker, Prof Nick Wilson The Global Health Security Index which considers pandemic threats has just been published. Unfortunately, NZ scores approximately half marks (54/100), coming in 35th in the world rankings – far behind Australia. This poor result suggests that the NZ Government needs to ...
    SciBlogsBy Public Health Expert
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: Thank Winston
    The Zero Carbon Act is inadequate, with a weak methane target designed to give farmers a free ride. But it turns out it could have been worse: Climate Change Minister James Shaw was so desperate to get National on board, he wanted to gut that target, and leave it in ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Illicit markets and Bali Booze
    The Herald reprints an Australian story on a couple of tragic deaths in Bali from drinking cocktails that had methanol in them.  The story argues that methanol is likely the result of home distillation. But what the young tourists were experiencing was far from a hangover. They’d consumed a toxic cocktail ...
    SciBlogsBy Eric Crampton
    1 week ago
  • This is not what armed police are for
    Last month, the police announced a trial of specialist roaming armed units, which would drive round (poor, brown) areas in armoured SUVs, armed to the teeth. When they announced the trial, they told us it was about having armed police "ready to attend major incidents at any time if needed". ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Spain’s failed electoral gamble
    Spain went to the polls today in the second elections this year, after the Socialists (who had come to power in a confidence vote, then gone to the polls in April) rejected the offer of a coalition with the left-wing PoDemos, and instead decided to gamble n a better outcome ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • The astroturf party
    National has finally rolled out its "BlueGreen" astroturf party, fronted by an array of former nats and people who were dumped by the Greens for not being Green enough. Its initial pitch is described by Stuff as "very business-friendly", and its priorities are what you'd expect: conservation, predator-free funding, a ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • How to cheat at university
    A couple of days ago I attended (and spoke at) the University of Waikato’s “LearnFest” event. There were lots of talks and sessions on very diverse aspects of teaching, mostly at tertiary level. One was by Myra Williamson from Te Piringa Faculty of Law here at Waikato, on Contract Cheating ...
    SciBlogsBy Marcus Wilson
    1 week ago
  • How NZ was put on world maps using a transit of Mercury
    There will be a transit of Mercury – the planet Mercury will pass across the face of the Sun – taking place at sunrise in New Zealand on Tuesday, 12th November. It was by observing such an event 250 years ago that James Cook and his scientist colleagues were able ...
    SciBlogsBy Duncan Steel
    1 week ago
  • Georgina Beyer: We need to be able to talk without being offended
    Since becoming the world’s first openly transexual mayor and member of parliament, Georgina Beyer has been recognised as a trailblazer for trans rights. Daphna Whitmore talks with her about where she sees the current trans movement We start out talking about legislation the government put on hold that would have ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 weeks ago
  • The anti-fluoride brigade won’t be erecting billboards about this study
    If FFNZ really put their faith in “Top Medical Journals” they would now be amending their billboards to recognise new research results. Image from FFNZ but updated to agree with the latest research. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Chosen To Rule? What Sort Of Christian Is Chris Luxon?
    National Messiah? Chris Luxon identifies himself as an evangelical Christian. If he is genuine in this self-characterisation, then he will take every opportunity his public office provides to proselytise on behalf of his faith. He will also feel obliged to bear witness against beliefs and practices he believes to be ...
    2 weeks ago
  • War of the worms
    I'm going to make a Reckless Prediction™ that the Tories have 'topped out' in the 'poll of polls' / Britain Elects multipoll tracker at about 38%, and in the next week we will start to see Labour creep up on them.In fact, we might just be seeing the start of ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Marvelly shows us how to be a feminist without feminism
    by The Council of Disobedient Women Lizzie Marvelly: “I may have missed this… has @afterellen gone all terf-y? Or am I reading something incorrectly? “ https://twitter.com/LizzieMarvelly/status/1191840059105742849 After Ellen is a lesbian website that is unashamedly pro-lesbian, as you’d expect. So why is Ms Marvelly so bothered about lesbians having their ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 weeks ago
  • Out of the past – Tories to revive racist laws from the 16th century
    Did you know there once was a time when it was illegal to be a gypsy (aka Romani) in Britain?That was between 1530, when the Egyptians Act was passed, and 1856, when it was repealed.Amongst other things, the act forbade the entry of 'Egyptians' into England, ordered those already there ...
    2 weeks ago
  • 1000 of these now
    Some days I sit and think, “what will I write…?” What do you say when you get to 1000 posts? Maybe you just start where you are, diverge to where this all began, then offer a collection of reader’s favourite posts, and a few of your own? (And throw in ...
    SciBlogsBy Grant Jacobs
    2 weeks ago
  • Has Shane Jones Just Saved NZ First?
    Counter-Puncher: The “activists” and “radicals” (his own words) from the Indian community who took such strong exception to Shane Jones’ remarks about Immigration NZ’s treatment of arranged marriages, may end up bitterly regretting their intervention. Jones is not the sort of person who turns the other cheek to his critics.SHANE ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Climate Change: As predicted
    Yesterday, when National voted for the Zero Carbon Bill, I predicted they'd gut it the moment they regained power, just as they had done to the ETS. And indeed, they have explicitly promised to do exactly that within their first hundred days in office. What would their amendments do? Abandon ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Let this never be forgot
    In the spirit of Remember, remember the fifth of November, let's keep this in mind FOREVER.
    Oh dear. Extraordinary interview on PM with Andrew Bridgen and @EvanHD just now. Bridgen was defending Jacob Rees Mogg’s Grenfell comments. Evan asked him if JRM had meant to say he would have left ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Too Late To Change Capitalism’s Flightpath?
    Collision Course? In conditions of ideological white-out, the international bankers’ “Woop-Woop! Pull Up!” warning may have come too late to save global capitalism.WHAT DOES IT MEAN when international bankers are more willing to embrace radical solutions than our politicians and their electors? At both the International Monetary Fund and the ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Whooping cough vaccine works well despite its imperfections
    Pertussis (whooping cough) is a conundrum. It is a disease that was described hundreds of years ago and the bacteria that causes it (Bordetella pertussis) isolated in 1906. We have had vaccines for about 80 years but this disease is defiant in the face of human immunity. I wanted to ...
    SciBlogsBy Helen Petousis Harris
    2 weeks ago
  • Climate Change: Passed
    The Zero Carbon Bill has just passed its third reading, uanimously. In the end, National supported it - but we all know they'll turn around and gut it the moment they regain power. Meanwhile, I guess ACT's David Seymour didn't even bother to show up. I am on record as ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Retailing of vaping products – New NZ Research
    Dr Lindsay Robertson, Dr Jerram Bateman, Professor Janet Hoek Members of the public health community hold divergent views on how access to vaping products or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) products should be arranged. Some believe ENDS should be as widely available as smoked tobacco and argue for liberal ...
    SciBlogsBy Public Health Expert
    2 weeks ago
  • Justice for Bomber
    When the Police were trying to cover up for the National Party over Dirty Politics, they went all-in with their abuses of power. They illegally search Nicky Hager's house, violating his journalistic privilege and invading his privacy. They unlawfully acquired Hager's bank records. They did the same to left-wing blogger ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago

  • Cowboy clampers will be stymied
    Clayton Mitchell, Spokesperson for Consumer Affairs The ‘wheel clamping’ Bill that will cap clamper fees to $100 passed its third reading in Parliament today. New Zealand First welcomes The Land Transport (Wheel Clamping) Amendment Bill to combat predatory wheel clamping behaviour in what is currently a largely unregulated business. Cowboy clampers are: gouging ...
    23 hours ago
  • Mental Health Commission back on track
    Jenny Marcroft, Spokesperson for Health New Zealand First welcomes the passage of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill through its first reading in Parliament. “Today’s progress takes serious action on the mental health and addiction crisis the country is facing,” says New Zealand First Health Spokesperson Jenny Marcroft. “The re-establishment ...
    24 hours ago
  • New Zealand’s key assets are not for sale: national interest test delivered
    Mark Patterson, Spokesperson for Primary Industries Today the Government announced the delivery of the promise to protect New Zealand interests by applying a new National Interest Test to the sales of our most sensitive and high risk assets to overseas buyers. This further strengthening of the Overseas Investment Act will ...
    2 days ago
  • National interest test added to protect New Zealanders’ interests
    The Coalition Government is delivering on its promise to protect New Zealanders’ interests by applying a new national interest test to the sales of our most sensitive and high-risk assets to overseas buyers. Under current Overseas Investment Act (OIA) rules, assets such as ports and airports, telecommunications infrastructure, electricity and ...
    2 days ago
  • Electoral law breach allegations
    Rt Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First Allegations raised this morning by Stuff Limited / Fairfax concern a party matter but I am confident that New Zealand First has operated within electoral laws, now and for the last 27 years. Declarable donations were declared to the Electoral Commission. Our ...
    2 days ago
  • Wayne Brown hits back at critics: Ports of Auckland has to move
    The chairman of the Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy (UNISCS) working group, Wayne Brown, has hit back at critics of his group’s recommendations to relocate the Ports of Auckland cargo operations to Whangarei’s deepwater port of Northport. The working group's recommendation to close Auckland waterfront to all but cruise ...
    3 days ago
  • Week That Was: Supporting our schools
    We're setting our young people up for success, investing in education around the country.  ...
    3 days ago
  • Kiwis to have their say on End of Life Choice
    Jenny Marcroft MP, Spokesperson for Health New Zealand First backs the public to decide on the End of Life Choice Bill via a referendum at the 2020 General Election. The Bill, with New Zealand First’s referendum provision incorporated, passed its final reading in Parliament this evening. New Zealand First Spokesperson for ...
    7 days ago
  • Addressing miscarriages of justice
    Darroch Ball, Spokesperson for Justice New Zealand First is proud that a key Coalition Agreement commitment which will provide for a more transparent and effective criminal justice system has been realised. Legislation to establish the Criminal Cases Review Commission, an independent body focused on identifying and responding to possible miscarriages of ...
    1 week ago
  • Week That Was: Historic action on climate change
    "Today we have made a choice that will leave a legacy... I hope that means that future generations will see that we, in New Zealand, were on the right side of history." - Jacinda Ardern, Third Reading of the Zero Carbon Bill ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Tax-free deployments for Kiwi troops
    Darroch Ball, New Zealand First List MP A Member’s bill has been proposed that would provide income tax exemptions for all New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel while on operational deployment overseas. The Income Tax (Exemption for Salary or Wages of NZDF Members on Active Deployment) Amendment Bill proposed by New Zealand First ...
    2 weeks ago
  • A balanced Zero Carbon Bill passed
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader New Zealand First is proud to have brought common sense to the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, which passed its final reading in Parliament today. Party Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters says months of hard work went into negotiating a balanced ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Paramedics’ status to be recognised
    Jenny Marcroft MP, Spokesperson for Health New Zealand First has listened to calls to recognise paramedics as registered health professionals under the Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act (the Act). Today, the Coalition Government announced plans for paramedics to be registered as health practitioners under the Act, and the establishment of a ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Week That Was: 2,000 teachers in two years
    We began the week by commemorating the New Zealand Wars and celebrating a major increase in the number of teachers. Then, we were busy supporting offenders into work and getting our rail back on track after years of underinvestment. And that's just the start! ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Winning an election one conversation at a time
    In October I was sworn in as the Mayor of Lower Hutt. It’s the privilege of my life to serve Hutt people as their Mayor. There is something really special to be able to serve the community where I was raised, and where I live.   ...
    3 weeks ago

  • APEC 2021 Bill passes first reading
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has welcomed the first reading of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 2021 (APEC 2021) Bill in Parliament today. The temporary bill supports New Zealand’s security preparations for hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in 2021. “APEC is the leading economic and trade forum ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    15 hours ago
  • Making progress for our kids
    The Government is making progress on improving the wellbeing of the one million New Zealanders under the age of 18,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on World Children’s Day. The Government has today recommitted to the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history – the United Nation’s Convention on ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    21 hours ago
  • Māori women in business contribute to our economy, whānau and communities
    Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter has released a new report celebrating the contribution of Māori women in business across Aotearoa New Zealand. “Māori women are leaders in our communities, they employ many people and support our economy and our communities,” Julie Anne Genter said. The report, Ngā wāhine kaipakihi: ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    21 hours ago
  • Two schools on the way for Omokoroa
    Four parcels of land have been bought in Omokoroa, in the Western Bay of Plenty District, for an education facility that will accommodate both a primary and secondary school on a campus-like facility, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. Two parcels were acquired from private land owners and two were ...
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    23 hours ago
  • Families Package helps over 1 million New Zealanders in first year
    1 million New Zealanders warmed by the Winter Energy Payment 36,000 families bank the Best Start Payment in first year 6,000 more families received the Family Tax Credit, 220,600 in total   They receive an increase too – from an average of $117 to $157 a week for Inland Revenue clients, ...
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    1 day ago
  • Clamp down on wheel clamping passes third reading
    New rules to clamp down on overzealous wheel clamping and extortionate fees charged in order to release a vehicle have passed their final stage in Parliament today. The Land Transport (Wheel Clamping) Amendment Bill has now passed its third reading. “These changes mean $100 will be the maximum wheel clamping ...
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    2 days ago
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill passes first hurdle
    An independent Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission is a step closer after it unanimously passed its first vote in Parliament today.  The Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill lays the groundwork for establishing the Commission as a fully independent crown entity – delivering on a key recommendation of He Ara ...
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    2 days ago
  • Boosting border security with electronic travel authority – now over 500,000 issued
    We’ve improved border security with the NZeTA, New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, which helps us to screen travellers for border and immigration risks off-shore before they travel to New Zealand. It was launched in August and became mandatory on 1 October 2019. More than 500,000 NZeTAs have been issued since ...
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    2 days ago
  • Plan of action to protect seabirds
    A proposed national plan of action to reduce the number of seabirds caught in fisheries is being circulated for public feedback. Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage say New Zealand is a global centre of seabird diversity with about 145 species in our waters. It has more ...
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    2 days ago
  • National interest test added to overseas investment rules
    The Government is delivering on its promise to protect New Zealanders’ interests by applying a new national interest test to the sales of our most sensitive and high risk assets to overseas buyers. Associate Finance Minister David Parker said under current Overseas Investment Act rules, assets such as ports and ...
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    2 days ago
  • New housing part of support for Kaumātua
    The Government is building special housing to accommodate one of Aotearoa’s greatest taonga- our kaumātua, says the Minister for Māori Development, Hon Nanaia Mahuta.  Speaking at a National Kaumātua Service Providers Conference in Rotorua today, the Minister reinforced the importance kaumātua play in maintaining and passing on mātauranga Māori, knowledge, ...
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    2 days ago
  • Forestry helps prisoners into jobs
    Eleven men from a pilot forestry training programme for prisoners in Northland now have full time jobs or job offers upon release, Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis and Forestry Minister Shane Jones announced today. The ‘release to work’ programme was a collaboration between Te Uru Rākau and the Department of Corrections, ...
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    2 days ago
  • Reform of public service a step closer
    Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins today introduced into Parliament a Bill that will make it easier for the public service to tackle the biggest challenges facing Governments. The Bill represents the most significant change in the public service in 30 years. The State Sector Act 1988 will be repealed ...
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    3 days ago
  • Donations scheme to relieve pressure on families
    The families of more than 416,000 students will be better off next year as their schools have signed up to the Government’s donations scheme, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. The scheme will see almost $62.5 million in additional Government funding go to schools nationwide next year. “I’m really pleased ...
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    3 days ago
  • Further support for Samoan measles outbreak
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced further support as the Government of Samoa responds to a serious measles outbreak. “New Zealand will deploy a further 18 vaccination nurses, bringing the total to 30 working in Samoa over the next four weeks,” Mr Peters said. “A New Zealand Medical Assistance ...
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    3 days ago
  • Speech to the Child Poverty Action Group 2019 Summit
      Fa’atalofa atu, malo e lelei, Kia ora koutou katoa Thank you to the Child Poverty Action Group for asking me to be here today to provide an update on some of the things that have been happening across my the social development portfolio.  Can I firstly acknowledge the vast ...
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    3 days ago
  • Speech to the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Annual Conference
    ***Please check against delivery*** Good morning everyone. It is a pleasure to be with you this morning to open this year’s New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Conference and AGM. Firstly, thank you Dr Alan Jackson, NZTR Chair for your introduction. And let us acknowledge also: The NZTR Board; Dean McKenzie, Chair ...
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    3 days ago
  • Fairer rules for tenants and landlords
    The Government has delivered on its promise to the over one million New Zealanders who now rent to make it fairer and more secure, Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing) Kris Faafoi has announced today. Both renters and landlords will benefit from the suite of practical changes to the Residential ...
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    4 days ago
  • Two decades of marine protection celebrated at Te Tapuwae o Rongokako in Tairawhiti
    A marine conservation milestone - the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve - is being celebrated today at a community event in Tairāwhiti/East Coast attended by the Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage. “The creation of this marine reserve in November 1999 was a game ...
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    5 days ago
  • Food industry asked to step up fight against obesity
         The Government is asking the food industry to step up work to tackle obesity including reducing sugar, fat and salt in their products, better information for consumers, and tighter restrictions on advertising to children. Health Minister David Clark and Food Safety Minister Damien O’Connor have responded to a ...
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    5 days ago
  • Modern emergency care for Queenstown area
    ew, modern emergency department and outpatient facilities at Queenstown’s Lakes District Hospital mean better emergency care for the growing tourist mecca’s visitors and locals, says Health Minister David Clark. Today Dr Clark officially opened the hospital’s redeveloped Emergency Department and Outpatient facilities. The new facilities include: •    An extended Emergency Department ...
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    6 days ago
  • Contraception important for New Zealanders
    Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter says today’s release of sexual and reproductive health data reinforces the significance of the Government’s commitment to providing free or very low-cost contraception. The Ministry of Health today published statistics from the Ministry of Health’s 2014/15 Health Survey. “It is important people can make ...
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    6 days ago
  • NZ medical staff and measles vaccines going to Samoa
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced that at the request of the Samoan Government, New Zealand will be providing further support to Samoa as it faces a worsening measles outbreak. “In response to a request from the people of Samoa, New Zealand is providing 3000 measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) ...
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    6 days ago
  • Disability Action Plan 2019 – 2023
    “The new Disability Action Plan 2019–2023 moves us towards the inclusive and accessible New Zealand that this government has committed to,” Minister for Disability Issues Carmel Sepuloni announced today.  “The Action Plan was designed by disabled people, their family and supporters, the disability sector and government agencies. It will ensure ...
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    7 days ago
  • Joint Statement – Third Singapore-New Zealand Defence Ministers’ Meeting
    Third Singapore-New Zealand Defence Ministers’ Meeting 14 November 2019 Joint Statement 1. Defence Ministers Ron Mark and Dr Ng Eng Hen today conducted their third annual Singapore-New Zealand Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Singapore. 2. Building on the Enhanced Partnership signed between both countries in May this year, this annual meeting ...
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    7 days ago
  • Sexual Violence Legislation Bill has its first reading
    A Bill to improve the court system’s response to sexual violence has passed its first reading in Parliament today. Justice Minister Andrew Little says the Sexual Violence Legislation Bill will reduce the trauma sexual violence complainants experience in court, while maintaining defendants’ fundamental rights and making sure the trial process ...
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    7 days ago
  • Streamlined business invoicing a step closer
    Streamlined payment practices are a step closer for Kiwi businesses with the formal launch of New Zealand’s e-Invoicing framework. Small Business Minister Stuart Nash says the government has now established the structure to enable automated and direct data exchange between the accounting systems of buyers and sellers. “The move to ...
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    7 days ago
  • More frontline biosecurity officers protecting NZ
    Another 51 quarantine officers and four new biosecurity detector dog teams will help protect New Zealand from invasive pests and diseases this summer, says Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor. “The Government is delivering on its commitment to strengthen New Zealand’s biosecurity system and support our valuable primary sector “New Zealand’s flora, fauna ...
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    7 days ago
  • NZ space economy worth $1.69 billion
    A new report has found New Zealand’s space sector contributed $1.69 billion to the economy in the last financial year and employs 12,000 people, Minister for Economic Development Phil Twyford announced today. The report by Deloitte was commissioned by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and shows New Zealand ...
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    7 days ago
  • New Chair for Royal Commission into Abuse
    Judge Coral Shaw has been appointed as the new Chair of the Royal Commission into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin announced today. "Judge Shaw, who is currently one of the inquiry commissioners, is extremely well qualified for the ...
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    7 days ago
  • Better mental health facilities for Palmerston North
    The Government has confirmed its third major mental health facility upgrade since the Budget, this time at Palmerston North Hospital. The Prime Minister and Health Minister today visited MidCentral DHB to announce that $30 million has been allocated to upgrade its acute mental health facility. It follows earlier announcements in ...
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    7 days ago
  • Bowel Screening hits halfway point
    The roll out of the National Bowel Screening Programme has reached the halfway mark, with 10 out of 20 District Health Boards now part of the programme. MidCentral DHB, which covers Palmerston North, Manawatu and surrounding districts, this week became the latest to DHB to offer free bowel screening to ...
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    7 days ago
  • More vaccines for meningococcal disease
    The Government welcomes PHARMAC’s decision to fund a vaccine to protect young people from meningococcal disease from 1 December this year. “Meningococcal disease is a serious threat which people at higher risk should be protected from,” says Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter. “The combined pharmaceutical budget was increased by ...
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    7 days ago
  • Fisheries innovation projects supported
    Groups involved with innovative fisheries research projects are encouraged to apply for government support in the latest funding round from the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures programme. Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash says the SFF Futures funding is designed to be flexible enough to support small or large projects across a ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government fixes culturally arranged marriage visa issue
    The Government has fixed an issue affecting how Immigration New Zealand has processed visa applications for culturally arranged marriages, which will now see a consistent process applied which ensures people with legitimate arranged marriages can visit New Zealand while also preventing any rorting of the system. Earlier this year Immigration ...
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    1 week ago
  • Extension for Royal Commission into Mosque attacks
    The Royal Commission into the Attacks on Christchurch Mosques will report back on 30 April 2020 to give it more time to hear submissions and consider information, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin announced today. The Royal Commission was originally scheduled to report back to Government by 10 December 2019. “There has ...
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    1 week ago
  • Terrorism and Trade on agenda as Foreign Minister visits the United States
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters will travel to Washington DC today to attend a ministerial meeting focused on defeating ISIS, and to continue pursuing New Zealand’s trade opportunities. Mr Peters will participate in a meeting of Foreign and Defence Ministers from key countries contributing to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. ...
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    1 week ago
  • Hoiho get extra support alongside 168 community conservation groups backing nature
    The recently crowned Bird of the Year, the hoiho/yellow eyed penguin, is getting a much needed helping hand alongside more than 168 other community conservation projects announced Minister for Conservation Eugenie Sage today. 168 community conservation projects throughout New Zealand are benefiting from $8 million in government grants, including $500,000 ...
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    1 week ago
  • New safety measures for modified pistols
    Controls on assault rifles and semi-automatic firearms are to be broadened to include some types of pistols, under changes to a bill currently making its way through Parliament. Police Minister Stuart Nash has tabled a Supplementary Order Paper to the Arms Legislation Bill, which is currently before a Select Committee ...
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    1 week ago
  • Minister of Defence to visit Singapore and Thailand
    Minister of Defence Ron Mark will travel to Singapore today to conduct a counterpart visit and to co-chair the third annual Singapore-New Zealand Defence Ministers’ Meeting with his counterpart, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen. “Singapore is one of our most important defence partners in the region, and our ...
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    1 week ago